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Latest Lessons Avatar of Adam Learn MEDICAL Vocabulary in English Avatar of Adam Learn English Grammar: How to use SO & SO THAT Avatar of Adam English Grammar: Negative Prefixes – “un”, “dis”, “in”, “im”, “non” Avatar of Adam Classroom English: Vocabulary & Expressions for Students Avatar of Adam Phrasal Verbs – LOOK: look up, look after, look out… Avatar of Adam War & Military Vocabulary: Understand the news Avatar of Adam Travel English: How to go through customs at the airport Avatar of Adam Phrasal Verbs – FALL: fall for, fall in, fall behind, fall through… Avatar of Adam IELTS – How to manage your time

Do you love English? Me too. That's why we're here—to get a better grasp of the language because English is a key to the world. Join me and others from around the world as we practice our English skills and get to know each other. I have taught, coached, and edited for hundreds of non-native English users for 14 years, in four countries. Let me put this experience to work for you; subscribe to my channel and don't forget to comment here on engVid— remember, all questions are good ones if they help you improve.

These days, I'm back home in Toronto, Canada. I concentrate on helping people prepare for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT. Test takers can learn to write at Write to Top, my site dedicated to guiding you to your target score. I also edit and proofread documents, websites, and university applications on EditorProof. As you might have guessed by now, I live and love the English language.

And, yes, I know English can be difficult; but it is also a very beautiful language, and it can give you a lot of pleasure. It can also take you to places you’ve always wanted to go, such as to cities far away, or even just a few floors up, in the management offices of your company. English is a tool; learn to use it properly, and the whole world can become your playground.

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Rebecca 12 Common Errors in Academic English – and how to fix them! Avatar of Rebecca The Secret to English Vocabulary – How to remember more Avatar of Rebecca Business English – 6 common idioms Avatar of Rebecca Polite English: Show people you care: “You must be…” Avatar of Rebecca Learn 10 Easy English Commands Avatar of Rebecca Real English – Ordering food on the phone Avatar of Rebecca 12 IELTS Speaking Tips Avatar of Rebecca How to introduce yourself & other people Avatar of Rebecca Extreme English!

Learning English is a partnership. Student and teacher must connect minds and hearts to achieve success.

For over 25 years, I’ve taught English to thousands of people from around the world. I’ve helped executives, diplomats, businesspeople, and international students to join university, ace English exams, get better jobs, earn higher salaries and sign business deals. I’ve also run a language school, written educational materials, and designed teacher training programs.

My lesson videos cover grammar, vocabulary, writing, idioms, business English, polite English, IELTS, TOEFL, and more. I do my best to teach with logic and clarity, as well as warmth and caring. I understand your fears, problems, and mistakes, and can help take your English to a higher level.

So, subscribe to my YouTube channel and watch your confidence increase, along with your English skills. I am sure you will succeed, partner :-)

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Alex 6 Phrasal Verbs with HANG: hang on, hang up, hang out… Avatar of Alex Improve your vocabulary: Synonyms for “small” in English Avatar of Alex Grammar: Active and Passive Gerunds Avatar of Alex Grammar: Active and Passive Infinitives Avatar of Alex Learn English Vocabulary: Talking about your nose! Avatar of Alex Don’t make these mistakes in English! Avatar of Alex Learn vocabulary about CARS in English Avatar of Alex English Grammar – 5 Ways to Use Infinitives Avatar of Alex English Vocabulary: Talking about FEAR

My name is Alex, and I have been teaching English since 2008 in a variety of environments. From private tutoring, to classrooms, as well as teaching over the Internet, I have had many wonderful experiences in my job. I love what I do, and I'm looking forward to sharing what I know with non-native English speakers from all around the world.

Currently, I am working in Montreal, Canada, but I was born in Poland. When I first moved to Canada at the age of seven, I didn't understand a single word of English. I remember the problems I had communicating with other kids, and the frustration I felt throughout my English learning experience. However, after some help from teachers and friends, and a lot of time and practice, I was able to learn the language that I now teach. The experience of being an immigrant has driven me to become a better English teacher, since I am familiar with the challenges and difficulties that new English speakers face. See you on the front page!

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Jon Common Mistakes: SOON, EARLY, QUICK, FAST Avatar of Jon Common Mistakes: SHADE or SHADOW? Avatar of Jon 5 great ways to improve your English! Avatar of Jon Listening Comprehension for Beginners – “under the weather” Avatar of Jon University degrees in North America Avatar of Jon English Vocabulary – afraid, afraid of, scared of, fear Avatar of Jon Listening Comprehension – Learn English with dirty jokes Avatar of Jon Conditionals – second & third conditionals (English Grammar) Avatar of Jon How to use the word ABOVE in English

I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to teach ESL in Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, and Toronto, Canada.

