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Wonderful lesson Adam! I learned a lot. Thank you! 7/10 quiz :)


    very difficult lesson


      It’s quite difficult! Thanks Engvid.com so much!


        It is, But I got 9/10 somehow.. Lel


      Thank you teacher! Ihave learned a lot!


    I got 9/10.It is a useful and helpful lesson with great teaching.


      Hi,Mr.Adam.Can you show the explanations after quizzes.For instance, i just finished my quiz,i made an error on the first question.My answer is ‘so’.I am a bit confusing why it should be used in this case.


        Hi Avonsim,

        yes, future quizzes will have explanations.

        In question one you need to reach a conclusion baswd on the information in the first sentence. This is a business situation that needs a little more formal English which is why we don’t use ‘so’ here. Another reason is that to use ‘so’, we would have to begin the clause with it. ‘so’ can’t be put mid-sentence. When you put ‘so’ directly in front of a verb it becomes an adverb of intensity, such as “I love Hawaii so much.”

        ‘Therefore’ is therefore the correct answer.

        I hope that helps.


          Thank you so much,Mr Adam.You did wondersul lessons therefore I recommended you to all my classmates.The whole class likes you very much.


          Hello teacher, you told above that so can’t be put mid-sentence, but in the vídeo it was put. Could you explain that.


Very good Adam! Thanks!8/10 quiz!


    I got 8/10 too)


      Adam, you are very dangerous teacher – you grade the TOEFL !!! and I wonder how tough your quiz is!!I only got 6.help me GOD


        hahha,so cute comment~


          Yes, I’ve been thinking about this point. If people like Adam mark IELTS, I would start studying all the time here at Engvid. These clues look dumbs, but at the end because of them we could lose a high score.


very good lesson, thank you adam, 8/10 quiz :)


Again an excellent lesson. Consequently, I’ll be very attentive to my sentences structures relating to transitions. If you remember, I applied a lesson on the ‘ing’ form added to verbs following the preposition ‘to’ so I can get a better English.


    good stuff :)


Thank’s a lot!


Awesome lesson plz make a video about punctuation


    Working on it :)


Thank you for the lesson Mr. Adam! But I have a question. Aren’t those two phrases “too demanding” and “so many” informal? In the last example, the sentence,”The job was too demanding so many people quit,” can we write the sentence like this in an essay?


    Hi Felix,

    You can use these in an essay, though there are more formal ways to say it, such as ‘the job was overly taxing leading many to resign.’ However, when you need sentence variety in an essay, the original can be used as well. It is not necessarily casual, just less formal.

    Does that help?


Thanks Adam. I’ve got 8/10


the word hence is derived from the arabic word “من هنا” which is read like mn huna =hence


    Thanks Aiman. Interesting.


Adam,Thanks very much, I’ve 5/10 quiz


Well…. I think it’s a little bit difficult …. not really clear for me I’ve mixed up the 2nd question with therefore than 4th question with consequently then the 8th with therefore :(


Hey Adam
I did not get it (this video).Therefore I’ll watch it agaian.
If it is wrong using therefore here then
I really dont undersant this video lol .


    Hi oguz,

    Not wrong, but a simple ‘so’ would have been ok.:)


That class was to too difficult, teacher. But the consequence was I watched it a couple of times, then I did 10/10 in the quizz, and, finally, as a result, I said: Yes, I did!

Thanks, your class have been very, very interesting and useful!

See you.


    I know… I told about my quiz score 10/10 and, hence, I will seem arrogant.


      Nope. You will seem proud, as you should be :)


Thanks Adam. I really need these type of lessons.




      Interesting! You’re asking me to teach you English! You should ask the EngVid teachers not me! I am a student just like many others.


        i dont about rules and condition,iam new for this.when i see you ,i think you help me.but keep help me in english.pleaase samira.


        you explained (raw deal)for someone here in the site…. you look like smart teacher, you are lucky


Great lesson!!
I know this does not relate to the lesson but what is the differences between implicit and explicit? Thank you so much :)


    They are opposites! “Implicit” means implied, hinted at. “Explicit” means something said outright.

    “Explicit” is also used to describe offensive material, like swearing or nudity, in a book, movie, etc.

    engVid Moderator

It was a really good lesson, Adam. Thanks. Got 9/10 in quiz. :D


Thanks Adam.


thank you so much:) i got 7/10 marks.


All instructor are good but according to me Mr. Alex is superb bcoz he clears doubt very well in short example.


