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First empty out the pockets of your clothes, and ___________ put the clothes in the washing machine.

I will see you _________.

The rat is bigger __________ the cat.

She has more books at home __________ a library does.

I bought her flowers, and ___________ I told her that we should see a movie together.

We should eat all the ice cream cake now rather ______ later.

We heard a loud scream, and __________ we saw a crowd of zombies coming toward us.

Ghosts are scarier _________ vampires.

The weather is warmer today ________ it was yesterday.

I watched the video, and _______ I did the quiz.

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yeah yeah ! i’m the first to comment !! Great video Professor Emma ! Thanks !

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

    Hello Emma, thank you for teaching us an english languge. i like your way for teaching.

    Thursday, December 6th 2012

    Thanks for watching! Sorry for the delay in my response everyone! I’m in the northern part of China right now and have been without Internet until now. Today and tomorrow I plan to respond to your comments!

    Tuesday, December 18th 2012

      thanks Emma

      Sunday, December 30th 2012


      Sunday, October 6th 2013

      are you a girl??

      Monday, December 30th 2013

      Hello sister, Emma! I would like you to tech me about how to use Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous. Thanks before hand for lesson!

      Saturday, March 15th 2014

      Sugoi ne?? 100 points! Arigatou! Emma-san!

      Sunday, January 11th 2015

      thanks madam..

      Friday, August 16th 2019


        Friday, August 16th 2019

    lol, thanks for sharing

    Sunday, December 30th 2012

Hello Emma !! I would like to know about diference between So and Then. And when it is used then and so

Thank you !!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

    Hello Emma !! I would like to know about diference between So and Then. And when it is used then and so
    Thank you !!

    Wednesday, December 5th 2012

      typically,, I will give you the answer in a brief way :
      ^^so^^ as adverb means extremely
      e.g. The uni is extremely difficult to get into
      The uni is so difficult to get into .
      ^^so^^ as conjunction means therefore
      e.g. she had prior experience,therefore she seems the best candidate
      she had prior experience,so she seems the best candidate .
      all these sentences are proper:D :D

      & about then you what it means
      it used for sequence & time
      ^time^ e.g. Jack travel to US and then to UK
      ^sequence ^ e.g. I wish I had know then what I know now

      Monday, December 10th 2012

        Thank you !! now I got it

        Monday, December 10th 2012

        Excellent response Hisham! You guys are great at answering the questions of others! Thank you!

        Tuesday, December 18th 2012

          thank a million T/Emma for your compliment .

          Wednesday, December 19th 2012

          Thank you very much for this lesson.
          You’re a very greet group.

          Thursday, February 21st 2013

        thanks hisham77

        Tuesday, July 8th 2014

10/10 thanks a lot !

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

I have no problem with that! xD

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

teacher, What is SMARTIES? It’s kind of sweet?

Can I say -> I’m more fatter than you
I’m more fat than you

Which is more used?

i love yours videos teacher..

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

    I more fatter than u is right bcoz the grammar is: more + adj + er + than.
    Hope I could help,
    Have a ball!

    Thursday, December 6th 2012

      Fatima, I think that You are wrong. You can say:
      1) I’m more fat
      2) I’m fatter
      Both are correct. Second is more common because, it is shorter (or “more short” – but never “more shorter”). “more” is used always with long words. For example we would say “more expensive” enstad of “expensiver”
      You can’t connect this two ways together and make “more fatter”.

      Thursday, December 6th 2012

        Even in this Emma’s lesson are examples:
        1) She is bigger than me (not “more bigger”)
        2) Abdul is funnier than Frank (not “more funnier”)
        3) Vegetables are more expensive in the Yukon than in toronto (not more expensiver).

        Thursday, December 6th 2012

        Oh Gosh!
        I was wrong un4tunately!
        How can I thank u dear Kamila?!!
        U know,I was mixed up but u r more alert than me!
        Hope the best,

        Friday, December 7th 2012

        First things first — Don’t confuse comparative forms of adjectives with comparative forms of adverbs. Basically, the rules are the same in one-syllable words — you add “-er”:
        (adverb) “fast”-“faster”
        (adjective) “big”-“bigger”
        2. Two-syllable(and more)adverbs use always “more” in front of an adverb.
        “quickly”-“more quickly”
        3. Two-syllable adjectives ended with “y” — you change “y” to “i” and add “-er”
        3. Three and more syllable words use “more” in front of an adjective.

