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Well, 100% without watching the video,lol. I think that these words are very similar to my own language but it can be trick for people who have a completely different alphabet system.

Thanks alex!

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    I totally agree with you, Marcelo! You have said exactly what I was thinking while watching this video! What an interesting coincidence! We also use words similar to these in Portuguese, and not only in academic context…

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      Yes…for our luck, don’t you think? Academic English is easier for us because it uses words or roots derived from Latim.

      Take care Janilza.

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      As you said, we use these words on a daily basis and they are not fancy for us.

      Profile photo of Marcelo Machado Marcelo Machado

        Thank you, Marcelo! Take care and congratulations for your English! You can communicate very well!

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      very nice .i need somebody to practice speaking .this is my name’s skype omar.aldrese

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      I also got 100%, but I think it is because the teachers are qualified and likable to us.

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      Another Brazilian here!!!! And, of course, I tought the same!

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    that’s my language , Arabic , it’s completely different

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    Me too, i didn’t knew that my English is good before :)

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    I agree. These latin words are quite easy for all of us latins.

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Excellent lesson Alex like all your lessons, I enjoy all what you teach us, thank you for the ten verbs, I got 100%.

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I was confused but I got 8 correct out of 10 :) Maybe I was just lucky. So I will review your lesson and quiz later. Thank you, Alex :)

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    me too

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Vocabulary is most important for learn English, and it is also where my weakness is…

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thanks teacher

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100 % without watching the video as well :)
Thanks a lot for your useful lesson ;)
I’m taking the IELTS on January !!
Wish me good luck ! I’m so nervous about the writing section I can’t seem to orgainse my ideas well enough

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    Hi Ahmad, how was your IELTS?

    Nice to meet you!

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I got 10/10 score. very useful lesson, thank you!

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10/10 Not bad.

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Thanks Alex. I reached 10/10 score. I am very proud. (It’s obviously joke). My English is poor still. Like sang Fredi M.: “But my smile still stays on.”

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Excellent got 100%, Sir you a good speaker for non native students.

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Thanks Alex, i have refreshed my vocabulary after watching your video, and i answered all questions correctly.

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I got 100%

Thank you, Alex

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Thank you Alex.You are a great teacher. Hi from Greece.

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hey friends add me who has a skype/rasim053499))))))Thank you Alex for excellent job!

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Thanks Alex.It was a useful lesson

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Alex, thank you. Is excellent your lesson.

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Thank you.

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thank you a lot,it is a very interesting lesson

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frankly,the best site to learn English very well is engvid

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Iobtain 10 :)) I’m greatful to engvid.com

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I can’t save the page of those vocabulary lists..what should I do?

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I have some question unanswered in mind
1) What does language mean to you?
2) How can student articulate their thinking in writing?
3) What is the difference between language and speech?
4) What is PLS or pictological system?
5) I have heard that we have some formula to creat iiregular verbs in English I want know how a verb changes to be an irregular one.
Thanks in advance.

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What is the difference between the activator and the synonym of a word?

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I got 70% without looking the video.
Thank you Alex.

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great job my lovely teacher
if someone wants to practice with me for english learning so my skype address is : english.learning58

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I got 9 correct out of 10. Better for me. Thank you again :)

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8 out of 10

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Alex your English is very simple to understand! Many thanks!!

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Dear Alex I have a doubt about ‘on’ On your English,On vacation,On project,On exam ETC.where do we use on?Please make a video

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well, Alex I’m a very big fan of yours. I really like the way you teach. I was wondering may be if you could help me with my question. I m totally confused about WILL AND WOULD(for example:(1) I will say its your decision (2)I would say its your decision

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Clearly, simply, hence I passed the test with flying colors :)

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I got 9. thanks,Alex. it was fun!

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80% without watching the video i think is a good beginning for me. thank you teacher

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Great, great, great….

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Thank you man. I really appreciated that.

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70% ))

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Thank you very much.

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    would you mine please if we speak english on skype to improve our conversation?