Thank you very much, Adam. Finally, I have found out the differences between them.
There are lots of questions, though. For instance, what about words “regardless”, “nevertheless, “however”? They are also to show some contrast, are they not? How can we use them in the right way?
And besides, it would be interesting to learn about words as “nonetheless” and “notwithstanding”. This is not just a question of curiosity to me. At work we sometimes receive letters of official character containing such words. As I understand, all of them are old-fashioned. I do not use them even formally, but sometimes I wonder, if they are appropriate for formal letters or speeches. How is it actually? I have no one to help me to figure this out.


    Excuse me for an inadvertency, I made a mistake. I was writting that question above to the topic on “though, although, even though, despite, in spite of”, actually.


      Hi Denis,

      No worries. :)

      I make the lessons with one topic in mind at a time. The words you mentioned are used to show contrast, but in a slightly different way. i will make lessons about them as well, but for now, these words are used to first show concession, that is, that I agree with what was said…but…there is another perspective to look at.
      The equipment is very expensive. Nevertheless, we need it.

      Does that help?


        Thank you very much, Adam! I got it.


Cool, thanks! Very useful! ))


Hello teacher, it was a great lesson, and I think you should make more lessons on transitions, even though I’m not going to take the IELTS test I found this lesson very useful and interesting.


Thank you Adam!
It was a great lesson.

PS: I promise that I will never say: “Hence! ” :P


And yet, you’ve raised the bar!

Nice lesson and quite useful, butty.

See you soon. =)


    Thanks :)

    p.s., it’s buddy


      Yes, buddy, but some friends of mine spell butty as if it were a slang! same pronunciation you know! came from America!

      thanks anyway, dear!


    I think that there are a lot interesting things… greetings


well… i gotta be honest, this time i only got 6 out of 10 shame on me!!! therefore i have to watch videos more that one time.


by the way, adam i like the way your speed-speaking way cuz’ as a advanced student that challenges my understanding. thanks


sorry that ( the way ) is too much


i love it, very usefull for


I’m very hard because i just study one day.


I hit 6/10, not too bad… I still have much to learn!!!


Thank you Adam. I got 9/10.
You used semicolon in the video. I don’t know how to use semicolon , colon and comma well. I hope you will explain these differences.


    Punctuation lesson is on the way :)


Thank you very much Adam. The lesson was great, and very helpful. You’re an excelent teacher.


thanks.got 7/10


Thanks Adam excellent


Dear Adam:

As I have already told you, I enjoy watching the EngVid.com videos; they are very resourceful and very powerful for both students and teachers.

When you write “The job was too demanding, so many people quit”, you do not write any comma after the first clause. I have always understood that when “so” has a meaning similar to “therefore”, it should be preceded by one. In sentences like “They had given me money so I could go shopping all day”, instead, in which “so” means “in order to” – although it is not grammatically used in the same way, no comma is needed. I might have been wrong, and that being the case, I would like to learn now.

Please get back to me with an answer as soon as you possibly can; I certainly look forward to hearing from you.


Ernesto Simon


    Hi Ernesto,

    Generally, you’re right. However, keep in mind that rules shouldn’t be held onto too tightly.
    Consider this:
    The job was too demanding. So many people quit.
    In the second sentence, ‘so’ is understood as an adverb of intensity (so many). Sometimes you need to leave out or add a comma so as not to allow for a confusion. If someone reads the sentence with the so as adverb rather than transition, then they will see a run-on sentence. By leaving the comma out you can get rid of this problem.

    This is more a matter of choice than hard rule. If you add the comma,however, the sentence is correct and the meaning should be understood.

    Does that help?


Oh, not bad…Got 8 correct! Many thanks, Adam!




      But EngVid is already the right place for you to learn English! Keep watching the videos and you’ll improve your English for sure!


thank u )))) can we use ” for that ” ?)


    Hi Sami,

    Can you give me an example?


Hi Adam.
Does the rules that you’ve just explaint work for the first quizz? You have said that ”THEREFORE” are rather used between comas or starting a clause and in that case none are applied.
I’m lost something, did I ?


    Hi Adam.
    Do the rules that you’ve just explaint work for the first quiz? You have said that ”THEREFORE” are rather used between comas or when starting a clause to show conclusion,however,in that case none were applied.
    I’m lost something, did I ?


      This comment section doesn’t allow correct mistakes as you can see mine.

      (Am I lost something, didn’t I?


      Hi Larner,

      In the first question we are using it like an adverb. I could add the commas, but it’s not always necessary– it depends more on placement. If I wrote ‘It is recommended, therefore, that workshops…’ then I would have to use it because it is more of an interjection.

      Does that help?


Great Class, Adam! I got 8 correct out of 10!

Best wishes for you (:


Thanks so much Adam !!! Great job !!!


