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Hello Rebecca .
I warmly incite Engvid viewers to watch this lesson . It actually improves my way of speaking .
Are ” warmly ” And ” actually ” correctly used in the sentence above ?
I deeply hope yes as this is what I totaly feel .
Thanks for your feed-back


    Yes, tsamp, the expressions you used are all correct and certainly elevate your English to a higher level.

    Thanks kindly for your enthusiastic comments. My best wishes to you.


      Thanks my teacher this lesson really easy ?


I really appreciate you for lessons, and also i strongly recommend Rebecca as a very good teacher!


    Thank you kindly, Juliasscience. How wonderfully you used the new expressions! Congratulations and all the best.


      Really interested this video thanks teacher rebecca


      Hi Rebecca,
      I would like to thank you for your remarkable contributions to enhance our engagements in your fabulous English class. Your English classes give me a golden opportunity to optimize my writing skills. More importantly it gives confidence and how to maximize my vocabulary. I strongly recommend your class to other close friends who have limited English grammar. I truly appreciate you for unreserved efforts and courage you have shown me so far. May God bless your wisdom and talent more . I am also honestly believe that my writing hunger will be full filled shortly.


I got 90% ☺. Rebecca you cherished me. You are my intensifier ☺ . Not only you intensify my knowledge but also intensify my energy too. I highly appreciate your teaching .Thank you so much.


    Wow, Anne, I am truly honored by your kind words. Thank you very much. Your progress and success lie in your own hands and your positive attitude will take you far. All the best to you, Anne.


      ☺ you are great.


        She is the great and fantastic teacher! engVid is the good website to study English online! I don’t need to buy the book have a wrong grammar. Actually, yesterday I bought the book, and it wrote: “These star will appear when the Red Moon appear!” and I relieze the star don’t have /s/!


“You got 10 correct out of 10” good! this one was easy.


Rebecca, i got 100. thanks a lot for your lessons :D I Truly like your ways to explain it.

Dwi Laraswati

I sincerely appreciate this lesson! Thanks

Rodrigo Ribeiro

    Good job, Rodrigo! My best wishes to you.


I deeply hope, since today, I will use this expressions automatically in my everyday English.
Thank you, Rebecca.


    Thanks, adrijan, and good job!

    One small correction: you should say “from today”, instead of “since today”, because you are referring to something starting in the present and continuing into the future. We use since to talk about something that started in the past and continues into the present. I know it’s a little confusing, but you will get it. Look for lessons on “since” in the search bar of our site. All the best to you!


      You are fantastic


I truly appreciate your help


Thanks Rebbeca. 10/10. I sincerly hope my English will be better after the lesson. I fully recognize it’s still a long way before me. I deeply regret I haven’t applied myself earlier to my studing English. But I honestly believe I can still achieve my goals. I strongly recommended myself to learn English every day. I truly appreciate your contribution to help us in learning English, Rebbeca. Last I positively encourage myself and all of us to regular learning :)


    Wow, Adamos32, what an amazing message and application of your learning!You have just increased your chances of remembering them and using them in the future. Congratulations, my friend. My best wishes to you.


Thx Rebeca I really appreciate your teaching

Taqi R

    Good work, Taqi R! Keep up the good work, and all the best!


Thanks Rebbeca…this lesson was great..

marcos alexandre

Great lesson!!


I strongly recommended my wife and my friends to follow engVid lessons as I do.

My2cents. ;-)

Riccardo S

    Thanks much, Riccardo S. I truly appreciate your kind words and recommendation. All the best, my friend.


can somebody tell me why we dont use do you aware but using are you aware,dont use are you know but using do u know?Many thks.

Chong Chee Boon

    The word “aware” is an adjective and not a verb. That is why we need to use it in this way. It is similar to words like cold, hot, tired, etc.

    So we need to say:
    Are you aware / cold / tired /
    instead of
    Do you aware / cold / tired?

    We use “Do you…” with a verb:

    Do you like this movie?
    Do you want some help?

    Hope this helps, Chong Chee Boon! All the best to you.


I fully recognize that I do not foloow all rules


    Nice example, AbuIsa! All the best to you!


What a drag!


Thank you Rebecca!
This lesson was so useful, e.g. for my daily writing per emailing with suppliers, customers, etc.


Hi Rebecca. I sincerely enjoy watching all of your English video lessons. Thank you for being our teacher on the internet. See you next time. Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you Rebecca, people all over the world truly appriciate your work. I sincerely hope there are going to be lots of videos like this.


    What an excellent demonstration of your knowledge, KateMost! I sincerely appreciate your comments. Be careful of the spelling of the word “appreciate”!
    My thanks and best wishes to you.


You got 10 correct out of 10.

Yay, thanks for the lesson! I fully recognize your class is essential to improve my english skills.


    Thanks and congrats on using the expression successfully. All the best, patriciazanella!


Thanks teacher, you explain very well


I sincerely appreciate your lessons. thanks Rebecca

Mary Munoz

I really like this lesson. Thank Rebecca for making this video.


Thank you so much Rebecca!!As always, clear explanations, useful examples to understand the idea and quickly review of all we´ve learnt.
All English students here strongly recommend watch EngVid videos as the best way to improve our English :)


I honestly believe Rebeccas´s clases are awesome and advanced.


    What a generous and well-expressed comment. Thank you kindly, Karla.cr. All the best to you.


      :)Thank you very much.


I fully recognize the Engvid is an excellent tool to learn English!


