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Am I first ? I got 100 !

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    Natalia 1th comment is not inportant!

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yes! And I’m the second!

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    The second or the first is not important! “Did you understand the lesson?” – that us the importance in each lesson! :D I don’t want to be vulgar just… :P

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      just what?

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      yes they r dull

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Thank you teacher!

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I am jubilant! I got 100! :-)

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My homework :)
very lazy, very famous, very nice, very big, very well

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    very big (enormous)

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very small–tiny
very bigg–gigantic
very immpossible– utopian
very large —huge
very nice —pleasant

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    This is a superb lesson…. and James you’re my idol ^^

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    You can say large meeting but you can’t say huge meeting, so very large is not equal to huge 😊

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      i think huge is equal to big we say a huge problem to mean that’s big

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    the dont use pleasant , utopian dont use it if u dont wanna see dull

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Iam not jubilant because I got only 80 for this quiz

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Ihave really appreciatedthis enrichment writing lesson.
Thanks James, a smile.

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💯. I’m very picky person.he is very hot.mullahs are very dangerous. I’m very excited about president Trump speech.

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    I’m agree with mullahs part x))

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100% :D

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I use this
1)very desperate
I am very Desperate to eat donuts.
2)very mad
Sam very mad at his girlfriend.
3)very jealous
She is very jealous from her friend.
4)very ambitious
I am very ambitious that one day i speak english fluently
5)very mean
No one like very mean people.

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When you said:”change your vocabulary,change your brain,change your life”that was really superb.

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very suprising
very strange

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Thank James for making the very useful lesson for us. Oops! the constructive lesson!

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thanks for your useful lesson

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yes! 100%. thanks Sir Tiago.

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Great vocab lesson. Thank you very much.

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Mr. James, thank you a lot

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Great class teacher. There’s another cas I’d like to share with all, and it’s the following:

very small –> tiny.

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Teacher James Thanks for that superb lesson. You have encouraged me to learn some other words that I used with very. And Im so impressed by your unique teaching style.

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I use these expression
Very happy
Very angry
Very sad
Very difficult
Very Stressful

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I’m jubilant to score 100. worried b4 taking quiz. superb Q’s. I did rapid answers as i was sluggish to do so.
1) very dangerous
2) very simple
3) very cute/handsome/smart
4) very bad
5) very ugly

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very good lesson!

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I got a superb score!

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Most of the time I say thoses:
1.very peaceful
2.very popular
3.very delicious
4.very sad
5.very comfortable

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James, thanks for the wonderful lesson. How to say-very cheerful and very sad? Surely there are several options

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    very cheerful: joyful or lighthearted

    Very sad: heartbroken

    Profile photo of suleiman80 suleiman80

      thanks, I wrote

      Profile photo of Tanushka1 Tanushka1

        Most welcome

        Profile photo of suleiman80 suleiman80

    Very cheerful: blissful / jubilant.

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I got 80 score

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ancient: very old
brilliant: very clever
silent: very quiet
tiny: very small
delicious: very tasty
precious: very valuable
adorable: very cute
essential: very important
odd: very strange
depressed: very sad
hilarious: very funny
ridiculous: very crazy
trendy: very fashionable

Are these all right?

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    I can be not right but I think most of them are just synonyms.

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    superb :D

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    Thx for new words!

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    thank you :) useable

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James is amazing teacher! Delight!

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Hi James,
Thanks for this great lesson. I like your style because using body language and some theater Technics we “students” can learn easy. Question: can we use Scalding hot coffee? or just scalding coffee?
Thanks again for having this platform for free!
I deeply appreciated it.
Home work: very important, very quiet, very sick, very busy.


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Thank you for you teaching lesson. Love and like it so much!

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Superb video
💯 ^_^

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A very interesting lesson.
(I’m kidding;-)
A SUPERB lesson!
Thanks a lot Mr.James.

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A Phenomenal lecturing great sir

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i love the lesson!很棒!

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Ooohhh! I’m overjoyed, I got a 100

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

thank you.

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I got a superb result in the quiz.

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Thanks u so much

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Hi James,

Thanks for your superb lesson! It was one of the most interesting and educational lessons for me. I’m sure many of other English learners benefit from the lesson. Hope you are well when it gets freezing in winter in Canada. I have to go now to have some food because I am ravenous now!