Hi Adam,it is very easy to confuse the question(therefor,thus,consequently,so)please explain each answer.


    Hi Cuong ta,

    Is there any specific question? Future quizzes will include explanations.


thank u :) 7/10


thanks Adam, 7/10!


Thanks Adam 9/10 it is very easy to confuse the question, it is very technical very formated questions


Nice lesson Adam. I’ve got 9/10 but I’m still not very confident about it; consequently, I’ll keep on this matter for a while.

Thanks a lot.






    Hi, Jordhan. I’m not an English teacher, but I’m studying hard and maybe we can help each other. Mail me and tell me more about what you need. (denyclass@yahoo.com.br) I guess we can be good friends!


Very useful as all the engvid lessons, I really appreciate. Thanks a lot!


7/10 … thanks


I often use “thereof” in my emails – it would fit in this lesson too. Tkx!


Thanks Adam :) Could you please do a lesson for “However, Nevertheless etc.?


    will do ;)


    Very useful.Thank you very much.Please do it with more examples to make it clear. especially MOREOVER and NEVERTHELESS.
    Thank you


thanks for your qualified lessons, i got 9/10 . thanks.


Thanks Adam.


This lesson was a bit confusing to me. I didnt get it very well.


Adam, could you make a vid about the difference between “have”, “got and “have got”? I’m wondering if I should say “I have a problem” or “I got a problem”, etc.

I also have a question about “no” and “not”. I asked you once about the difference between “I’m not a lord” and “I’m no lord”. And now I have two other examples that have “no”, and I started to wonder what is the rule and when to use “no” or “not”. The examples:

“it’s no surprise that things gotten worse”
“you are no good”

Is there any rule, or just when “no” is used, we do not use “a” or “an”. So, the lines would be rewritten to:

“it’s not a surprise that things gotten worse”
“you are not good” — I’m not sure, but both, the previous one and this one, appear to be good, isn’t it.


    Hi Morfik,

    Have and have got are pretty much the same; the former is American, the latter British (in terms of common usage). Got is bad American English.

    As for no/not here is a lesson by James.

    My take:
    No is used with a noun to mean ‘not any’. It is usually more emphatic and is used more colloquially.
    Not is simply the negation of something.
    So… you’re not good, means you’re bad, or just that good cannot be used to describe you. You’re no good, means you are useless.

    “I’m not a lord” and “I’m no lord”.
    the first states a fact about my situation.
    the second suggests that you can’t hold me to that expectation, or make that comparison.

    in terms of rules for usage, can’t really say there are any. it’s no surprise= it is not surprising.

    Does that help at all?


      Thanks for the vid. It should be useful, but I need to watch it several times and also pay attention to how people use no/not because it’s a little bit difficult to me. Thanks for the have/have got/got explanation too — now everything is pretty clear.

      I understand the difference between “I’m not a lord” and “I’m no lord” , but I have to think about the two other examples — “no good” and “no surprise”.


I got 9/10 — I failed with 10th question. I really don’t use the word. xD


It was a very difficult lesson and I got 6 out of 10. mmmh I need practise. I’ll watch it again.




A little difficult. Could you explain us the way to use “at”, “in” and “on”? Thank you very much :)


    Hi Fab8,

    There are a couple of lessons on that on the site. type the words into the search box and it’ll come up. If not, let me know.


Thank you. Now I have understood the distinctions between these transitions. Yahooo!!!:D


Dear Adam,
Please could you help me in some important expressions which are usually used in IELTS task1?
These expressions are such as proportion, percentage, relatively percentage…etc
I need you to explain them with more different expressions related to them to use a wide range of vocabulary in the exam.
I have exam after two weeks and I still confuse about their meaning.
Thank you so much


    Hi Moutaz,

    Hope this isn’t too late, but look at Emma’s lessons. She does a good lesson on Task 1 writing.


hair is a singular noun or plural noun?
after this we can use singular verb or plural verb?


    Hi Risk,

    Although you can technically count the hairs on your head, we usually refer to it as a noncountable, as is ‘my hair IS black.’

    Does that help?


      thanx adam.


I’d like to know what kind of english is taught by you. Thanks!


    Hi Alex,

    I teach all levels of English, but I specialize in IELTS and TOEFL (and TOEIC and SAT verbal).


      I wanna know, if your english is the same of United States.Is there any difference?


        My English is Canadian which is a bit of a mix between British and American. Sound is more like American though.
        There are some differences, but they are subtle.


I’ve got 9 out of 10 thnx 4 the lesson .


Thank you so much for your lessons!


    i m bjoy.actually,i want to speak with u to improve my languge skill.would u like to do it?


