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The other phrase that I use quite often, and I think is weaker than “I think” is “I reckon” (yep I’m in UK now), it’s used here very often.

Anyways, it was a really nice video, I enjoyed it, and learnt few things.

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    Hi Rebacca! Nice lession and thanks.
    It would be so kind of you if perform a lession about “I mean it”, “You’re so mean” which has been confused me forever.

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      The meaning of “I mean it” is I’m really serious about it, I’m not kidding, I’m not joking.

      The meaning of “You’re so mean” is completely different. It means you are not a kind person, you are selfish, harsh, unfriendly.

      I agree the word mean can have many different meanings! All the best to you, Karthick!

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        Thank you so much Rebacca for replying on my comment. I understood.

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        nice topic again! :)

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        Many thanks Rebecca , its very clear

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      Very useful set of expressions to state our opinion on different matters.

      Rebecca, I do have a very high opinion of your video-lessons. You are a committed language teacher.


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    Different expressions are used in different ways in various parts of the world. The term “I reckon” would be seen as casual and more of a country expression, rather than an urban one in many parts of the States and Canada, but not all.All the best!

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7/10… Some small mistakes. By the way, good lesson.

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You guyz teach so cool lessons.best website

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Hello teacher, Nice and easy lesson. May I ask you to make a detailed lesson on “just”(ADVERB)which I have lots of problems. Thank you. Good luck!

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    Thanks for your teaching about expressing. But I want to ask you one more that all of these expressing usually use to show about the ideas?

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I got 100%

Thanks, Rebecca!

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perfect ) useful lesson) Thanks Rebecca)

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Many thanks

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I got 7 correct out of 10. I was confused but the score of quiz was nice to me :) I will review. Thank you, Rebecca :)

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thanks mam.

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Thanks Ms Rebecca, I got 70%

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I believe this lesson is very useful. But according to me, it should be a little more (or even much more for advanced) difficult than now.

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I feel this lesson is very helpful.
from my point of view,it should be a little
Thanks for your excellent lesson. I GOT 8 OF 10

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    that’s great

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I think you’re great teacher thanks indeed to help me.

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Dear Rebecca,hope you are well.I’m very obliged to you for all your lesson’s!You explane so accessible same us usual. By the way i got 100 point’s ;)

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Thank you , Ms.Rebecca for all what you do for us always and i really enjoy your lessons , as a matter of fact you’re one of my few favorite teachers over here , but i just have a small request and i hopefully you can achieve it just i need lesson contain the most important idioms and phrasal verbs which are use in the casual conversation and the daily life too . the second one i’ve watched a lesson for some other teacher he was explaining ” Even ” usage but really i couldn’t get the idea may i’m little bit dumb lol but he was explain good for sure but i couldn’t understand would you mind if you explain it in an another video i know it’s really difficult to be but at least just try and i’ll be really thankful . thank you

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    Thanks for your feedback. We have several videos on engvid which feature phrasal verbs and idioms; these lessons may help you. We continue to record more lessons on idioms as there are hundreds of them which are used in everyday conversation, as you rightly said. My best wishes to you.

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      How patient teacher you are!I love you the way of teaching,i notice you have been trying every efforts to explain our question as easy as you can according to our comprehension.thank you so much,Praise God for we have a such wonderful elegant Teacher.God bless you

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Hello Rebecca, thank you for your lesson. Just a question, please. Concerning “from my perspective” is it weaker than “I think” “I suppose” etc.?
Thanks in advance

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    “From my perspective” is more formal, academic and business-like than the other options you mentioned. I would use it in writing or in more intellectual discussions. All the best to you!

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plzzzzz i have broken my leg vs i broke my leg .why present perfect .it is an action in the past why present perfect

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    because you’ve broken your leg until now:) the action isn’t end. I think when we’re talking about present perfect there is always a connection with now

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    Thanks to all who answered your question. You asked a good question. It’s a little confusing because sometimes there is not much difference between the past tense and the present perfect and in some situations we could use either one. It’s true that the present perfect tries to emphasize how something that happened in the past impacts something in the present. So, for example, if a friend asks you to go hiking with him, you could say, “Sorry, I can’t come. I;ve broken my leg.” The emphasis is on the result of the action, not on when it happened exactly. I know it can be tricky.