    Good job! Thank you for your kind and gracious feedback, tiagoamericoo. Warm wishes to you, my friend.


I fully reconize the importance of English that’s why I m watching ur video. I truly like ur teaching skills. And I strongly recommend it the best ever

Dharam 807

    Congrats on your successful use of so many expressions, Dharam 807. I am truly humbled. My best wishes to you.


Thanks a lot, Rabbeca, I honestly believe you’ll teach of me to really recognize English well!

Anna Tata

    Thank you kindly for your generous comments, Anna. It’s always a special honor to hear from a fellow English teacher. I wish you and your students all the best!


Thanks Rebecca. You are truly a very good teacher,


Hi Rebecca. I really enjoyed your lecture. I truly appreciate your job. I honestly believe you deserve our admiration. I sincerely thank you for what you are doing for us. Thanks again and take care.


    Thank you so much, tiger888, and congratulations on using so many expressions so eloquently. I am sincerely humbled by your remarks. All the best, my friend.


I truly appreciate this lesson. Thank you Rebbeca.


    Good job, yfabio! You did it! Thanks and all the best to you.


thank you.

Arafat Sajib

Hello Rebecca,
I truly appreciate you lesson and I sincerely hope, that I will keep your examples in my mind.
Thank you very much.


    Thank you kindly for your generous comments, Roithamer. I am truly honored to help you. My best wishes to you in the pursuit of your goals.


I got 9 out of 10! I love the lessons that have been taught… Thank you so much teacher Rebbeca :-)


I truly appreciate what you do for us.

bashar hussaino

    How eloquently you have used this expression, bashar. I am deeply touched by your words. My best wishes to you.


I got 80% in this lesson.
And I truly appreciate your way of teaching.

Arlindo Ferreira

    Well done!


    Yes, well done, indeed Arlindo! Thank you kindly for sharing your thoughts and example. All the best to you.


I deeply regret that I don’t have enough people to communicate in English with them :P


    I am sorry to hear that, and I thank you for connecting with us here at EngVid! All the best to you, sabdooo.


    I have the same problem. I can’t find some partners to speak English every day.
    I sincerely hope to find many people for practice speaking skills.


Yay!!! 10/10.
Thank you Teacher Rebecca for your amazing lesson.
I sincerely hope to learn more intensifiers in the future with you.

Ye Yint Aung

    Isn’t it amazing how naturally you incorporated the new expression into your own message. Great job, Ye Yint Aung (Albert). I am positively encouraged by your feedback. All the best, my friend.


Rebecca, I sincerely aporeciate your help in this English Lesson. 100%


    Thank you very much for your kind comments, Melrose. I am deeply honored to help you connect and communicate with others. My best wishes to you.


I really liked this lesson, it is helpful to improve my learning

fernando triana

Thank you so much dear teacher.

fernando triana

Good morning Rebecca!
I sincerely hope to improve my English ?
Have a nice day ??????


    Marulist, I honestly believe you just improved your English by sharing this comment. Thank you kindly. I wish you all the best, my friend.


yay! got 10 of 10 correct! ;)


i love it its amazing lesson / i love you teacher rebecca


    Thank you kindly, Hamza19889. I wish you all the best in your life.


Very impressed with the word combinations


Thank you for the lesson


Very useful English words. Thanks a lot.


I really like this lesson, I trully recommend her lessons. Thank you so much for this effort!


    Congrats on using the expression so well, caiopablo. All the best!


Thank u mam

Bijay kumar

The lessons to use intensifier are very useful to learn English correctly. Thanks a lot.


Excellent lesson, Rebecca. I thank you,very much.


Hi Rebecca, I fully graeting for your encourage me and i honestly hope that it’s only start in my progress to learn English.
thank you very much!

Aierdna Bandeira

    “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

    You may have heard this famous Chinese saying. I am truly honored you have chosen to take your English-learning journey with us here at EngVid. I wish you much success, Aierdna.


Thanks ever so much Rebecca for your special effort on helping us learn better English the way you do. I truly appreciate all this.


    Thank you very much for your kind and generous feedback, deivy77. It is always a special honor to hear from a fellow educator. My very best wishes to you and your students. They are fortunate to have such a pro-active teacher.


thank you Rebecca,I strongly encourage your effort


    Thanks, walasse00z. My best wishes to you.


I truly appreciate your great effort. I do admire your way of teaching and your sweet and friendly smile .


    Thank you for your very kind words, Samiaessawy. I am deeply touched by your comment. My best wishes to you.


Mam, kindly let me know the word “THE” when, where and how to use it?


I füllt recognize that is a good lesson.

Mouhcine tene

    Good job, Mouhcine tene! All the best to you always.


I honestly believe Rebecca is the best teacher I’ve ever met. :0) I thank you so much.


    My pleasure. I am deeply touched by your kind words, AlbinaA. How wonderfully you adopted the expression right away. I am sure you will go far in life, my friend. My best wishes to you as well.


Thank you, Rebecca! I truly appreciate your help and fully recognize you are a great teacher!! I honestly believe your lessons will help us to learn a more advanced English!


    Great job using the new expressions so well JJulian. One small note: we should say “more advanced English”, instead of “a more advanced English”. Thank you so much for your kind feedback and all the best, JJulian.


      Ohh!! Thank you for your reply and your correction!! You are a wonderful teacher!!!


Hi Rebecca! thanks for this lesson. I truly appreciate the opportunity offered by EngVid to teach me the English language. I fully recognize that these lessons have greatly improved my English. See you soon!


