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If you want to invite a friend to the cinema, which of the following is the most polite?

Which of the following sentences has a mistake in it?

Which of the following words has exactly the same pronunciation as "would"?

Which of the following sentences expressing a preference is correct?

The informal spelling "woulda" is another way of writing what?

You can ask a question using 'would' by putting a question word in front of it at the beginning of the sentence. Which of the following is not correct?

"At one time I would polish my shoes every day."
What does this sentence suggest?

Which of the following is the most polite way to ask to speak to the manager in a shop?

If someone says they will do something but then they don't do it and you feel disappointed, what is the best way to say it?

The word "would" is known as an ________ verb because it helps the meaning.

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😊 I got full! <3. Thank you once again Gill!.

Saturday, September 29th 2018

Very important subject.Thank you,Gill.

Saturday, September 29th 2018

very interesting, I will review. Thanks

Saturday, September 29th 2018

Hi Gill,

thank you for your very useful lesson.

Please, could you explain where the differnece between AUXILIARY and MODAL verb is ?

Or is it the same ?

Thank you


Saturday, September 29th 2018

    Hi Adriana, I can help answer this one! A modal verb is an auxiliary verb. It “helps” and needs other verbs to be used.

    She can do it.
    We should leave early.
    They’ll be angry if we don’t finish this.

    I hope this helps!

    Thursday, October 4th 2018

      Thank you very much, Alex.
      It means every modal verb is an auxiliary verb.

      Thursday, October 4th 2018

Thanks Still, you are Excellent teacher.

Sunday, September 30th 2018

Thank you Gill

Sunday, September 30th 2018

9/10 thank Gill

Sunday, September 30th 2018

Much appriciated!
But we need to know not only about SHOULD WOULD and COULD. There are other words to watch about , like WILL NEED and so on.
Would you be so kind to make other videos about these words too?

Sunday, September 30th 2018

Thank you so much Gill!!!
If I won the lottery, I would travel to London to meet you ;)

Sunday, September 30th 2018

thanks a lot. so useful. just sometimes the quality of the film drop down in many other Engvid videos.

Sunday, September 30th 2018

I liked the lesson.

Sunday, September 30th 2018

Thank you!
I lovely your class.

Sunday, September 30th 2018


Monday, October 1st 2018

Gill is cool!

Monday, October 1st 2018

very good lesson…
I hope to remember main points of all this!!!
but it was really like to have a teacher at home :)
thank you!

Monday, October 1st 2018

Thank you Gill.It’s Always quiet to learn with you.

Monday, October 1st 2018

Thank you very much Gill for aggregating all cases where we can use this verb. I am going to look at “could” video

Monday, October 1st 2018

Hi, I would like to practice my speaking English. I leave my WhatsApp number in my profile. Feel free to contact me.

Monday, October 1st 2018

thank you. It was very interresting.

Monday, October 1st 2018

Is this correct?

“I would like to talk about” or should it be

I Will like to talk about….

Monday, October 1st 2018

    Hi Chiazor, the MUCH more common set phrase is “I would like to talk about” in this case. It can have a present or near future meaning. However, “I will like to talk about” is possible, but only has a future meaning. It can also be misunderstood because it COULD sound like you’re making a promise that you WILL enjoy talking about something in the future.

    Stick with “I would like to talk about.” :)

    Thursday, October 4th 2018

the question number 8 the answer was (I used to polish my shoes every day, but I don’t do that anymore.)
why he doesn’t do that any more
i understood that he used to polish his shoes that is meaning it always are dirty
would you like to reply to me please

Monday, October 1st 2018

    The sentence is just hypothetical or conditional and it implies that he used to do it before but he stopped dude to some reason – this could be any reason.

    Thursday, October 4th 2018

Thank you Gill.

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018

I have 10/10, thank Gill, your lesson is very useful and interesting

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018

Thanks Gill! I got 10 correct question.

Tuesday, October 2nd 2018

get mistake in pronunciation and hit the 90

Wednesday, October 3rd 2018

I scored 10/10. Thank you Gill. Your lesson was very useful.

Wednesday, October 3rd 2018


Wednesday, October 3rd 2018

Thank you Ms. Gill for your lesson. Very useful as usual 🙂

Thursday, October 4th 2018

Gill, your presentation was explicit; I scored 100. Thanks from my end!

Thursday, October 4th 2018

Thanks Gill.

Friday, October 5th 2018

It was a nice lesson, ma’am.you taught according to my pace of learning 😜
Thank you

Saturday, October 6th 2018

I m new to this site

I wanna do practice of English and get my errors corrected.
Is this possible to do it here ??

Saturday, October 6th 2018

I would Thanks engvid & The great teacher Gill …

Saturday, October 6th 2018

Thank you very much for the fact that you are very nice Gill

Wednesday, October 10th 2018

Respected Madam i would be thankful to you

Sunday, October 14th 2018

Thank you for incredible amazing lesson!!!
I have a question, why in this sentence “I would’ve cooked a meal, but I didn’t have time.” we do not say “but i had not had time”, is it not a third conditional where we use past perfect?
Thank you in advance

Wednesday, October 17th 2018

Thank you Gill <3

Saturday, October 20th 2018

Thanks Gill

Wednesday, October 24th 2018

thank you so much :)

Friday, October 26th 2018

100%. Thank you.