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I got 9 out of 10.
Question 5 is my mistake.
I pressed the wrong word. But I still know that word is rapid.

Profile photo of Chan M. Chan M.

    No! Wait, I mean, the question 5 said Freddie was ________ after fasting for three days on an extreme diet. I clicked ravelous, not rapid. I am right.
    So I’m actually got 10 out of 10.

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i like it

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thanks a lot James, your classes are superb. I got 100! I’m jubilant.

I often use: very well, very nice, very bad, very easy, very high, any advice?

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Superb lesson thanks

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    I vote with both hand – This is superb class!

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Thanks James.

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James surperb lessons are always full of joy and make me ravenous about English. I use very late, very much, very sad, very disappointed, very exciting a lot.

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sometimes I say
very difficult
very good
very clear
very fast
very useful
nice lesson!
thank you James!

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Excellent lesson James!!
Thanks ;)

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Thank you! for a great lesson, I learned a lot
very nice
very mad
very sleepy

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That’s phenomenal

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I got 90.Frist and ONLY is phenomenal.I forgot it!

Thank you Teacher James,you taught me a lot of knowledge!

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    hahahaha,first.I tap rapidly so I made a mistake.

    Profile photo of ClaireLovesStudy ClaireLovesStudy

Thanks a million for that one!!!
That rules!!!

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Thanks for all James. I wanna present my homework.
Very noisy
Very hard
Very sad
Very strong
Very smart


I can’t watch videos! what can i do?

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    All our videos are on YouTube, which is blocked in China. You will have to use a VPN or Tor Browser to watch the lessons.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      oh,it’s a bad news! I’ll think of another way.
      Thank you.

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        Idk we have another way! :D But try maybe you can find out another way! :D

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I got 90 ..I’m jubilant

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Thank you so much,I’m jubilant

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Thank you Mr. James I have learned a lot from you.

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100% yeahhh, tha´s superb.

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Thank you

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Thank you for your hapiness , it’s a pleasure learning English with you !

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I got 80, but iam jubilant😁

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I am understand English destitute,in the quiz out of ten questions,some questions are not understand,but I learn hard English because I want to be speak English rapidly.i hope well, always be positive nature.thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Naga manikanta Naga manikanta

10/10, great teacher.

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He/She is Very Well – vigorous
It’s Very Well – appropriate
Very sad – downhearted
Very angry – mad
Very Peaceful – serene

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    pleasant words Thank you.

    Profile photo of Hazemista Hazemista

Very (dangerous – expensive – cheap – noisy)

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This is a phenomenal lesson, thank you teacher.

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I got 100!!!! 10/10..Thank you…I learned a lot..

Profile photo of irka-18 irka-18

1- My notes is tiny.
2-Hir dress is hideous.
3- My garden is spacious.
4- his body is feeble.
Risky > perilous
5- My cat is perilous.

Profile photo of Layla 7716 Layla 7716

Need more practice

Profile photo of Windu hery Windu hery

Fruitful information how to use effective words by replacing very. I am visiting this website since 2 months. I have improved my knowledge a lot and overcome my common mistakes which I was doing before. I found the teachers are amazing and have great ability to explain something precisely. Teaching with perfect accents which is loud and clear for everyone.

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You are so funny James. It is great to learn something from you. You have superb emotions. Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Urfan Urfan

thank you very much!!

Profile photo of Neha agarwal Neha agarwal

very big -colossal
very dangerous- catastrophic
very clear – lucidity or limpidity
very less-curtail
very calm -serene

Profile photo of Neha agarwal Neha agarwal

    cool! thank’s

    Profile photo of marta mariana marta mariana

Best teacher I’ve ever seen ! :3 Always support u Mr.James!

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I really need a partner to learn Eng with :v

Profile photo of Vi2512 Vi2512

No very cold so how about ultra cold? XD

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Thank you Professor James. I found your classes extremely motivating and encouraging. Keep the good job.

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I got 90~ Mr.James is superb!!!

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this is a superb lesson

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My performance was superb,I got 100%

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Hey 🙋🏻‍♀️ I got 💯. My homework is :

very bad
very sad
very nice
very well
very important

P. S. I want to add something. When I feel uncomfortable while using very with adjectives,if I couldn’t remember these words I change “very” itself instead of changing whole adverb phrases. I use “so / pretty / super / too” like pretty hot, super cool, too bad or so sad. It might be a trick and I accept that. However I’ll do my best to use these fabulous words to make my conversation more professional ones. I am so grateful for your help, thank you.

