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I love this more and more. Thank you.


    i like your quiz thank u so much….

    laxmi tyagi

Thank YOU


thank you very much for what you doing i love english throw you


    Thank you. You are a best teacher.


It’s great, I got 10 correct out of 10, thank you very much, I love english

Jerson Calderon

i like the presentation



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pleaz how can you help tu learen for speaking


thenk you is so good too learen english this page


Do you know who ms. Rebecca is?She is our excellent English teacher.

Cuong ta

    thaank thank you


    yeah you are right :)

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Loved this lesson; but just to let you know that I heard people talking the wrong way. How this can happen?


    It happens all over the world in every language – some people speak a language well and other people don’t, for a variety of reasons.

    My best to you, Mary!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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useful lesson,thanks

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amazing lesson thanks a lot.


thank you very much Ms Rebecca, I’ll take advantage of this useful lesson.

Ronnie Amaury

10 out of 10
thank u Rebecca you’re really great teacher
your lessons always useful that’s why we love you
thank you again

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Teacher Rebecca you´re a great teacher, thanks for your wonderful lessons =)


That was very nice! I just forgot that existed but now I’ll know how to ask a question properly because I tend to put these kinds of expressions before a question. Thanks Rebecca for sharing your knowledge.

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thanks so much Rebecca for this important lesson….


yeah, wonderful lesson. now I know, thank you so much, u were great again as always.

Efrain Dominguez

Thanks, muchas gracias!

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This lesson has helped me a lot,thanks!

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It seems, if there is a way to do explaining wrong, you will do it.

(a) you address learners who supposedly aren’t fluent in English by constantly SPEAKING, instead of showing auxiliary verb movements on the board with arrows and gestures. You try to be informally chatty, inserting native speaker’s idioms (of which you are not even aware) and then even attempting to joke – droning on and on and on.
Of course, you might claim that “classroom English” is as much part of the learning as anything else, but this kind of flowing chattiness basically presupposes the level of knowledge on the part of your students that is beyond the primitive topics like indirect questions

(b) you never bother to DEFINE what you are talking about. You start using “embedded” (i.e. employing a quirky and non-standard term) as if everyone in the world knows what the heck this is about.

(c) Instead of saying “while posing a question involves changing the word order, indirect questions do NOT neet that, therefore they are SIMPLER” – you introduce a psychological suggestion, you order your students to FAIL on the psychological level by telling them instead that NOT doing something is MORE COMPLEX !
When it rains, put on a raincoat. When it does not rain, it’s much more difficult, because you have first to put your coat on, and then take it off.

(d) Correct teaching means not demonstrating errors. Errors must remain strange, stick out because they are unfamiliar etc.
When you need to demonstrate an error, you must do it in the way that makes it distinct, different (by any means – erasing it, crossing it out putting it in a different place on the board, not alongside correct examples etc) The first thing you do in the course of your explanations is show the error side by side with the correct sentences, thus making the student remember them together – you again psychologically program him to fail later.



Thank you! very useful site)) my score 100%

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it doesn’t work i watch it on Youtube ????????


What about with asking questions in daily speech? For example:
What did she do?
What she did?

I know that the second question is grammatically incorrect but do people use that form of a question in daily speech?

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Thank you, Rebecca!
The lesson was great!

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I had answered with the wrong choice for the question 5 and 7 … i want to to understand if we have embedded question that mean we should late using (is , was or any personal pronouns ) in every cases or What ?


Thank you Rebecca!
I didn’t know that.
It was a very helpful lesson!

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This lesson is very helpful in many confused asking situations. Thanks ….


Hi, Rebbeca!
I love your clases. You are very gentle when you explain.
I`m feel comfortable!
Thank you very much!

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Thank you Rebecca.
hmmm, Class is going very fine

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You got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks Rebecca. This lesson is very easy to understand.

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Hello Rebecca, one more time your lesson has been very clear and easily to understand but it’s because you are very good at teaching and It’s obvious that you love your work.
Kisses from Barcelona (Spain)


    Yes, thank you Esther. I do love my work and my students. It has been a real honour to teach students of all ages from all over the world. My best wishes to you.

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    I’m absolutely agree with you.
    Tranks Rebecca.

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Thanks ms Rebecca I’m learning more and more with you.

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Thanks Rebecca ,I really appreciate it.Thanks again for your time and efforts.my best wishes to you .have a good one.


