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i get my confidence by smoking weed before every job interview or any exams

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    thank you!!! Emma!!!

    Profile photo of jairo Bale jairo Bale

      Interesting topic for a lesson Emma, it was a complete revelation to me.

      Body language tells you a lot about an individual and the way s/he feels.

      So we should be aware of this fact especially for job interviews or tests.

      Until next time, take care.

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    el masreyeeen na2seeen fadaye7 :O( emotion_beyshno2_nafso)

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    hhhhhhhhhhh ya masri walahi dhkt ana

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    Lol, nice try dude!

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Before I take exams, I read books about English. Maybe weak pose…? When I take interviews, I feel really nervous, and my body became like a rock…haha ^^; Thank you for your interesting lesson, Emma. I wish you a happy 2015 :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    Emma, I wish you a happy 2015(^_^)/

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    hello Happy04! how was your test? I had an interview several months ago. but I was super nervous and failed. interviewer told me “it’s okay, just relax” but I just couldn’t. I’ve never had interview and spoken English so much like that before. Emma gives us really helpful tips. thank you so much :)

    Profile photo of BaoChau BaoChau

      Hi BaoChau :) When I had an interview (maybe about 20 years ago) in English, I was super nervous. So I couldn’t pass the test…haha ^^;

      Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

        wow! really long time ago. to me, interview in English is really great experiment although I was failed. nice to meet you!!!

        Profile photo of BaoChau BaoChau

When I started watching this video I remembered Amy Cuddy and her speech on Ted talks that I saw it the other day. Very very interesting, thank you Emma!

Profile photo of JuanPablo01 JuanPablo01

On 1st Jan I was taken an interview for a job, I tried to do all these. Lets see what would be the result!!! Hoping for the best…

Thanks Emma by the way.

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What if the person feel ashamed?
Thanks emma…..

Profile photo of Dr.solaiman Dr.solaiman

    Hi friend!
    I think you do not have to feel ashamed, if you are prepared, if you have the qualifications in your CV, if you are well dressed and so on…etc..
    just relax after seeing that is all ok with you and be confident!
    No shame!!


    Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

      Thanks my friend. For given me this advances. Your words supported me .

      Profile photo of Dr.solaiman Dr.solaiman

Absolutely right, especially about the bigger space Thanks Emma, bathroom/mirror part before the session also helps a lot. Thanks Emma, and all of you precious lovely people.

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Thank you Emma for your Wonderful lessons
I saw Amy Cuddy’s Lecture at Ted Talk . so i’m really impressed about her ideas . I hope your lesson and her lecture affect others too . this is Amy’s profile at Harvard business school


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First of all thank you very much for this video.It made me understand how important our behavior affects our thougts.But let me excuse I realised something in your quiz and it made me disurb that last question’s options are including “Emma’s dog!” to question of who Amy Cubby is.Maybe just Amy you say in the question is acceptable but you are talking about a “person”.I hope you can fix this mistake.
Sincerely yours..

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thank you for this lesson. i think the eye contact is vital and essential.

Profile photo of Mena Abdelmalak Mena Abdelmalak

Hello.Thanks Emma. When i speak with someone, i starting to feel nervousi. Now i will do a power pose every time.

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Very useful. Thanks

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I don’t know why zhe vidio can’t be seen?

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    If you are visiting the site from China, Youtube is blocked! You might have to use a VPN.

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I can writ AR AL

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Thank you

Profile photo of pary pary

Thanks for you Emma, i like you so much.

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thank you very much emma ….this way is one of the best ways to do it when we take an exam or job interview…that was so helpful to me ^__^

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Which is the name Emma’s dog?

Profile photo of Jovanetty Jovanetty

Amat victoria curam. Thank you Emma!)

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I’m practicing my poses already!

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my english so baddddddddd… :(
pease help me

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Good Lesson!

Thanks Emma!

JEsus bless you more and more!

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In my case I get confident by praying to God in Jesus’name before the challenges…
but this tip is very useful, it is one more help for me..!

Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

Thanks for the interesting lesson Emma! I love your smile!

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Thank You Emma you are very funny.

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Thank teacher.
I am wating for another Lesson.
I hope we will see you soon.

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Thanks Emma

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Hi Emma! I am studying for TOELF and IELTS test and I am very nervous about it! I couldn’t realize, but I was in a weak pose while watching your video. When I decided to change it, i started to feel a little more confortable! I’ll do the test in August. Thank you so much! :D

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Thank you Emma. Your classes help me.

Profile photo of Arnilson Arnilson

Hi,thanks Emma.
I listen to Amy Cuddy’s speech on TED before this lesson.I learn to change my body and it will be change my mind to make me more confidences.

