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I got 10/10.☺ Amazing lesson rebecca. It would be more better if you give slight concept regarding to best suitable career according to each learning style as an example.


      Thanks Rebecca! Those are great resources!


        It is my belief that no matter what your learning style is, the subject somehow manages to learn.

        However, as far as language learning is concerned, being aware enough of your learning style helps to learn a foreign/second language faster and more effectively.

        Thanks for sharing these great websites with us Rebecca. By the way, what is your learning syle? (I’m a visual learner, if you ask me)

        Thanks a lot for your help.

        Take care, bye for now.


      Hi dear Rebecca ! Are all the grammars that are taught in this site new and are all of them used by native speakers ? Since some of them are omitted from school books in Iran and we are told that they are not used anymore ! I will be thankful if you answer .


        Hi dear Rebecca ! Are all the grammars that are taught in this site new and are all of them used by native speakers ? Since some of them are omitted from school books in Iran and we are told that they are not used anymore ! I will be thankful if you answer .


Although i am doing well actually in learning English with your website (Thanks very much), but nevertheless, i have difficult to find people to get into conversation with, and secondly i cannot get a feedback on my essays, this due to the fact that i have one source to learn English, it is Internet.
Is there any one who has the same problem ?


Not quite obvious answers but it’s good enough skills tuning. Thanks a lot.


    how is the weather in Russia, I guess it’s a bit cold :)
    well I’m sure it’s really cold


      my friend, right now T=-21C,
      i live in Siberia, this winter we had night T=-36C,
      i feel comfortable when T is about -10C … -20C,
      not quite comfortable T: -20C … -30C,
      uncomfortable T: -30C … -40C,
      and extremly uncomfortable when T is lower than -40C. Cold wheather is in our blood )))


Thanks Rebecca.


first day 50/100


second round, I got 100/100 I hope it ain’t considered cheating ?


    No, that’s just learning! :)

    engVid Moderator

Thanks a lot, It’s very useful lesson for people who study English.


Thanks a lot for this very interesting lesson but,
i think that instead of “learning style”,probably, it could be better to say “memorizing style”
because like Albert Einstein said:”Learning is experience.Everything else is just information.”

Riccardo S

Thank you for this lesson, it was really interesting.
I reached a 10/10, but I’m still a little confuse about these styles.
Reading and listening the various part of what visual and auditory learning styles I found myself in tune with parts of both.


Rebecca, in my opinion, the best for everyone should be to learn gradually starting from visual stype and after a lot of time pass to auditory and at last to kinesthetic. What do you think about ?

Danilo Manzoni

    It’s true that we all have some strengths in each area, but usually one area is more dominant. People usually know what their learning style is. If not, you can do a quiz here so that you can know:


    All the best, Danilo.


Hi guys. Can anyone help me. I should take interview from someone. It’s task. Just 15 simple question. By skype voice call. Please


I think that I’m a visual learner, but sometimes I’m an auditory learner. Thanks for the lesson Rebecca

Leo Lima

As an auditory learner, you hit the nail on the head!!I must repeat something once and again to remember it, and I really hate being disturbed by noises when I´m learning.
Thanks Rebecca!!Very interesting website btw ;)


    Thanks for your input and for checking out the site, knopfler86. Not surprising that you’re auditory, with Knopfler as your profile pic!


Particularly, I prefer to study mixing all the three. Hearing, seeing and doing some activities in order to have a better compreention of the subjects.

Gustavo de Jesus

there are a lot of good ways to learn language like you mentionned but i am wondering what is in order the efficient way between listenning , reading, speaking, writing ,i know that like you said it depnds on what style learner i am but in your opinion the is best way ? thank you rebecca.


    i mean what is the best way in your opinion?


Hello everyone! I discovered I was visual learner. I supposed myself an auditory one.
Dear Rebecca, could you, please, tell me the right order of adverbial modifier of time, e.g.: yesterday at noon or at noon yesterday. Or there is no difference? Thank you in advance.


    The twice r wrong u should say last night


      Pardon I made mistake I reckon u said night not noon there4 the right one is Yestetday;at noon


Hi Rebecca, Thank you very much for all your videos, very interesting and important


Thank you for your help ?


Hi ma’am , Thank you very much for such an interesting lesson. I just wanted to mention that I have found a useful website can help people to find out whats their style. here it is the website:


10/10.. Many thanks Mam Rebecca for this great lesson.


How interesting! This information can be very useful for knowing the students and teaching them by choosing tbe best methods ! Thanks Rebecca .


    the best


Dear Rebecca I’m the same soei !


Thank you Rebecca. I’m kinesthetic learner however I like to learned with your VDO.