Rebecca, thank you so much!


Thank you.

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This is really helpful. Thanks for the lesson. But I still got one question about the embedded questions. If I wanna say for example “What would you do if your girlfriend slaps your face?” Is this sentence correct? Is the punctuation correct too? Thank you so much


    What would you do if your girlfriend slapped your face?

    That’s the correct answer. My best to you.

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I think it’s wrong to use a question mark in these questions.


Miss Rebecca! Your class is very easy for understanding! Thank you very much!!

Pascoa Miriam Mukden



Thanks Rebecca ,I really appreciate it.Thanks again for your time and efforts.my best wishes to you .have a good one


that is wonderful



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Thank you so much Rebecca! Excellent


thanks alot!


i like it so much…thanks!


Thanks Rabecca

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thnxx i scored 8

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Tanks alot,its very interesting.


You are so special person ..Hope you happy for the things that you do Mama

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    My best wishes to you too and I hope you enjoy your work as much as I do. Thank you.

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Rebecca I love you
you’re great teacher
thank you


Thank you so much. That was helpful.


teaching way is excelent….thanks

Rahul kumar

Rebecca teacher is good..thank


Thank you very much, Rebecca!
I can tell this lesson is very important since I had no idea how to build a sentence with an embedded question correctly. And yes, I should practice with the embedded questions a lot more now. Have a nice day!

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    How wonderful that you remain open to learning. That’s the way! My best to you.

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thanks so much

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Everybody knows how good you are.


Great !

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Thanks a lot

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Thank Rebecca, This lessons its excellent.

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wow . i wining 10 of 10 . i like it . really i like it .


thank u so much Rebecca…..
your lessons are clear and so useful……
i didn’t know this important topic :)

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wondful,,Rebecca,I can listen and understand.


Great lesson. Thanks teacher Rebecca.

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thank you so much Rebecca…..
what is difference between request (can & could)

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I really appreciate her calmness and great ability to teach. She reminds me a lot of a brilliant teacher I had.

Wish you the best, Ms Rebecca.


Hi Rebecca,
Could you tell me, which sentence is correct?
1) Do you know who was the building built by? or
2) Do you know who the building was built by?
Thanks so much.

Nandar Koes

thank you very much teacher for all your lessons .if only there are plenty of website like yours to teache us the other languages.

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Very very Good “Niyamai Godak Hodai”-Kandy Kolla


I am going to undertake the IELTS exam sometime soon and I haven’t been studying much because I get bored really easily when studying by myself. However, today I was really good, studied for hours and didn’t get bored and all I can say is – thanks to your videos! I get comfortable on the couch and watch your videos for hours. Great way to study!


Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this lesson!


Many thanks for this lesson, I’m just got confused after completed lesson, but I have to hard study more with english,

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wow! amazing lesson i never met before, thank you so much.


thank you very much . I like thes lesson


helping…..its amazing


thenks robecca mis

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:) i got 10 out of 10. many thanks to teacher, i love u. :)


I get the point, very useful. Thank you Rebecca.


thaks a lot

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Thanks for the lesson.


Thank a lot teacher.

Htun Lin Aung

Thank you Rebecca for your classes. I got a 100% on the quiz.
I would like learn about intonation. Where could I find something about it?
Thank you!


Thanks a lot for this kind of lessons. It is benefit for the students.


10 correct out of 10
Horray for me thank you Rebecca

Omar Hesham

I like this structure and always use it.To learn it better also bear in mind always there is verb in first sentence.for example;Tell me how I can go to stadium.
Am I right teacher ?

Safak Erman

As fabulous as can b !
10 out of ten,
Up Me !!

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Hello! It’s nice lesson but i’ve one question, in your examples you’ve used only “to be”, so my question is: Can we use it with other verbs? For example: Would you happen to know when he studied? or Could you tell me when the cathedral was built?

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Thank you so much , this lesson is much helpful !


Thank YOU


Thank you so much Rebecca, great lesson.

Li Ra

thanks alot


Hi Rebecca ….

Thank you very much ..
We ask God to be your business in balance ÍÓäÇĘß .. And all teachers, God willing

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thank u very much
i will take care after this time

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Hi Rebecca…
Thanks you it will helpful to me lot more


Dear Rebecca,
Do you teach by conversation on skype?


Very good explanation!

Mariella Parra

thank you teacher…..