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      nadir.bouhmid3, this is my Skype Msr aldreseomar if u are interested in practicing english

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Thanks Alex, your lessons are the best ,I got 10/10

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Thank you very much :)

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100% Thank you !!!

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Hey Alex, Your video is mind blowing keep it up! and I also liked your vocabulary collection which you’ve put on the website thanks

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thanks alex but where is next lesson

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thanks my teacher!

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Good class, Alex. thank you.

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great job.

I’m so much pleased to be here
and above all, this is a great way of teaching.
I really appreciate it.


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    i agree with you aftab, the way they are teaching is wonderful.I appreciate as well.

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I understand as you explain slowly. Thx Alex.

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hi Alex, I’m new to this website and i’d like to thank you for all of your videos, they are very helpful. I’d like to know if you can make a video on the difference between “newest” and latest” or just explain it right here by posting a quick explanation in the comment section. I always have trouble to use the right word while talking about brand new things or something that was just released. Thank you in advance

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I’m from Indonesia. This is the first time for me to learn with you and I feel that this lesson can help me to improve my English language. Thank you very much

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many thanks Alex

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Dear Alex. thank you very much your lessons . they are very useful for us.
And Dear friends could you give me website which explains The argumantative essay.
thank you.

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very easy academic vocabulary, I think “english bar” more difficult

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good words

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7. It is ___________ that 40% of the victims were male.

Don’t you think, that if we have definite percent, we should use word “identified” instead of “estimated” in this clause, because “estimated” means approximate knoledge?

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I got 8 Thanks

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100% . Thanks teacher so much

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Amazing lesson!

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8\10! Thanks you a lot!

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thanks Alex , good job

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I understand as you explain slowly. Thx Alex

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this is a nice presentation

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I need your help I know that SPECIES is pronounced with (sh sound) not as I heard (s sound)is there any hidden information especially after checking from Cambridge dictionary.

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Thanks alottttt

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Thanks teacher Alex. Interesting lesson.

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I got 100% on this exam,so it easy for me to understand your lessons, I like the way you explain, thank you Mr. Alex.

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i got 100%

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this is fun.. easy to learn it

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100 score god start:)cherrs Alex

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well .. my scors is 9/10

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Thank a lot.

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These verbs are important in IELTS exam. All of four skills of IELTS need them. Thanks so much.

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It would be a good idea that you make another video related with this. thanks Alex

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thanks Alex thats very usefull :) ıve got 8 :S

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Thanks Alex, it is very good. The way you presented with examples is nice. Now I am clear about those words and synonyms.

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I obtained a Lot from this lesson , thanks teacher Alex ^_^

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Thank you Mr. Alex , I’ve got 9 which is good for me to improve my capacity of my vocabulary.

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it is my first time to join engVid and i liked it
my result in the first quiz is 10/10 :D
thanks engVid
thanks Alex :)

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Thanx alex :))

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Thank you so much Alex .Its is very awsom leson and I realy intested with your teching .You are briliance teacher .

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Thank you. It was helpful.

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Thank you!

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i enjoy reading the mistakes people make here ..it helps my studying a lot.

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Good lesson. I got 10 out ten, but is just for similarity with italian vocabulary.
TKS a lot.

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thank you!

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that was very usful .. thanks alot

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i am happy to get 100% wow…

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i got 100% awesome

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I learned good thing thank u

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Thanks……………….so common verbs

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all correct. thanks Alex

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i need someone speak english with me on skype

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My thanks to you Alex about this lesson

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Well , i got 10/10 before watching the video!
the video is so much interesting especially with the examples you gave us , thank you teacher !

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i got a 100% ;-)

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It’s a piece of cake! As Marcelo Machado stated above, it’s really easy for native speakers of Portuguese and other Romance languages.

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    what do you mean by Romance Language?

    Profile photo of engvidfun27 engvidfun27

Thank you Alex, it was fascinating job…

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Many thanks.

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i got 90 % no bad


thank you

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Got 100 !!!! Thanx.