Monday, November 5th 2018

thank you!

Tuesday, November 13th 2018

Thank you for lesson:)

Friday, November 16th 2018

:D thank you

Friday, November 16th 2018

i like you teach and different way use would very useful to me and i want quiz but engvid.com I couldn’t take quiz please help i need more quiz

Thursday, November 22nd 2018

thank you Gill you are great teacher

Saturday, November 24th 2018

Thank you. I appriciated it.
I’d like to support you.

Tuesday, November 27th 2018

Amazing, thanks Gill!

Thursday, November 29th 2018

Hello Could you forgive my question but are you sure there isn’t an error Here
I would’ve cooked a meal, but I didn’t have time..I think that maybe it should be better to write I would’ve looked

Friday, November 30th 2018

got 100%..thank mam Gill

Thursday, December 6th 2018

I have got only 8…

Saturday, December 8th 2018

thank you Gill, the lesson is really helpful .

Friday, December 14th 2018

Thank you. It was very detailed & informative…

Friday, December 28th 2018

I got 9/10
Thanks for the lesson Gill !

Monday, December 31st 2018

Thank you. I enjoy with your classes. Very interesting.

Sunday, January 13th 2019

I got 10 correct out of 10. Thanks so much for giving me lessons. Teacher Gill is great to explain the lesson.

Thursday, January 17th 2019

Please, take a look at number 7 question, there is an error. The correct answer counts as incorrect in the final result. Was getting 9/10 everytime. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

    Which answer do you think is the correct one?

    Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

      You are right. I guess I misunderstood. “I used to polish my shoes every day, but I don’t do that anymore.” seems like the correct one. Still, kind of a tricky question, to me at least. Shouldn’t it be could instead of would in the question to fit the answer properly? Doesn’t would suggest regular past action?

      Thursday, January 24th 2019

        Yes, “would” suggests regular past action. For this question, the key bit is past. “At one time” and “would” imply that you don’t polish your shoes any more.

        If you still polish your shoes every day, you would just say “I polish my shoes every day” or “I have always polished my shoes every day”. I hope this helps.

        Friday, January 25th 2019

Great and easy to understand , thank you

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

My favourite teacher.

Wednesday, January 30th 2019

Thanks to Gill, I got 100%…

Thursday, January 31st 2019

What an excellent teacher!I really enjoyed the lesson.

Sunday, February 3rd 2019

It is worth reading the incorrect answers too. They are very funny sometimes. :)

Tuesday, February 5th 2019

Thanks !

Thursday, February 21st 2019

9/10 thank you Hill

Friday, February 22nd 2019

Your lesson about using word would is very useful and helpful for me, thank you.

Tuesday, February 26th 2019


Wednesday, February 27th 2019

I got 10 out 10 again. Thank you Gill. You are very detail person and very easy to understand.:)

Monday, May 20th 2019

i got 9/10 from test Gill thank. am progress a bit well

Friday, July 12th 2019

thanks to Gill for perfect lesson.

Monday, July 15th 2019

Thank you Gill, very valued lesson.

Sunday, July 21st 2019

Thank Gill. This lesson is so important and so very beautiful and so well explained!

Monday, July 22nd 2019

Thanks for another lesson. It was a pleasure. If i were rich i would give you some money. You are doing great job madam :)
See you later. Thanks again <3

Saturday, July 27th 2019

Gill thanks so mach. 10/10 Wow

Tuesday, September 10th 2019

Thank you Ms Gill for teaching the concept and thorough usage of “would” in full

Friday, September 27th 2019

Thanks you, I would have a teacher like you at school !!

Wednesday, December 25th 2019

Thank you it’s very interesting.

Thursday, January 2nd 2020

thankss Gill <3

Wednesday, February 26th 2020

Thank you it was excellent

Tuesday, March 17th 2020

I’ve got 100% correct,,,!!! Thanks Gill for your excellent explanations in your lessons,,,!!!

Sunday, April 5th 2020

I’d like to know, whether our answers have saved itself somewhere to back to each topic later and refreshed in mind?
Or some history card in profile?
Thank you in advance.

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

thanks Gill for all of this tips, keep it up! God bless, and nice sweater by the way!

Monday, April 27th 2020

Thanks a lot. It was very interesting lesson’

Monday, May 11th 2020

Nice lesson. Thanks Gill!!

Monday, May 11th 2020

Amazing, Gill! Thanks a lot, you have a patient teaching style!

Sunday, May 17th 2020

Thank you Gill! This has cleared my concept for the word “would”.

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

I love how this woman teaches English. Lovely!

Thursday, June 25th 2020

Your strategy in teaching is easy to understand.Thank you I’m enjoying your lessons everytime.

Thursday, June 25th 2020

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