I am very passionate about teaching, and especially when students are motivated, interested, learning and having fun. Great teachers are only as good as their students, and this depends on 3 things:

1. If teachers are excited and motivated to teach and learn
2. If students are excited about teaching and learning
3. If your classroom has windows and good southern exposure

I hope you enjoy my English lessons and learn something you can use.

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Jade IELTS Success: Writing Effective Paragraphs Avatar of Jade 8 Tips for British English Pronunciation Avatar of Jade How to Write IELTS Essay Introductions – The Quick & Easy Way! Avatar of Jade What grammar mistakes do native speakers make? Avatar of Jade Welcome to London – Tour around Covent Garden Avatar of Jade How to talk about an article in English Avatar of Jade CAE Cambridge English Exam – All You Need to Know Avatar of Jade How to show authority – Causative Verbs Avatar of Jade British Slang: INSULTS & childish sayings

Hi, I'm Jade. I believe how you feel is even more important than what you know when speaking English. That is why I tell true stories from my experience coaching English, give advice and share tips to help you feel more motivated and confident when communicating in English. My videos are informal, personal and motivational. My objective is to make you feel inspired and excited about your English studies. I like to keep my lessons practical by teaching essential grammar alongside useful phrases.

I will always teach the real English that I hear spoken around me. Whenever there is a difference between what native speakers actually say and standard, grammatically correct English, I will tell you about it.

For me, learning a language goes far beyond doing grammar exercises and reading lists of words. To learn English successfully, you will also need to develop your communication skills. That is why in my lessons I also share insight and knowledge about becoming a successful communicator.

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Valen 7 Common English Expressions about MONEY Avatar of Valen English Writing – Sequencing – How to use FIRST, NEXT, LAST, FINALLY, etc. Avatar of Valen ♥ ♥ ♥ 7 Common English Expressions to do with Love & Relationships ♥ ♥ ♥ Avatar of Valen Business English – 7 Common Workplace Abbreviations Avatar of Valen English Vocabulary – WISH & HOPE Avatar of Valen English Grammar – Negative Forms of MUST & HAVE TO Avatar of Valen Business English – More Common Workplace Expressions Avatar of Valen English Grammar – MUCH, MANY, A LOT OF (quantifiers) Avatar of Valen Commonly Confused Words in English – HEAR & HERE

Hi! I’m Valen. I am from Seattle, Washington and I have been teaching English for the past four years. I’ve taught ESL in Japan and Korea and am now home in rainy Seattle. I believe that learning English should be simple and fun.

Please leave comments on my lessons if you have any questions or requests. I am not offering private English lessons at this time and unfortunately cannot respond to private messages.

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Ronnie How to speak naturally in English: Reduction Mistakes Avatar of Ronnie How to give the BEST speech or presentation in English Avatar of Ronnie Learn Real English – How to pay with DEBIT or CREDIT CARDS Avatar of Ronnie How not to swear! Avatar of Ronnie How to learn grammar – any grammar!!! Avatar of Ronnie How to send a letter in English Avatar of Ronnie Learn English: Does the C sound like S or K? Avatar of Ronnie EMERGENCY Vocabulary in English Avatar of Ronnie Learn Real English – SHOPPING

Hi, I'm Ronnie! My first ever teaching English experience lasted 4 years in the beautiful remote region of Obihiro in Hokkaido, Japan! And now I find myself in Toronto, Canada teaching ESL and business English.

I'm a bit of a "nutter" - which makes learning from me very very exciting! I wish to only teach you REAL LIFE things that are useful, and that we use TODAY - no outdated old school grammar textbooks. You need to know how to survive in this fast-talking, hustle of an English world!

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Emma Vocabulary: How to talk about ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES Avatar of Emma Learn 11 ANGRY Phrasal Verbs in English Avatar of Emma IELTS: Top 10 Spelling Mistakes Avatar of Emma Learn Slang: 10 SHIT Expressions Avatar of Emma Power Poses for Exam & Interview Success! Avatar of Emma Writing – 6 ways to compare Avatar of Emma How to succeed on IELTS Reading Avatar of Emma Pronunciation: -ION Word Endings Avatar of Emma IELTS Reading: Top 10 Tips

Hi, my name is Emma. Learning a different language can be hard, but it can also be a fun and rewarding experience. Although I am a native English speaker, I can relate to students because I had to learn French when I was younger. When I first started learning French, it was a real challenge, especially pronunciation. I was so embarrassed to speak and I would never put my hand up in class because I was scared of making mistakes. Finally, I had a great teacher who taught me that making mistakes and learning from them is the best way to learn a language. She was right!