    Think of this:
    If I say “I lost my passport”, it could be that I found it later, but if I say ” I have lost my passport”, it’s 100% clear that I lost it and it is still lost.

    All the best to you!

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      It seems to be soooo clear, if you’ve explained it! thanks very much

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I suppose that if you say “I have broken my leg” to a person in front of you or who is looking at you, you link the past (when you broke your leg) with the present (now you can see that I have broken my leg, it’s something new…like an announcment). If you refer to a precise moment in the past (eg. last year) you ought to use the past tense.

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8/10. Not bad. Thanks.

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thank you.

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Hi dear Rebecca, i just loved the lesson. I only have a little doubt. There’s a degree of strength in the expressions on the left. Is there any degree of strength in the expressions on the right, too?

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    The expressions that start with “I…” are used more in everyday conversation. The other expressions are used more in writing or in serious, more formal discussions. All the best to you!

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I got 100%
I believe you are a great teacher

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Thank you much!very good classes.

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From my viewpoint, it’s truly useful and very important. Mainly whether you’ll take some tests like TOEFL, IELTS or whatever and even if you won’t. Thanks a million Rebecca!

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Hello Rebecca! Thank for your interesting lesson. I’d like to know if saying ‘it seems to me’ is the same than saying ‘I seem’.
Thank you very much for the clarification.

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    Hello Rebecca! Thank for your interesting lesson. I’d like to know if saying ‘it seems to me’ is the same than saying ‘I seem’.
    Thank you very much for the clarification.

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6/10 thanks very much, Rebecca

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no so bad

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thank you

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Brazilians in the house!!!
Great lesson, teacher.
I think it’s very very useful.
Thanks a lot!

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I got 100%, 10 out of 10, thanks very much Rebecca…

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I tried the quiz without your lesson, I’ll follow it now to improve my score.


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oh, I’ve got 9 correct answers. Just because I overlooked the comma in the 1st question :(

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Kinkly explain the meaning of “shed away”

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I have some question unanswered in mind
1) What does language mean to you?
2) How can student articulate their thinking in writing?
3) What is the difference between language and speech?
4) What is PLS or pictological system?
5) I have heard that we have some formula to creat iiregular verbs in English I want know how a verb changes to be an irregular one.
Thanks in advance.

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    These are all good questions that deserve a long conversation over a cup of warm tea/ coffee! For now, let me simply answer your second question. I believe strongly that good thinking precedes good writing. So first one’s thinking must be clear, logical and organized. That’s just the start. Then, one really has to be familiar with the syntax of a language. In our engvid lessons, all the teachers try to provide “templates” which act as shortcuts to proficiency, so that students learn elements quickly and can apply them immediately, correctly and confidently. That will have to suffice for now. Thank you kindly for your interest – are you a language teacher or linguistics specialist? I wish you all the best.

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      hi.Rebecca hope you do well madam.
      well.its my honour to be called like that,but actually I,m just an student who is intersted in english language as well.
      I strongly believe that,if i want to speak in one language i should invite it in my life in all of its aspects. well i’m so sorry for the number of my questions but here is another one would you please tell me what is the deffrence between the activator and the synonym of a word?
      Thanks in advance.

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Really nice teacher. That’s such a good lesson, Thank you. I got one hundred percent!!

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thank you

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Thank you! I got 10/10 :)

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yes i got 100%

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I got 9 out 10 correct. thanks for the lesson.

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nice Rebecca
I believe that practice make you perfect, so practice with through skype: tayyab.shafaq

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nice Rebecca
I believe that practice make you perfect, so practice with through this ID: tayyab.shafaq

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Dear Rebecca !!
Grateful for your lesson !, as your speech is so clear for me to understand.
By the way, when I need to use the subtitles in english, I realized they doesn´t match with your speaking some times. (?)

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I think that practice is the way to improvement

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I am lerning English spiking at myself an I need an American to spike whit me if you can help me plz call me at 10 est tim on Skype ” Mehdi.shahvali”

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Hi there,

Would u mind

2 introduce me

“a creditable site” about :

British Slangs ???!!!