    Wow, Jorge, that was a seriously powerful comment! Congratulations on using the expressions so successfully. Sure sounds like advanced English to me. All the best to you, Jorge!


I truly appreciated your class.

: )


    Thanks and good job using the expression, tiago! All the best to you.


Hello Rebecca!! I truly appreciate your way of teaching.


    Thank you so much for your eloquent and generous feedback, mohua28. I wish you all the best going forward.


Thankyou, I love the way you teaching, this video really helpful, hope you will do more videos like this, take care.


I strongly recommend people try to study english as soon as possible and I honestly believe English is a universal language – The end of Babel towel. I positively encourage my family to find out easier ways to learn English , the earlier it happens the better you will be for your future.I sincerely hope Engvid appraise my comment and I truly appreciate this opportunity , Rebeca! thank you.


    Congratulations on using so many expressions so successfully, ravba! And thank you kindly for your generous feedback. I am positively encouraged by your comments and those of others who took the time to share on our site. I wish you all the best, ravba.


good lesson!thanks


Hi you teacher very good and
your explain very good and you honey and sugar i will learning
From you in fture
Thank you so much
My names refaat mouslm


We positively encourage governments to give up the traditional method for voting on decisions by raising hands and count the number of voters
“that is a part of my presentation that I have to present it next month about how to make a consistent decisions in government councils “


    Good job, Yousif – you succeeded in applying your learning right away. Looks like you’re a good student and a good teacher! I wish you all the best, my friend.


I truly appreciate your lessons and advices. I got 10 of 10 this time. Thank you.


i got 80, a brief course but it strongly useful improved my formal English within 30 minutes. Awesome


Thank you Rebecca and I am truly appreciate your help to learn English.


    You’re very welcome, isakibrahim8315. I am truly honored to hear from a motivated high-school student such as you. I am certain you will go far. My best wishes to you, my friend.


I am deeply touched by the warm feedback and excellent examples shared by each of you.

Congratulations on activating your new knowledge through real life practice!

I admire you all very much and am truly honored and humbled to help you achieve your goals. Thank you, and all the best!


Hi, I really feel to use collocations difficult, but I will practice and practice many times until my understanding completely.
My score was 70/100.
But, I will never give up to study collocations which you presented them for us.
Thank you.


I sincerely hope that your lessons will be great like it


    Thanks, Volv, and all the best!


Did you all notice how the level of the English sounded so advanced in many of the comments on this page? That was achieved simply by using these expressions right away. They can seriously improve your chances of getting a higher grade on assignments and exams, as well as make you sound more polite and proficient in business situations. Great work!


Thanks, you really make it simple.


Thank you a lot!


Thank you so much…
I got 100


yes I noticed it I also see how you do your job I do not know how to say it in english but in russian it sounds you put your soul in your lessons


    What a lovely expression and compliment! Thank you kindly, Volv. I sincerely wish you all the best.


i got 100 , your really a great teacher


Nice lessons, thanks Rebecca


Thank you Rebecca, i’ve learning a lot with you guys. I sincerely hope you keep this engvid project helping people around the globe to improve our english.


Rebecca ,thanks a lot. this lesson is my first lesson and I get 90 % ,I sincerely hope I will success IELTC exam,because I want to go to Canada


    Thanks for your kind feedback, Fatora. So glad you found the lesson helpful.

    One small correction – you should say, “I sincerely hope I will succeed on the IELTS exam”. Many students confuse the words succeed and success. Here’s an older lesson of mine which might help you with this:

    I wish you all the best, Fatora.


I truly appreciate your education methods and I strongly recommended your lessons for every English learner.

Tasneem Elsadaty

I sincerely hope that you will make more vídeos like this one, it was a great way to learn new words as the intensifiers to improve my english


I sincerely appreciate your lessons since they improve my English. Anyway, I’ve just come back on engVid.


Best teacher ever!
And I honestly believe you deserve wow


    Thank you so much for your generous words, jjunnior21. You and I are both in the business of words, aren’t we? So I especially appreciate your compliment! Thank you and all the best, my friend.


      Yes! It’s true my dear!
      Thank you for call me “my friend”
      And please, help us to learn English :)
      God bless you Rebecca!


      hai teacher Rebecca, thank for your kind teach us an Engvid.I really need to see you face to face to say thank you for a lesson that you give.If you come to Malaysia please don,t hesitate to contact me.
      Kind regards


i truly appreciate your efforts. this video is really helpful .

norah b

I fully recognize that if there were not avaible your helps to learn English, I wouldn’t improve myself to this point. :)

at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me"

Thank you Rebecca! I truly appreciate your hard work to make us learn English.


Hello, I really appreciate this lecon and I strongly recommende your website to new comers


Thanks a bunch Teacher.
Concerning the example I would say: I truly appreciate your help or I honestly believe that you are a good teacher.


A good revision of some intensifiers, we can bear in mind that these words exist and sometimes they are very useful. I sincerely appreciate your aid with your video classes teacher Rebecca, it has been a great lesson. Thanks a lot.


I deeply regret to not have met teacher Rebecca before.


I positively encourage all people who wants to practice english to check this amazing web!


A really good lesson!


Hi Rebecca! Thanks for this lesson, It was quite interesting, I really hope you keep doing such a great work.

Bye for now!


The way you delivered your lecture,is truly appreciated.I honestly believe that after follow you,my English will be drastically improved.

Waleed Aftab

Thank you so much my dear!!
I truly appreciate your way of teaching.


