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Alex, thank you so much for this lesson! It’s one of my favorite books! I was so glad to see the theme of the video! Please, make more videos like this, I’m a book worm.

Zhanna Maltseva

    Thanks, Zhanna! I’ll think about it. I do enjoy making videos about books.


I had already tried to read 1984 on my son’s advice, but had given up. Thanks to you, I will try to read it again. Thanks Alexis.


    Try again for sure! You might understand more than the first time you tried reading it.


1o/1o :D
best regards,Alex (hi from Kazakhstan o7 Dec 2o21)


    Thank you, Janyl! I hope you’re having a good day today.


jajajaj great quiz! last question is funny! Greetings from Colombia! Here we have our big brother as well :'( !!


    Sorry to hear that. I’m glad the lesson was useful at least.


Hi Alex!
In French, we say “novlangue” for “newspeak” ; it’s a term very used nowadays (you know why: covid, social networks, etc.) George Orwell is a great writer: I’d also recommend “Down and Out in London and Paris” (1933). This book has deux funnies names in French : “La Vache enragée” or “Dans la dèche à Paris et à Londres”, according to the translation.
Thanks to you!


    “La Vache enragee” is a great name for a book. I haven’t read “Down and Out in London and Paris.” Outside of 1984, I’ve read “Animal Farm” and “The Road to Wigan Pier.” Orwell really gets into social support and economic systems in the second one. Going by his writing, I view him as a socialist (before that word became twisted).


thank you this lesson help me to understand many vocab and thought , and I will try to read this book so like the author very much thank you again Alex

chahira abdin @ DAMAS

    My pleasure! I’m glad you enjoyed the video.


Thanks. My score was 10/10


    Nice work! Keep it up. :)


Dear Alex,
I really enjoy this topic. Actually, I am a big fan of George Orwell. One of his essays, The Politics And the English language, is one of my favorites. If you could explain in-depth a paragraph or two in 1984, that’d be wonderful.


    That’s a good idea. Maybe in the future. :) I’ve never read that essay, but I’ve always wanted to.


A classical book, indispensable reading. Nice lesson. Regards, Alex.

Filipe Orlandi

    It’s an all-time classic for sure. The language is pretty direct as well. Thanks for your feedback, Filipe.


Hello, Alex!!!
I got 9/10. That’s good, I think!!!
I read 1984 several years ago, before the year 1984. I’m old!!! The book is really interesting. I recomend!!!
Then, this is the oportunity to say thank you for this excellent class. Congratullations!!!
And remember: Bib Brother is watching you!!!
Take care!!!

Miguel Geronimo

    That’s so cool! I read it in the early 2000s. I was going through a dystopian fiction phase. During that time, I also read Utopia by Thomas More, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. There’s a lot of great social commentary in all of these…although I wouldn’t want to read Utopia again because the formatting is so poor and there are almost zero paragraph breaks.


Dear Alex,
At first time to listen, I only corrected at 5 sentences. Then, I tried to hear again and do quiz second time which got 100% corrected. Thanks for your explainmination.


    Nice job! :)


i got 10.
big brother is watching us.


    Nice work! Keep it up.


Without a doubt, one of the most interesting lessons you´ve made so far.
Congratulations for your unique and subtle use of the language to let slip one of the topics that is on everyone’s lips today, but only few are willing to talk about (people control and new technologies as an excuse).
Thank you so much!!


    My pleasure. I’m glad this lesson is striking a chord with people.


Alex, I have a question to you. In addition to our book theme, I’d like to ask you have you ever read Russian books? I mean Russian authors translated into English language. What books it were? Tell me in two words which Russian book did you like if your answer is “yes”.

Zhanna Maltseva

    I love The death of Ivan Ilych, by Tostoy. It is one of my favorite books.

    Pedro Rezende

Alex, thank you very much for this lesson, I will definitely read this book soon


Thanks Alex for the video, I appreciate the idea to choose a classic book like this as a theme for a lesson. Now I am absolutely committed to read the book. I think however that the story deserves more details and analysis as you did very well with Star War or Harry Potter. Do you think a second lesson about the book it would be possible?


!0/10 but it was easy. Thank you Alex and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Hi how are You Mr Alex

Varga Heidi

You are great teacher Mr Alex

Varga Heidi



thank you mr Alex i wish to get the book but i will not find it free


Thank you so much.

wonna htay

Thanks, Alex. I believe that, nowadays, the politically correct terms are a form of newspeak.


Thank you Mr. Alex.


How many fingers, Alex?

Thank you very much.



Great video, Alex. It’s really a terrific book. Do you know “Animal Farm”, by Orwell? It would be amazing having some video about that also.

Pedro Rezende

10/10, but it’s hard.


Very good class!
I will certainly read this book.



Alex, thanks a lot for the episode!

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