Tnx in advance! :)

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i like it

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this is very interesting, I enjoy it. In my point of view it is very useful lesion. I got 70 our of hundred .In future I will try to make 100 out of 100.
thank you :)

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Many thanks.Could please explain how to use DUE

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    A good question but too complex to explain here as the word “due” has many meanings. Please google “due meaning” and you will find the many definitions. All the best!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Thank very mucuch for your answer ,but iwould like to enlighten hou to use it. yor Gorgeous

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thank u so much

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Thanks Rebecca.I got 10 correct out of 10.

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yup! i got 10/10… lol

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Hi! I love that way u speak slowly and clearly in your lessons.It helped me understand quickly.
I watch all your lessons.This great lesson give me a chance to share my views.Thanks a lot for helping me .I got 8 out of 10.HURRAY!

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    Very glad the lessons help you. My bets wishes to you.

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my name is maryam from pakistan
plz help me out
how to improve my english

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please some one help me

Profile photo of maryam123 maryam123

I’ve got 8 correct out of 10:)
Thank you my best site

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9/10, very useful lesson I like the way you teach.. thank you

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Thanks, it was useful :)

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    how gould you watch vidos


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      Hi there,
      U should use a VPN.

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        No, I don’t use VPN, I use anti- filtering.

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      I download it and then I watch it.

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thank you very Much miss :0

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Hi Rebacca!
Could you please explain me what the difference between “In my view” and “From my perspective” is?

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    They are essentially the same so you can use either one. All the best,Elena.

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      I’m confusing question #4 and #7.
      Why is “in my point of view” incorrect?

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        same, i still didnt understand what the difference between “In my view” and “From my perspective”

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        same, i still didnt understand what the difference about that

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Special thank to you for the very useful lession

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i didn’t watch the video & i got 6 no bad! but seriously what’s up with the first question?

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    You need to watch the lesson to know the answer to your question! Then you will understand why only one of the 3 options requires a comma after it. My best to you.

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Hi there
My name is Sadulla and I’m from Tashkent Uzbekistan.First of all thanks for your lessons because they are helpful for learners of English and secondly, in my opinion they are good resource for teachers.I’d like to get information about how to learn easily understand english speaking people in real life and how to be a synchro translater

Profile photo of sadulla sadulla

    Welcome, Sadulla from Uzbekistan! It seems that your English is at quite a high level already. You would need to study translation at a university to work professionally in the field. The best way to understand English-speakers is to listen to them as often as possible. Also, if you look at some TOEFL or IELTS guidebooks and follow along with the transcript of the listening exercises, it may help you to get used to the flow of the language. All the best to you!

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In my opinion, it was a great lesson. I hope learn more usefull structures about speaking.thanks

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Thanks Rebecca, It was useful for me

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Hi Rebecca. Your video is so clear to learn. Thanks a lot.

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thank uuuuuuuuuuu

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WOW,I GOT 10 OF10..without watching the video.this site is a great one in teaching english ,thankss

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Could you please explain these word meaning – Say,Talk,Speak,Tell.

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please , will you make a video to elaborate the difference between few and a few / little and a little ?

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thank you

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i got 7 out of 10

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Dear Rebecca
kindly tell me that what is relational , situational and psychological context with a comprehensive argument.

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gud lesson , i got 6 :)

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Where could i find the video lessons ? pls advise

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Thanks to all for your feedback. My warmest wishes to you. Please tell your friends if you find our lessons helpful, so we can continue to produce more lessons. Thank you.

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Hi Rebecca. Very Nice lesson.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca: 80%, In my view was trully good!!!

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hi REbecca it is my first time ,you have a good instrument .i will work with you hard to be ahead of my time ..thanks Hakim

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“Acording to me” is a wrong grammar, isn’t it? Vietnamese teachers do not allow me to use it either in speaking or writing.
Thank you for your great lesson!!! I got 9/10 :)

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Thanks alot

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good lesson, I got 80

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7/10 Good lesson!

