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hi..on the third question..shouldn’t we put a “to” between the dates? was from 1939 to 1945.

Profile photo of maury maury

    here the dash sign (-) means and pronounces (to).

    Profile photo of Ardeshir1 Ardeshir1

      Yeah, that’s right! :D

      Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

    I thought the same !

    Profile photo of Bruna Bruno Bruna Bruno

This lesson was little bit confusing me.

Profile photo of Ramesh muthusamy Ramesh muthusamy

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of ansbelkh ansbelkh

Thank you Jade, i just get 90. God bless you

Profile photo of Doni Bungaa Doni Bungaa

Hi Jade this me again, actually i have mention you on your utube channel, i want to know about “from here to the moon and back” thank you so mach then. GBU

Profile photo of Doni Bungaa Doni Bungaa

Good lesson!! coud you explain the difference between “to” and “until”.


Profile photo of felito felito

Great lesson!
It was pleasing to listen to natural english speech but the most important thing is that I understood it! Thank you a lot! :)

Profile photo of Daniel Grishin Daniel Grishin

I always have to struggle to understand at every your lesson so i feel scare when see your lesson. You should choose the topic more simple and made video shorter and prepare for topic threrfore your explaination will more clear and better and easily understand. Thanks

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

    Hey! She speaks realy good! And you’re so picky!
    And who makes you to watch her videos? 😂

    Profile photo of OLA TI OLA TI


      Profile photo of OLA TI OLA TI

    Umm, I think you are “vulgar”! Jade speak very well and fluently, her videos are helpful to me! :D

    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

thanks for you, i’d like to ask you about that i have big
problem to pronounce whole phrase, like what’s the problem, i cannot say what’s the together.
please answer me .
Thanks a lot .

Profile photo of Islam Halem Islam Halem

I got depression from stress and a lack of serotonin :(.

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

This lesson is very clear, thanks,


Profile photo of samsa60 samsa60

Hi Jade. I really enjoyed the lesson. I didn’t have opportunity to watch the film yet. Thanks!

Profile photo of John B John B

by the door
by train

Profile photo of zhouxing zhouxing

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Hi Jade, thanks for useful video !

Profile photo of gavkhar gavkhar

it is a cool lesson!

Profile photo of nastia98 nastia98

Thanks Jade

Profile photo of mohammadrezaabedikopaee mohammadrezaabedikopaee

Thanks a lot, Jade! I’ve got 100! Very clear explanation!

Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

I am an english student I want to pratice please help me

Profile photo of black gregory black gregory

hi jade nice lesson! can you do a lesson about “aliens come from outer space”? tanks a lot!

Profile photo of Marcomas76 Marcomas76

Nice lesson .It was clear .Thanks

Profile photo of CStephane CStephane

thank you

Profile photo of Batgerel.Ch Batgerel.Ch

Thank you so much for nice lesson.

Profile photo of Benjijump Benjijump

than you please test again

Profile photo of wogayehu Tamiru wogayehu Tamiru

I found your lesson very interesting, thanks. By the way I would like to know when to use ¨Since¨, instead.

Profile photo of arcipi1345 arcipi1345

Great lesson

Profile photo of FactorExtremo FactorExtremo

thank you Jade

Profile photo of belment belment

it’s very nice

Profile photo of preju preju

:( i don’t understand

Profile photo of annie candy annie candy

    watch again and maybe you will understand! :D

    Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

thank you Jade

Profile photo of Hadiqv@ Hadiqv@

i got a 9 outta 10…. i’m improving

Profile photo of Nomarlon Nomarlon

Thank you so much! Good one!

Profile photo of Soei Soei

good lesson.i like it.

Profile photo of yakub said yakub said

Thank you Jade!!!

Profile photo of Pinaki Pal Pinaki Pal

Thank you so much Jade!