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many thanks Alex,i have enjoyed the lesson and i got 100.

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i am got 70 marks so thats are very intersting quiz u done very gud job thaaaaaaaaaaks you

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i want also practice my English with someone
my Skype pseudo is :yacine-sweden

Profile photo of yacine-sweden yacine-sweden

    Hi , Who are you? I want to be your friend

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i’ve got 9 out of 10 :)

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Hi Alex,
Excellent lesson like all your lessons.
I enjoy all what you teach us
take care

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This site is the best for learning English in a very high way

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As always~ thank you so so much~~^^ I got 100%.

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Very good

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100% …. Excellent lecture. Thanks

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thank you Alex

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Thanks you my teacher (Alex)
It a powerful lesson for improve my english

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100% wow Thank you Teacher Alex.

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thanks and make new update vocabula

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It was a nice motivational practice this morning.

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Thanks Allex you give me more learn of your lesson God bless u

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Very good.God bless you ))))

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Congratulations. Very good site! Found it looking for TOEFL things.
I will certainly share!

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Thank you very much.

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Thanks Alex, great lesson.

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80%// thanks for everything.teacher

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70% thanks for every think ,realy it’s great.

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Well, 100%. That is a good start.

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Got ten but still can’t remember all the vocabularies. Need to memorize and practice everyday :) will do my best!

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I got 70% nice

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Excellent lesson, I have 100!

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Thank you Alex. This lesson is so useful for my learning.

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Thank you Alex! I got 10 of 10 lol

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tnk u alex

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I got 10/10. Very proud of myself. I’m going to continue practicing with your explanations. They’re very clear. Thanks a lot Alex! :-)

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Thank you. I got 100

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Nice lesson alex … the god bless you :)

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thank you my teacher for your valuable lecture

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HEY Engvid folks :o) Just want to thank you all for all your hard work. Everyone of the teachers is inspiring to pursue learning to new level and to reach new horizons. Thanks Alex – SUPER useful and clearly explained as usual. Take care!

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Thanks a lot

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100% Thank you so much for this valuable information. But I still did not completely understood the word Symbolize. I think I need more practice.

Profile photo of abushaheen abushaheen

    hi brother …..
    symbolize:to represent something
    The lighting of the Olympic torch symbolizes peace and friendship among the nations of the world
    بالعربى كدا:ترمز إلى أو تمثل

    Profile photo of abuobida abuobida


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Thanks a lot Alex

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thanks alex ,you are amazing ………………

Profile photo of abuobida abuobida

10/10 :)

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I got 80% thanks teacher!

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100% correct. The teacher taught well

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Thank you !!!

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Thank you Alex

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dear Alex, your teaching style is impressive…you’re incredibly kind and a very effective teacher, thanks to you one can clear out a lot of doubts :)

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Your explanations are help me a lot. Thank you so much :)

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thanks you

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Thank you.

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fluent speaking and really useful lesson,
thanks a lot.
love from turkey.

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Thank you.

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thank you.

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That’s very good to have a site like this! CONGRATULATIONS!

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8/10. not bad, but need to try more

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thanks Mr.Alex

Profile photo of Lam Thi Hang Lam Thi Hang

Thanks Alex for your helpful lessons!

Please,if you could put a PDF file for the Academic Word List, it’s easier to print and practicing with it.
Thank you.

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i only get 5/10

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i got 100% … thank you :)

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100. thanks Mr. Alex for helpful lesson!

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Thank you very much:)

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Thanks alex.I learned more.

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    hey…r u ok?

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thanks so much !

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Thank you Alex

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I,am new member and I want to improve myself

Profile photo of drnikta drnikta

Thank you for giving me good example.

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Thank you for giving me good example. I am new member I need you help me

Profile photo of Anabcadey Anabcadey

Thank you teacher. See you next lesson.

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Thank you Alex .. This is the first comment for me . I am new here and I enjoyed the lesson and got 10/10 .Many respect

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Hello Mr.Alex, I am unable to get my benchmark. could you please post some videos or questions which matches with the exact difficulty level of IELTS?
because I think all the quizs are comparatively simple.
please respond,
Thanx & regards.

