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gooooooood :)


    Hi,i have big problem with english then i think that part help me a lot of to anderstand how to study


so funny lesson,teacher!!!i think this video is very very useful for someone who don’t want to improve their skills English…!!!


Awesome one.


very good

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Hi James, I’m new here and MAN you are really great, I’d like to have personal classes with you!!! I’m kidding, I know it’s a little impossible because of the location, however I hope to keep learning from you even by videos !!!

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Normally I do not your class because you kid a lot, but today I need to recognize that I gave a excellent class


Hi ! Thanks you for all teacher.

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Thank you teacher!u gave me a guideline to study English effectively!

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I love the way you teach , you make easier the all hard staff!


Thank Teacher:
I answer the quiz using the logical idea. I think I understood some ideas, however the 5 points are in negative sentences.
Anyway I need to rewieved again.
Thank again.

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I like this lesson, will I remember it? Time will tell.


So hard the quiz

Vladimir Putin


Javiel Rodriguez

Hi James
Thanks for good lessen and explanation see ya



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You’re the good damn teacher i ever saw, you do everything only for 1 propose ” to grab students’ attention “

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I am the student of psychology.so james when are you going to upload some more videos on the topic of idioms ?

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Thanks, I thought that they are very important tips. You are wonderful teacher. I hope you have a lovely day.


you are wonderful teacher :)
but i have small NOTE when you write a letter (a )
i thought it is a letter (S) :(
it dose n’t clear .
finally thanks gems so much .



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James. Thank you. It is wonderful.


Nice one

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great lesson!


james thank you s0o0o0 much,,,,you are really great :)


understood lesson, male teacher.thanksssssssssssssssss.


I was hoping that you´d speak a bit more slowly, but… Your lesson is funny! You´re a incredible teacher!

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I always thought that some of my teatchers were odd… after seeing this lesson, I begin to understand why …!!! Students without pen and paper? Answering mobile phone during a lesson? To have to explain that to learn something you need to do your homework and participate in class… (Really guys, it’s a new thing for you?!) Poor teatchers!! You all deserve a medal!!!

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James,you are amzing teacher. I feel like to study English when I have watched your video here.

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Hello teacher and everybody, how’s going?, hope you all guys are ok!. Nice lesson as always. I was trying to find a lesson with some advice for the test FCE, but I didn’t find anything :-(, if you have some good material or videos here, pls, let me know where is it, if you don’t, well, if is possible, could you make it for me pls?, I think it will be so good for me and for everybody, well, thank you very much for everythin!, nice lessons!!!.

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hi…im an arabic guy from israel …i realy injoyed this lesson its very useful .. realy thank you.


hello sir ….i want the correct pronunciation of

pleasures,treasure ,leisure ,usual,closure,,measure ,vision,visual

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thanks for this lesson very useful!!

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not interesting

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hi i want to say hello to you all guys.teachers and masters everybody who teach this English,are will be ok.i pray for them.this English lesson is very useful for me.if you have some good lesson and videos,i hope let me know what it is,could you help me show that for improve my English.


good teacher and good lessons.


H James you are amazing and great teacher,thanks alot


Thnx for lesson.it was very nice….


veru useful
good teacher


good teacher:)

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The lesson was great, thanks:)

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hi james..your such a good teacher.i hoped to meet you and teach me more english as well.great job james


It,s very helpful to me.thanks


hide in the washroom and cry…*)))

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good lesson

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wonderful lessons…

Muhammad Arif

very good.


hi very good lesson thank you so much.


You are great teacher
keep on
god with you.


you teach enthusiastically, and it’s very useful.

thank James.

p.s: I like the quiz, especialy ” hide in the washroom and cry “, lol, it’s so funny

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I’m so grateful for your lessons. Thank you!


Excellent lesson ,,, and it’s funny I like your way ….

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:) as usual “perfect”

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    Very good teacher




thank for all



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really i liked your lesson sir.james …. this part and the first one …

thnXx >>:)


hi i m very happy to see that there have in net
also have for weak students to gain something for the best teacher . thank you bye.

leo afridi

Thank so much James. But I don’t understand the sentence Don’t come prepared. Can you tell me what is this structure. sorry for my bad English, for I learn English at home by myseft.

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wow! i got 4 score… yahoo…….thank you sir!

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thank you!!

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Thank you 8)

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hello sir, i am frm india, i dont know hw to speak with others in english. Please give some advice to me, sir.