Best regards,

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I’m jubilant! Thank you teacher😀

Profile photo of marta mariana marta mariana

very well explained!

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Yup yaap :)

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It’s a surprise to me , I got the score of 100 .
I’m jubilant

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Need a lot of practice to remember and using these words

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Hi,I got 9 correct out of 10,Thanks James.

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i got 80 but it was superb

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I am amaze to know such words exists which are precious vocabulary for a person like me. James you’re superb, I really appreciate . I’m jubilant and anxiously waiting for new lessons.

Profile photo of Designfabyaseen Designfabyaseen

Very Cool
Very Nice
Very Scary
Very Angry
Very Disgusting

Profile photo of OkDaniel OkDaniel

very hard
very interesting
very beautiful
very fluently
very fun

Profile photo of Trang234 Trang234

    LOL, In this Superb lesson James just tell us the common words, maybe these words (your word) don’t have in this lesson or it uncommon! so James did not talk about these words! :D

    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

thank teacher i got 100

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im jubilant thank

Profile photo of Quvonchbek Quvonchbek

There is a mistake in the quiz. im sorry to say that but i found it in question number 8 because you said “hot coffy” and you may remove the word “hot” to be”scalding coffy” not “scalding hot coffy”. Thank you very much and best regards.

Profile photo of Ahmadnassif Ahmadnassif

Im jubilant too 😉

Profile photo of shahfar8 shahfar8

Thank u teacher james
I may not be a superb but im good also..
😊😊 not bad i got 90%

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Yeheeeyy improving my vocabulary thank u so much sir james

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cool, I happy with you Mr James you’re a better teacher. thanks!

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You’re The best

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James, extremely (not very) useful lesson. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Emil Ibrahimov Emil Ibrahimov

I was anxious before this test.. But i got 100% I am jubilant.. Thanks sir james

Profile photo of Sanas Sanas

from now going to use my new vocabularies….
thank u…

Profile photo of Matilda Ibalu Matilda Ibalu

I want to ask something, if “very hungry” was “ravenous” so what is Starving?

Profile photo of Fahmi Hujjatul Islami Fahmi Hujjatul Islami

I’m Jubilant to got 100%
thanks ur superb

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    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thanks MrJames I am jubilant ☺️

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I’m jubilant.😉
Because I got 100 in this lesson.

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Thank you so much.

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It was a superb lesson. I’m jubilant ’cause I got 80.

Profile photo of Luiz Willian Luiz Willian

hello..I can say you are a very bright teacher, but it is better.. You are a dazzling teacher. Thank you.

Profile photo of gabyreyesg gabyreyesg

James, how about these words: -_-
Very Good = Superb and Superb – Very Superb -_-
Very Rich = Wealthy and Wealthy – Rich
Very Tired = Exhausted and Exhausted – Very Exhausted
Very Cold = Freezing and Freezing – Very Freezing
Very Stupid = Dull and Dull – Very Dull or Very Boring = Dull and Dull – Very Dull! :D
Idk about these words if it appears in an exam! :D
I found out about it when your video is almost done! :P I hope you can help me figure out these words :D
And thx for SUPERB LESSON! :D

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

    Oops Wrong!
    Very Rich = Wealthy and Wealthy – Very Wealthy
    (-) is the arrows :D

    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thank you for helping. It’s will be useful for a daily conversation.

Profile photo of Mohamad Azzim Amini bin Abdul Ghani Mohamad Azzim Amini bin Abdul Ghani

Türkçe anlatan yok mu

Profile photo of mervepndk mervepndk

I’m jubilant😊, because I got 100 in this lesson 😊 thanks! Mr.James for teaching to us,You’re a superb teacher!

Profile photo of Jovelyn Ternida Jovelyn Ternida

thx very much
i can say very much evry taim or we have anather world ?

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i’m glad being here ,with such superb website and community.

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Hi!!! you are a very very very good teacher!!! An excellent teacher!!!