Hi Rebecca I really hope to win a lottery.You are a fantastic teacher as ever this lesson is superlative.
I wish you a good life


Hi Mrs Rebeccca, im really enjoy your lesson. i wonder which words we can use correct between company and firm?
Hope to see your feed back soon.
thank you and your have a good day


I truly appreciate the way you teach.


I truly appreciate your help! This kind of hints is very good to get better in the language! Thank you!


Thank you very much teacher Rebecca.


I truly appreciate enVid.com lessons, they’re objective and very applicable to our day to day use, also, the quizzes help us out to fix the contents.


I really loved this lesson, thank you very much for teaching us, and i strongly hope that your youtube channel grows alot more than it already did!


I really appreciate your teaching way

Kunal kumar

Thanks Rebeca.
You trully amazing!

Ronaldo Lara

Thank you Rebbecca.
I strongly recommend that anyone watch your videos.
(Is a subjunctive moosd always needed ?)…


Sorry, I meant “mood” (and not moosd).


Thank you so much, Ms Rebecca. I will definitely recommend your video to my friends.


Thank you Rebecca. I am always using these adverbs in writing, especially in the E-mail writing. ‎Actually, there are much expression like these Rebecca. ‎


I positively encourage everyone to watch this video. I honestly believe and sincerely hope it makes your vocabulary wider. You’ll fully recognize helpfulness of this video.
Thank you, Rebeca!


I honestky believe that engvid is a good way to enprouve my english.;)


I am going to strongly recommend you to my friend.
I honestly believe they will like this web site.
I deeply regret for them because they haven’t heard this website.
I am going to sincerely hope they will like this web site.
When I will recommend this web site to my friends I wish They positively recommend their friends to use this website.


A great and very unformative lesson. Thank you Rebecca! My sentence is

“I honestly believe we should refrain from taking action until further notice.”

Also, I have a question for you. Is there a difference between “positively encourage” and “highly encourage”?


Sorry, I meant “informative”


Hello Rebecca,
– It’s strongly recommended that…
– I strongly recommend that..
can we say here passive voice emphasis our advise. And which one is better the first or the second sentence.?


    i think you can , for example it’s strongly recommended that you restart your computer

    yasser Daoud

      i think you can but it’s strongly recommended (to) not that
      It’s strongly recommended to update your site(s) to the latest WordPress

      yasser Daoud

Yes, I noticed the mistake. But it was too late. And again, thank you very much)


What a Wonderful lesson that you gave us here Rebecca, I loved it and your lesson truly easy to catch.


    hi Marlina, I am one of student , i need someone to practice with , i live here in jakarta too




Thanks Rebecca, l truly appreciate your efforts .this is my first lesson here .and I sincerely hope I will be more better in english


Think you so mush for teach us.
I really hope you achieve your goals ❤️❤️


Thanks Rebecca, I absolutely agree with you, intensifiers improves your English quite a lot.


I sincerely had loved to do this lesson.


I really appreciate you for teaching us the intensifier lesson.
Sincerely hope you always happy.


I’m truly satisfy in that cour because add many thinks in my mind thanks a lot.

Loic mayuba

I’m truly satisfy in that cour because i’m adding many things in my mind thanks a lot .

Loic mayuba

Hi Rebecca, I’m new here want to prepare IELTS.
I took date on 28Th of October, will you please help me so that i can clear my examination easily. feel free and revert.

Mukhtarul Hasan Khan

i got 8/10 ,iam not good at english ,but iwant to win at the exams of ILTS ,so iam going a lot of learnin lessos and quizs ,iwant to win and imust ,so this me .think you very much.


Thank you for such a nice lesson. I am, of course, strongly recognized.


i sincerely hope you’ll find all you wish,thanks for these free videos


i truly appreciate your lesson


I truly appreciate your recommendations to improve my English.


I strongly recommend myself to go ahead with my learning English. I honestly believe that i can do it. I deeply regret that I didn’t do this before. I fully recognize that in my searching for new job my weak point is English. I sincerely hope that this time I learn it.


Great lesson, i’d like to know if these intensifiers need to be followed with the words you showed, for example “strongly recommend”, can i use, for exame, “strongly hope…”?


Very good lesson,Rebecca.I like writing and I usually
use adverbs. I like adverbs even in my mother tongue,


Hi Rebecca, I sincerely thank you so much for this lesson!




I sincerely hope that the engvid lessons will be highly useful for me in achieving a better score in ielts. I strongly recommend engvid lessons to my friends too

Sai Karthik94

Thank you very much for the lesson! I deeply regret not having paid attention to my English before, but now with your help, I’ll make it!

Heli J

i got 10 out of 10. i really appreciate your efforts to teach us English .

yasser Daoud

I fully recognise that i have to improve my English speaking.


Hello, Rebecca.
I truly appreciate your lesson.
Thank you very much.

Ingrid T. Akamine

I fully recognize your contribution to my study of English. Thanks.


Not bad for my first time here!
Thank you Rebecca!
You are an excellent teacher!


Thank Rebecca I truly appreciate your help!!!!


hello world

khan nting

    Hello, khan! :)

    engVid Moderator

thanks so much


I truly hope after watching this video , I can frequently use word combinations in my often tasks in English. I deeply regret, If I do some mistakes. Also I strongly recommend myself to appear in IELTS. I sincerely hope ,I will get good grades.


I like a lot your class, you will be fully recommended to other friends, and really appreciate your calm and good pedagogy.