Help me please to understand in which cases I must use except,apart from,besides,but,save?


    Hi Nikara,

    Except- something that is different from the normal, or accepted rule.

    apart from- to isolate something from others

    besides- similar to apart from

    but- similar to except ( a little formal)

    save- like but (a little old-fashioned)

    Though these words are mostly interchangeable.

    I like to eat everything except for green veggies.
    I like to eat everything apart from green veggies.
    I like to eat everything besides green veggies.
    I like to eat everything but green veggies.
    I like to eat everything save for green veggies.

    Does that help?


      Thank you so much!
      Sure that helped me but I hope you will make a video lesson about that with more examples :)

      Thanks again :)


Many thanks Adam!!


7 out of 10 :(



I would like to suggest you a topic. Inversion with negatives adverbs. I know it’s not common in everyday language but I keep finding them in books and certinly I can’t find any good information about it.

Many thanks!



    I’ll get on it Alvaro ;)


I really appreciated the lesson! Thank you!


hi Adam by your lesson one can learn a lot.


Very helpful lesson. Thanks Adam.


Hi Adam. Thank for lesson


Hi Adam. Thanks for lesson


Thx Adam u r great. Could u give us some leasons about up and down,how to use it with some words together?
Thx very much


Thank you Adam! Can you please explain a little about however, I always mix between however and therefore!


Hi Adam, how can your market share grow when the sales go down and the competion becomes harder? I don’t understand the meaning of your example here. Can you help? Thank’s a lot.


Hi Adan, Excellent and very interesting lesson, thanks so much


i got 6/10 when i firts take the quiz, i got 10/10 for the 2nd time XD, anyway, thanks a lot on this lesson, I learned lot.


6/10 :(
don’t understand the different between “thus” & ” therefore “


what the… i got 50 =( uhhh it was a little bit hard =(


Great and professional teaching. I came across egvid today while searching -learning english on the web. I studied all my education in english, but didn’t use it regularly for the last 8 years. I learned swedish language, I therefore think, that I almost förgot my english language abilty. Engvid might help me to remember english basics


thanks Adan you have a great way to explain your lesson


Dear Adam sir,
My writing skills is very poor.How to develop writing skills in a simple way?


Why I can’t upload my picture on here?


    Are you going here? What happens when you try to upload a picture? It might be too large — it has to be under 500KB, and a large photo might be nearly 1MB.

    engVid Moderator

Thanks Adem. I sometimes get confused how to use semicolon respective of full stop.Would you elaborate me?


hi deny ,how are you.iam fine.i hope you will fine.nice to meet you.thank you for giving your mail id..iam very thank full to you.iam very sorry after long time iam messaging you. i have an internet problem. so i couldn;t mail you.actually i dont much english.can you help me .how can i improve my language ……..take care bye denny.


8/10, but stil need practicing…


I need someone to practice Speaking English.Is there anyone want to joy with me?
My English level is Intermediate.
You should contact me directly by viber: +84962473423.It’s so convenient.
My timezone is +7


great job Adam


Adam thank you, your lessons are very useful.
Could you please do the lesson on proper use of thee and thy.


Thanks for your precious help


Very difficult


I’m an 11 year old Asian girl.
This is my first time in website and it’s seriously impressive!
Thanks for leaving this video.
You guys are cool!!!


Hi Adam,
For the last question,can we use “so”?i find its not a business like.moreover,u told us to avoid using “hence”.


9/10 Good lesson! Thank you Adam. More advanced lessons please!


I liked your lesson because it was exactly what I was looking for. Adam Sandler, I meant Adam :) sorry for the joke and my written.




7/10 :) Thanks Adam!!


Perfect explaining. This kind of transition is really similar to each others therefore, it’s so difficult to select what the really appropirate worde is.Thanx Adam………


I got 6/10 :(


plz teach me from begining


so great .thank you so much i got 8/10


What a wonderful lesson! I really like your lessons. They’ve been extremely important in helping me improve my English! Thank you very much! :)


Hi Adam

I am writing to you ask about how can I make a good grammatical questions, I often make a wrong questions.
For instance,
1. How many ways do you know people greet each other?
2. How many ways people greet each other?
3. When were you go to the park?
4. How do you assess me?
5. How is my knowledge?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Sincerely,


Fantastic lesson!


Hi Adam.
Thanks for your video lesson.

Can I ask what means “at the ritz more mathematical word..