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My second question, I got 8 I’m jubilant 🙇🏾😃♥️❤️ Thanks James you are excellent

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I’m jubilant cuz i got 100 :)

Profile photo of Gambler87 Gambler87

I’m not happy with that:(

Profile photo of Khan nagma Khan nagma

very easy
very long
very disappointed
very strange
very awful

Profile photo of evil toad evil toad

Talk about being brilliant

Profile photo of Louis1014 Louis1014

I was anxious during the test, but I did an excellent job.

Profile photo of Sauda4u Sauda4u

score 90! thank you james… :D

Profile photo of sepich16 sepich16

Dear James,
Can I use the word symbiosis for describing the relationship between media and celebrities?

Profile photo of bhavana.nandu bhavana.nandu

Skoda superb is a superb car.
I’m sluggish now because I just wake up.
Lamborghini Aventador is rapid car.
We don’t have destitute people in our town.
Last winter was freezing.
There is no scorching summers anymore.
The coffee is scalding.
I want to be a wealthy man and I want to help people
My home was squalid 3 months ago.
I’m parched.Give me some water honey.
My mother always says to dad:You are vulgar.
I will have important exam tomorrow,I’m anxious.
I just ate a pizza,so I’m jubilant.
I did walk so many kilometers today.I’m exhausted.
Tv programmes is dull.
155cmm height is brief for a man.

Profile photo of wanttobenative wanttobenative

I’m jubilant today, I’ve got 10 correct out of 10 , thank you Mr.James, you gave a superb learning video

Profile photo of Retno Wulandari Retno Wulandari

great lesson i enjoyed thanks alot teacher james

Profile photo of Abozarrozi Abozarrozi

I got 100/100 . Thank you a lot, my teacher.

Profile photo of AmirAydin AmirAydin

Very talented = gifted

Very eager = keen

Profile photo of AbdOUsf AbdOUsf

I got 100 Woohoo….

Profile photo of Simon Dangol Simon Dangol

Superb video.His teaching style is awesome.
Very interesting (fascinating)
Very beautiful (gorgeous)
Very intelligent (brilliant/brainy)
Very hardworking (industrious)
Very busy(bustle)

Profile photo of Muznaa Muznaa

    superb job

    Profile photo of Hazemista Hazemista


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Thanks for the course ,that was truly profitable to me .
By the way, the instructor was superb.

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I appreciate it .

Profile photo of MHM2000 MHM2000

Thank you to make me understand more about this

Profile photo of Irsa Weinechita Irsa Weinechita

I did not understand why a woman sued for hot food?)))

Profile photo of Mir Murad Mir Murad

Woow 100% I finished it rapidly.

Profile photo of Hazemista Hazemista

I’ve got 100😁 well done!

Profile photo of naticik2018 naticik2018

I’m ecstatic, I got 9 correct out of 10.
I’m trying to learn more collocations with very.
This is superb lesson. Thanks James.

Profile photo of Nirav Rana Nirav Rana

thank you *-* hat was a really productive lesson ♥
upset = very annoied
depressing = very sad
offended = very shame
terrified = very scare

Profile photo of chebbahdjoumana chebbahdjoumana

that’s very useful!!

Profile photo of Yuhua2313 Yuhua2313

hello thak you for this lesson

Profile photo of SISILOVE SISILOVE

I am jubilant to say that the quiz was phenomenal.

Profile photo of harvind harvind

I strongly believe you’re a superb instructor. You’re using brief explanations and that makes you so rapid. If you moved to my country, you would never become destitute because you’re best at what you’re doing. Maybe you would even have a wealthy life.

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Profile photo of frange77 frange77

it’s superb classes .. so fun to learn and interact
thanks teacher James :)

Profile photo of A5ultan A5ultan

Tnx a lot. I got a 100 and the lesson was excellent.

Profile photo of Rythmoboy Rythmoboy

10/10! thank you teacher!

Profile photo of manton18 manton18

Superb video. Thank you for this lesson.
Very want-desire
very bad-horrible
very right-absolute
very sad-disappointed

Profile photo of Hiru haung Hiru haung

very cheap: low-priced
very expensive: overpriced, extravagant
very late: belated
very early: ahead of time
very spicy: peppery, tangy, piquant
very tall: lanky, soaring
very small: midget, miniature, teeny
very glad: pleased, mirthful
very sad: dismal, blue, heartbroken, melancholy
very disappointed: disillusioned, disconcerted

some of them are just synonyms but I still thinking they are better than using VERY all the time

Profile photo of Joharbq Joharbq

thank you sir.your way of teaching and expressions are superb.

