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Choose the best word to fill in the first blank.
To build a tree house, _______, choose a sturdy tree. _______, you should design the treehouse before you begin to build. _______ you should start with the floor. ________, you build the walls. _______, you can build a roof.

Choose the best word to fill in the second blank.
To build a tree house, _______, choose a sturdy tree. _______, you should design the treehouse before you begin to build. _______ you should start with the floor. ________, you build the walls. _______, you can build a roof.

Choose the best word to fill in the third blank.
To build a tree house, _______, choose a sturdy tree. _______, you should design the treehouse before you begin to build. _______ you should start with the floor. ________, you build the walls. _______, you can build a roof.

Choose the best word to fill in the fourth blank.
To build a tree house, _______, choose a sturdy tree. _______, you should design the treehouse before you begin to build. _______ you should start with the floor. ________, you build the walls. _______, you can build a roof.

Choose the best word to fill in the last blank.
To build a tree house, _______, choose a sturdy tree. _______, you should design the treehouse before you begin to build. _______ you should start with the floor. ________, you build the walls. _______, you can build a roof.

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excellent lesson but can we use atlast instead of finally or lastly and can we say that firstly you have to read the reciepe followed by purchase of ingredients.

Saturday, February 13th 2010

    hiii you better english techer

    Thursday, September 2nd 2010

    in my view we can’t use atlast instead of finally or lastly and same thing about firstly.( I am keen interest to learn english, I want to develop my english language soon before i search any job, so i request your goodself to help me a lot, to improve my language of all category like speaking, listening,writing and reading too. thanks your good help. congratulation.

    Monday, January 24th 2011

      same also here, i am also keen to learn english, then i will search for any job

      Friday, February 13th 2015

      firstly is acceptable. but Today it is kind of outdated. my suggestion is first, secondly and thirdly…

      Saturday, April 18th 2015

    very good

    Saturday, July 23rd 2011

    I finally understand this! Valen you are my hero I”m a college girl. Love SRI!

    Wednesday, February 20th 2013

    Finally and at last are not used in the same way.Only use at last when you have been waiting for a long time for something to happen e.g. At last i’ve passed the IELTS exam!

    Saturday, April 18th 2015


    Saturday, March 25th 2017

awesome video………………..*_^

Saturday, February 13th 2010

thanks alot now i can undurstand how i can put them order

Saturday, February 13th 2010

    thanks a lot *

    Sunday, May 7th 2017

thanks, great video. but i don’t understand why do you say while like( well) I’m ESL student At New York but we pronounce while like ( wail). maybe it’s canadian accent. thank you

Saturday, February 13th 2010

    I agree whit you!

    Thursday, February 18th 2010

      yeah, I have the same question. Could you tell us what is the right pronunciation? thanks.

      Thursday, August 25th 2011

        While is pronounce like “why” + “el” not like “well” which Valen keeps saying.

        Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

      I agree which you all so!

      Thursday, October 30th 2014

thx~ your lesson. but i have a Q.
why did you use ‘the’ in front of oven? and ‘a’ in front of pan?
i don’t know what is difference..

Saturday, February 13th 2010

    I guess the difference whould be that you use “the” when you’re talking about an specific thing. She said “the oven” becouse we use to have justo ONE oven in home. On the other side, you use “a” for meaning “one”. She said “a pan”, because we can imaginate you have several pans in your home, but we need just one of them.

    Sunday, April 4th 2010

      yes, I agree with u!

      Saturday, January 15th 2011

      We only need one of them, but maybe she have several pans with the same shape, same mark, same price,… So i think “a” is correct choice.

      Thursday, June 23rd 2011

      in my opinion ,when you r listning to these lectures you must also consider a little bit of grammar too ,if you had read ARTICALS then you feel ease to understand it.XD :)

      Tuesday, August 9th 2011

Good lesson thanks

Monday, February 15th 2010

    i agreed with this video. it is helpful for me to improve

    Monday, January 24th 2011

Very helpful video

Tuesday, February 16th 2010

Hi Val,

This is like the third time I see one of your videos and I just want to say Congratulations! You have the special ability to explain your lessons in a way that they are easy to understand.


Wednesday, February 17th 2010

Best teacher for best lessons < thanks alot

Wednesday, February 17th 2010

Thanks alot.
But Now your speaking very quickly plz
explain the lesson in sowlly.

