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very useful, thanks Adam

Profile photo of Dina finiki Dina finiki

Thank you, Adam

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very useful, thanks! I got 100 scores.^_^

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Good morning, dear Adam! It’s your 100 lesson on EngVid. My congratulations!
I always love your classes
Your teaching helps me see,
That to have a happy life,
Learning is the key.
You taught us all on EngVid
Encouraging to know
Some tricky English phrases
But interesting although
One of EngVid students offered to make something special for the hundredth tutorial, her name is iechi. I follow her advice. And I wish you, Adam, iechi and her mum, especially her mum health!

I’m grateful for your wisdom
For the teacher that you are;
You’re a very good person,
And as a teacher, you’re a star!

You’re a skillful teacher;
I knew it from the start.

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    Thank you Nataanna :) That’s a great poem.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

intresting lesson with wealth of information that we need in our life, thamk you Adam.

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Just yesterday at 10:00 a.m. I had to call 112 (the Emergency number in Europe)because of a serious car accident.
Luckily, the operator understood Italian perfectly…..

Profile photo of Canardo Canardo

    Oh no! I hope everyone is all right. :S

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      I’ll tell you the honest truth: the driver wasn’t too badly injured, almost a miracle!

      Profile photo of Canardo Canardo

    I’m glad it worked out well. Good to know the English in these cases too.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam. It is a really good lesson, and your medical knowledge is perfect.

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by the way of this hundred video of you,i would like to say ” congratulations” and i am going to rest watching your intresting videos until the thousand video of you.

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    Thank you Skikda :) I appreciate that.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello Adam. That’s great. I really needed such a lesson. Frankly now I’m trying to be a doctor in the future😄😄. Thank you again…

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I wouldn’t image I could get 100%😀
I have really learned new vocabulary,but to pronounce ‘defibrillator’, I need to work that out 😂 And most importantly, my students will be lucky to learn this too. I believe is going to fun.
Many thanks, Adam.

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The Mr/Adam

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    Thx Mr/Adam

    Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

Thanks Adam. These new words will be very useful to me.

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    Boa Noite

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      Profile photo of Fernando Moreira Fernando Moreira

hi Adam , just like all of your lesson , so hard , but its really was good , i learned new vocabulary , i m really like your lesson , go a head

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It was a useful lesson, Adam. Thanks. I scored 9

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Thanks, was a interesting lesson.

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An informative lesson. Thanks Adam :)

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Such a profound lesson)Fantastic, as usual)

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Thank you I learned some intersting words but let me to say you that:
YOU ARE WRONG at the fist question.
In this case you must hose with water during many minutes on the burn so I advice you learn the fist AID
Kind regards

Profile photo of vilainpetitcrapaud vilainpetitcrapaud

    I’ll keep that in mind Vilain.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam, useful lesson!

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i got 10 correct out of 10.. thank you

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Health is wealth.
Good to know this.

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Adam, my congratulations! It’s your 100th video lesson and I hope you will be still helping us in the future. Wish you a long happy life!

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    Thank you Katrin :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks for this useful lesson

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Thank You Mr.Adam ,really usefull

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Thank you so much!!

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As kotoz says:
Good night…

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    . + . * . * .
    * . شب + +
    . * بخير. * .
    + . * + . *

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      Kotoz, can I ask you something about the photo of your profile???

      Profile photo of nkh nkh

        It’s too clear

        Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

          Warrior In Allah’s Sake
          Sultans Mamluk vs Tatars
          Don’t u know them
          Most of them r persian

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I am Antar from Algeria
Thanks a lot Sir ADAM you are magnificent and useful as always, this lesson came at the very appropriate time i need , thanks again Sir Adam

Profile photo of Antar Antar

I was studying the First Aid and the Water Lifeguard courses more than 10 years ago and I got a job during one year approximately working at some swimming pools, it was very interesting and I learned a lot of other mates, nurses and medics. It is very useful to have acknowledgements about the topic of health care and applying them when it was necessary for some special dangerous situations like accidents, falls down and injuries. It has been a very interesting lesson as always, I have to give you again thanks a lot, teacher Adam, you make us love the English language with your very useful lessons.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

can u do leason about phrasal verbs “Kick”???
what is the meaning of kick in???

Profile photo of agatha agatha

    Good idea Agatha.

    Kick in means takes effect, starts.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


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Thank you Adam, the lesson has many new words

Profile photo of sechance sechance

Thanks Adam.