I sincerely hope you can continue to make the awesome videos like this


its very good,hopefully one day i won’t be ashamed when speaking english


I think we will fully recognize the benefit of this lesson.


I truly appreciate your help to improve my English. Thank you very much Rebecca.


I fully recognize that you Rebeca is saving us with your online videos teaching in a different way I never saw before. Thank you very much! God Bless you! I sincerely hope the best for you in your life.


Hi Rebecca :)
I truly appreciate your efforts in this lesson and each lesson you have uploaded so far. I highly recommend everyone to subscribe to your YouTube channel. I strongly believe that learning English is just matter of time and practice. I deeply regret wasting my time in others websites. I positively encourage all students to keep practicing your lessons every day. I fully recognize your contribution in making these lesson like piece of cake. I sincerely wish you all the best.


i really appreciate your help and support


I truly appreciate this english lesson and how it can help me with another way to express myself using new intensifiers words. Thank you Rebecca

Gabriela Verdan

I fully recognize you are a perfect teacher.
Have a nice night.


Thanks Rebecca I Really apprecite your class lesson


    good evening to you. It’s better to use (truly appreciate) rather than (really appreciate)

    I sincerely hope to you to have a nice time.


Even though this exercise was a month ago. It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge your time and effort and to let you know. How much I truly appreciate you taking the time to do this.


THANKS A LOT. I truly appreciate your efforts.


I fully appreciate your contribution to my progress in learning English.


I got 100%.


You are my favourite teacher and i fully understand you thanks


thanks Rebecca, I strongly recommend listening to this lesson again and again


i truly appreciate your effort to help us, that was very useful thank you Rebecca

basel mac

What an amazing lesson?!
In the last question,I think it must be Jack stops (not stop).
I wrote this? paragraph and I hope you to check it.
I love English language so much because I honestly believe it’s the most important language;so I strongly recommend my brothers improve their English language.I deeply regretted wasting my time without learning English. But now,I fully recognise how I can use my time in improving my English. I sincerely hope I can achieve my goals. Finally,I positively encourage people to strengthen their English.


I truely appreciate your work and i strongely recommend your chanel to those who want to learn fluent english..

Bhavik Prajapati

    Thank you for your kind sentiments, Bhavik. Be careful of the spelling or truly and strongly! Thanks for spreading the word about EngVid. All the best, my friend.


I got 100% wooohooo, thank you for this Rebecca.


I really appreciate your lessons. I am deeply adict to learn English.
Thank you Rebecca.


    You want to say that you are deeply addicted to learning English! So very glad EngVid helps you. All the best!


I sincerely hope get a great grade in IELTS to abroad to Canada and work as a nurse.I fully recognize how difficult it is, but it is not impossible. I honestly believe that watching this classes will help me to achieve my goals.


    Great job, Pedro! That’s the best way to make these expressions your own. I wish you all the best, my friend.


I strongly recommend you because i’m really apreciate yue lessons !


Thanks for the lesson, I sincerely hope to meet you someday


Hi Rebecca. I just want to let you know how much My English has improved using this website. I truly appreciate the job you’ve done and the great service you provide. Nowadays we can find a lot of courses on internet, lots of people offering to teach English,but the fact that you do it with great quality, professionalism and commitment just makes you(all of you) amazing. and of course it is for free which makes it even more awesome having into account that your lessons are top-notch.

Albeiro Ruiz

    What a fine compliment, in such excellent English too, Albeiro Ruiz! Thank you so much. It is a genuine pleasure, especially when we receive such warm, kind, meaningful words from our viewers. I wish you all the best, my friend.


I positively believe my government will deliver for our people


Hello Rebecca,I truly appreciate your effort for teaching us English easily and enjoyably.

Eman Farahat

All what I can say is, I really like You. You are The best

Mohamed Achraf

Hey anyone help me in paragraph writing?


Rebecca, I truly appreciate your dedication and professionalism teaching English, I honestly believe with your support and I will be more polite, refined and advanced in writing and speaking English.
I sincerely wish you all the best.


Thanks, professor Rebbeca.You’re very kind. I sincerly hope I will speak more like a native speaker after this lesson. Anybody would fully recognize it’s a really important thing to learn and apply in their everyday English. If I had missed this lesson, I would deeply regret it. I’m from Brazil and I honestly believe everybody in my country should learn English because we receive many visitors that have some problems with Portuguese. I strongly recommended my family to learn more English. I truly appreciate the way you teach your viewers, Rebbeca.Finally, I positively encourage myself to study English everyday, and become more fluent.
Take care!
(Please, tell me if anything I have written is inadequate)


I love it!!! I truly appreciate. Thank you


Rebecca! You know your stuff!


I truly appreciate you who are teaching English in this site.???

Zoe Kz

Rebecca, congratulations to your class, it is very fluently, I am really very happy to understand your English. You are very kind and have great explanations. Thank you very much!


hello rebecca
I honestly believe that your lessons will help me to learn advance english. I try to follow your every lesson. i positively encourage you to upload more videos.

Thanking you


Hello Rebecca
How many collocations can use for increase score?


Rebecca,I really like your smile and truly appreciate your teaching style. :)


Thank you a lot for the video! It was really useful and informative! I will strongly recommend my friends to watch it and I deeply regret that I haven’t come across it earlier!


I deeply regret missing my eglish classes. now I fully recognize the importance of learning English. And I honestly believe that engvid will help me to improve my speaking. You always positivly encourage your students to study. I sincerely hope not to give up with learning english.