        And of course, there are many many exceptions. xD And people sometimes use “more big” or even “more bigger”. I’m sometimes using “more big”, I don’t know why I prefer this form. xD

        Friday, December 7th 2012

          My goodness !! what is that ?? what is that ??
          ^^people sometimes use “more big” or even “more bigger””^^
          dude,, are serious or you deliberately joking ,, there is no such these exception
          the rule is :
          1 syllables ^ er ^
          big-bigger ,, tall-taller ,,nice-nicer
          **The only exception with the word ^fun ^
          you add more- ,, more fan

          2 syllables
          ^er^ if the words ended with ( er ,le ,ow ,y )
          happy-happier ,, clever- cleverer ,,, gentle-gentler,,, narrow- narrower
          * the exception her with eager & proper the don`t follow this rule
          we used with`em more : more eager ,, more proper
          with others adj that not ended with these letters use more

          3 syllables also with more : more important

          that`s it nothing more .
          typically there is nothin` such rules that you tell about`em ,, gimme an evidence about what you say and I will eat my words ^^

          Monday, December 10th 2012

          In fact,I’m not sure about the exceptions of such a this grammar but….
          U know,Everything is possible except nothing!!
          Innit?????!!!!!!! :)
          Anyway,tx 4 ur in4mation.

          Monday, December 10th 2012

          first and foremost,, I didn`t create these exception . check grammar book to be more certain..yep yep every think is possible I know ,,, but there is limitation for the possibility

          Tuesday, December 11th 2012

          As to “more big” or “more bigger” — You know, I’ve never said that is a rule or something. I just said that people use this in daily speech.

          See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmnfche6lsU

          You have the explanation in 1:50 — listen to it carefully.

          Monday, December 10th 2012

          Indeed i was very wrong believing “more tall” is correct. I checked. It’s definitly not correct.
          But You know what? You can really sometimes see something like that, when You read something in internet (of course, nothing serious – just someones blogs e.c.t), or listen people in informal situation. Some people just don’t care about grammar and they break rules, even if they are native speakers. So, Morfik could say “people sometimes use…”
          And You now what I discovered when I was checking gramar roles to make these reply? There are some words that You can use both with ‘more’ and with ‘er’:
          ~cleverer, more clever
          ~gentler, more gentle
          ~friendlier, more friendly
          ~quieter, more quiet
          ~simpler, more simple

          This topic became very interesting :)

          Tuesday, December 11th 2012

          Profitable in4mation!
          Many tx 4 sharing them with us.
          Gooodluck with ur English!

          Wednesday, December 12th 2012

    Oh…excuse me!
    I was mixed up.We use one syllable adjs like fat,big n so on so on… + er + than .
    e.g. U r better than me in driving!
    I’m sorry 4 my mistake again.

    Friday, December 7th 2012

      fatiima,, I think you are better than this,,you might noticed what morfik mistaken ..

      Monday, December 10th 2012

        Have a nice 1 !

        Monday, December 10th 2012

    Hi Mateus,

    Smarties are a type of candy-coated chocolate. They are similar to M&Ms.

    You’ve received many good explanations on comparing adjectives. “I’m fatter than you” is the correct form.

    Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

Perfect video … I had 100% score, it´s easy :) You´re wonderful, nice teachers ! I recommend this website everywhere !

Thanks a lot, have a nice time :)
(and sorry for my English, you are more perfect than my English :)

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Great,very nice lesson
Thanks so much
have good time
see you.
greetings from Brazil.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

actually difference between then and than are pretty easy. in my opinion. thanks guys.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Emma, Emma you’re so beautiful. I’m not buttering you up, but I would like to know the difference between “rather” and “quite”
Thanks a lot. YOU ROCK!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

You told us “I have less friends than you” but I think the more correct is “I have fewer friends than you” because “friend” is a countable noun. What dou you think?

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Well done!!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks teacher.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

I got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks teacher.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

You have a pretty clothes,look so lovely, thank you for your lesson.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

i got 100

emma your accent is best

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Poor Cyclops never gets any love. He’s so cool! He can shoot BEAMS FROM HIS EYES!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

    Hi, Did Cyclop die in X-Man 3?

    Thursday, December 6th 2012

    I’m with you, Alex!

    Tuesday, December 11th 2012

      Cyclops is so lame! I think his powers are cool but not his personality.

      Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

Thank you very much for the great vedio .
I loved .

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

I like this and this video… thanks teacher :)

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

I love the lessons and from others teachers too. Thank you, guys, very much for everthing!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

Thank You Emma !!!