Profile photo of tammy chun tammy chun

emma, what if he has real big muscles and still feel unconfident what to do then ?!!

Profile photo of saynow saynow

    …Talk to a therapist?

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thanks for ur lesson I will try ur to do power pose when I will take a test. This is actually a nice idea.
I got 7 out of 8 that means I am learning! :)

Profile photo of dhriti dhriti

Thanks Emma. I will follow all your advices !

Profile photo of Luke Luke

That’s PNL and if we follow this instructions we’ll get better results not only in the interiews, but in life.

Profile photo of sandra maia sandra maia

    Sorry, what’s PNL?

    Profile photo of TiagoC7 TiagoC7

Thanks Emma. This has been studied scientifically, mainly with gorillas, and is called the behaivor of the alpha male.
It really works for other situations too, as for a business interview.

Profile photo of herneyeduardo herneyeduardo

thank you,Emma
I like the way you are teaching
this way depends no taking about a topic and learning
the language at the same time
love you, thanks again

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Thanks Emma for the great lesson.
Power poses seem to be effective.

I was wondering if the same concept of space also applies to “bigger house”, “bigger car”, and so on.
This sounds a bit American …

Your classes are always interesting and useful.

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Thank you Emma, I’ll try this technique!

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    hey, are you ok? if you want improve your english, we can to train.
    my Skype is ailton.rios90

    see you next time!

    Profile photo of Boy Rios Boy Rios

      Hi! Nice to meet you! I’ll add you to my contact list in Skype :)

      Profile photo of Ksenia Rybka Ksenia Rybka

        Hi Ksenia Rybka, I’m looking for someone for speaking and It would be useful and nice if you add me as a contact, we can speak English with one another.this is my Skype ID : arsinr rabiee

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          Hi Arsinr! That’s a good idea! I’ll be glad to practise English with you :)

          Profile photo of Ksenia Rybka Ksenia Rybka

          My skype ID: luminianis

          Profile photo of Luminianis Luminianis

        Hi. If you want, you can add me too. We could improve our english togheter ;) Have a good day!

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          Hi! I think it is a good idea to practice english by skype too …can i add your skpe? :D thanks

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          hi,Paiiridy,if you like,we can practice english together,let help each other in our spare time,my skype:919512836@qq.com

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        Skype opukhan24

        Profile photo of opukhan24 opukhan24

    hi nice to meet u :)

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Thank you so much emma it real was an amazing lesson to boost my confidence

Profile photo of Amar Amor Amar Amor

thanks it was very nice lecture
wish you all the best my dear teacher emma

Profile photo of abdirahman adam abdirahman adam

Thank you Emma. This tip will help us to be more confident in tests or whatever situations more. You are a great teacher. That is good to learn from here not just English, but also things releated to life in general. Thank u dear

Profile photo of thelearner thelearner

Thanks Emma its a very good lesson for everyone who is nervous before interview.

Profile photo of pravinptd3r pravinptd3r

thanks.. Emma.

Profile photo of chulho kim chulho kim

nice topic and good teacher

Profile photo of salehsaeed salehsaeed

That’s really works!!!!!!!!! 100 point for me.


Hi! dear Emma
many thanks. power poses!!! that’s funny to do thank you again

Profile photo of frankyforlife frankyforlife

8/8 hi Emma. You are right about that, but the truth is when you take a winner pose isn’t not only in your English exam that you will win, but in all your life. In all sort of situations.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Thank you Emma. You are a very good teacher.

Profile photo of jcsouza jcsouza

Good Night, dear Emma! I am very happy, because I have a interesting teacher now! You spoke of confidence of way so special, that I learned it easily. My congratulations! This is the way! You are a teacher very essential for us! Thank yuo for oportunity! You are a star of education! The end it’s 8/8.


Thank you!

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This site is very useful. Everybody has do it and develop,improove his knowledge and experience. Thanks very much

Profile photo of abu xadice abu xadice

100% this day is perfect! XD

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Boas dicas, Emma! Você fala muito bem e com gestos perfeitos para levar a mensagem. Parabéns, Teacher!

Profile photo of mariaamalia mariaamalia

This was a highly useful lesson since it pertains to mental and bodily comfort for interview or test takers. All the performance during an examination associates with the thinking ability and confidence on physical and knowledge competence. Hats off for the double hit with one stone! :)

Profile photo of omaxios omaxios

I got 5 correct out of 8 , I try to learn more.
Thank you for teaching.

Profile photo of Morgan Morgan

    Cheer up! Don’t let it get you down!

    Making mistakes is an excellent learning too.