Thursday, February 18th 2010

    that’s right

    Saturday, July 17th 2010

Great job!

Thursday, February 18th 2010

Really it helps me to improve my right words in appropriate position in the paragraph. This video is actually helpful.

Thursday, February 18th 2010

good lesson , and i want more practice for the lesson thanks a lot

Friday, February 19th 2010

add more lessons pls!

Friday, February 19th 2010

Thanks ur lesson. I want more about grammar lesson pls explain when to use has, have,had .

Sunday, February 21st 2010

Dear Valen ,
Thanks for these great lessons .
And you are a very nice teacher .

Waiting for your kind reply


Monday, February 22nd 2010

    really you teach very nice mam

    Saturday, June 20th 2015

very nice and helpful lesson.i am very thankful to you for this lesson.

Monday, February 22nd 2010

valen….you are very nice and beautiful teacher, thanks..

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010

Thanks! you’are doing a great job

Wednesday, February 24th 2010

the best(and pretty) english teacher i’ve ever seen

Wednesday, February 24th 2010

thank you

Thursday, February 25th 2010

MISS VALEN pls give some tips on spoken english.

Saturday, February 27th 2010

i like u

Saturday, February 27th 2010

Helpful method and good writing recipe,Thanks a lot.

Saturday, February 27th 2010

Good! Thanks!

Sunday, February 28th 2010

keep up this good job bb

Sunday, February 28th 2010

I’m enjoying watching this lesson!

Monday, March 1st 2010

    hi ..i liked ur lesson …plz do put some more video if u cn….ty

    Tuesday, August 31st 2010

      nice mam thanks a lot

      Tuesday, March 20th 2012


        Sunday, February 8th 2015

I am talling from bangladesh.your lesson is very nice and helpful. But I thing that you will use a lot of exampal.

Monday, March 1st 2010

actually u’re right in use a proper examples
well done, keep going we are waiting alot ….

Monday, March 1st 2010

you are very fast writer :)

Tuesday, March 2nd 2010


Tuesday, March 2nd 2010

first of all i should thank to you for such kind of presentation. next you are really a good presenter that i never seen in my life…this all of your way to deliver of speach was really fantastic. Thanks once again..

Saturday, March 6th 2010


First of all I inform that I am thinking to migrate to CANADA ,Next I will join your English classes ,After that I will give to Exam and finally I will got Degree overthere.

Best Regards,


Tuesday, March 9th 2010

Thank you Valen was a litle confuse.

Wednesday, March 10th 2010

:) what is the difference between “i wonder” and “i am wondering?”

Thursday, March 11th 2010

hai , vallen u r amaging . i am from india . i like american english that is why i follow u r lessons . those are excelent . i sincielry thank u .. u r presation impresed me alot … thanks agian ………………………….

Thank you vallen … u r student . jamie from india..

Thursday, March 18th 2010

hi teacher Valen,, uhhh.. could you please teach us how to use
do did does
have and has
thank you so much

Sunday, March 21st 2010

    hi ! valen i’m from laos ,I really couple of your lessons and they all were great. I like your teaching way that as I think made every student to understand your lesson. I wanna say to you that you explanation is good and you are fantastic. Keep up that good job.
    thank so much

    Tuesday, May 10th 2011

      Mr. engVid loves Laos!

      Friday, May 13th 2011

She is very attractive and lovely lady. I have seen few vidoes of her and really appreciete her effort.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2010

I really couple of your lessons and they all were great. I like your teaching way that as I think made every student to understand your lesson. I wanna say to you that you explanation is good and you are fantastic. Keep up that good job.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2010

My first sentence is( I really watched couple of your lessons.)
Also(I wanna say to you that your explanation is good).
That is my correction of some of my mistakes.

Tuesday, March 23rd 2010

great i can learn English now


Wednesday, March 24th 2010

Hi Valen
I have a question.
I would like to know what is different between “Hey, Hi, Hello”
Thank a lot.
bye for now

Friday, March 26th 2010

    Hi there,
    Generally speaking,as u know all has 1 meaning.But,Hello is more formal than Hi n Hey is not a polite word 2 use.U can use it 4 ur close friends.
    Glad I could help.

    Sunday, January 22nd 2012

Hi I’m Arturo from Monterrey
It’s great the way you all teachers do. It’s like being in the States. I’m learning so much especially the common expressions which we can hardly find in any English book. Thans so much!!!

