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i was gladd


thank you for this english lesson it’s help me a lot for my grammar and vocabulary.

geraldine pamilaga

Wow, It is an amazing lesson!Thanks, Emma.



Hilton Nicolau

    And I too brother!

    Alexsander LL

      me too kkkk


Thank you, Emma very good lesson

El Dano

thank you,Mrs. Emma
Interjections ( short words in English that show feelings)are very common in English conversations. They’re very useful for making English conversations more natural


Lovely lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you,Emma!


Thank you Emma! I like this lesson.

Denise Pimenta

Great! I don’t know about expressions like: Eww, gross and yuck


Thank you Emma! your teaching is really great🙏

Zohreh Moradi

Hello, Emma.
What a great lesson, but I got only 7/10!!!
I loved the examples of interjections! All of them are very interesting!
How Janyl said, “They’re very useful for making English conversations more natural.”
Then, thank you for all.
Take care.

Miguel Geronimo

@engVid Moderator:Hi! I happened to know engVid this August and started to study English in this site. Your site is so splendid! I already watched more than 100 videos. All videos are interesting and useful for studying English. By the way, I need your cooperation. I left my comments to Gill’s “Shall in English” and Emma’s “Interjections”. I asked Gill:’Could you recommend me the books written in plain English such as “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M.Montgomery ?’ I asked Emma:’ The meaning of a famous line in “Casablanca”. ‘Both questions are different from the theme of videos this time, but I want to know. I would be happy if Gill and Emma would answer that for me.


    Hi! I’ll see if I can let Gill know to answer your question. In the meanwhile, you might want to check out other teachers’ videos about books to read!

    – Alex: 5 Books To Improve Your English, What Books Should I Read To Improve My English?
    – Benjamin: The BEST Classic Books for Kids and Teenagers
    – Emma: Improve Your English With Comics and Graphic Novels

    As for “here’s looking at you,” it is an idiomatic old American toast (something you say before drinking), similar to “Here’s to you”. (For a longer explanation with older examples, see this StackExchange answer.) Humphrey Bogart’s character, Rick, uses it this way earlier in the movie. When Rick says it at the end of the movie, he is (metaphorically) wishing Ilsa good luck in her new life.

    engVid Moderator

      Hi ! Thank you so much for your kind reply. I’ve watched the videos about books to read(by Alex,Benjamin,and Emma). These videos became a great reference for me. As for ” Here’s looking at you, kid !”, I want to thank you for your polite explanation. You are really amazing. I didn’t receive Gill’s comment about books to read yet. I want her to recommend me the books written in plain English. Please cooperate with me once again. I would be happy if you would answer that for me.


Thank u it was helpful :)


wow! it couldn’t be better…


Hi ! Emma. Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons. I’d like to become a member of your English Club. You’ve written about your Club : “My website http://www.teacheremma.com is for those of you who are looking for more English resources. I post both free and member only resources, so check it out if you have a chance. ” However, all I can choose is “free” for various reasons. Is it impossible to become a member of your English Club ? What is the meaning of the sentence “I post both free and member only resources” ? I would be very happy if you would answer my question.


    I want this comment deleted.




thank very much


Very informative lecture from converstion perspective.


Thanks a lot my teacher


thank you.

Farah khalify

Hi there teacher emma all theres words is very small and it’s very important take them into account for you have to conversation with native speaker or our life it’s amazind and vert interesting o take care and I expect in another video teacher bye see you soon.


Thank you so much Emma!!!

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