    Good luck with your English Morgan.

    Bye for now.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      You see? I made a mistake, as usual, but I learned a bit more.

      CORRECTION: ” . . . an excellent learning TOOL”.

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

thank you Emma mam

Profile photo of SathiVinod SathiVinod

Thanks a lot Emma. The lesson very clear.

Profile photo of Faqeer3 Faqeer3

thanks emma for all you did for us

Profile photo of rafelsogo rafelsogo

Hi Emma. The lack of confidence on myself didn´t allow me improve my English speaking, but right now it´s changed definitly. Very useful advices. Thank You.

Profile photo of Alexander Alexander

thank u emma mam!!

dis is my first test,even i am newly sing up in ur web,tanq tanq tanq i will prepare my skill in ur lesson’s.

Profile photo of Navin chandu Navin chandu

Just first time for EngVid.
Let start

Profile photo of Moouzi Moouzi

Emma thank you so much! I got 8out of8 in the quiz! I did what you have told us in the lesson before. Consequently, I am going to try this in my next test and I am sure it will works then.

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You know ,this is what i have been waiting for.Such as this lesson. Have a good day

Profile photo of MOHAMMED5555 MOHAMMED5555

It is a little difficult, If I try to keep a pose or different poses, I feel more nervous and the other person can see it.
Thanks Ema

Profile photo of betcheva23 betcheva23

Oh my God ,it’s so awesome :)
thanks Emma!
I’ll try what i learned from you in my Exams Inshaallah.
could you tell me how can be a good writers please????

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I’m sorry about my English mistakes :)

Profile photo of chadchoudZ chadchoudZ

i cannot watch the videos… :(

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cool thanks Emms

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thank you Emms

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thanks Emma

Profile photo of almihamdi almihamdi

thanks Emma

Profile photo of sami sami

thanks so much, was very interesting.

Profile photo of javier09 javier09

itI think the most effective for to feel confident it’s tray to control our mind and our fears

Profile photo of MarlonB5 MarlonB5

I feel more powerful after watching this lesson!!
Thank you!

Profile photo of Andrewphilip Andrewphilip

Thank you !! I will pose before go out for apply my job!

Profile photo of Trent Trent

thank you

Profile photo of babyflow2 babyflow2

Hi, teacher, sometimes happend the same to me, I prepare all the information that I need to explain and finally I got nervus, what happend?

Profile photo of Victor Lopez Victor Lopez

Thanks Emma for this secret and your way of teaching is so friendly, during watching video I felt that she’s my family member.
Good work and keep it up with new and nice things.

Have a nice day.

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I Got It :)

Profile photo of Kristy Belle Kristy Belle

good lesson…thank you so much Emma…

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Thank you so much

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Good lesson for learn about body language

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Very good!

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hallo emma i like you very much i want too meet you one days

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thanks emma mam

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Amazing lesson, thank you Emma

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Thank you so much Emma,your lessons are amazing

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Emma, thanks for your lessons.

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Nice lesson.Thank you, Emma. 您辛苦…

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That’s good i like it and i’ll try for do it

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it’s very helpful. Thanks Emma for wonderful teaching.

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thanks a lot

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no offense Emm, but I think to be confident you should prepare more

Profile photo of Anuar is from Kazakhstan Anuar is from Kazakhstan

Thank you, Emma! Very useful information. Will try

Profile photo of Niurochka Niurochka

Thank you, Emma!
I agree with you, it’s important to use power poses in dirrerent situations.

Profile photo of VyacheslavK VyacheslavK

Thank you,it is very helpful.

Profile photo of Sarbastshakir Sarbastshakir

100% thanks emma

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Emma, It is Amazing!!!!

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Thanks Emma. I got 90%.

Profile photo of Joshisadanandan Joshisadanandan

Thank You Emma. 75

Profile photo of unsuzdusunur unsuzdusunur

I agree with you, body langague is very important! Thanks for video Emma, for the first time I whatched it without sub and I got 100 :)

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    Profile photo of SimoneTruglia SimoneTruglia

Thank you Emma ! I like your lessons =)

Profile photo of Irina878 Irina878

Hello, Emma, this topic sounds interesting. Exactly, body languages can reveal a person’s inner thoughts and moods. But I seldom notice myself in body language. Thanks, Emma, for your reminding.

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hello Emma! thanks a lot!

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6 correct :)

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bigger better stronger. Thanks

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You always have exciting lessons Emma :)

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Thanks Emma you are a good teacher

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Thank you Emma. Very good lesson.

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Emma Dog? LoL

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i wanna a name for any pronunciation program and promote my pronunce , please and thanks in advance

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thank you Emma for helping us

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That’s great! Very important observations. Thank you!