Tuesday, March 30th 2010

Hi Madam!

You are a good teacher. You have some magic of teaching method.
hats off.

Thursday, April 1st 2010

I’m very happy to find this website. Thanks.

Thursday, April 1st 2010

Hi Valen.
I like a lot of your classes. I learned too much with you.
I never saw a person be able to write and delete as fast as you. And this is fantastic. Congratulations!
I hope that you post more classes in this site.
thanks a lot.

Thursday, April 1st 2010

Hi Valen
I’d like u to expalin the use of some prepositions like IN, ON, AT, in expressions like “on the top of…”, “at the top of…” or “in the wall”, “on the wall” what expression is correct and what is the logic to follow?
Thanks in advance
I’ll be waiting for your reply

Friday, April 2nd 2010

Hi Valen, coul you explain the meaning of between and among?Thank you and have a nice day

Saturday, April 3rd 2010

hi my favorite teacher…… iam learning here to be honest the pronunciation and so onnnnnn thanks youuuuu

Saturday, April 3rd 2010

someone to practice englishhhhhh?? i from lima.- peru if you want just write here thanksss you

Saturday, April 3rd 2010

It is interesting. we learen this way easily.

Sunday, April 4th 2010


Saturday, April 10th 2010

this is me Anas from morocco, i really enjoyed watching these exellent videos. thanks a a lot.
by the way you a great teacher Valen.
keep on.
best reggards.


Sunday, April 11th 2010

Can you teach more about if? And also words frequently used to describe statistics or any presentation on performance? You have been a great help!

Tuesday, April 13th 2010

I am confused when to use had, has & have. Even more confused why there is have had, had had…Any practical ways/rules to identify when to use it? To play safe I would normally use straight past tenses but there was a feedback from my American bosses that they cannot get my explanations clearly. Please help!

Tuesday, April 13th 2010


Amazing lessons! I was trying to find a site where I can learn ways to improve politeness in my spoken and written english. I realized I need to work on my grammar as well! I would appreciate if you can let me know if there are specific lessons on politeness as that is the current need of the hour for me. Also if there are similar lessons to learn German and Italian.
Thank you and please keep up the great work.

Wednesday, April 14th 2010

Love it. Greaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

Tuesday, April 20th 2010

Hi Valen,

I love all of your lesson its always good to clear concept.I would like to learn all this in the class. Can you plz let me know is it possible to join your classes in Toronto??

thanks and regards

Tuesday, April 20th 2010

    I like your lessons so much

    Tuesday, October 5th 2010

I am very happy with you.

Saturday, April 24th 2010

Thank you very much I like your lessons so much

Sunday, April 25th 2010

Valen,thank you .You are good teacher

Wednesday, April 28th 2010

thanks alot :>

Sunday, May 2nd 2010

Hi Valen,

I like the way U delivered the lessons. simple and comprehensible. give us more about spoken and written English.

Monday, May 3rd 2010

its to easy..just kidding, will thanks a lot

Wednesday, May 5th 2010


Wednesday, May 5th 2010

Thanks it was very clear the way how you use the recipe e.g.

Wednesday, May 12th 2010

thank u for your lesson

Wednesday, May 12th 2010

I like how you teach the lesson.
I appreciate the professional skill that you have.
I want lessons longer, because I listen
time and receive better teaching pronunciation

With thanks, George

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

hi, ms.velan ESL . its great . your class is interesting

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

    Thank you very much ms.velen esl. its great. of course your class is very interesting,,,

    Sunday, June 20th 2010

thans….for ur help!

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

Hi Velan:
I love this video. You did a great job for selecting this topic to explain the sequencing words. I wonder whether I can add a comma after the words “first”, “next”, “then” and use it as sentence openers.
I look forward to receiving your reply. Thank you in advance for your help.

Happy Learn
May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

Hi Valen:
I am very sorry for mispelling your name in my previous message.
I’ll make sure to spell your name, Valen, correctly in future messages.