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

She is bigger than me.she is bigger than I (am).the second sentence sounds better because of comparing.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    In terms of everyday usage, “bigger than me or older than me” is very common among native speakers. From a grammatical point of view, “She is bigger than I am.” and “She is older than I am.” are better.

    Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

Thank you

Thursday, December 6th 2012

thank Q for this wonderful lesson ..wow i got full mark i smarter than u..:)

Thursday, December 6th 2012

thank you so much for this great video lessons!!!
Emma your awesome!!! :))

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Dear Emma!

Thank you!

I love X-men!
Wolverine is my favorite one! I watched X-men (animated series) in English without subtitles!

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    Awesome! I love the animated series!

    Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

thanks so much Emma , it is easy lesson .

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Who are Wolverine and the Cyclops? I think that things that some people might not know shouldn’t be used as exemples

Thursday, December 6th 2012

very useful lesson , thanks a lot Emma .

Thursday, December 6th 2012

thanks at all its’ very useful topic

Thursday, December 6th 2012

It’s great to learn here and make my skills to improve and i scored 10/10

Thursday, December 6th 2012

i got 9 correct ;)
Thank you Emma, I will try more than

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Very, very easy. waiting for something very especial.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Great Video Emma, but in my honest opinion Cyclops is stronger than Wolverine!! ^____^’

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    I agree!

    Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Thanks EMMA, I’m Really appreciated for you I’m living in United state of America I’m going to spend my vacation in Toronto so I wish to see you there!

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    Happy holidays! I hope you have a great time in Toronto! I’m in China at the moment.

    Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

Hello Emma… You’re great, keep teaching English, I’m pleased to see your videos.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

This girl is a very good teacher indeed. Hope somebody pays her, if I wasn´t broke (permanent state) I would do myself.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

I feel under the weather but sill watch your movies with my boyfriend

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Dear Emma,
One more great lesson. Thank you for that.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    She uses “cost” because the sentence is in the past tense. “Costs” would be used in the present.

    Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Congratulations Emma, it’s a great video!!!

Thursday, December 6th 2012

hello, Emma. thank you so much for your help. your classes are very important not only in terms of grammar, but because we, foreign people, can improve our listening skill. every time i finish watching classes on engvid, i think: “this time i understood everything,” or “this time i understood almost everything.” and i have to tell you that lately, i have understood everything i see on engvid, thanks to all of you, teachers. my English becomes better day by day. thank you once again. bye

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Thanks a lot, it’s always good to know this difference. But I have a little difficult on the pronunciation of “then” and “than”, looks like the same hehehe.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    In speech, many people pronounce it the same way, especially when they are speaking quickly.

    Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

thanks teacher Emma, for remember me this important lesson………

Thursday, December 6th 2012

thank u mam Emma

Thursday, December 6th 2012

Your clothes look better than mine then I need to go shoping for something better than yours,is that OK with you?

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    I like your example :). Great use of then and than!

    Thursday, January 3rd 2013

such a great video…..
thanks EMMA…

Thursday, December 6th 2012

10/10… You are a great teacher… Thankyou

Thursday, December 6th 2012

10/7 thank you my dear and lovely teacher. You are incredible perfect :)

Thursday, December 6th 2012

I tried quiz before watching video, and got 10 out of 10

Thursday, December 6th 2012

your looking so stunning emma ..
I was lost and enjoyed ur video :)
get full marks as well :)

Thursday, December 6th 2012

I know how to use them but I can’t hear the diference between them… it’s too hard I think only native speaker’s can hear the diference

Thursday, December 6th 2012

    Native speakers often confuse these two words. Also in speech, when someone is talking at a normal pace, they often sound the same.

    Thursday, January 3rd 2013

      Hey Emma,
      can u explain diff. b/w “SO” and “THAN”.
      take a look this e:g.

      HE IS SENIOR ‘TO’ ME.(why to instead of than)

      or like these words( SUPERIOR,RICHER,etc.)
      and can u also explain the diff. b/w.

      Friday, May 24th 2013

Hi Emma,
I scored 10/10, all doubts cleared now related to this topic, thank u soo much.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

every now and then I watch engvid 2 see ur lessons. everything is clear about ‘than n’ then. u became my favorite teacher, Avril Lagvine is my favorite singer. viva Canada, I’m not sure about her last name of Avril now but I’m her fan thank Emma.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

thnak you Emma,and thanks for those other nice teachers.
I’ve just finished watching all these 178 grammar lessons. It took time but,of course, I’ve found them very uesful.
If I ask you something; would you try some more advanced vedeos, please.
Now, I’m moving to Business section.