Ill got 10 over 10.so what does it mean??thank you very much for sharing your wisdom to us.


i honestly believed that your teaching skill will really advantageous for beginners and i strongly committed towards my English practice.


It was such a useful video :) Thanks a lot! :)


Soo good,teacher you are the best.!!!!


ı strongly recommend make a comment to everyone :)


Thank you teacher Rebecca. For more learning???


Thanks Rebecca ?.


I truly appreciate your effort for let us learning more English


Hello Mrs Rebecca..
I am from Indonesia, one of my weakness in learning English is Listening, Please your advice how to improve my skill. Thanks a lot


I really like your method to teach English. And I positively encourage you to go on this useful thing)


Can i talk to you please?


Hi Rebecca!
I deeply value your lessons. You are awesome!!!!


Hi Rebecca,
I am really happy to learning English and I sincerely hope you can help me improve my fluent. thank you so much!


Thank you for your vids. They are helping me a lot! ?

Grace Tito

Good Work Carry On
Allah Bless You <3 <3

iqbal Ali

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you so much


I truly appreciate your efforts.

Abdul Samad Abro

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teacher i am very poor in learning spellings please suggest something to improve my spellings skills


My speaking band is 7.5 and overall band is 7.0 in IELTS. If anyone needs a speaking partner, I strongly recommend you to connect with me on Skype (sultan_du), Whats App, IMO and Viber (+8801717436059). Make sure you have around the same level of English.


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Secondly, I positively encourage those who want to get the high score in IELTS exam,to study at least 8 hours every day.
And finally, I strongly recommend this website to correct one mistake. PERSIAN is not language.I am PERSIAN, and I speak FARSI. It means, Instead of Persian you have to write Farsi ;)!
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Thank you for your lesson. can we ues one of intensifiers with other vrebs? or we can use to jumble them?


Thank you for your lesson. I would like to ask u: Can we use these intensifiers with others verbs or can use to jumble them?


Very difficult for me !


Hi Rebecca. Thank you for quite a useful lesson. Must appreciate it :-) Most of the intensifiers in the lesson were actually adverbs placed before the verb they modified. However, sometimes I see adverbs switching positions, for example, “I love walking daily” or ” It’s a yearly ritual” or” I drive too fast” etc. Could you please do a lesson on placing adverbs correctly in a sentence? Again – not too sure if it should be “placing adverbs correctly” or “correctly placing adverbs?” By the way, I must thank all the wonderful Engvid teachers for the brilliant lessons they’re doing. Thanks all!


thanks teacher for that quiz.


I Truly Appreciate Your Efforts that you give us . After Watching This Lesson.. I strongly Believe i can achieve my goals & I Sincerely hope i will speak english more fluently :)


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you are nice,Rebecca!You are good teacher


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I used to go to write, ‘I’m deeply thankful to you!’ hahaha.


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I sincerely hope my English would be better and I honestly believe that It would be; But I fully recognize the hardness of the path , So I strongly recommend myself to get stamina. I deeply regret that I didn’t spend sufficient time to enhance my English skills but I positively encourage myself to do that. At the end I want to appreciate again for your helpful videos. All the best:))


Hi Rebbeca and my dear friends, I sincerely appreciate your amazing lesson for teaching us. professionally im health and safety officer in the oil field.but my English writing skills are not really good, some time I deeply sad because only for English I can’t write the strong email to my clients and other staff. I realize my weak point so I really want to improve it. so please help me out, we are a team. thanks once again.


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I truly appreciate your efforts, they so beneficial . thanks alot

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I truly appreciate your efforts, they so beneficial >>. thanks alot

tarik ma

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I deeply regret that, I have no idea about availability of this lesson on youtube. I strongly recommend that you will add some lecture on intensafire.
Thank You very much for your lecture


Perfect!can i take another exam about intensifier?


Haha! Rebecca is nice! That little – can I say poet, what she wrote us in the end is so cute :)
I have already subscibed to your youtube channel and I need to tell you, I am enjoying your lessons endeed…(which is insane by the way)!


I don’t know what or why how…I’m feeling like in heaven when I hearing Rebecca your voice I‘m very very … happy when I find you homepage. I try to speak Englisch about 5 years…
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Believe me I was desperate… I Love Englisch Language very much.
I writing a lot … I am happy


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Please correct my grammar. Thank you


I got 10 correct answers after only one listening. I honestly believe you deserve all these high appreciations left by your students. I fully recognize from my work communications and professional correspondences that intensifiers are barely used and they are dangerous when used. Therefore, I confirm what Rebecca strongly recommended in her lesson, using them with prudence and not all together in one text.
I have two questions please:
1- Is it correct to say (sincerely believe)?
2- Are the intensifier collocation used only for a positive expression/phrases?


Thanks Rebeca! I fully recognize who is the best teacher for me and I sincerely hope all people are satisfied when they watch your English lesson.


Thank you :)


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I strongly recommend to watch engvid videos and do the quiz really helping to improve your English.


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Your Youtube channel is strongly recommended to those who want to advance their English and positively encourage them to watch all your videos.
I sincerely hope for you all the best because you’re the best teacher.

Yours sincerely,


“I hope you can fly with us!” – that sentence means go to the plane and use it to fly up to the sky but I thought that sentence means the human can fly! LOL XD! Nice lesson, thx Rebecca! Have a nice day! :-)


your lessons is very intersting & useful. and i really appreciate your efforts.