Happy Learn
May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19th 2010

i could understand your explanatoin. you teach in proper mathod

Saturday, May 22nd 2010

u are very exellent teacher. u teach proper method. thank techer

Saturday, May 22nd 2010

thank u miss Valen : )

great lesson

Sunday, May 23rd 2010

thank u teacher

great lesson
I’ ve enjoyed it very much

Sunday, May 23rd 2010

    hello NiNi.Can I to make friend with U? I am learning English

    Sunday, May 5th 2013

I like how you teach the lesson.
I appreciate the professional skill that you have.
I want lessons longer, because I listen
time and receive better teaching pronunciation
English.valen I admire you! please send me your email address for more communication

Tuesday, May 25th 2010

Dear valen I appreciate you since I watch your video.I would like to know where is your current Address.please send me your full address(Email,Po.Box,Phone,Mobile)

Tuesday, May 25th 2010

i like it. 5 stars!

Thursday, May 27th 2010

your lession is very very intresting. i appreciate your good effect. take care Best of luck.

Sunday, May 30th 2010

Great dear your teaching method is as good as you looks.

Tuesday, June 1st 2010


    Sunday, August 31st 2014

Thanks a lot
I really learnt a lot from your lesson

Saturday, June 5th 2010

teacher of valen definition is good to learn

Wednesday, June 9th 2010

Thanks a lot!!!
Your lesson is very useful

Thursday, June 10th 2010

Great lesson! But please correct your pron of ‘while’ – it sounds like ‘well’.

Thursday, June 10th 2010

It’s real a pleasure for me to be a part of this web-site.I recently got information about this web-site through youtube where I watched a few lectures deliverd by Miss Valen.I realy like her way of teaching.The way she teaches is superb. I learnt a lot of new things regarding English language.I’ve never been a good speaker but after taking a few lectures of Miss valen I feel much improvement in my language.I hope in the future time I will keep on attending her lectures and improve myself furthur.

May you live long!
With best wishes’

Shahid idrees

Sunday, June 13th 2010

tanks a lot .
your teaching and lesson is very helpful.
i want to take 2 or 3 more excercises of the same topic

Monday, June 14th 2010

Miss Vale,ihope taht you will be fine.The way of your way of explaining the lession is improssive and beautiful.That is very helpful for me to understand english grammer.
wish you a best of luck.
M R abbasi

Tuesday, June 15th 2010

Hello Everyone! I am very happy because I’ve found this useful site and willing to teach teachers! you are great! I really like the way you all teach your students thanks. Walter Tucuman Argentina.

Tuesday, June 15th 2010

hello i love ur lesson and i hope to improve my english one day ,, anyway i hope to do more about writing and grammer i love how u teach and i want ask u where u teach ?? in witch city becouse now i live in london and i cant found agood teacher ,, thanx u alot ,, with all my regarts salma ,,

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Friday, June 18th 2010

hello dear velen
how are u doing?iam new in this site and i have been seeing ur all videos.and u have do a great job to teach people through the internet and ur lessons are so clearly and i wish to be ur friend i wish if u give me ur emaill address and i like u u have made ur place in my heart.and plz reply me this is my emaill address samir143m@yahoo.com

Monday, June 21st 2010

    hahahhah mr sameer i dont know if you read about valen.she says no reply of pvt msg. iam also member like you as you like her more than i lik!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Tuesday, March 27th 2012

thank u valen could u give the clear idea of lasy and finally i am in confusion plz clear my doubt

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010

so great

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010

Hello, this is my first lesson, I am happy for this opsion of learning


Friday, June 25th 2010

First of all and finally: thanks

Tuesday, June 29th 2010

hi teacher where are you from?

Monday, July 5th 2010

Hi, vallen I’d like to ask you, how to practice english in a country that english is not first language but a foreign language ?? thanks for your answer.

Tuesday, July 6th 2010

I love your teaching so much

Wednesday, July 14th 2010

thanks it is great and useful at all ..

Thursday, July 15th 2010

thank you, you are very intelligent

Saturday, July 17th 2010

you are a great teacher.Thanks a lot.

Sunday, July 18th 2010

Dear Valen,

Ma’m your teaching method is very impressive. I listen to it very carefully. Now I am improving my English.

Pramod Pandey,

Thursday, July 22nd 2010

Thanks a lot. What u teach helps me so much

Thursday, July 22nd 2010

Hi! Valen and Alex. This is Vibol . I am your English student on Youbube. I’m very very interested about your teaching.
Today Could I ask some questions?
1- what is the Impersonal Pronoun and how do they use it in the sentence?
2- How to write English very well?

Thank you so much for teaching!