Thursday, December 6th 2012

I got 100 thank you.

Friday, December 7th 2012

thanks for your video. I have a question on the 5th sentence. why it`s not “than `in` Toronto”-is it acceptable to say like that cause my teacher would correct me.it feels like toronto is more expensive not vegetables.waiting for your answer,

Friday, December 7th 2012

Hi Emma
I watched this video and then I realized that I already mastered quite well these two words

Friday, December 7th 2012

hi miss Emma
Thanks very mutch . i got 100

Friday, December 7th 2012

Thank you tommorow i have a test for this … Thanks

Friday, December 7th 2012

great job

Friday, December 7th 2012

Thank you very much for your lessons.
What does LOTR mean?

Friday, December 7th 2012

    The Lord of the Rings

    Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Hi! thank you for the lesson, it’s very helpful but I didn’t get it then with time, ( we didn’t have the internet back then ) and ( every now and then,… )

Friday, December 7th 2012

Hi Emma! You are a good teacher, I am amazing with your classes. Thanks

Friday, December 7th 2012


Friday, December 7th 2012

I got 100 out of 100. my lesson was than and then. thank you very mich teacher for explanation.

Friday, December 7th 2012

I think that I’m the last to comment, so i would like to thank you very very… much Prof Emma, for this interisting lesson. I got 10 out 10 for the questions reliting to the Than and then lesson. thanks again Emma

Friday, December 7th 2012

Very good and helpful video. Thank you!

Friday, December 7th 2012

Im realy worry why Emma wouldn’t answer any comment?

Friday, December 7th 2012

the message reach me obviously , i like your way while you explain us the lesson, i feel comfy and happy when i realise that i really understand some useful thing ! greetings from Morocco !

Friday, December 7th 2012

Thanks Emma. It was nice lesson. I like it.

Saturday, December 8th 2012

That’s good explain Emma ,you awosme and beatuful like your lesson


Saturday, December 8th 2012

nobody can be better than emma .

she is certainly the best teacher anyonecan ever meet on the net …

Saturday, December 8th 2012

Greetings Emma :)
I wanna ask you about your last example, “it cost more money than I thought”.
I dunno but I guess you have made a mistake here, coz it should be ” it cost(s)” instead of not adding the (s) letter!
Am I right ^_^

Saturday, December 8th 2012

    “cost” has base, 2nd and 3rd form the same. So, if you have a sentence “it cost more money than I thought” — this is in the past. Look at this:
    — Did you buy it?
    — No, it cost more money than I thought

    Saturday, December 8th 2012

      yea that’s right morfik

      Sunday, December 9th 2012

      “cost” has base, 2nd and 3rd form the same. So, if you have a sentence “it cost more money than I thought” — this is in the past. Look at this:
      – Did you buy it?
      – No, it cost more money than I thought

      According to your explanation, the word “thought” had indicated that this senten

      Thursday, February 21st 2013

      “cost” has base, 2nd and 3rd form the same. So, if you have a sentence “it cost more money than I thought” — this is in the past. Look at this:
      – Did you buy it?
      – No, it cost more money than I thought
      According to your explanation, the word “thought” had indicated ,that this sentence was in the past. We will use “think” when it in the present form . Isn’t It? Please correct me, if I am misunderstanding

      Thursday, February 21st 2013

I got correct 10/10 questions! Thank my teacher so much!

Saturday, December 8th 2012

I got 10 correct out of 10.)))

Saturday, December 8th 2012

Iwant to say realy thanks to understood
that .

Saturday, December 8th 2012


Saturday, December 8th 2012

Thank you very much for the great vedio

Saturday, December 8th 2012

hi madam your pronounce is very good you have a great grate knowledge

Sunday, December 9th 2012

hello every one over there
i want to chat with any one to enhance our ability in english speaking
my sky name is
add me if you want

Sunday, December 9th 2012

Emma thanks a million

Sunday, December 9th 2012

Professor Emma you’r great.it’s very helpfull

Sunday, December 9th 2012

Hi to everyone!!! it was my first lesson in this page!! i loved it!

Sunday, December 9th 2012

Thanks, Emma!
Have a nice day.

Monday, December 10th 2012

Thanks Emma. What mean “back to back”?

Monday, December 10th 2012

    Back to back means just each after other, with no breaks.
    Ex: I watched first LOTR, and as it ended, I didn’t allot any time to.. sleep, eat or anything else, but started watching second one. Did you understand now?