Profile photo of saygi saygi

very useful, thank u…

Profile photo of Anithaarun Anithaarun

This video was really interesting, thanks Adam!

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Adam, what does ‘attend to’ mean?

Profile photo of Abdul Rehman Ismail Abdul Rehman Ismail

    Hello Abdul Rehman Ismail, attend means to participate in an event, place,etc. Or we can explain it in this way too: be presented at something like an event.

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

      This is true without the ‘to’, Nkh. Otherwise, correct.

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Hi Abdul,

    In the case of medical situations, a doctor attends to a patient, meaning, he.she looks after the patient and treats him/her.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

It`s a serious and mandatory topic. Thanks for teaching.)

Profile photo of Nikolla Nikolla

“Not a good situation” Maybe I’m strange but I found that really funny when you were talking ablout being paralyzed and not being able to move your legs or upper body and then you said “Not a good situation”. That conclusion made me laugh :) Great lesson a lot of new vocabulary. Thx

Profile photo of ChrisOldo ChrisOldo


Thanks so much Adam, very useful. I’ve got 8 correct.

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Although I couldn’t watch this video so far but I still want to say Congratulations to you teacher since I was the one most excited student at the forum to watch this 100th video of yours.Although it isn’t the way I expacted but anyway even if it would be according to my wish I don’t think I could enjoy it now..May you live long and healthy and serve the humanity the way you have been doing and please remember my dearest mother in your prayers.Thanks

Profile photo of eichi eichi

    hi eich, i’ve remarked that you comment only on Adam’s lessons , if you don’t mind i would to ask you:are you watching only Adam’s video ? are you watching the other teachers’ videos and you don’t comment on them or there is another answer? if you don’t care just forget it. take care eichi.

    Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

      Hello its not like that SKIKDA you think in a totally wrong way.Its true that I watch only Adam’s lessons but it doesn’t mean that all other teachers at engvid are not good rather they all are very good but you know my philosophy is this if you follow more than one leaders you will never be able to achieve your goal rather you will get confussed there for I concentrate only on Adam’s lessons and second and the most important thing is if Adam replies to all my comments and solve all the problems and issues I face then why comment every where he is just more than enough for me and let me clear one more thing to you I really respect and adore Adam as my older brother.I hope you got my point and be positive.Stay Blessed and healthy.

      Profile photo of eichi eichi

        Hello! Eichi
        Your philosophy right about leadership.
        But when you learn things it’s not matter to learn things from your leader only,
        Learn things more than one resources always better.
        I hope it will change your philosophy.
        Good luck whatever you do.

        Profile photo of SID SID

          hello sayeed786,you are absolutely right but everyone has his own style of learning and also has different mental level according to wich they learn,Some people learn quickly while some take time.Some learn every minute and every time while some learn only by chance.People behaviors differ from each other so is ours.I do like learning all the time and I learn every thing from every one what ever comes my way(only good things)I don’t know whether you agree with me or not but learning same thing from different people at the same time makes me cofussed most of the time because mostly their ideas and concepts conflict and that mass up the entire learning process,so there for I prefer one thing at one time.Following different leaders instructions at the same time will never let you go in any direction.first experience the one and than go for the other thats what I believe.If you start reading three books at the same time you won’t be able to finish any of them no matter how hard you try.Thats what I believe but I still value your point of view.Thanks for sharing your view.I always welcome positive and constructive criticism.Stay Blessed Bro.

          Profile photo of eichi eichi

          Yes! It’s true for certain conditions or situations.It’s depend how to adopting changes as positive or negative way it’s

          Profile photo of SID SID

          But one thing i know if you have confident with your own learning style & it beneficial for you. So, it’s better to follow it.
          I really like your response I don’t know what you feel from my comment and mentioned bro!, but it’s first time with me on social platefrom someone calling bro. it’s good to know you.
          Eichi is your real name.

          Profile photo of SID SID

          Nobody read three books on one go. we read from different resources & collect relevant information from them which is valuable for us.

          Profile photo of SID SID

          Hello Bro,why got shocked???There is always a first time.I already told you everyone has his own style so have I, But please don’t mind,We eastern people use such honorofics,Secondly I always say I consider this forum as my home and the students here are all like my siblings so I usually call them as I call my own siblings so please don’t ever mind my words and let me clear one more thing I don’t ever mind any comment because I always remember my father’s words that say Don’t ever mind what people say because a person can give you only what he has, If he has only bad things he will give you only bad and If he has good things he will give you good,now what you can do is to whether appreciate him or pity him accordingly.I hope I explained it in a way you can understand.If not then my apologies because my english is very bad, Its just enough to get by.Stay blessed

          Profile photo of eichi eichi

          Uniqueness always attract me & you have uniqueness, l not mind your words I like the way you tell things, its good to know you sis.
          I hope aunty get well soon.
          I prey for her.
          Good luck!