Be blessed . Vibol

Friday, July 23rd 2010

thank’s a lot you’re an excellent teacher keep going

Friday, July 23rd 2010

you really helping me in my lessons

Saturday, July 31st 2010

at last i found the best way to improve my english,your teaching method helps me ,you are very intelligent ,thanks a lot

louisa from Algeria

Friday, August 6th 2010

your method and pronounciatioon is easy to understand. I am not good in english. I want to be efficient in English. I WANT TOM GET ALL YOUER LECTIURES OF ENG GRAMMER . HOW CAN I GET ……….

Monday, August 9th 2010

I am very thnakfull of you people, you people are sharing your knowdlege with us.I want to learn vocablorys but I can’t. i love Vllen teaching mathod,keep it up.

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Monday, August 16th 2010

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Wednesday, September 1st 2010

Hi Valen thank u for ur experience in teaching english.i would ask u how cani improve my speaking.would u please help me.additionally i watched all engvid lessons .it would be nice if u recomend me.for ur information i stady at home .thank u for ur help

Sunday, September 5th 2010

I’m really grateful to your team for these interesting lessons, and this, I think, is for two reasons – firstly, you have got the natives to teach and secondly, all of your work is absolutely free, which is immensely helpful to many learners who cannot afford.

Tuesday, September 7th 2010

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Saturday, September 11th 2010

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Monday, September 13th 2010

hi,I think your lessons are wonderful but
you speek a litte bit fast for learnes foreign people,in my case I am from Argentina, it’s hard to follow you not only the speech but also the explanation about the topic.
bye bye

Wednesday, September 22nd 2010

You are the best, thank you for your great help I will following these interesting videos.

Wednesday, September 29th 2010

don’t we have to put comma after first,… second,… ect.?

Thursday, September 30th 2010

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Saturday, October 9th 2010

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Saturday, October 16th 2010

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Thursday, November 4th 2010

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Tuesday, November 9th 2010

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Friday, November 12th 2010

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I like your teaching, but, first it was difficult to understand your talking about,after that my hearing is will.

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It was helpful to teach childeren.
Thanks and sometimes your pronunciation is too fast so i can’t caught you i missed some words:( but it was very gooood lesson style~!

Tuesday, November 16th 2010

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Monday, November 22nd 2010

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    Tuesday, November 23rd 2010

oo la laa

Tuesday, November 23rd 2010

I have a question about the use of ‘preheating’.
In the video you writed ‘while the oven is preheating,~~’.
I think this sentence is a passive sentence.
If this sentence is a passive thing, ‘preheating’ is need to be changed to ‘preheated’. Am I right???
I think my question is a rambling letter, but please answer my question. I’ll wait.^^

Wednesday, November 24th 2010

hi valenESL
First of all I want to than you for this lesson .
this’s a very good lesson and I really happy ,but I’ve problem with writing and I need to write with I feel and I’m libyan .
In fact I don’t want just to copy stories or like this .
whit my wishes

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thank you very much for your lesson.

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Thursday, December 2nd 2010

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    Monday, December 13th 2010

    hi.try it on YouTube

    Saturday, February 2nd 2013

Thank you VALEN, your teaching method is very interesting.

Thursday, December 2nd 2010

Whenever I finish writing my Uni assignments, thesis, essays.,etc, I always go to student assistant center to get my essay proofread before submitting. However, sometimes I can’t book for same tutor coz of the schedule. In that case I have to go to alternative tutor. When I get my essay proofread and get that fixed and cruise back for reproofread. Alternative tutor corrects where my prima tutor told me to correct. I was in a ping-pong situation, although, I didn’t tell them about this. All those tutors are either PhD or master’s degree students. I begin to hold question, what is the right grammars? Why essays have to be simple while there’re many books contain so complicated terms or jargons can’t even decipher the context. I think there’re certain degrees of English that people use which consisting from their perspective. Articles, plural forms, and past tense are obvious mistakes you can find, but when people write from their belief like how they select a word from synonyms or their semantics, and pragmatics then maybe difficult to point out the mistakes. What do you think?

Monday, December 6th 2010

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hi i wonder why u put a comma after finally and not after next and then

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could you tell me if we could change the lastly to a then and the last one would be finally

Monday, December 13th 2010

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hi Valen! you are really great! well, I am using your videos in class to teach my students some English lessons. By the way, I am a teacher in Morocco (EFL teacher) I will be happy if I can get more videos about Passive Voice/ Reported Speech/ wish in present past and future. Thanks in advance

Sunday, December 19th 2010

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Thanks from Saudi Arabia.