Many thanks


I got 6/10. suppose not bad!! But tried to practise more with other quiz in same lesson, but no way!! think would be great to have more than one quiz for each lesson. Thanks you M. Adam


hi thanks Adam,
can we say thus is quite related to this in grammatical sense.If yes just give example….your lectures are helping me to increase my writing skills…:-)


Hi Adam,

I liked your teaching style very much.It is easy and to the point with short and effective examples. I am seeking your support if you offer wiring correction for students. I need to get 7 in writing in IELTS .If you provide such a service i will be more than happy.


thank you very much


had very poor performance Need to practice more:( Thanks for your help Adam.

rosie tubayan

It was quite difficult, but I got 8 out of 10!! :) Thank you!!


7 out of 10 , thank u :)

Eman Mahmoud

thank u!! :D

sun re ren

The lesson is very complicated, thus I get 5 out 10. Too bad


Thanks adam, this is a great lesson.right now im getting so nervous for my incoming exam on thurs but having this video im beginning to believe i can do it.


Thanks Adam, but I’m still have a problem with the choices between ( therefore and consequently ) I just wanna more clarification please
Thank you for your time


Thank a lot.
You are great!

Sahar Amin

Adam thank very much. Very good lesson, it’s a pleasure to study English with such a good teacher.

Alexander Graf

got 50% thanks,


Thanks Adam, got 50%

Abdul Qayum

Excellent lessons!! Very happy with my CELPIP score, After watching your video my English skills is improving. Thank you very much Adam!!


thank you so much The lesson is very complicated, thus I get 5 out 10. Too bad


Amazing lesson I wonder if you could do one lesson explaining however nevertheless and nonetheless


Hi Adam. Could you please explain why we should use consequently instead of therefore in second question? Also thank you for all helpful lessons :)


Thanks Adam :-p


Wonderfull Adam.I learn a lot.Will you express
pain and sore.how to use both word.Thanks

Dave Brar

Thank you


Hi, Adam! Many thanks for your class. It was really helpful! But, as it is an extremely complex topic, I still have some doubts. Look at the following sentence. “Firstly, the player in turn has to roll the dice. Then, he moves his token according to the number taken.” Is a common mandatory or optional after ‘then’? I’d appreciate if you could help me.


Adam, you have the extraordinary ability to not make confused the listener ..
Learning English has finally become easy and fun .. thanks for your very useful lessons and thanks to you because you really know how to teach. You are to me the best teacher ever!!!



Sabrina Aparecida

haha. i find it very difficult. i only got 6. im a little bit confused with those words. they seem to have the same meaning.


Good Lesson! Thanks. Can you explain this sentence sructure please. I choose “so” but answer is therefore.
The survey results suggest that most of the senior staff lack motivational skills. It is _________ recommended that workshops be set up to train managers in this area.


Thanks a lot, therefore, useful this lesson.

Mounira Cherifa

Hi Adam! I really appreciate your classes, so I decided to send you my congratulations and thanks. By the way, I got 8 of 10. Cool! :)

Daniela Pereira

Thank you very much teacher Adam!


tks to ur lesson Mr Adam i got 7 of 10

Cuong chau

i’m confuse

Wahyu Ramadhan

i’m confused, too


Thank you Adam.




Thank engvid.com
Thank u Adam
Wonderful lesson
I got 7 of 10

This is the first time anyway
Nice to kmow you guys (all engvid.com’s teachers and learners.


Whoa, what a difficult lesson to learn! But I’ve learnt a lot, thanks Adam! You’re the best


This lesson is just what i was looking for.
I still have a little problem with the difference between “Therefore” and “Consequently”.
I only got 7 out of 10 which shows that I’m not really comfortable with those words.
However, the lesson was really useful and I enjoyed it.
Thanks Adam and a big thank you to EngVid.


Hi Adam, your lessons are awesome, I learned a lot from your class. And now I have a question about the fifth question, I am confusing that why I can’t use “consequently” in this sentence.


I got 9/10


Hi Adam I got 5/10, I need a lot more practice.


Hi Adam. Very nice your class. I got 8/10. Thank’s =)

Rodrigo Engelberg

Thanks a trillion! I’ve been knowing this website but I didn’t sign up. So, now, I’m new member. Please help me to improve my English.
Thanks again!


Adam, first of all, thank you very much for contributing to improve our English.

I didn’t agree with the last question’s answer. It is not proper to repeat words in the same prhase. Thus, in my opinion, the best answer for that question would be “Therefore” or “Consequently”. What do you think about it?

Gustavo Ribeiro

Adam its a great learning experience with you.So i subscribed to your channel.Is this correct English ?


Thank you, Adam.