Profile photo of batuhangorbulak batuhangorbulak

Great lesson that i’ve learned, now i can say i understand how to use form corretly

Profile photo of KAREEM.1 KAREEM.1

You are really superb in your video tutorial… thanks a lot🤗🤗

Profile photo of 0908mimi 0908mimi

Thanks a lot for the lesson Miss jade

Profile photo of Halimah Halimah

Can I use, I am going to have a cup of coffee.
As per gerund and infinity class it’s not correct

Profile photo of Sandeep 245 Sandeep 245

Hi! Thank you so much for everything you do for free for us Jade. It was a great lesson again. I think we are so lucky to have these lessons from you. I feel so lucky.

In addition to these I want to bring criticism. I think we all need negative feedback from people. It makes us more successful.

I think your quiz is not very useful. You can do better, you could have use some expressions you have mentioned about in the lesson. I just read some basic phrasal verbs with from in the quiz. There are really good expressions you have mentioned about.

Maybe it helps you to make better and better

but first of all thank you to you and to envied family. so glad we have you

Profile photo of dr.besir dr.besir

Why was question 3 wrong.

This is a great lesson

Profile photo of justify justify

Thanks for your lessons.

Profile photo of justify justify

Wow! It’s amazing course. I have understood it very well. Because I got 100% marks in quiz which I took just after finishing the video. Thank you very much, Mam.

Anyway, I’m looking for an English speaking partner. Because, I am going to sit for IELTS exam in the mid of August. If anyone is serious about it, just knock me here in my skype – mmukit007

Profile photo of Mukit Mukit

90. Thank you very much

Profile photo of Khaled Khaled

Thank you,Jade!

Profile photo of FIR5Tatis FIR5Tatis

Thx Jade, your lesson is helpful with me but… I still dunno what is the picture in number 10: “Take from behind!” (I think the picture so SICK!!!) -_- But I like your video! Make more video! :D

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

very interesting lesson for me.

Profile photo of Serik Serik

Why in the question number seven is “by the door”?

Profile photo of burg83 burg83

    I have the same doubt

    Profile photo of Sergio13 Sergio13

Hi. This is a coll website

Profile photo of paata maisuradze paata maisuradze

You are wonderful, I got 10 out of 10 because you are a good teacher! Thanks.

Profile photo of rmarcel rmarcel

thanks Jade, i scored 90 :D

Profile photo of sepich16 sepich16

tanks jade

Profile photo of Wadmusbal Wadmusbal

Thank you jade ive got 60

Profile photo of Jeanfils Jeanfils

Think you so much for your video lesson.

Profile photo of Mann Rith English Learner Mann Rith English Learner

superb lesson

Profile photo of Hazemista Hazemista

90/100 i made a mistake on the cat`s position !!!!

Profile photo of rhcpluis rhcpluis

Thank you,Jade!
I have watched only From Russia with love and From Dusk till Dawn.

Profile photo of Annablk Annablk

YES! I got 10 out of 10! This lesson uses to from is great! Thank you Jade!

Profile photo of Chan M. Chan M.

Thank you

Profile photo of Hisham1979 Hisham1979

thank you

Profile photo of zainablutfallah zainablutfallah

Thank you jade

Profile photo of raedazouz raedazouz

very nice

Profile photo of kamyarhaghani kamyarhaghani

From 1 to 100 I did everything right

Profile photo of NSKNINJA NSKNINJA

From Russia with love :D

Profile photo of NSKNINJA NSKNINJA

Thanks Ms. Jade.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thank you, Jade. Your accent helps me a lot in understanding the native English people.

Profile photo of nvhong nvhong

You have great taste in movies Jade.

Profile photo of JL JL

J’ai rien compris. vous articulez pas assez

Profile photo of OKaba OKaba

Thanks,i wish you to be healtier

Profile photo of

I got one wrong though, but it’s worth it. Great lesson, jade!

Profile photo of MilesRookie MilesRookie

the quiz was easy

Profile photo of natalienalani natalienalani

Thanks Jude , it is brilliant

Profile photo of kathirkk23 kathirkk23

Thanks Jade.It was a great lesson.

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thanh you very much

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