    Thursday, December 13th 2012

Hi, Emma. Thank you so much, it’s truely the lesson I needed! I got 10/10, but that’s your merit, not mine. I remember you recomending me to learn 5 words a day, to improve vocabulary. So, now, it’s pronunsiation of words I learn is the main problem. I thought, maybe you could recomend me some website, where I could listen to native speakers, as they speak, lets see, on radio. So that I could learn more…comprehensively or something? Thank you so much. Milly45)

Monday, December 10th 2012

thank you Emma

Monday, December 10th 2012

Thank u emma..

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Hey, in the next time could you explain what are differences between “Quite” and “Rather” then also “While” and “When”. thanks before.

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

No problem.

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Thank you.That was useful

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Thanks for the lesson.

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

thanks aloot for this lesson befor i dont underastand what is diffrint between than and then now i know thanks aloot for teacher wish u luck

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Great Lesson! Thank you.
I know how to use ‘then’ and ‘than’ but i saw many native speakers use then instead of than so i was confused i misunderstood or something?
This lesson helps me a lot. I used them correctly but they were wrong :)

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

I got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks teacher.

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Hi Emma, great lessons, thank you!!

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

nice lesson i got 10 out of 10

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

tahnku very much

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

thanku very much.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

i learnt a lot in this video , thank you teacher

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

thx teacher. i’ve already know but it’s good for me.

Thursday, December 13th 2012

In addition to be a very efficient teacher, you are very charming. You make me forget Valen.

A mad of Valen

Thursday, December 13th 2012

quiz 100%..amazing!!!!tks teacher!!!!

Thursday, December 13th 2012

I did the qizz and I got 10 out of 10. Very easy indeed.

Thursday, December 13th 2012

Je n’ai appris que tu parlais français qu’en lisant ta présentation.
J’aimerais tant t’entendre dans cette langue ne searit-ce qu’une phrase.
J’espères que mon voeu sera exaucé lors de ta prochaine leçon. Un effort!!
Merci Emma

Thursday, December 13th 2012

Hi Emma nice lesson however I always have a question that is related to accent. Sometimes western people pronounce some eastern words or the words that are inherited from developing nations incorrectly maybe this is because of their accent but funnier part comes then the native speaker even tried to follow the same accent. Here you pronounced Abdul in a faster way that change the tone/sound of this word (as per my understanding). Same thing I noticed for the word Ganga (A holy river in India) that is written and spoken in Discovery and other education channel as Ganges. if you ask an Indian and a Englishmen to pronounce this word Ganga/Ganages you will get two different sound. Now my question is should I adopt such word in the way the English people pronounce them or should I speak them in native sound while speaking in English?

Thursday, December 13th 2012

Thanks a lot !

Thursday, December 13th 2012

great, thank you emma

Friday, December 14th 2012

well it was really helpful 4 me. actually i enjoyed it too. thanks

Sunday, December 16th 2012

hello Emma,thank you for your lessons they are really really useful.
i was looking thru the site but I couldn’t find any lesson regarding how to use “to be to”, I was wandering that maybe you could teach us because is really difficul to understand how to use it. many thanks marco

Monday, December 17th 2012


Good to see your video. I have a doubt.

When can i use “then” and “and then”. I seems both are similar.

Tuesday, December 18th 2012

Thanks for your efforts, And I would like to share my skype ID : wael_ali_ebraheem ,
If any person to contact me to practice our language, I will be happy.

Tuesday, December 18th 2012

i just want to so THANKS for useful lessons

Tuesday, December 18th 2012

Thanks for the lesson,Emma!!! And I have a question: which is correct- We compare Yukon TO Toronto, OR We compare Yukon WITH Toronto? (speaking about their size).Thanks in advance!)))

Wednesday, December 19th 2012


    Plz have a look 2 the next comment of mine,
    It’s 4 u.


    Wednesday, December 19th 2012

Let’s have a look!
Compare with sb/sth :2 b similar 2 sb/sth else,either better or worse. e.g.This house doesn’t compare with our previous one.(=it is not as good)
Compare 2 : 2 show or state that sb/sth is similar 2 sb/sth else. e.g.The critics compared his work 2 that of mine.
Eventually,in my book,it depends on the situation n the case u wanna speak about.
However,2 my mind,here it’s better 2 say:
We compare Yukon WITH Toronto.(speaking of size as u said)
Hope I could help,
Gooooodluck n have fun!