Great lesson, Adam! :)


Hello c:
My car was damaged badly, Therefore I called the mechanic.
Please tell me it’s correct ><'

Haiikyuu !❀

    I think so would be better


9/10 thanks! I should learn harder


Could you explain,
in 7th question why we can not use thusly.In addition that question, instead of ‘consequently’ is therefore suitable for the answer?


hi adam,,,your lessons r very helpful,,,thanx,,,:)

farheen nayeem

It really helped me. 8/10 in quiz. You’re the best teacher. :)


Thanks a lot Adam, this is really helpful.

I’m really interested in some live courses. Do you have a live lecture or courses coming up? if not, what do you recommend. I live in Houston by the way


I like it helps me a lot.


Thanks Adam… you are very nice… Thanks to EngVid.


i am surprised ,i have hot 10 out of 10 !

Dina Sallam

I got 8 out of 10 and I am looking forward to learn more with this site. Thank you for helping us out!


I’m so exited to get this classes here,
On my first quiz i got 70 but it’s a good start… Thanks!


Hi Adam thank you for the lesson. I am little bit confused about the context of ‘conclusion’ and ‘consequences’. Maybe need more exams.

Alfian Ardhiyana Putra

Thank you Adam for the lesson , score 6/10


70% Thank you Adam ^^




Cool! I am working on writing essays now. So this lesson very useful for me. You have my thanks Mr. Adam. In Kazakh language your name sonds like “human”)))


    That’s what it means! Both words come from the Hebrew adam.

    engVid Moderator

It’s quite difficult for me to well complete! I’ll try again.

Lam Thi Hang

Thank you so much Adam for the great lesson. I really appreciate your efforts. Hope you’ll teach us about punctuations.


My result was only 6 out of ten, so it means, I didn’t much attention to the lesson, or I just don’t understand everything right.

Sasha J.

    I meant a I didn’t pay much attention…

    Sasha J.

Thank you so much, great lesson!!!

leanca gabriela

could “besides” be added to this list?
I appreciate is you clear this up for me.


6 correct out of 10.
:(therefore i need to practice more on this transitions :)


Great lesson. Keep up the good work :) 9/10


Thanks mr.Adam.

Lmao I got 8/10, but you have used strong words, XD!
I find some difficulties to understand all of these words I kept reading on without figuring out what the sentences are talking about XD, I understood how to use them very well, and I was paying attention on their positions like you can’t use ;thus should be like thus; , so I have used these things to answer some of the questions excluding what are the sentences talking about and answered some questions through their context as well even though I’m not good at context. anyway I really enjoyed this lesson thank you very much I appreciate that, I will take on improving my English.

Thanks mr.Adam :)


thank you teacher


Hi Adam
My name is ALI,Thanks for this wonderful lesson,I have question for you i was wondering do you know any website that i can submit my writings to be check out?


Hi Adam,
Thank you so much for the efforts you make to clarify things for us. I really enjoy your lessons.


hi Adam, thank you for great lessons. I have exam in few days witch includes essay. sometimes i have a problem with phrasal verbs. sometimes they rite split up for example turn something on, sometimes they not. please explain me witch case they write together and witch case they not.


Teacher Adam I would like to ask if how to use however,nevertheless and yet……………
Please answer me…………..


Thanks teacher!


Hi, I have a question about punctuation. I am really confused of correct usage punctuation. Especially, when I want to use such adverbial conjunctions. Would you please provide a comprehensive lesson about this issue. Consider below sentences; Which one is true ?

X=1 therefore X+2 =3;
X=1, therefore X+2 =3;
X=1, therefore, X+2 =3;
I was gold so I decided to set fire.
I was gold , so I decided to set fire.

The rain was heavy thus the government announced ..
The rain was heavy, thus the government announced ..
The rain was heavy, thus, the government announced…

I don’t know the correct punctuation when these conjunction must be used in the middle of a sentence.

Best Regards.

Mr Numlock

thanks I got 7 I am very happy because I think this is a big achievement from me
great lesson Thank you


I got 7 too


Thanks Adam.


well, i’ve learned so much with this guy. Thanks a los Adam!


Thank you Adam. I got 7 out of 10.

Windy Chen

Dear Adam,
I have been watching your English lesson on utube for a few weeks and have decided to register to Engvid membership. I like both of your teaching style and content. You make it easy to understand and fun to learn. I took a quiz on this lesson and got 7/10, I was quite pleased with my scores. However, I would really appreciate if you can add explainations stating the reason why does each correct answer has its power over others. Thank you so much for all you do to help English learner all over the world.


hello Mr. Adam
could you inform us about to differences between “simultaneously” and “at the same time”?


good lesson i got 10/10


Mr. Adam, I got a very good lesson from you.
and I got 8/10 in your quiz ^^ Thanks a lot~~


Thanks so much for all your lessons Adam. I need more practice is writing and I know that you have another web site for writing class ! can u please give the link ? Thanks !


good english


thank you so mach sir adam i understand many things


Hi Adam,
How can I improve my English with in a 30 days?
can you give me some tips

Naga Kumar

Great Teacher!!! God Job!