Profile photo of Lelelena Lelelena

    I agreed with you …

    Profile photo of boulMed boulMed

    You are welcome dear Elena :) I hope you are going to get your lovely dreams which are Balalaika,Vodka and a sweet home :) Greeting from AZERBAIJAN :)

    Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

You got 8 correct out of 8.

Thanks Emma, very helpful lesson.

Profile photo of alnasser alnasser

Thank you so much i learn much,i got 8 out of 8

Profile photo of Nicezy Nicezy

Today’s lesson was very funny and interesting! Your body languages were splendid.
I feel I am able to confident. Thank you so much Emma!

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this is my first quiz and its nice

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This is amazing, I can’t wait, I will start to practice this at home!!!!!
So nice!!!!
Thank you so much, teacher Emma, I will never forget about it! :)

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Thank you so much !!!!!

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Thanks Emma

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Emma thnk you to mach but how can speaking englisg like you

Profile photo of bcola bcola

Thank you for your advises. Tomorrow I’ll have the writing, reading and interview test. I’ll use your advise to make me more confident.

Profile photo of CHUNLIGA CHUNLIGA

Thank you Emma but this wont work in my country .
when you go the high school final test police will be around the school and they search us for any weapons or cheating papers.. though many people pass but it will scare the shit out of you !! sorry i just wanted to do the past lesson of yours !!

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Thanks Emma!

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Thank you Emma, It’s a good advice.

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Thank you Teacher Emma :D

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Hi Emma your lesson was greatfull, thanks a lot of, you have a kind of magic to teach, see you son at the next lesson

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Amy Cuddy’s story is amazing.

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i would like to add someone to more practice
skype : kaaammal

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So good lesson, this even helps me to enswer questions of this video … hahaaaaaaaa

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this my first comment. all i want to say ” thanks you are the best”

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Great.. I can solve all questions correctly. Thanks Ms. Emma for Video n Quiz today

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now I understand

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emma you really good teacher

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I got 8 correct out of 8. Perfect score!
Thanks for teaching teacher Emma.

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    just you are simple that’s all )

    Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

Thanks a lot Emma

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Thanks.. Emma

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Thanks emma :-)

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I’ll push myself further

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Good Lesson! I’m gonna take an interview, I feel strong!

Profile photo of jcuevas jcuevas

hi, thanks too match , its the biggest a problem happened in my live , after graduation from university i mead a lot of interview but i can not pass because i was very nervous during the interview . i tried to pose more power and confident

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Nice job !!!

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i´m enjoy the way what you do the class! you´re very expresive and that help us too much. cool

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Thanks Emma

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its really interesting and useful
for me thank u Emma

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thanks Emma

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I don’t agree about the result on question 6!

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i’ll try for my next job interview ;)

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I answered emma’s dog just for fun

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I cannot find where I can download the videos.

Profile photo of nyinyizaw969 nyinyizaw969

    That’s because you can’t.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Thank you

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can you tell me some information about indirect question

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Thank You

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thanks lot

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emma you rock ¡¡¡

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Good topic! … thank you Emma :)

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Power poses are so special ways to increse my confidence before making a presentation or taking an interview,thanks Emma~

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thanks, Emma.

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That was a great hint Emma..thank you!

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emma you,re amazing

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any body help…where is the video i did,t find it

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it’s possible practice English by facebook?

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Thanks Emma!! Power Emma, Power English!!

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Thanks Emma ,i’m fresh graduated and i’m looking for ajob ,your advices ‘re useful for me

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Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Abdallah Abdallah

I don’t need to do some power poses,It’s enough to look at your appearance ;) Emma you are great teacher ever seen.Kiss you and Hugs :*

Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

i love this kind of topic Emma;) thank you so much

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Thanks. very intersting tips/

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Wonderful lesson in self development before learning anything . Tnx Emma

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It’s very nice lesson Emma,I got confidence from this video.i will speak English fluency . Thank u Emma

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thank you emma

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8/8,Very good Interview tips Emma, Thank you very much.

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8/8. Simple tips but very useful. Thanks to this Miss Emma.

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These wrong answers are for more interesting and amusing.

Profile photo of BABYBEAR BABYBEAR

thanks.. Emma.

Profile photo of MostafaHabeeb MostafaHabeeb

helpful thank Emma

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thank you Emma,for share us your knowledge

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Thank you Emma!! Feeling powerful.. :)

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thanks so much

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nice muscles emma!

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Emma you are so nice, thank you, I love it. I love it. All your lessons are very useful.