          Profile photo of SID SID

          Thanks and Ameen. Good luck to you too.Stay Blessed and Healthy.

          Profile photo of eichi eichi

      I sometimes watch Alex,Emma and jade’s lessons as well and they are also good teachers but still Adam is Adam.

      Profile photo of eichi eichi

    Hi eichi. Nattaana has told you all the things that I wanted to say. Please do notice them. I never forget praying for your mom and all the sick. I have seen this illness from near in one of my dearest ! Now every thing is ok. God is kinder than we think!

    Profile photo of Soei Soei


      Profile photo of Soei Soei

      Thank you so much Soei, Your words always make me feel good, I would say you are really wonderful and I really value your sentiments even if you couldn’t say all that Nataanna said I could see the deep concern you have for my Mother and I will never forget all those people who supported me all this time because its really really very hard time and you really need some one to share your pain with even only verbally.Thank you so much once again.

      Profile photo of eichi eichi

      soei if you have gone through Nataanna’s comment you must have known that according to the doctors my mother can’t take any allopathc treatment because of her age (65)and bad physical health so I have to go for the herbal treatment and I there for make a request to you and all the students at the forum and even the teachers at engvid to please guide me if anybody know any good herbal remedy please do let me know I will even pay three time more then the actual price to get the medicine just to save my dearest mother.

      Profile photo of eichi eichi

        Hello eichi. Are you ok? You’ve not been with us for a long time. I’ve been praying for your mother. I red your top comments. I don’t know what I should say for encouraging you. But I just tell you be strong and don’t lose your belief in Allah.

        Profile photo of nkh nkh

          I’m big.453. Do you remember me?

          Profile photo of nkh nkh

          Sorry; nkh.453

          Profile photo of nkh nkh

          Hello dear nkh453, i am fine.What about you? I do remember you dear nkh453 from Iran.You are right I have been quite out of touch for the last few days and this is simply because I have to look after my Mother.Thank you so much for the prayers and keep it up because in such a situations that i have been passing through nothing but only prayers can make difference.I do believe in almighty and when I see people like you,nataanna and soei around me who console me and support me without any personal interests,It makes my believe in Almighty more stronger.thank you so much once again dear and love you all.

          Profile photo of eichi eichi

          ‘Allah give her mother the health and the good days
          I ask Allah the supplication 4 ur mother

          Profile photo of kotoz kotoz

          Ameen Allahumma Ameen, Thank you so much Kotoz and please keep praying

          Profile photo of eichi eichi

          Allhumma give eichi’s mother healing from her illness.ameen ameen ameen

          Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

          Ameen Summa Ameen and thank you SKIKDA.

          Profile photo of eichi eichi

          Hi Eichi,

          Thank you for your kind words and expressing some personal philosophies. You write much better than you think.

          As for your mom, I know exactly what you two are going through and I wish only the best for both of you. I will keep you in my thoughts.

          Profile photo of Adam Adam

I made 10 out of 10 only because I watch Greys Anatomy. I highly recommend this tv show to learn english. In Netflix it is possible to watch it with subtitles in english. Not only did I learn medical terms, but also there is a great deal of english expressions in it. Thanks again for the great video Adam!

Profile photo of Guilherme Cota Guilherme Cota

Maybe Adam I’ve heard or read something like “dislocation of a hand or leg”. Is it medical term or not? Can you use it when you give information for 911?

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    Yes, dislocation is basically when a bone moves out of its socket (the part that holds it in place). The most common is a shoulder. It is not life-threatening, and can often be “popped” back into place, though you should definitely get a medical professional to do this.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I’m so happy to be your student

Profile photo of NlanduZach NlanduZach

    Well, I’m happy to have you as a student NlanduZach :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello, Adam. Im an English teacher from Ukraine and I wanted to ask you for a favor. In many tv series and movies I often hear the use of “will” or “would” after “if” in conditional sentences. That really confuses me. Could you please give a lesson on that topic. I’d really appreciate that. Thanks)

Profile photo of Emma Jane Emma Jane

    This might take some time, Emma, but if you type “conditionals’ in the search window on this site, you will see a few very good lessons on this by other teachers. Let me know if you have questions after viewing these.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you :)

Profile photo of osama awais osama awais

It’s so helpful. Many thanks, Adam.🙂🌹

Profile photo of Chloe.Lee Chloe.Lee

Thank you very much . Really I respect you ! Your manner in teaching brings a lot of motivation for the learners . It shows that nothing is better than learning !