Thank you Adam.


The last one is almost a joke! Hence/hence or so/hence? This is the question! (Hamlet). Thank you Adam! Great lesson.

Angela M.

Thank you soooo much!


I got it. So, thank you.


Thanks Adam


Hi Adam,

I am still not sure with the usage of Hence, Consequently, So, Therefore… could you please make it a little more easy. Too much of information, and I was confused at the end. Would you please redo this?

Blossom Francis Longinus

Hi! Please, could anyone explain the difference between consequently and therefore? Thanks!


Thank you very much


great lesson

Mohamed Sedky

Hi Adam,
In question 2.
After only three months on the job, the new CEO announced his resignation effective immediately; __________, the board of directors was.

Why the correct answer is consequently but not therefore ? please explain. Thanks


In my opinion in exercise number 1o the word “hence” is stylistically incorrect because it’s been already written even when the person who writes the sentence likes old English. Give me feedback on this Adam. I admire your work, thanks!

El papi

    What can I do to edit my comments? Cause I can’t I meant question 10 not question 1o . Thanks!

    El papi

T.T.. I only got 6/10 for this test. Therefore I should practice more on this topic.


a little difficult I got 8/10 in the quiz
Thank you Adam


Very good lesson


HI everyone. Even though, Adam mentioned in this video that we shouldn’t use the word Hence or he preferred not to , there were questions about it in the quiz. ???


Please I like you to give us more videos about these words, and thanks a lot for your help.


Hello Adam!
Do all writing tasks in the Toefl involve formal writing? Or are they mixed up (casual and formal)?


To summarize it:

1) You are stating, that THEN is possible to use instead of THAN even in cases, when it does nor connected with time whatsoever – this is what you are essentially clearly stating in the first half of the video (in the center or bottom half of the board) as well as in the second one – on the very bottom of the board.

2) You are essentially stating, that before so called BAD BOYS it is not essentially necessary to use commas – the second half of the video on top of the board.

Am I right?


Now I got 60 :(


thank you adam, very useful lecture from you. i got 10/10 but i think i should study more about it because sometimes i still confused about this topic

Mouliza Donna

Great video thanks Adam


I love “hence.” Students like such ancient sounding words.Once used properly, students sound far intelligenter then they actually are


rare 50/100 id have to repeat the test


Good morning teacher !
I didn’t get the difference between result and consequence. Because of that, therefore, thus and consequently (that you said it was slightly differente) seems the same to me. Could you explain me again?


It is difficult lesson and quiz. But it really helpful for English learner. It should have more lesson about transition to make sure the learners are clearly understand on how to use each word.

Srou Lihol



Nice test! Thank you so much

Alan Cabezas

The meaning of these words is very similar.


Thanks for such as great job that you have done, but i wish you could add favorite bottom option to add some lessons to each user’s favorite list to be able to make fast review


Great lesson,professor,as usual. I like the word
“hence”, though.(Is this “though” too American?)
Thanks a mill.


Thank you so much Adam

Naima sossiya

it was amazing lesson , Therefor improve my skill in writing essy


Hi, I could thank you for the wonderful lesson which is very helpful to me

salma hakim

Excuse me, I think the last question about “hence” should follow by a comma, or it will not be a correct answer. Am I correct?


Hello my dear teacher! Thank for tour Beautiful lesson. But It was a difficult lesson so I did not get a good mark.

Mehdi 2022

without watching video, off the cuff I got… 6/10… :)


I got 10 out of 1o.Thank you so much Adam


in the last example, why you didn’t put a comma before “so”?
The job was too demanding so many people quit.


Very difficult. I’m so sad, I’m only get 40% correct.


Hai Mr. Adam

Can you explain the question 3 and 4, in the question 3 i still don’t understand about why the answering is so no therefore it’s beacuse so for informal situation and that statment state is informal condition ?

and then number 4, why the answered is “As a result” not a consequently ? then can you explain what is the diference both of it ?


Zuhud Nurromdhoni

Great lesson! New subscriber..Btw, I wrote a blog about 3 Missing Steps To Leverage Celebrity Gifting but my senior rephrase it to Missing 3 Steps Leveraging Celebrity Gifting, I’m really confuse what’s the difference? I hope you can give me an answer.