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I got 9 correct out of 10
thanks Alex you are the best ;)

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thank you very much Alex, for the verbs

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I got 100marks!

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Good lesson that provides us verbs to enrich our vocabulary
Good job Alex

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Awesome lesson, Alex!

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Thank you Alex. It was very great.

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Hi Alex, one small information I require.
I have been continuously making spelling mistakes in the listening module. How can I correct myself and improve on it?

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teacher i would like recive same lessons in my email address.

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For portuguese speakers, the english’s high level vocabulary is a piece of cake. God bless the Latin. LOL

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Got a perfect score on this one. I’m not taking either IELTS/TOEFL. I’m only self-studying as i don’t have the money to pay for it. Because here in the philippines, it’s really quite expensive, and really can’t afford it. But thanks to you guys here in ENGVID i now have the chance to learn englis for free. Thanks to all the teachers here in engvid. God bless you all.

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Alhamdulillah, I have gotten 10 correct out of 10
Thanks Mr. Alex

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I got 90
I’m getting well
I’m looking for a partner to train
search for Paulo harim on facebook or send me a e-mail to: paulguitar@hotmail.com.br
thanks Mr. Alex

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I got 100/100

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Thank you very much.

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I really like this course, I think I am learning…

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hello thanks it was good 100%


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Hello Alex,

I would kindly ask you to explain to us the structure of compound nouns. We are interested in their formation, especially noun +noun structure.( e.g an hour’s delay? Two hours’ delay or two hour delay?…. For example, if we want to say “properties for expats” should we say “expat properties” or “expats properties”.
We would like to understand whether the noun which becomes the attribute bears the plural or not.
Your sincerely,

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big thanks, Sir Alex

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Thanks a lot!

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Thank you!

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thx, you are brilliant

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Thank you Alex. I got 90

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i made one mistake maybe because i was in hurry answering the test any way you are doing just great Alx thanks

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Thank you

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I have been struggling with IELTS and I want someone to help me improve my speaking skill. If you are willing to help me, please contact me at my Instagram haridan.jhondum and DM me, We ought to have a conversation everyday.


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I have learned a lot from this video…thanks…

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I got 8/10, I think, I am not good at English.

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Alex, thanks! Great lesson!

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Thank you, Alex !

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Alex, profound job. Keep doing as we may keep extending our knowledge. Thanks a lot

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Thanks Alex, 10/10!! My first language is Spanish, very similar words, very lucky!

You are the best English teacher that I had!!!

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thank I reached full mark in the first time

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Thank you Alex

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Easy, but interesting as usual. Alex elucidates perfectly!

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That’s perfect! I got 10/10. Thanks Mr.Alex.

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Thank you very much, Alex!

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I think watching the video is important even if you get an 100% right score. Listening the explanation of the meaning of the words help a lot for memorising them.

Profile photo of Isabel.dyc Isabel.dyc

For these 2 verbs “minimise” and “symbolise” even google translate and MS-Word did not recognize them
the auto correction found “Minimize” and “Symbolize”

Profile photo of jalmod jalmod


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THank you My teacher Alex .i would like to add more exemple similar to this words .see you later thank you again .good bye ….Toufik from Algeria

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Well thought. Thank you very much.

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Hi Alex,Do you have online classes on skype?

Profile photo of Rooshna21 Rooshna21

If so,how much per hour

Profile photo of Rooshna21 Rooshna21

80% thank you for the great lesson Alex it has helped me to develop my vocabulary

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Thanks. Please give more examples.

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Awesome! You’re amazing.

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That’s perfect! I got 10/10. Thanks.

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Hi Alex, many thanks for the lesson. I do really appreciate it. Best regards

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I get 9/10 i’m so happy

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Thank you Mr. Alex!

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Thank you!!!

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thank you so much , your teaching way is great

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Thank you Alex for your teaching English. I got 10 marks.

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very useful verb, thx

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