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Wednesday, January 5th 2011

good video, but please explain me if there is any specific rule for the use of these sequence adverbs, ’cause in spanish they mean the same(after that, next, then), the order we use them in our language don’t change the idea of what we are talking about.

Wednesday, January 5th 2011

It’s fantastic!! Thank you so much

Friday, January 7th 2011

Fist of all take a contain. Secondly put the contain with soil. Next add it with water. Then wait it a few minutes. lastly the soil poured out with air. That shows you soil has air.

Saturday, January 8th 2011

Hi, Valen, I like your video very much. I watch your video now and then.I want to improve my listening skill for that what procedure I can follow that will help me to reach the goal.I think you are a good teacher and also a good friend. I shall be waiting for your reply.

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Thursday, January 27th 2011

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Thursday, January 27th 2011

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    Friday, January 28th 2011

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Saturday, January 29th 2011

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Friday, February 4th 2011

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if possible please speak slowly!

Sunday, February 6th 2011

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Sunday, February 6th 2011

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Tuesday, February 8th 2011

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Thursday, February 10th 2011

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From the comments, at the first you are lucky and at the second it seems that you are able to love the English language to many people, thanks to your teaching methodology and know-how. Congratulations!
For me, I will like if you can reduce your speed to teach.
Thank you and God bless you daughter of good family.
from a teacher. Algeria.

Friday, February 11th 2011

Hello our teacher!
From the comments, at first you are lucky and at the second it seems that you are able to love the English language to many people, thanks to your teaching methodology and know-how. Congratulations!
For me, I will like if you can reduce your speed to teach.
Thank you and God bless you daughter of good family.
from a teacher of mechanical Algeria.

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dear madam i am facing so many problems in writing
specially when i give exam in paper and write letters, because i cant use words according to rules of Grammar, so please suggest me how i can solve this problem i mean which grammar lesson or grammar parts best which i follow and solve problem easily replay must thanks a lot.
take care

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Hi! This is Jon from manila. Thank for all the lesson you posts in the internet. I learned a lot.. ammh… Could you please help me on how to use the ” to , for and with” in a sentence. Because there were some point where I was confused of using it.

More power to you…

yours sincerely,


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I really love watching your videos. Actually I am an English Teacher in my country. I really want to know that how we use Emphatic Pronoun in passive Voice. Please if it is possible, do reply me.


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i saw some idioms of urs in youtube i really like them and understand but short of one idiom
it is (all hell broke loose ) could u explain it more
and i have many questions i would like to ask u about they relate to grammar i wish u wouldnt mind that
and last but not least i thank u for everything u provide us
May God bless u and make u always happy

Sunday, July 3rd 2011

could u explain this for me valen please the difference between i would have done it and i was about to do it or i was going to do it im really confused with them

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Hi valen,hope you r doing well. thanks for the lesson. i understood the usage of first,next,then,after that & finally. but your lesson didnt explain the usage of punctuation i mean comma as used in the above test question.kindly clarify .

thanks & regards


Monday, August 15th 2011

    I couldn’t agree more with Sajin.
    Valen could give us some information about the punctuation for the sequencing words you used during the lesson?
    Thanks in advance.

    Friday, October 14th 2016

all good and thank a lot but very quickly speak so not understand in all.

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Siemboi Gangte (India)

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but I have a question : can we use “Ending” in the last blank ? Just like “Finally” !

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Do the best you can, bye

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To build a tree house,Most of important all,Choose a sturdy tree.Intially you should design the tree house before you begin to build.So then you should start with the floor,After that you build the walls,Subsequently,You can build a roof.

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[…] – How to use FIRST, NEXT, LAST, FINALLY, etc. – https://www.engvid.com/english-writing-sequencing-first-next-finally – This ESL lesson will teach you how to use sequencing words to give directions and write […]

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How to Solve?

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    It’s just short for “got to”, or “have got to”. So you could say

    “sorry, I have got to go” or
    “sorry, I gotta go” or
    “gotta go!”

    and they all mean the same thing. It just depends how much of a hurry you’re in :)

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1. First, you have to read the recipe.
2. First you have to read the recipe.

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