What the hell? you are seriously the best teacher and the way you teach is smooth and amazing.


nice to watch and help me more to improve my communication… thanks…


You’re so great James…thank you ;)


Excellent lesson I enjoy it very much! You are very funny , I’m learning a lot from yours classes! I’m from Argentina!


it’s really helpful lesson and you are a great teacher James KEEP IT UP!!


I enjoyed it very much its clear & understanding ,thank you so much


im very proud of you james,,,really really,,for me you are one of the most intelligent teacher that i never seem before,,waooo,,,in this lesson you tell what really need for be a good student,,..james i would like to improve my speaking,, i have dificult for speaking ?? i know the word but i dont know how conbinated. thanks men,,for me your the best. Desde santo domingo jij

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than you teacher I love your Englissh class.
I am learning a lot with you.


James you are genius ……For twoo years I have lernt english and I still can’t speak! Now I know why. Thanks a lot for you advicess


i liked the way you’re teaching
you ‘re so special .thank u very much
sir james.


Hello James,

thank you so much that is a great lesson.

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Good. Today I can hear more something new from you. Could I ask you a question please? I have problem when I study my brain always focus about my teacher but I just got some information about my teacher. That why I alway clarify them that is my the stuff. Can you recumbent me some idea how to study better.


you are the best!

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very useful for me
liked the way you are teaching


Hi james
you are a real teacher I would like to thanks you and other teachers for their help


Correct to me teacher James
It’s a text of a author brazilian
so I translate to english.
A thief steals a patrimony, but don’t steals the intelligence. A problem destroys a patrimoy; but don’t important if you do not have money, for you is a person blessed, do you have largest of all patrimony: Your intelligence; take care of it.
(Augusto Cury)

josé luiz

THX good Eng


Thank you Mr. James for this video , it was really really useful for me.

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thank you very much….
i am junior English

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I love your English classes they help me a lot.


hi, James i have got a problem in my writing,listening and speaking and when i learns some words i can lose very soon so i need some advise from you to help me and English language. thanks


the topic is in very important because its all started from no pen you know why
if don’t had a
no pen/no note
no note/fail
fail/no diploma
no diploma/no work
no work/ no food
no food/skinny
skinny/no marriage
no marriage/no child
no child/depressed
always remind it.

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i looooove youu


So funny, specially your other answer like bring chewing gum for everyone hahah i imagine all chewing the gum

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you’re a very good teacher


I thenk i will be able to andurstanding english languag. you are a greet teacher

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you are the one who made me love learning english :)

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Thank you, James!

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Thanks a lot


i so like this
Funny teaching


You are a great professor!


excelent !

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Hi,www.engvid.com is amazing.

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very useful tips

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Oh! James thanks, it was really funny…but I agree with my kinswoman…
Would can you be a little bit slow in pronounced?

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nice lesson & helpful thanks Mr. James


Wow!,thanks a lot for the tips, I would like to watch a third part of these videos, I think is time to upload the continuation

Thanks any way,

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100 perfect :)

very good your lesson, as always

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(12:29)are you about to say what the fuuuuuuuuck

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Hi. Please, explain, joke at the end of lesson.

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You are absolutely right!

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I got 4. but i didn’t understand your speaking. it is very fast your speech. i wish you speak english slowly.

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Thanks for that James it was very useful.


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Is there anyone want to learn English together with me?
I learn English myself at home. And I really want to find a partner to improve together. Because it is difficult when you learn without practice. We can practice together. Hope someone will contract me later. My email address is “s414572@gmail.com”
I’m waiting for you , my friends.

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Thank so much Teacher!! I understand You, but my problem is SPEAK!!! most of the time I feel stuck and don’t speak something else :( . I hope improve with these lessons

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Hi James
thans a lot for your great lesson
take care

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Hi James
thans a lot for your great lesson
take care

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i am very sad

Profile photo of kaium kaium

    I hope you feel better

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hi, james…i do understand english.

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Thanks you so much.

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Thanks James!!! Ah! I love Batman!!!

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Thanks for teach me! I learned a lot of things what i don’t need to do today…

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I was so funny and entertained as the first part of this lesson though I have enjoyed more here because now I have understood better the concepts and questions we have to apply to learn English correctly. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, it was an interesting lesson.

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Thank you James, very interesting lesson ;)

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Thanks James!

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You got 3 correct out of 4.

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