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I took a quiz and got 10 correct out of 10. I’m glad that I understood the lesson. I think this lesson is helpful when I happen to speak with native speakers in a real situation someday.

Insoo Yeo

    Hi would you like practice

    Muhammad Abbas

      Sadly I got 6 of 10
      Cause I couldnt whatch the lesson

      Whatever…thank you muhammad


9/10 not so bad :)


I got 8 correct out of 10 ☹️

Abdalrahman Osama

Hey listen, it was nice talking to you and I really enjoyed meeting you again, but I’ve got to run now. See you later!


    ??better to whatch it now!!!!!!!!!!!


5 sign. – Can you lend me some money? :)


is this right way to end a conversation ( Excuse me if you don’t mind, can we talk about this over the phone since I have to go to the hospital.


Thank you Adam for this special lesson to discover when people want to end a conversation or also to end it when I are bored.
One way to cut a conversation would be: “Sorry to interrupt this conversation, but I just remembered that I have an important matter to take care of that will take several hours and I have to leave you right now.”
When someone opens their mouth while I am speaking, it may be a sign that they are bored or want to leave the conversation.


    Sorry James. I was wrong and I changed your name.
    Thank you very much James for your work.


Thank you James.

Muhammad Abbas

    Hey, it was really nice to see you again, now I need to catch up with my friend, take care.


      Hi! What a nice topic! Thank you! I couldn’t watch the film, I got 80.


Hey, it was nice seeing you again, but I have to go before I am late for another lesson.


I like it


Some people have a lot of free time and long for a patient listener. As to a conversation, because they are hungry as much as a bee which wants to take even the last nectar drop in a flower, if they can find such a person, they do not allow them to leave. They usually turn a blind eye to the body expressions showing that person is bored since they just focus on what is important to themselves. Stopping the conversation (actually it is a monolog) sometimes can be really difficult especially if you are polite and do not want to hurt other person’s feelings. At such a time, making up an excuse can be helpful. First, pay attention to their respiratory pace. Then, start your speech giving your excuse while they breath in, and speak fast as much as possible. Finally, try to run away at the first opportunity without looking backward!

Thanks Benjamin!



    Thats the best way?…just run and never look backward


Listen, i’ve go to run to my classes. It was nice talking to you, i really enjoy! Bye bye.


Thanks a lot James! That was a important and useful lesson.

Listen man, it was really nice talk to you, but now I have to study English at Engvid.com. See you around.

Henrique Alves

Thanks a lot James!!
It was a pleasure to listen to your lesson, but checking EnVid.com, I saw that Emma uploaded a new video and I need to go right away to watch it.
Take care!!


i’m happy talking to you but unfortunately it’s time to go back,see you later …


i got 2 correct


Hey James. Really useful topic. Thanks! But now I’ve to go.


I got 8/10, i felt sorry at number 8th because i don’t read carefully the question, in this lesson you teached very clearly so i can understand almost the lesson, thank James, see you as soon!

nguyen van long

the quiz is a nice idea to check our understanding.


Thank you!


I had a doubt on the last question. I got 9/10, it’s good!


Thank you James for this nice videos


It was very useful talking to you, but now I have some urgent to do. See you


hey listen, it was a really good conversation, but I have to run now, I need to get bed and get some rest!


Hey James, it was nice learning from you, but I have to go to work. Have a nice day and I’ll see you soon!

Kai Takaba

Hey, it was pretty nice to talk to you. Well, now I have to go home, so see you later.


Such a great teacher funny also. I’m new here please consider me one of your students.


heres my sentence: It was a pleasure to speak with you. If you don’t mind i have to go home because i have a busy schedule.


james serously?مرده خخخخخخthat was so fun to hear that from you

alireza hamidi

you are so amazing teacher


Look, It was nice to see you. Now, I have to go home. Take care yourself and untill the next time. Bye!

Thanks, James!

Isaias Menezes Silva



Listen, John. I’ve just got a call from a sheriff, he says there’s a giant giraffe running in the center of the city. So, I’ll have to run. It was nice talking to you, old man!


Thanks for this lesson, but I must learn other lessons. See you later!


I was happy to talk to you but I have to go, so we say see you next time

khadim toure

Thank you James, this was an excellent lesson. I didn’t know these skills about when to end a conversation. Thanks again.


Hey, I’m sorry, but I have an appointment in a few minutes. Anyway, it was nice seeing you! Let’s catch up someday. See you!

Desirée Soares

Thank you, James. As always, your lesson was full of great content. Learning with you was fun. Please excuse me, I have a busy day ahead. Hope to join your class again soon.


Thank you teacher James.Please I would like to know how can I get a certificate to indicate that I can speak English

Jean Joseph

I don’t want you to end the conversation James because I learn a lot with you.




    I can say
    Okay nice to talk to u bye bye
    Smt like that


Thank you Mr. James.


10/10. Thank you Mr James

Hannah Igwubor

very useful lesson thanks


Thank you james,it was very really helpful lesson.

Ahmed Majed

8/10 without watching the video, Thanks a bunch.


Thanks James,I will see you nextn time.


Hey, sorry to interrupt you, but I have to go, it was nice seeing you again!!!

Maria Yuritzza

(9/10) Listen , sorry to bother you,but I have to catch a taxi it was a nice talking to you.


Again got 10/10, thank you so much for precious lesson :)

Renu Khurana

Thanks for your lessons. It was very helpful and smart in our daily life.

Htay Hlaing

Thanks for your lessons. It was very helpful and smart in our daily life.

Htay Hlaing

I got 10/10! :D It was nice hearing about this, but I have to go finish school now. Ill see you later!


best regards, James
hi from Kazakhstan 22 Mov2021


sorry, 22 Nov2021


I like the video very much. I got a 10 out of 10 on the quiz. Thank you, James!

Bella Chiu

done 9 out of 10

Majed Mathkour

I responded 60% in the right way. It is important to practice because in the real life this situation could be in front of me any time.


Awesome video, James, as usual. Thank you! Here is my homework example of how to end a conversation: “Hey man, was nice to meet you! I gotta go – I’m fixing my sleep schedule so I need to go to bed soon”

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