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Mrs.Gill thank you very much for your short and informative lesson about UK. You give us a few examples of place names. This is essential knowledge for me, especially about 33 councils


Thank you Teacher Gill. I got 9/10.

Amira Abdulaziz

Hello, Gill!
I got 9/10. I think that’s not too bad.
Congratullation for your interesting class! I loved it.
I travel to UK in 2002, and I visited all the countries! The trip was great!!!
Then, glad to study again with you because you are a marvellous teacher.
God bless you and your family!
Take care!!!

Miguel Geronimo

Thank you Gill to explain me the different territorial divisions that can be found in the United Kingdom.


Thank you Gill!!!


Thanks Gill


Thank you very much for your effort.

Is the word “village” not used in the UK?


    Hi, yes, we use the word ‘village’ :-)


Thank you Gill


Thank you ms\msr Gill

Asme Eri

Thank you Gill


every day we can learn something new. Thans Gill !

Victor Zaldana

Thank you Ms. Gill. I got 10/10!


I thanl you so much, Gill.


Gill , you well done, thanks a lot.


I have been studying English at EngVid since March, 2022 and now we are in Jun, 2022. I have planned on watching almost each video here in beginner level at first in order to evolve my listening skills as I focused on just reading and spelling in the past.
I’d start focusing on speaking skills at the end of 2022.

I’m writing this as a way to find a fruitful language partnership to enhance my speaking skills in the future as it’s possible that someone would like to read this in the coming months from now.
My priority is an academic and formal English as I need English to develop myself scientifically and in career aspect at first.

Kindly feel free to talk to me whenever you read this and whatever a reason might be, I’m excitedly interested in exchanging knowledge and experience.
You’ll know how to reach me once you click on my picture here besides this comment.

I have started to number videos I watch here, and this is the fifteenth one. Hopefully I can reach more than 1000 as soon as possible.



Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Thank you teacher

Seddik 45

Thanks Gill.


Thank you Mss Gill.

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