Profile photo of armel1985 armel1985

Thanks god i feel jubilant cuz i just got a 100

Profile photo of Cagan Ulkuden Cagan Ulkuden

got a perfect score. Thank you sir James you are phenomenal and I like your expressions.

Profile photo of jcgerald21 jcgerald21

Is someone asks me “ how’s it going”?
Can I answer with “superb”?

Profile photo of Ieltsm Ieltsm


    Profile photo of Ieltsm Ieltsm

OMG I’m loving this teacher !!

Profile photo of jessie51 jessie51

    Mr.James phenomenal teacher as i think

    Profile photo of oussama.besdouri95 oussama.besdouri95

very big – gigantic
very small – tiny
very scary – frightening
very dirty – filthy
very funny – hilarious

Profile photo of eternalstudent eternalstudent

Superb presentation, thanks teacher.

Profile photo of SIOUSIOU SIOUSIOU

i’m so jubilant that i got 100!!!

Profile photo of @degita25 @degita25

This is a superb lesson! I’m jubilant for having perfect score!!!

Profile photo of jenluc21 jenluc21

I got 100! Thank you! I’m grateful!!!

Profile photo of Saraf@ Saraf@

very bad – atrocious
very kind – gracious
very large – huge
very important – vital
very different – weird

Profile photo of manindragautam manindragautam

great lesson, teacher. thanks.
very angry – furious
very hot – boiling
very bad – awful
very important – essential
very clear – obvious

Profile photo of @jvspedroso @jvspedroso

Thanks sir for extra vocabulrly

Profile photo of Amine El bouadli Amine El bouadli

You are very good teacher.
And you are superb guy.

Profile photo of Tob Tob

sometime i say starving, it means very hungry

Profile photo of Doe.s Doe.s

Very angry-furious
very big-massive
very expensive-costly
very funny-hilarious
very intelligent-brilliant

Profile photo of Eserrburakk Eserrburakk

The word “exhausted” is wrong! Plz check :)
Anyways thank you so much for lesson!

Profile photo of halan.man halan.man

YOUR TEACHING IS SUPERB.thanks dear teacher ,I enjoyed.

Profile photo of sanaz jafari sanaz jafari

I enjoyed watching this video.

Profile photo of jrg9206 jrg9206

It was a superb lesson, thank you, James. I got 10

Profile photo of Beatrice Beatrice

Scolding or scalding – check it out in task number 7. Maybe it is a typo.

Profile photo of Kurasan Kurasan

HiJames , thank you immensely upon this worthy lesson it was interesting in the actual context , that i didn’t realize how to use the new words as you taught , because it works in further proccess, James please keep doing this method with details explanation text to make the lesson more effective and wealthy with vocabulary, thank you to all participators.

Profile photo of samirpro9 samirpro9

I got 8 correct of 10

Profile photo of samirpro9 samirpro9

I’m jubilant, got 10 out of 10
it’s a superb lesson
Thank you immensely upon this great lesson James

Profile photo of NoorMajed NoorMajed

yay I got 10 on 10 and I am 10 years old

Profile photo of Mirra Mirra

my homework

1. very small-tiny
2.very big-gigantic
3.very angry-grumpy
4.very weird-creepy
5.very simple-elegant

Profile photo of Mirra Mirra

Teacher James .Thank you for your lesson.I really apréciate it.

Profile photo of Reynalda Reynalda

These are my top five “very collocations”:

very interesting = fascinating
very difficult = arduous
very sad = dejected
very annoying = infuriating
very nosy = intrusive

I’m really not a “happy camper”, am I? I guess a therapist would have a field day looking at our collocation choices.

Profile photo of Pedro Pedro

very small: tiny
very big : gigantic/colossal
very talented: skillful
very quiet: silent
very beautiful : gorgeous
very intelligent: genius
& list is long

Profile photo of stephanyass stephanyass

Very noisy: deafening
Very often: frequently
Very old: ancient
Very old-fashiond: archaic

Profile photo of M.abedi M.abedi

I often use these ones: very interesting, very big, very beautiful

Profile photo of Vickybenk Vickybenk

Thank you so much, I’m jubilant to watch this superb because it was beneficial,useful and helpful.