Wednesday, December 19th 2012

Thank you so much professor

Thursday, December 20th 2012

great video so people can understand it now than later, then they’ll understand the difference.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012

It’s very wonderful manner, thank you so much ,………………Go on.. (y)

Monday, December 24th 2012

thank you emma~~ i enjoy watching ur videos…:) i love ur teaching style! I really want to be a teacher like you!!

Monday, December 24th 2012

i got 90 marks thank u

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Hello Emma, I am a new student. Thanks for your lesson. I have got 100%.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Very. Good video

Thursday, December 27th 2012

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Thursday, December 27th 2012

Very useful, thank you.

Friday, December 28th 2012

I understood the video and THEN scored 100%…..Thanks for the useful information.

Friday, December 28th 2012

A nice lesson, thank you so much :)

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Saturday, December 29th 2012

Very. Good video

Sunday, December 30th 2012

Thank you for your lesson. I interest it Very much.

Sunday, December 30th 2012

fantastic video … thank you very much EMMA

Sunday, December 30th 2012

I understood your the best Emma

Sunday, December 30th 2012

We love you “Teacher”, we often say: “You’r Greatest than Great China Walls”;) It’s joke but we also love you

Sunday, December 30th 2012

Thank you Teacher for the lesson, it’s really useful. I hope I can find something like that in different languages.

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

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Thank you.

Wednesday, January 2nd 2013

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I expect next lecture.
I always good luck to you.

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

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Thursday, January 3rd 2013


Friday, January 4th 2013

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Friday, January 4th 2013

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Saturday, January 5th 2013

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Saturday, January 5th 2013

thanks its a very good lesson!
(and i’d love wolverine “_”)
you’re very nice teachers and i’ve 100% at the quiz so it’s great!
bye every body °_°

Sunday, January 6th 2013

Thanks it a was very great lesson and, your are very a good teacher.I have one suggestion please change your profile picture you’re looking more older than your age, and sorry about my English i,m just a beginner and if I have made mistakes in this comment.

Monday, January 7th 2013

Great video! I always had a doubt about the “then”. But now, I´ve just learned..Tks a lot

Monday, January 7th 2013

it is a gooood lesson and i learned a lot but i amfrom AZERBAIJAN and i have a little difficulty to understand the pronunciation but it is not big problem to me EMMA u r one ofthe best teacher i will follow u because i want to learn english veeeeeery weeeeeeeeeeeell and go ENGLAND USA GERMANY that is why i entered the translation faculty english-azerbaijani luck to u

Monday, January 7th 2013

thank you my best teacher,

Monday, January 7th 2013

I have to confess that I always used then and than for wrong and if I never watch this video may be I might be wrong for this for the rest of my life. Thank to you ma’am

Tuesday, January 8th 2013

Good lesson Emma, thanks. I understood the difference between then and than.


Wednesday, January 9th 2013

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Thursday, January 10th 2013

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Friday, January 11th 2013

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Tuesday, January 15th 2013

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what is english word archaeology mean?
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what is english word allowed mean?
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what is english word professions mean?


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A: Please open the door! I just want to check the water meter amount, AND THEN I will leave.

(door opened)
B: What the..! Water meter check again! Why you always come earlier THAN last time. Why charge the water bill so much? …..

Saturday, March 1st 2014

I always get the difference between “then” and “than” by sentences’ meaning … I still have a problem with the pronunciation. :-(

Thursday, March 6th 2014

    very easy dear Mary
    I will explain the pronunciation for you in brief
    whenever you say (then)move your tongue a little bit up just a little bit not too much.
    But whenever you say (than)just open up your mouth like (fan, tan, and so forth

    Wednesday, August 20th 2014

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Life was harder then because neither of us had a job.

Just then (= at that moment) there was a knock at the door.

Tuesday, June 24th 2014

1. First cook the onions, then add the mushrooms.
2. If you miss that train then you’ll have to get a taxi.
3. She’s been very busy at work and then there was all that trouble with her son.
4. These, then, are the main areas of concern.
5. Right then, where do you want the table to go?

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Dear Users,

What is the meaning of Smarties in the above sentence.

Thanks in advance.

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Very clear the lesson.

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Additionally, it is possible that other chemical reactions occur THAN is so under natural conditions. I took that phrase from a paper.
Hope u can help me.

Thursday, February 12th 2015

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In this sentence : “She has more books at home than a library does”.
Which is the razon or goal for to write the word “does” at the end?

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