I have been teaching for 3 years now. Before teaching ESL, I studied anthropology and archaeology at university. This background has helped me to understand some of the cultural differences of my students, including differences in how they may approach learning, writing, body language, and speaking.

I am TESOL-certified and have taught students from various backgrounds, ages, and levels. From immigrants to international students, private lessons to classrooms, my experiences have been varied and have allowed me to gain insight into the challenges that ESL students face.

Teaching is one of those great professions that allow you to be forever learning. While I teach students both French and English, they teach me about their cultures, their lives, and other ways to see the world. It is a privilege to teach and I am thankful for all of my students over the years who have shared their stories, interests, and dreams with me.

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Latest Lessons Avatar of Benjamin Learn to make plans with the FUTURE PROGRESSIVE tense Avatar of Benjamin Vocabulary: Talking about CLOTHES in English Avatar of Benjamin Slang, Phrases, Vocabulary – “Wouldn’t it be fun to…join the Mile High Club?” Avatar of Benjamin Real English: Phrases for finding an apartment Avatar of Benjamin IELTS Success – Studying Academic English at a School Avatar of Benjamin Political vocabulary and expressions in English Avatar of Benjamin Top words for your JOB INTERVIEW & RESUME Avatar of Benjamin Grammar: Reported Speech / Indirect Speech Avatar of Benjamin Speak English naturally by using filler phrases

Learn English with me! Follow my videos on EngVid and subscribe to my YouTube channel to improve your vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills. With practice, these lessons will help you to become a fluent speaker of English.

I live and teach in the exciting city of London. I worked as an actor for many years before teaching EFL, so I hope, at the very least, that I’ve managed to make my videos entertaining! Take the quiz on each lesson to test your understanding of what I teach.

After working in a top U.K. language school, I realised that students of English needed more practice of listening to real speakers of English. Studying grammar is fine, but without listening to native English speakers, your command over the language will never be very natural. I set up www.ExquisiteEnglish.com to give students the opportunity to hear how modern English speakers actually speak. On this site are a series of interviews on a wide range of interesting subjects: fashion, business, music, acting, pubs, new technology, and more. I’ve interviewed some very creative and entrepreneurial people from London, and after each interview you will find an accompanying video from me, in which I teach the key phrases and vocabulary for that topic.

Private tuition on Skype: If you want to speak great English, fast track your learning by booking some lessons with me through the Exquisite English website.

I hope you enjoy my EngVid classes, and that your study of English brings you much joy.

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Latest Lessons Avatar of James Basic English: Learn the difference between BECAUSE and SO Avatar of James IMPERATIVES – How to give commands in English Avatar of James Learn English: Words with many meanings Avatar of James Conversation Skills: What’s your communication style? Avatar of James Learn English Expressions: What are binomials? Avatar of James Basic English vocabulary for cleaning your house Avatar of James Learn 5 easy HAT idioms in English Avatar of James Learn English Grammar: Modals – “could” or “should”? Avatar of James How to say NO! Communication skills that work

If you TRY, you can do anything! It’s always been my belief that you cannot put information in other people's heads. If you find a way to show them something, they can use their own intelligence to learn. This is my approach to teaching, trying to be both informative while allowing the students to find their own way of learning. I’ve spent the last 12 years teaching in various capacities.

I’ve taught martial arts to kids and developed a curriculum that was geared specifically to enhance their development.

I spent several years, first as a volunteer and then professionally, working with children suffering from autism and Asperger's -- trying to help them learn to deal with the world around them and to learn from their environment. Finally, it was while helping a child that I was asked to work at the Toronto School Board. While I was there, I helped out with kids who were learning English, and my love of teaching ESL began.

Teachers or other English schools who are interested in using these lessons, please go ahead and use them. That's what they're here for!

If you want to learn more about English grammar, vocabulary, and idioms, or if you have any other English questions or suggestions, feel free to go to the engVid forum and leave a message.

I hope you find the lessons fun, and valuable to helping you on your journey of English learning. Thanks for the support... what are you waiting for? Subscribe already!!!

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