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I truly appreciate your way of teaching. Just to know does “do” act as intensifier like this: I do apologize?


i truly appreciate the way you teach is very useful for me but i can not speak properly. when i speak in English always forgets verbs what are ways that can i apply and speak well. please review and advice.

Thank you

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kamaljeet kaur

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Hello Rebecca,

I just found this website a couple of days ago but it is amazing!

I have a question – Can I get support with my IELTS writing from this website? The situation is that I have to have my writing improved because I had a 6.5 for writing out of 8/speaking, 8.5/listening, 8/reading.

thank you



i am sincerely thankful to you for sharing your knowledge.


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I have just subscribed to your channel.


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Thank you, Rebecca) but I’m a little confused… is there any difference between ” positively encourage” and “strongly recommend”? Both of the words – positively and strongly, can be replaced by “really” and encourage can be replaced by “recommend”, so there’s no difference, is it right?


Hello Rebecca. I really appreciate your videos because you explain clearly, friendly (you always smile) and with good accent. When you teach, I feel at ease. Thanks a lot for your help.


It’s really helpful for IELTS. Thank you Rebecca.


I got a perfect score! Tnx for the lesson rebecca, it’s really helpful!

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really and truly we appreciate your effort and help to learn us English i sincerely hope get in touch with you . wish you all the beat greatest teacher


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Thanks a lot Rebecca, I honestly believe that was a fruitful lesson ,I fully recognize the effort you did and sincerely hope you will keep on ,I deeply regret picking other videos to watch,and I will strongly recommend you to my colleague




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By the way, What is the right pronunciation of ”Comment” ma’am?


Thank you so much Rebecca! I never thought i would meet some body who would help me to advance my English vocabulary after my secondary education. I am happy that i got 10 out of 10.

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because most of websites offer such service but most of them are not complete. please offer us complete IELTS prepration i believe your page viewer will increase majically.
best reguard
Mohammad Salim

Salim Rasooli

Thank you very much for that wonderful lesson and I strongly recommend everyone watch this amazing video as it is so beneficial.


While we may have been using intensifiers (/rather unknowingly) in our daily sentences, I truly appreciate your efforts in formally presenting the idea of using them to advance the English levels. I am yet to give the Quiz and I sincerely hope I do well. Irrespective of the score, I do acknowledge that I am carrying back with me an extremely positive experience in learning.

Thank You


I really appreciate you teach me these seven advanced english expressions.
I sincerely hope you will do more quiz like this.
I honestly believe I can improve my english at http://www.engVid.com.

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I truly appreciate your time that you give us in each lesson.I honestly believe if I practice every day a less one of your lessons every day , I will improve my speaking and writing English.Your are aswome .I do not have words to say Thank you , Thank you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Hey Rebecca, i am from Bangladesh.I truly appreciate how nicely you provides your wonderful lectures regarding intensifiers.I sincerely hope more videos like this one.Saying thanks will not be enough for you.Good Luck


    I am Bangladeshi as well.


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I strongly recommend to watch envid videos to learn English smoothly.


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I truly appreciated Rebecca help us to learn English.
I fully recognized that you have done a lot to help us.
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İ think you are best of the best top notch you should come to turkey and open a school here :)


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Nice teaching I am getting knowledge.
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I’ve got all the correct answers !
Thanks for such a helpful video lesson about intensifiers.
I truly understand the importance of it on speaking and writing skills.
I sincerely hope that you will continue to create vidoes


… more videos about learning English so we can have more materials to use to improve our English capabilities..


you are a great teacher Rebecca thanks for giving such good videos


Dear Rebecca. I truly admire your endeavor for helping non-English-speaking people to speak English fluently and comprehend it fully. I sincerely wish you the best of luck in your career. Regards.

[Please kindly advise if I have any mistakes in my writing. I do appreciate it.]


I truly appriciate your lesson Madam Rebecca.Thank you.

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dear rebecca.

i truly appreciate the effort you put into learning. you are really amazing keep up the good work.


I really appreciate your videos.

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I truly appreciate all your lessons. I am thankful for you and all the other English teachers. Your work is remarkable. Please know that you’re contributing to my English writing skills to the advance of my education. Thank you very much. All the best!


I truly appreciate this lesson. Thank you all the way from Rio.


You so nice, I sincerely enjoy your class. Thanks


I truly appreciate your excellent work! I strongly recommend you as a master English teacher. Thanks so much. Last but not least, I sincerely hope you keep these awesome videos up.


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all were easy questions. we need some tough exercises.

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I truly appreciate the great job you’ve doing at EngVid.
I sincerely hope you have a brilliant life.
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I truly appreciate your talent as a teacher and I strongly recommend you to extend your field.


I extremely recommend this lecture to others. Thank you miss rebecca. I suddenly learned so much by just clicking the video.


I truly appreciate your time and dedication to help us learn English.

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Rebecca, I sincerely hope that you will make a lot of these lessons, because I truly appreciate them.


Thank you rebeca, i really appreciate your class, greetings from méxico :)


Dear Rebecca, a fantastic lesson.

I have a confusion about the word ‘Intimate’ in my workplace most of the people use this word, an example is – ‘your manager will intimate you’ is this a correct way to say or the correct way will be – ‘your manager will inform you’
I would really appreciate if you could tell the correct one olease


I truly appreciate your lesson.
However, I have a question, in the last paragraph you wrote “I truly appreciate the opportunity to help you optimize your English.” But, when you read it you said “…to help you TO optimize your English”.
So, which is the right one?
Thank you.


