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Hello dear Teacher Adam, Thank you for mentioning our country name in the lesson, I cheered up.

Seyed Ali

Hello Adam, thank you for this beautiful lesson. I did all the questions good without the last. I thought to put “no article” but I changed my mind because I also thought that is a specific alcohol “which is not served in a sealed bottle”. So for this reason I don’t put “no article ” because I understand this situation like something specific and not in general. May you help me to understand better?


I got 7 correct out of 9. Question 4 was tricky for me. I got a good feel of English today. Thank you for your superb lessons every time.

Insoo Yeo

    because the dress on a display window is a specific dress, its not a general abstract dress, thats my opinion, but i do it right


I got 5/9, the lesson is truly hard to me, have too exception in every situation, i truly confused, hope next lesson i will better, thank Adam

nguyen van long

9/9 :)


Hey dude!, love your vids and the quizzes you make for us. Learning english better with engvid teachers especially with adam. Keep up the good work!


Hi Adam,
I have some questions for you.
1. When we want to say “The United States of America” using an abbreviation. Will it be “USA” or rather “The USA”?
2. Why do we say anatomy although it contains: urology, cardiology etc.?
3. It seems whenever you have “of” You need to use “an article” Unless I’m mistaken.
Some examples: “A love of mother, the university of California, the republic of south Korea.

All the best to all English learners.


Hi, Adam!
Is the usage of an article in the collocation “the English language” correct? I came across this rule/exception in one grammar book. I understand that the word “language” is probably redundant here but still want to know whether I can use it like this in my writing to make it less monotonous, so to speak.
Thank you in advance!
Hope you are in good health.


I am confused too, because i thought Mt Everest is a group of Mt, so i did put the before it, and it was wrong


Great lesson Adam, thank you so much.
But just one question: when you were explaining about the use of no article in the lakes and bays, was it me or did you say “the Hudson bay in Canada”???(about min 7:18)
Maybe it was just a mistake. We all make mistakes. It is only to make it sure ;)


great lessin Adam you teaches very well that everybody can understant easily


Great knopfer86, he said “the”. Good listening. Both, you and I are Spanish and we say “el Juan” “la Marta” and hopefully nothing happens is wrong but is like that. You are great fan of Engvid, aren’t you? I am.

Pedrop Guijarrog

Thank you so much for this video Adam!


I get 78. I would like to know the different between possessive pronouns and passessive adjectives.
thank you.


    passessive means possessive, sorry


Thanks. I got only 6/9.


The test result was good to me.

Arshad 1122

Sir I have one question about articles.. I am preparing for IELTS exam I often get confused about the word government.. should I use a government, the government or Governments?

Komal shamanani

Hi,mr.Adam!I really want to thank you for this useful lesson.I confused a lot about when use and not to use articles and i need this lesson, but you made this lesson.Thanks a million!


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Thank you.


Nice video! I got 6 out of 9. 6 corrects and 3 wrongs.

Pereira Santos

8/9 :(


i got 100%. Thanks Adam. I do like your way of teaching very much.

Carrie McCulloch

Hi Adam, I have a question for you.

When I am working in some place and I need talk with someone about a information that another person gave me and I don’t know his name, just the position, can I use the?

Ex. I was doing my activities when the nurse call me to help him


Great lesson Adam! Thank you!

Ashurov 1986@

Thank You!


Thank you, Adam. Your lessons are easy to learn and you have a special way of explaining the ideas.

Mosaad Gharbawy

Hello Sir,
Please would you explain to me “strong word endings” before which the stress falls on the penultimate syllable.


Thank you

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