To struggleForEng: Hi! Would you like to speak English with me? I have difficulties in speaking as you and need more practice.


    yes i like to speak English with you

    Mohammed MH4

    Hi!Nataanna I would like to practice


      Hello everyone! I discovered I was visual learner. I supposed myself an auditory one.
      Dear Rebecca, could you, please, tell me the right order of adverbial modifier of time, e.g.: yesterday at noon or at noon yesterday. Or there is no difference? Thank you in advance.


      my skype login is: natakostova. User`s name: Nataly Kostova




    I would like to pratice conversation in English don’t hezitate to add
    me on skype .My nick adam.dudek95


Pls add me on whatsapp and have a English pratice conversation with me .. as my whatsapp number is 9779807432890 .. pls add me im looking for english helper


I’m a kinisthetic one.Can you suggest something else to keep me motivated to sit while reading.My teachers have a sense of antipathy for me because i cant sit on a chair for longer times

Uzair syed

i got 10. thanks for u rebecca

Mohammed MH4

Hello dear Rebecca, with this lesson, now I’m sure what kind of learner I am. Actually I’m a visual learner. By the way, thanks a lot.
Furthermore, I want to say thank you for answering to comments, as a matter of fact, your action encourages me a lot, because I think communicating with student can have to benefits:
First: students can learn more from teachers
Second: it can build a strong and friendly relationship between students and their teacher. What about you? What do you think?
Thanks for reading my comment?


    And I got 8 correct out of 10. I have to try more and whatch your training video again to get the best grade.


I consider myself a visual learner but sometimes I try to listen to news or podcast to improve my listening as well. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to have a English parther whom to practice with.


I got 10/10 Iam very happy .Thank you very much.
I will continue.


Today I am join
I need to help improve my English




good job .I would like to pratice conversation in English don’t hezitate to erite me on skype .My nick adam.dudek95


I got 100. As always is a pleasure to learn with you, thanks for your dedication.

Ligia G

Dear Rebecca,
A very interesting lesson. It is up to us to discover our learning style.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely.


Thanks Rebecca, as many of the writers below I found comfortable all the styles, but visual and auditory, I think they’re better to learn.


I got 9/10. so happy this is my frist time here


    Welcome to EngVid! You are on the right track.

    See you round!


hurry! I got 9/10. Thank you very much :)


I already knew that I’m a visual learner, as most of people are.
By the way, are known any cases of persons who are so lucky to be able learning easily in multiple ways, I mean that they’re indifferently visual, auditory or kinesthetic?
See you soon Rebecca and thanks once again.


9 on 10, and I think I made a careless mistake: at question n. 4,the right answer (I think) was kinesthetic


Amazing Rebecca!
Thanks for the lesson.


Eder Paula

I have to say in every lesson I learn somethink new and useful. I believed I am visual type of student but after test on http://www.studyingstyle.com It looks I am more auditory 50 than visual 40 and rest is kinesthetic. Reason is simple I like more en videos than en text books. I have question is there some logical map how to go through all lessons ?


Is there anybody here who would like to make some conversations for improving English? I would appreciate some help. It is my Skype :Sheida.sha1.


I learn better when I write down and memorize the sentence that has the new world in it. When I try to memorize something I’ve recently learnt I imagine them written on a paper, so closing my eyes and imagining it as mentioned in the video. I am a visual learner just like my mother but I also like listening to podcasts, TV programmes, news to learn vocabulary. That way I dont make sure that I learn new things for good but hearing repeatedly is also a good way for me to learn and actually I enjoy it more.


I really enjoyed this lesson! So clear to identify and to redirect our efforts like English students. Thanks Rebecca.

Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you Rebecca. After watching your lesson, I think my style is visual. Compared to listening, I am like reading a little more.(Is this sentence correct?)


Hi, Mam’I am not able to find out exercise for the past perfect tense, how can I find that, Plz let me know

Abhishek Gupta
Mob. No. 8447919806


    Hi! Try this lesson, and look in “Related Lessons” for more.

    engVid Moderator

Thanks, Rebecca. I got 90


Thanks Rebecca it’s help me a lot.


Hello, Rebeccca. I have a question to ask you and want you to explain for me about gramma in this sentence ” I enjoy sports and am good at several different types of sports.” Thank you in advance.




I very much had liked this lecture. In spite of the fact that I already knew this information, it was interesting to me to hear it in English. I approach under type of visual perception more. Therefore it is easier for me to acquire information in tables, pictures, schemes. Aurally it is very boring for me to perceive information. It was pleasant to me that this lecture was followed by the written text. Easier to remember information, I need to read and write down the text. I don’t like very much to listen to lectures, they don’t bring me any result and take away a lot of time. I with pleasure do written and electronic tasks. And if a task difficult, I can deal with it, having read rules, having looked at examples. But I can’t make it at a lecture. And at lectures from me I pound a little. I very much like to study English, but only in a form convenient to me. Form of education, convenient for me, is evident videos, interesting tasks, reading. Thanks for this video, it very much has helped me.


You got 8 correct out of 10.Thanks

M kartal

Thank you Ms. Rebecca.


nothing difficult because of you ,even if iam not hearing you well ,i could answer most quize,you are my favorite teacher.

awil wade

(Kazakhstan, 08Sept2021);
Thanks a lot Rebecca for Your exceptional ability to make LEARNING more interesting.
I really can’t thank you enough ?


obtuve 10/10 Thank you Rebecca. Mi estilo es visual.

Beatriz Isaza

Thanks a lot Rebecca, you are amazing. (Azores Islands, 12Jul2022);

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