And these are the words that I use:
– Vital: very important.
– Tacky: very cheap.
– Erotic: very sexy ” I’m not sure”.
– Marvelous: very amazing.
– sturdy: very strong.

Profile photo of Abdualaziz khaled Al harbi Abdualaziz khaled Al harbi

Hey James! This vid makes me jubilant =).

1) very far
2) very hard
3) very easy
4) very fast
5) very expensive

Profile photo of 4kolya89@gmail.com 4kolya89@gmail.com

Thank you for the lesson.
very often – repeatedly
very funny – hilarious
very upset – distressed
very strange – bizarre
very exciting – thrilled

Profile photo of Aga85 Aga85

very innocent-
very bad-
very beautiful -charming
very thin-
very easy-simple
very strong-powerful

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This lesson was superb!! I got 100, thank you, James!

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when I hungry I say I´m starving!

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Thanks for this superb lesson

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Thanks, you are a superb teacher I enjoyed the lesson

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What a wonderful teaching style i really like it

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Thank you ever so much Mr. James!

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You are A Phenomenal teacher Mr.James! I’m jubilant that I’ve found some help to improve the way I speak. You guys in the comments are helpful too!! Thanks everyone ! Mr.James I make it my duty learn a new lesson after work. And I keep notes on what I have learned each day. It’s almost like I’m a school again but Thanks Again.Everyone is a big help !!!

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i made it ! it’s my first lesson here. I’ve got 100!you need to use them everyday so you don not forget them.
Happy Learning!

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hello sir im finding difficulty on writing good reports on college grade.

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I am jubilant, I got 100 points. You are a superb teacher !!!

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my homework
very small, very tall , very fat , very short , very strong

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    Very small-tiny
    very strong-robust

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Very sharp, very small, very cute, very tall, very bad
Would you please give me the CV vocabulary to use instead of those?
By the way i wonder why engvid doesn’t keep our quizzes records?

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Superb lesson! Thank you :)

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very late,very beautiful,very difficult
How to change it up???

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thank you for every thing, i have got 90/100

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What a superb lesson! I got 10/10.

Very sick: ill
Very fat: obese
Very sad:nervous
Very ugly: unattractive
Very greedy: avaricious

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Hey, guys, admins.
Please take a look at question 7 from the quiz: one of the options is scolding. Is that OK?

My result is 9/90 – not bad)
Very good: superb (you look superb)
very slow: sluggish
very tired: exhausted
very hot: scalding or scorching
very boring: dull

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thank you for your lesson, your lessen is superb! and easily understood.

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Thank you very much, James! Perfect explanation and brilliant understandable english, hafta watch more vid’s now and grow up in this

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Very thin – wispy
Very angry – violent
Very calm – placid
Very ridiculous – ludicrous
Very Cheap – uncostly

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It was a stunning presentation.

He has a huge house .

You have a tiny bedroom.

When we arrived the cinema was crowded.

My uncle is a brilliant architect.

This ancient building is of my family.

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Hi James,
Thank you for the lesson. your lesson is useful for improve English.
I’m study your course in office network as Chinese area cannot access to Youtobe.
could I download your video share to Chinese website to help more people?

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Yeahhh, I got it.

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Very important- paramount
Very unpleasant – obnoxious
Very interesting (of a book) – unputdownable
Very funny – hilarious
Very big – enormous

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thanks a lot James
it was a superb video

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very funny
very bad
very fast

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355th comment ez 100%

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my homework

He was a wiked (very evil) man

the cat had a sleek(very smooth) fur

my shoes are soaked (very wet )

I watch horror movie now I`m fearful(very afraid)

She is a thoughtful(very sweet) person

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finally I got 100 out of 100. I am jubilant right now. I was so depressed and anxious before doing this test. But now I feel I have my fill of energy for today. thanks for making me feel superb. I hope if you can read this and recorrect our mistakes.

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Anyone else?

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I am getting phenomenal at English. 😁

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I use with frequency:
1.Very intelligent
2.Very surprised
3.Very cool
4.Very crazy
5.Very normal

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What is the suitable word for very charming?

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What’s the word for very cheap?

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Wow! This page is amazing <3

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