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Thank you that was useful.

Profile photo of Turgay Kaya Turgay Kaya

Thanks alots Mr. Adam

Profile photo of fawzy1967 fawzy1967

Thanks a million Sir Adam ! I like your lessons ! I hope in the future i’ll do speak english as you do it ! Thanks again !

Profile photo of AliBechia AliBechia

Thank you ,Adam!

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

thank yo so much, I will try to repeat more in order not to forget in future)

Profile photo of Arminochka Arminochka

Thanks Adam, very useful lesson!

Profile photo of Gritman Gritman

Great lesson, very appreciated.

I want to practice English but can not find a way to do it. Any suggestions?
I listen and read English everyday, but my oral is horrible. Help!!!

Profile photo of HappyLearn HappyLearn

    Hi Happy,

    You can watch talk on sites like ted.com and listen and follow the transcript. After, record yourself as you try to mimic their speech. Then listen and catch where you are different from the speaker.

    You can also find language exchange sites online where you can meet other people who want to learn your language and you can help each other.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thanks Adam , its good lesson

Profile photo of arif ramdani arif ramdani

Hi Adam, how about in the case of drowning and burn, which words and terms can I use in this cases? I like so much your videos, you and Ronnie are the best.

Profile photo of Anderson William Anderson William

    Hi Anderson.

    If a person is drowning and you are able to pull him out of the water, then you need to apply CPR and get him breathing again. In the case of a burn, if you can soak it in cold water or ice it, then do that. if not, then put ointment on it and dress it with gauze.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you ,Adam. it’s very useful for me

Profile photo of sandy jiang sandy jiang

any body plzzz help me

Profile photo of Awais Gujrati Awais Gujrati

    :) in what way can we help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

A good one, Could you please differentiate the word anxiety from anxious.

Profile photo of flashfarhan flashfarhan

    HI Flashfarhan,

    Anxiety is a noun, describing the general feeling.
    Anxious is an adjective, describing how the person feels.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

You,ronnie,robecca and emma is best ! Thanks a lot for this educational video.

Profile photo of celiltml celiltml

Thanks Adam! 10/10

Profile photo of jdpp0613 jdpp0613

very useful, thanks so much Adam..

Profile photo of drreferee drreferee

Interesting Thank you

Profile photo of Abuarij Abuarij

Thank you everybody. Be careful out there :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

few days from now I posted a comment but I cannot see it here…:/ why?

Profile photo of Roc Tanweer Roc Tanweer

    Hi! Sometimes comments get accidentally marked as spam or held for moderation. I also delete comments that are off-topic, just one word long, or inappropriate.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Adam, thank you so much for this lesson! I had been waiting for it. By the way, can you please explain to me what “open house” means when it comes to jobs. Thank you!

Profile photo of Alikat Alikat

    HI Alikat,

    Some companies have an open house when people who are interested in working there can come look around and meet some staff and decide if they want to apply. You can usually apply at the same time. Just make sure to remember that you are in “interview” mode when you go there.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Oh, I see…it that the same as a job fair, then? I´m sorry to reply with another question. Thank you for your reply and explanation to my previous comment.

      Profile photo of Alikat Alikat

        is that***

        Profile photo of Alikat Alikat

        Essentially, yes, but at a job fair the recruiters are waiting for you.

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

Well done ! Thanks for the good tips !
Useful for the First Aid but what about the ” Last Aid” ? …

Profile photo of Tiery Tiery

    Hi Tiery,

    You’ll need to go to medical school for that ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very helpful! Thank you sir.

Profile photo of sundeepartist sundeepartist

Thank you everything is clear.
Greetings from Poland.

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Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

thank you so much dear sir .
you are the only teacher that i vote for your lesson and wish you more lesson to upload.
Mohammad Naweed Mohammadi

Profile photo of mohammad naweed mohammadi mohammad naweed mohammadi

Omg i got 10. Thank you Mr. Adam 😉

Profile photo of Elga Malik Elga Malik

thank you MR Adam . I got 9

Profile photo of owis owis

very very usefull.Thanks alot

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Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

ADAM , Can you explain about neck brace for me please?