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Asalm o alikum
Dear Ma’am Rabecca you are doing an excellent job.I would like to pay Thanks to you. How can I improve my English while listening. I am a new user and I am learning your lesson .May Allah bless you I got 9/10

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Hi rebecca ! i will try to explain to you , i remember when i was at school , i have a great teacher , because of her i loved english , but now i am forgeten all my little english , when i saw your video i was thinking about her , she was very gentil, but right now i so confious , i want to learn english , but it’s very difficult for me now i don’t why ,,?? when i was a child i was very good in english even my teacher told me that but i will be the first in english please help me , i know that i make a liot off mastakes but can you tell if it is clear for you just to see , wich level i will begin , thank you for reading me

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i want to larn anglish waht do i do????

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Thanks Rebecca ecxelent lesson

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Hey! :) Thank you for your labor. I think it improves our speaking skills.

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Rebecca, This lesson was very simple and usefull to me. Excellent explanation. thanks a lot.

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Thank you Rebecca. Before seeing this video, I thought weightage of all words are same. Now, I have identified the difference. It’s really good learing for me and I liked the way you have explained where we have to use “,”.

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Could you please explain what is the diffence between “in my perspective” and “in my view”?

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Good lesson.

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Rebecca You’re the best

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To me, the idea of working for anyone but myself is ridiculous!
I wonder, is this sentence correct? My doubt is “BUT”. I’d put “BY”, no? Thanks

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good lesson.. thanks alot

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thanks teacher

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thanks o lot

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very useful lesson! In my point of view ,I should improve my English conversation more and more.

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Hello Rebecca! I have a doubt, I should…, I have to… which one is correct?

Profile photo of thiruselvi thiruselvi

thanks i got a 100 and i got it all rigth lol your explanation it was great that was all i was missing to grt it rigth …thank you !!!

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Great Work

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Thank you for your teaching, You are a best teacher of me.

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Very good and easy lesson!

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hai rebecca i have one doubt how is going your work? and how is your work going? which one is correct?

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Good job

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Hello Rebecca,
the lesson and the rest of the teaching crew are wonderful bunch!!!i have written my IELTS once and scored 7.5,6.5,6.5 and 7.please, i am really not too impressed and will be writing again. i wants you and all the Teaching bunch too to help me with my writing and speaking more if you all can help.it will be appreciated

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Thank you once again. You are a great teacher and my favorite on engVid:)

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Thank you. Great video

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Thank you so much. You are one of the best teachers that I’ve ever seen! Great video.

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wow wow wow,100,thank you so much

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Tks. So nice. I liked your class and explanation. Very good.

I got 9 correct out of 10.( Im glad).


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i think you are the best teacher..

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i got 10\10 .thank you.you are the best

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Thank you very much for the lesson

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Thanks a lot Rebecca this lesson is very usel for me to have a good call center interview, I’m studying very to be success in that interview and from your viewpoint you gotta good lessons

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Hi Rebecca, i am very thankful to you for your great lectures as usual. It would be very kind of you if you tell the difference between lots of and a lot of.could you please help me for it.Thanks

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Thank Rebecca. Wrong answer for the first question. Comma!

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This is my first test. 9/10 .
I hope it will not much slide down than this.ha ha ha.
How can I express what I said bove in correct English?

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so easy got 100% :D

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thank you, I got 100% :)

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I’ve got 10 correct out of 10 ! ^_^
Thank you so much for this lesson, Rebecca! :)

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Hi Rebecca thank you a lot.
take care

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thank you

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Thank you.

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Hi Rebecca !! Thank you for this lesson.
My question is : Can we use two expressions at the same time ? I mean, can I say for example:
In my perspective, I think the government etc.
I’m asking this, because in Frensh it’s possible.
From Morocco with love.

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From my view point this lesson is very clear.

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Thanks Ms Rebecca, I got 80%.
You are a great teacher.

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Awesome lessons . Thanks Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca! Sorry to write my question here but I couldn’t find “the adequate topic” for them.
MY questions:
1. What is correct?
I moved to China to start a new life in a foreign culture and environment. I didn’t know that country at all but I did all my best to adapt myself to it, spare neither trouble nor expense . —I did all my best…Or I did my all best…?
What do these sentences mean exactly?

Being able to work with children is one of the greatest ~s of this job.
I am happy because I have found such a “job” where I can listen to my children and deal with them too.
I can adjust the growing of my children to my job, working hours.
My job is that I have to look after children, take care of them.
Since I love children and dealing with them, now I am happy, and I think it is a good job.

