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I will keep learning.

James Ablorde Aforde

I made one mistake in quiz
Thanks Mrs.Gill for this top-notch clarification of the difference between direct and indirect/reported speech


I made one mistake in this quiz
Thank Mrs.Gill for this lesson
My mistake was when he asked me to suggest the direct speech and I saw in indirect speech (past perfect), so what I should choose ( the present perfect or past perfect too) for the right as a direct speech


I have 100% accuracy of quiz. Thanks. This was a very interesting lesson.


Thanks Gill ! I got 10 correct out of 10.


Thank you Gill! this was so useful for me. i got 9 out of 10.


10/10 thanks


Thank you Mrs Gill, I’ve got 7 out of 10. I’ve got 2 wrong answer. I did not give my answer for the 1st question but I wrote the correct answer in my paper.

This is going to be a big help for me in improving my English grammar.

By the way, I am a non native English speaker. I hope to see more of you videos about paraphrasing, how to begin to answer questions like how, why identify, describe, outline etc.

Thank you and God bless


I made 1 mistake in the quiz.


Thank you I have got a problem of speaking confidently I always doubt myself 😭

Nicma hashi

Mrs. Gill, I just want to thank you for these very helpful explanations, Thanks to you, I already know what’s the difference between what we call “Direct speech” and ” Indirect speech. What I keep in mind is: in direct speech, we use quotations and the right personal pronoun whereas, in Indirect, we don’t them, however, we use the third personal pronoun, we use the verb in the past tense as well


Thanks Gill I got 10 correct. I love grammar, without grammar we wouldn’t speak correctly.


Good lesson thank you.


8 out of 10 hehehe

Shekiba Mobarez

Thank you Gill,this lesson helps me understand the difference between Direct speech and indirect speech.This is going to be a big help for me to improve my grammar in English

Elira Spahia

Hello, Gill and everyone! Thank you for the lesson. Is it possible that answer “She said “I hadn’t decided when to go swimming.”” in question №7 also right? Because, as I think, in that situation there is no specific context.

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