Profile photo of Thovsh Thovsh

Hello Adam
In your other lesson you said wound is a kind of injury. Now in this video you said injury in internal and wound is external (if I understand correctly). So I’m a bit puzzled.

Profile photo of syncthia syncthia

Thanks for the lifesaving lecture.Adam
The whiplash effect is caused by inertia principle.I just wanted to add little physic to the lesson! :D

Profile photo of Taha inan Taha inan

Hello Adam,

You always choose practical and interesting subjects of our everyday life to teach us new vocabulary in English. I love it!

Of course, I prefer not to live a situation where I have to use these words, but no one knows what is going to happen tomorrow.

Take care!

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

I got80 % because I Am a nurse

Profile photo of sinju sinju

thanks Adam, it is a very impotant lesson

Profile photo of @jmendez07 @jmendez07

Thank you Adam . Great lesson.

Profile photo of Delmy317 Delmy317

very good

Profile photo of abdullah alsulimi abdullah alsulimi

I did not get 9. Can anyone help me?

Profile photo of francisco berti da cruz francisco berti da cruz

Adam is the best.

Profile photo of CyrusKing CyrusKing

will anyone please help me to understand how relative clauses and compound sentences are related.

Profile photo of rajiv kumar mishra rajiv kumar mishra

thank you so much

Profile photo of Ali Elawaj Ali Elawaj

Good class. Lot of different words to me.
Thank you, Adam! Unfortunately I did only 7 out of 10.

Profile photo of macprivera macprivera

It is prolific lesson teacher

Profile photo of Abdikadir Abdi Jama Abdikadir Abdi Jama

    thanks teacher

    Profile photo of Abdikadir Abdi Jama Abdikadir Abdi Jama

Thank you for your lessons. They`re always very helpful.

Profile photo of liuba.skrypnyk liuba.skrypnyk

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of mohammedalazza mohammedalazza

Thanks Adem.it was good lesson.I got 100

Profile photo of drridvan drridvan

Voice is good, lession is useful

Profile photo of tom586 tom586

Thank you

Profile photo of Almas92kz Almas92kz

Thank you Adam

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

10/10. thank you

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

why I cann’t warch the video?

Profile photo of Jennifer133 Jennifer133

    All of our videos are on YouTube, which may be blocked where you are. You’ll have to use a VPN or the Tor Browser.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thank you 10/10 very useful

Profile photo of Razansalim1 Razansalim1

Thank you Adam for the helpful lesson. And especially for the recommendation to take a course of first aid.

Profile photo of EvgeniiS EvgeniiS

Paramedics are also known as EMT – Emergency Medical Technicians.

Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

thanks Mr Adam,I got 80.

Profile photo of husam simawi husam simawi

Thank you very much Mr. Adam.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

thank you very much.Very useful for my students and for me,with clear and simple explanations.Mr Adam

Profile photo of montse Ferrando montse Ferrando

Dear Adam! I’ve just signed up! I am going to improve my skills especially via your part of this site! Best wishes, Evgeny, Russia:)

Profile photo of Evgeny Evgeny

…some people are not very comfortable taking a needle and thread, and sewing themselves.


Profile photo of deautiful deautiful

Hello Adam/
It was fanastical! ).
may be it would of eny help…
there are somy branches in medecine: surgery, gynecology, psychiatry, pediatrics, ENT, neurilogy.
it would be much more interesting to listen smth about for example vomit, or quinsy, or craniocerebral injury, convulsions, or extrauterine pregnancy or appendicitis, smth like that/
i’m waiting impationatly)
best wishes from Moscow

Profile photo of sergda1208 sergda1208

very useful it’s exactly what I need thank you so much

Profile photo of beaufume beaufume

100 % thanks

Profile photo of samupgo samupgo

Great lesson, Adam.
It’s very helpful for leaning English.

Profile photo of km102 km102

Awesome as always, Adam! Thanks a lot. May I ask you: Are you using “bandage” meaning “band-aid” (plaster), or you consider they´re two different things?

Profile photo of Andre Duarte Andre Duarte

this is really cool to be related with some no common words because we do not when we have to use them in our way to whaterver place i have not seen them with attention so i can now use them property according to our teacher has taught us now i can attend to others when they find with a crash accident i can attend to them with first aid kit i also larned the important to have a kit with us at home at work at everywhere we are for help to others, definately i feel really good with the lesson today i got ready to put a first aid kit into my car.Thank you teacher with the information what is required to face a crash accident

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo
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