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thank”s very much.really I like it


Thax a lot for the perfect lesson

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Thanks a lot, yu guys are the best teachers :)

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Kudos to you guys… All of you are excellent teachers… :)Simply the best…


4. I’m afraid I don’t know ______________________
when he will be back.
when will he be back.
In this quiz can you explain why the first one is correct




Lesson 2 for me


gracias… thank you so much, on youtube your videos are just amazing and helpful to me .. thank you :D


thank you for the english lessons this class of embedded questions helped me o lot you are great teachers

Adrian Lopez

You got 9 correct out of 10.

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you are the best teacher I love your lessons!!


thank you for this lesson I got 10 out of 10


out of 10 questions, I got 90 points in first practice, Thank you Rebecca.

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thanks Rebea

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i got 90

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Wow, it was very helpful!!!!

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    Hello Mrs Taila hope you are fine and doing well .Yes that’s great idea about learning English language very important because at the moment most people around the world try to learn this.



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I just know where the best English courses are. Thank you http://www.engvid.com. Thank you teacher.

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thank you teacher.


Thank you so much.I got 8 out of 10.

Ahmed Mohamed

It is amazing! I don´t remember to have been taught about such important grammar lesson!!! Never! Along ten years studying english…

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simply teatcher!! but the lessons is amazing !!! Thank you teacher


Thank you Teacher

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many thanks


Thank you, dear Rebecca! I love your lessons. Embedded questions are so confuse, but you know how to simplify!

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i like you rebecca thank you so much


Thank you Rebecca,
Very apreciated your lesson


Thank you so much Rebecca.


Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your lesson.
I just got 9 out of 10.
I will try harder then ever.
Have a nice day!


I great so thank you for helping

Fa haybe

Thank you very much teacher :)

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100% thank you so much teacher :)


i love you


hi ma’m rebecca.. i want you to correct my sentece if it’s correct please

john: hi grace do you know where leah is???

i want to know if we can use these question about asking somebody i mean if we are looking for someone could we use it???thanks so much.

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thank You for your help !
this lesson is great !

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Thanks a lot


Thank you…..

Maw Maw

Thanks a lot , really helpfall


Excellent Rebeca, I want you to know that this lesson is very helpful for me, thank you very much

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    Glad to hear it! All the best to you.

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Waw, I really interested with this lesson and Quiz . thanks teacher

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Hi, Teacher this is a goodway to learn.


The more I listen to you the more I like your manner & lessons. Thanks a lot, Rebecca.


This was a very good experience. Thanks to the team



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thanks rebecca. like always awesome!!!


I just made my mind to try play the game and it an easy one. Still I liked it and am looking forward to playing again.


    Sorry, I was not attentive enough as I was making my comment which resulted in some mistakes. I should have put it like this:
    I just made up my mind to try to play the game and it was an easy one. Still I liked it and am looking forward to playing again.


thanks rebbecca for lesson.I got 10 correct out of 10:)

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very interesting class. thanks rebecca

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thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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You are the best. Thank you so much

Taherehsepehri shepherd

My thanks to all of you for leaving your comments and feedback. It helps us to hear from you. My best wishes to all.

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Thank you very much. It helps me to be more confident when asking for some information.
You and your team are the best.


thanks for your help.i wish you good luck

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Thank you. You are a good teacher. My best wishes to you, Rebecca.

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I like your leccons

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thank you so much

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Hi Mam ,

Thanks for the information ,
I have one question , after watching this video i realized that even in case of asking normal questions i construct in a different way .
lets take one question as example in above question
eg.what time is the movie?
i usually ask it like : What is the movie time ?

Is this correct ?


    I am also confused

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thanks a lot..

tsultrim tashi

thanks teacher i want to ask you their are problem in my speak when someone speak to me i understand but when i speak to him, he did not understand with me

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    That’s why your pronunciation or intonation is wrong.
    You have to study phonetics or have to imitate native speakers. That’s my own way to make my English better. Our teacher Rebeca will help us if it needs.

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this lesson help me to understand how to make good idea and answer it. thank you cery much mam. :D


thank you Rebecca, it was a super lesson again :) All the best for you too :)


Thanks Rebecca.
This is great lesson.

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Thank you for useful lesson :):):)

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Can I speak to one of engvid’s teacher by skype or something another??????I want to speak to you naturally

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This was the first time I heard ‘ embedded question’, although I had used such structure in my sentences earlier. Thank you.