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Emma <3

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thank you so much, i’m really terrified of speaking,
but now it is more better!! :)

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, i’m really terrified of speaking,
but now it is more better!! :)thanks

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Thank you Emma!Your lessons is wonderful!

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Thanks . Just a want mention one things how we can download this videos plz plz tell me guys .in cellphone

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Thank you Emma!Your lessons is wonderful! and i understood, thanks

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thank you emma

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It is amazing, By the way it is useful about power poses. Thumbs Up!

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Thanks a lot Emma

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thank you, Emma.

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thanks Emma for your lessons, I really appreciate this

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this lesson is making me with more confident and power pose
Thanks Emma <3

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Good advice..

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Thank you Emma, fantastic lesson

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Thanks Emma, wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of Leminhhuong1304 Leminhhuong1304

I almost put Emma’s dog in the last quetion of the quiz for Amy Cuddy… rsrsrs. I’m joking.

Excellent video teacher Emma. Thank you.

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Profile photo of Antonio Madrid Ruiz Antonio Madrid Ruiz

Emma, You’re AMAZING! You are helping me A LOT with my improvement! TKS SOOOO MUCH! ♥

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Dear teacher,
I got 88 marks.

Profile photo of RENJITHV RENJITHV

Hi Teacher,I got 88/100 score equivalent 7/8 answers are true.
Thank so much.I still understanding about that,Maybe I will re-hear this lesson.:D

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thank you emma….your videos are fabulous

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I got 7 correct of out 8, Thank Emma.

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Great Thank you very much!!

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Thank u Emma you are the best.

Profile photo of ckaracan ckaracan

Well I studied for more than 5 years actor´s career in a very important place that is certified by the State. The pose and gestures are very important to the mind and the watcher, so Emma Im very agree with you, now im looking up on google who is Amy Cuddy . Of course in exam spite of all of gestures the key is that you have to study, but the look of the other, and how the character moves and feels is very important. Well think about the politics and famous persons who are guided by counselors.
I liked this lesson, thanks Emma.

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Thank you.

Profile photo of Ekral patwary Ekral patwary

Thanks Emma,a great practice to get more confidence.

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i got 88%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

Thanks, Emma. I have watched all of teachers in Engvid.com. But i think you are the best teacher who i have ever learnt. Your voice is a standard British native speaker. Although i feel American accent is easier to listen and understand. However i really like your voice and your lecture.

Profile photo of trungch trungch

Thanks, Emma.If think about my body’s positioning
how I think about the exam.

Profile photo of nickandr nickandr

Thanx Emma

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Thank you. It was a very useful lesson.

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Thanks Emma for your valuable tips!!!

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Thank you..Emma

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Thank you emma, nice lesson.

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thanks Emma it was useful.

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8 out of 8

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What a wonderful information!
I’ll try high power poses every time I feel nervous.
Thank you Emma.

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Thank you Emma :)

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thank you so much

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You got 8 correct out of 8

thank you for your effort

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I got 7/8! Thanks for your lesson!

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you’re the best English teacher I’ve ever met)

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Nice lesson..Just be optimistic, positive yourself and workout on regular basis can us more confidence always..Good luck everyone with your English..ALL the best

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thanks for these information.

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thank you emma


hi Emma,i’ve learned a lot of your very special lessons and topics, i also like the way you explain the idea. but your lesson for today was for me a piece of cacke (easy peasy).. thanks a lot and take care..

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Thank you very much Teacher Emma. Now I want to sharing about power pose. Have you heard about The Serama (Malay Ayam Serama), also called the Malaysian Serama is a bantam breed chicken. It’s has power pose and normally many events have been organized for competition. The competition similar with beauty contest. For more details you can check on google.

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    I just looked it up. That is one confident chicken!

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Thanks Emma appreciate your effort

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Thanks Teache Emma I have confident to test myself of this quiz?

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Thank you, Emma.

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I got 100 scores, thank a lot for Emma

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I feel that it,s superb about my personality. Thanks a lot Dearest Teacher

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Interesting! Confident body language. Thanks, Emma

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Thank you for this lesson, I hope you are well.

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Thanks a lot. Emma.
Very good teaching.

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Thanks a lot Emma!
Amazing Class!

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very thank you about this video . the best way to take a power and be confidence is to ask (ALLAH = THE GOD) to help. because he have all real power in this world


Thank you very much Ms. Emma especially for funny quiz.

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thanks a lot for this series of videos.

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Thank you Emma !!!!

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ahhh good i got more convidence…
I’d like to inceraise my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking with me on a regular basis? i m wiating for
My whatsapp number is +62 81912935573
Thank you. Amos

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