-Lévén, hogy gyerekkel (vagy a gyerekek mellett?)
dolgozni lehet ez ennek a munkának az egyik legnagyszerűbb megnyugvása/öröme (amit okoz).

We can look back with ~ on our work well done.
1. Now we can look our goog work and it fulfil us with satisfaction.
(We have finished the work and now we can enjoy its “result”.)
2. If one works hard, he/she/they will look his/her/their work to be successful.
(Anybody who does his work hard and well, he will look back with satisfaction.)

Profile photo of dcskriszboy dcskriszboy

sorry, I left a word from sentences.
~ = satisfaction

Profile photo of dcskriszboy dcskriszboy

It is very interesting.

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I can’t take the test :( I require some assistence please

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easy to understanding. Many thanks

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Thank you Rebecca.

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I got 70% .. I think, the president should resign!, what’s wrong with “I think” in this sentence?

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Rebecca you are nice to hear and watch!

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Hi Mrs Rebecca thanks for this lesson , but I have problem with English language , I have lots of vocabulary but I still find myself couldn,t speak just I want some advises
thanks for the lesson again bye for now

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it’s seem to me that you are doing an excellent job. I am sure.
Thank you for your cours.
Best regards.

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Thank you, Rebecca it will kind of you if you can explain the difference between been Brian wish can be for positive or negative?

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I got 8.

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I love it. I think it is good for us. I will lear nas much as I can.Thank you

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I learned a lot from your lesson. Thank you !

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As an English student, I think it is useful video. Thanks Rebecca.

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This very interesting topic.

Thanks you….


what is the difference between ( according to me ) and (i think )the president should resign !

( in my view ) and ( in my perspective ),Juan is the best person for the job .

and so on

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Thanks..easy class¡¡

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Thank you. Very useful lesson.

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In my opinion this class was great

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For me, I have benefited a lot from this lesson

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thankyou…really itis useful lesson… good bless you

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Hi, Dear Teacher
as a 2l teacher I used to concentrate on forms (structures), but you make me concentrate on both the forms and form (meaning).
Thanks a lot.

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would it be alright if quizzes taken as pretest?

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Hi Rebecca! I’m kind of confused about how to use the word “express”. Cuz my teacher just said the word “express” is ONLY used to express bad things like bad feeling. Really? I couldn’t find any information like this in the dictionary. I hope that you could kindly help me with this. Thank you so much.

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Thank you, Rebecca.^o^v CU.

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Thanks a lot teacher, I got 9 of 10. it is very easy and useful.

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This is the first video that I watch on engVid website.

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thanks to my lovely teacher rebbeca I got 70 of 100 degrees .

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I believe that this expressions are very useful to say our point of view to others in all situations….by other side using this expressions we are increasing our vocavulary and we can speak with all kind of people, in other words, we can aplly this expressions with our friends, with our family, in the work, maybe with our boss, perhaps with our customers in the business…thanks Ms. Rebbeca to share with us this expressions¡¡ Excelent job…nice friday and nice weekend.

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May I use this for teaching other people?

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Thank you Rebecca!, I love your lessons because I understand your way of teaching, and I suscribed on youtube channel! Thank you again!

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Dear Rebecca, I learnt that “according to” is to be used when we refer to a third person and not to the self. Ex: According to Rebecca……. Correct me please if I’m wrong. Thank you.

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Thank you Rebecca! very good lesson

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Thank you Rebecca.From my viewpoint,we should practice over&over to be head houncho.

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Thanks mam, i got 7 from 10 , just litle bit confused about the difference “in m perspective and in my view”

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I am progressing every hours with you thanks a lot

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great lesson Rebecca

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I believe you are more sober personality and always bringing good lessons for all of us . Stay blessed.

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you…

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Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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Good lesson. God bless

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I liked this lesson

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Thanks Rebecca.

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8/10. Thanks for this lesson! Rebecca, could you explain, why is correctly to use “In my “view”, not “In my perspective” in the 4th sentenсe? And why is the right answer is “To me”, instead “From me”, in the 8th sentenсe? Thanks a lot!!

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