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A bit difficult for me with my intermediate level.
Thank you Benjamin.

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Very complicated sometimes. 8 out of 10 is not a bad score.

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I didn’t get the last one. The proper answer is “none” just because you didn’t really say in the sentence that the printer managed to finish the jobs, am I right? The machine had only the intention of doing sth, and that’s all, correct?

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Thank you very much. I got 9 out of 10.Question 8 is a bite confusing,I chose “bit” but “ignored me” was given as the correct answer. Please I need further explanation.

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    Thank you very much. I got 9 out of 10.Question 8 is a bit confusing,I chose “bit” but “ignored me” was given as the correct answer. Please I need further explanation.

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Very difficult) may be i am not writer

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Well, I did the quiz and I have doubted in three questions about cars, washing machines and tables but in the end, I guessed the right answers although I didn’t write to them… Always the same, besides I should be grateful for our teacher’s lesson, it was very interesting and amusing. Thanks a lot, teacher Benjamin.

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Hi Benjamin,
The night was very quiet while I watched the lesson!
Thanks for your help with!

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Thank you for helping me

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Unexpected result

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Arduous but i would to thank you sir.

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It’s very difficult for me 70%

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I didn’t get the last one,either.

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Thanks Benjamin!!

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A bit complicated but I learned a lot

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8/10, It´s not to bad…rs

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I learned a lot! Thanks.

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Good exercises for future writers!
We need to raise our imagination:)

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7/10.. More than I was expecting

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Hi there I’m so glad to hear and learn from you my fellow academicians. I would like to suggest that the lessons that are there in English I could also present them in chichewa to see how it relates to each other or to make some comparisons.

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Benjamin I really appreciate your pronunciation!

Could you give some classes on that?

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i learnt lots of things here .. i hope my english should be better :) Thank you so much

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Vivid. Convincing. Enjoyable, AS USUAL

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got a 100!!!!!!yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

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I got a %60 percent on the quiz. Better luck next time though.

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the first lessen and i got 7 out of 10…day by day i will become butter ..thank you👌😊

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it’s hard to think how to make personification while writing essay but if it’s accomplished, essay looks great

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How do I develop stronger personifications?

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I got 9/10

8=ignored me
really ?

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Hi, I enjoyed this lecture immensely.
I wrote quite similar sentences with the words:

-Her shoes were biting her toes as she tried to walk downhill.
-The hoover was roaring as she tried to clean the carpets in the big room.
– The letter hid their biggest secrets.
– The key refused to turn as expected, and they could not walk in the vault.”

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Hello, I enjoyed this lecture.

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