Got 10/10 ! Great explanation folloing with a good exercise. I’m looking forward to start applying those transition words in my esssay. Keep up the good work!


Many thanks teacher! I especially liked the last question) With a trick:)



thamar tharowat

Really interesting and logical lessons. Also, a new subscriber!


Thank you Adam


I want to be translater


Thanks, I learned lot

Hasitha Shasheen

I got a 9/10! I can’t believe I’ve missed the last question! *shakes my head*


Thanks Adam, useful lesson…


I’m so happy I got 10/10. No doubt the class was challeging indeed, but needless to say it’s indispensable for the betterment of writing.

Thiago Milcent

Sorry Adam, It was very difficult to me this class.:(

Sonia Seagal

Then I have to practice more.

Sonia Seagal



Thanks for the lesson, Adam. It was really helpful.

I request you to share more example & give clarity to use a comma and semicolon with transitions.


In sentence number five should be a comma after therefore?


Hi adam . I wonder what’s the difference between “consequently” and “eventually”?


I got 7 correct out of 10.
Thanks so much for taking time to giving us lessons.
You made me understand more about using transition words.

Nartjaree P.

thank you very much.


Thanks a lot Adam.
I have a question regarding a punctuation. In the video, you have written the following sentence

The job was too demanding so many people quit. Consequently the company hired…….

The above sentence, you have not used the comma in front of SO.
My understanding is that the conjunction “so” should have comma before it, which you did not do.
Consequently I or many may get confused as though it is , so many people – quite large number of people.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Thank you in anticipation.


i got 10 correct out of 10.

NY Soda

i got 10 correct out of 10. thank you so much teacher Adam.

NY Soda

Adam, thanks to your explanation, I got 9 out of 10. I just got a mistake with the transition hence, so it´s better for me to be aware of this word.

Thanks to you!!!

F Luis Rojas A

9/10. Very good lesson.


Thanks, Adam. I have learned a lot from your videos therefore, I feel comfortable to write in English.

TahseenB Bhutto

Thanks that was amazing!


thank you for this lesson


I didn’t understand at all, it’s hard! But anyway, thank you for this lesson, Sir Adam.


6/10 Thank you Adam!


Adam, this lesson is fantastic as the others.Thank you very much. Grazie!<3.


i got 7/10. very useful information!


Can we start a conclusion paragraph of an essay with the word “Therefore”.

chill pill

Can we begin the conclusion with , therefore? as an example below,

“Therefore, I think it is totally unacceptable to stay alone for long…”

chill pill

Nowadays it is like the word “so” fits in every case.


Hi teacher, its a little bit confusing “all this terms” i got only 50 .On the other hand, i don’t understand whay (to) is used to point out à result in this sentence: The team lost their best player to injury.( To) here points out a cause !!! Why ?




6/10 ;(
A bit complicated topic. Didn’t understand why thusly is not correct as it has the same meaning as consequently )))) looked up dictionary and found lots of sentences with “thusly”

Irina Syvokon

i got 5 out of 10:( what shall i do?
i have to practice more. the lesson was so amazing i am really appreciate you!thank you very much!


I answered 7 from 10, therefore, I know that my skills developed.
But I have some problems with (So and thus).


Thank you, teacher

Diogo Moraes

A million thanks for your excellent lesson sir!It’s so useful,very clear and more informative.you have explained with great fluency and remarkable.I really love your lesson as always.This lesson is difficult for me,so I will review it.


5/10! Terrible! So I review the video and take the quiz again. It’s difficult lesson.

Jerry Gu

Thank you Adam,
For the first time in my life I think I will remember it thanks to your lesson ?


6/10 -I liked it, but that was a very difficult lesson, even when I tried to answers in my own language =/. at least I know I need to improve it.


I’m new in your class, teacher . I’m feeling going on with you . thank you very much

naif hashim alharbi

so difficult


thank you teacher adam for your effort in both channels. I would like to ask you question why in the number 5 question in the quiz the correct answer is therefore and it is not consequently. with consideration about the states of the children that they all get bored easily . so it is truth. meaning that the answer should be result thus the correct answer would be consequently. is that true.


Dear teacher Adam, didn’t you say that after “thus” we shouldn’t put commas? Speaking of question number 6.

Zoe G

I am thanking ,thereby practicing engevid aids me familiar writing transitions therefore I could write meaningful sentence


I got 9 out of 10. what a great teacher.


It’s very helpful thank you, Sir.


thank you Mr.ADEM . I really loved your lessons .

asma asma19

Thank you very much. I love this lesson.


I got 9/10

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