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Hi Rebecca,
I have a question, can you explain little more about the usage of “would you happen to know”?

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Sometimes how to arrange the order of embedded question is confusing me.
so this video was helpful for English learner like me.
Please continue to make more and more videos and teach great and beautiful English to people all over the world.
I appreciate this act highly. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca! You do great job – clear and simple tutorial on a complex topic!

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Thanks a lot Rebaca. I have a small problem to ask.
If I want to ask “Who is coming to the party tonight? as an embedded question it should be “Do you know who is coming to the party tonight.”
In here,I can’t see the order that you have mentioned in this video.So I’m bit confused.Could you please explain me it clearly. Thank You

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Good job dear it was really excellent I was confused Thanks again and again dear bye bye

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Ok, Rebecca, I got 90 % Thanks.

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tsewwarndi, I think must,( If you whould like please me to explain this ) :”Do you know who coming to the party tonight is ? “. Isn’t it Rebecca ?

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Thank you so much

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Hello again Robecca thank you so much this is the best lesson I’ve ever seen !

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I enjoyed it thank you!

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A very useful video, clear and comprehensible, but I have a concern: May I change the order in a single sentence? ex. “Who is she?” may I say: Do you know who she is? (is it correct?)
thanks beforehand!

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    You’re absolutely right!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Ok. Thanks a lot!!!

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Dear Teachers:

I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge, you are good persons. Your website is the best one in this kind of teaching.
Please go on.

Antonio Solis from Mexico

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excellent Rebecca!!

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Thank you mam,now only I’m studying this type lesson and I got 100% in this quiz.Thanks once again.

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I´m really confused Dear Teacher Rebecca ,firstly thank you very much for all you are doing for Us and your lessons are very useful,seccondly I want to know where the big deal is for using the first form?

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thanks a lot my dear teaher

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Dear Rebecca
‘Do you know what time the shop is open’?
is the above sentence correct?
9 th question:Do you know (if)your parents are at home?
what happen here ‘if’is not using?

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Nice, ten point ten. Thanks again.

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you are my favourite teacher in engvid :)

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Does anybody know where my pen is? I’m glad to correct myself via your lesson. It was short, compact and epigrammatic.

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I got 10 correct out of 10. thanks you very muchhh

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thanks a lot,Rebecca! i got 100%. Could you tell me when your next lesson is? Am i correct here? Also i am looking forward for some more lessons where i could learn some expressions that are really common among the native speakers. please

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Thanks Rebecca :) Love your style of teaching

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Thank you rebeca for your useful lesson, with your way of teaching is easy to undrestand everything.

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Thanks for having attract our attention on this subject of grammar.
Best regards.

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woooooooow nice lesson

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Please try to provide more quizzes. Like one more quiz for topic.

Thank you..

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Great lesson, Rebecca. Could you prepare more
quizzes on this subject?
Thanks in advance.

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Although I do not speak English
Thank you very much
I hope one day I can learn English …

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Thank you very much
My best wishes to you!

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Hi Rebecca, thanks for the lesson. I have a doubt on question 9. The question reads “Do you know if your parents are at home?”
My doubt is not about the embedded question but about the words “at home”. Shouldn’t it just say: “home”? “Do you know if your parents are home?”
Thanks, best regards!

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Thank you a lot for this astonishing video.

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Well done

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hello I am soufiane I’m student at a university in morocco I Want that begin learning english what easier method a learning

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what is the difference between all these pre questions
Can you tell me and could you tell me
would you know and would you happen to know.
When we will use them. Thankyou

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I don’t know how i have to figure out which one is right

1- I’m afraid I don’t know ______________________
when he will be back.
when will he be back.

By looking at your lecture, i figured out will should come at the end.

Similarly Here is another question from your quiz

10. Can you please tell me __________________________
why you were late?
why were you late?

Would you mind telling me, why the word is not in the end.
Please also correct my above sentence as i am unable to put ‘is’ in the end.

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wow i got 100!!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of Joseph Graham Joseph Graham

Every time, I surprised myself.
Thank you Rebecca.

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Following this rule, we have to say:
Can you say, how much this costs?
However, I often hear:
Can you say, how much does this cost?
Which is correct?

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thanks so much i am learning this topic in my university

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

thanks a lot.

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1000 thanks from Algeria

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