I truly appreciate your efforts ma’am. Thank you so much.


I deeply regret that I have not joined this website earlier, I honestly believe that my English will jump to better soon. I positively encourage my friends to join me here, I fully recognize your efforts. thank you so much, MS Rebecca.


I truly appreciate your effort in teaching us to speak english properly. Thanks a lot.


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Earnestly hoping to learn and absorb more of refined English with your ace mentoring.
Fond gratitude for all your lessons.


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I really love your way of teaching @Rebecca!


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Many Thanks


Hi Rebecca, I truly appreciate all your lessons are extremely help for us , and I honestly believe that I will pass my IELTS exam in the furure.
I fully recognize that often wacthing your Video is stronly recommend for us to learning English, I positively encourage to others students to subcribe your YouTube channel.
Thanks a lot Rebecca,


Great I get 9 out of 10 in quiz .Madam, can I send you some sentences. The sentence have some grammer mistake. I need to identify it.


your lessons help me a lot thank you so much


it really helped me a lot rebecca and sincerely speaking you are the best teacher ever


I truly appreciate your grammar learning model. Keep on adding more intensified words.


I truly appreciate your efforts and I strongly encourage you to keep up the hard work; we love your work.


Thank you for a great lesson.

tsmith 5262

I honestly believe that this is a great way to review before taking the IELTS. Thank you Rebecca for teaching us. I truly appreciate it ;)


I strongly appreciate your lecture. I’ve a question: I strongly recommend he go to the hospital. Or goes……? Pl respond!

AKM Mostafa

Howver I got the answer from the Quiz.

AKM Mostafa

rebecca your lessons help me a lot thank you so much 10

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Thank you so much. It’s really impresive.

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Thanks a lot


I positively encourage everyone to study english. Im sincerely grateful to everyone behind this wonderful group that gives us a hope to learn, thank you for all of you we indeed appreciate your hardwork for this group


Hi Rebbeca. would you check the answer number 3 in this quiz, please? I strongly belive the answer is “recognize”. would you mind?
Thanks a lot! you’re the best!


I truly appreciate what you doing for us, Rebecca?


Dear Rebbeca,
I honestly believe that this lesson will help to improve my speaking and writing capability. I sincerely hope everybody will get benefit if they follow your tips. I truly appreciate your efforts.


Thank you so much dear teacher Rebecca I really appreciate your good job.


I’m eternally grateful to you for this knowledgeable lesson. God bless you :) 10/10 ;)


Hi Rebecca, i’m truly greatful to watch your lesson. I will highly recommend it with my friends. Thank you so much for your help! :)


I deeply regret not knowing there were this excellent videos to learn English. I recently started watching your lessons and I sincerely hope to improve my English in all areas. I still have a strong accent in speaking. I truly hope I can improve. Thank you Rebeca!


Thank you so much


Got 10 out of 10.
Excellent explanation REBECCA.
I really enjoying watching your teaching lessons. Thanks a lot.


Hi Rebecca,

I sincerely admire your efforts & truly believe that these classes will help us. I strongly recommend this to all my team mates but deeply regret of not known about engvid before. I fully recognized your efforts to help us to reach to next level & positively .


I watched the video twice on September 18, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got eight correct out of 10.


Hi Rebecca thank you for teaching me how to speak english I truly appreciate God bless you for me


I appreciate your intentsifer lesson and strongly believe that this will help me.


Thanks. 9/10 was my score


I watched this video one more time on December 08, 2021.


Thanks a lot for this lesson, Rebecca. You are amazing. (Azores islands, 19Dec2021);


I really appreciate your work


Rebecca. I truly appreciate your course

Nathalie HR

I strongly recommend you do the quiz after watching the lesson :).
I honestly got all correct, thanks to Rebecca.


Thanks, Rebecca. I truly enjoyed the lesson :)


Dear Rebecca
Thank you for your enthusiastic teaching. I honestly believe it will improve my English skill. again I undoubtedly appreciate your contribution.

Thank you


Hello Teacher Rebeca, I fully recognize your effort to teach us English. I can feel my english is improving. I watch your videos everyday.I strongly recommend your engvid for everyone who wants to learn ou improve his skills.



Dear Rebecca ,

I have been learning with you for 2 years and I feel happy with your easy lessons .
I sincerely hope you create more videos in near future.

Naing Linn Phyoe

Hi Rebecca.
I really love, enjoy and motivate about your teaching method and style. I was learning a lot from you. I keep watching your videos to optimiza my english speaking. Thank you.


Rabecca can I write stops in a sentence


Dear Rebecaa,

I truly appreciate the way you teach and like all your videos. Keep it up.

Abebe Worku

I truly appreciate the way you teach English and I strongly recommend watching your videos to everyone who wants to take their English to the next level.


Good morning, I am very impressed and happy with all the tips you are giving us to prepare adequately well for the IELT test. You have really uplifted my hopes that I can score high marks. Thank you and I truly appreciate all the tips.


I got 9/10 in the quiz


I trully apreciate the lesson that you have been sharing with us. Thank you very much.

Cesaltino Ximenes

I trully appreciate the lesson that you have been sharing with us. Thank you very much.

Cesaltino Ximenes

Hello Rebecca,
I truly appreciate your efforts to teach us English. I honestly believe that if I watched your videos every day, I would definitely improve my English.
Thank you

Rozina Malik

Thank you Rebecca. I got 9 of 10.

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