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thank you teacher Emma for this lesson..
god bless you all..

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    Thank you so much Emma.

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      Thank you very much for the lesson.

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    very nice to teaching with us thank you. one request to u plz teaching me about let’s and shall little bit i confused..
    plz revert this message
    once again
    Thank you so much Emma

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hope you’ll answer me.


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Wow, thank you Emma!

You often teach things than I’ve not had an idea before. You do it well!

By the way, EngVid is my favorite website among English sites for learning.

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    I completely agree with you =) Engvid does magnificent lessons that ever I think that site is the best one in the internet

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Thanks once more Emma! I was just thinking in this situation past days : ) One of my biggest problems in english it’s when do I use a double letter in a word or not. Do you have any suggestion? I would deeply appreciate! : ) Good weekend for engvid team!

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Very good lesson! Thanks Emma

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Thank you, Teacher Emma!, your lesson are interest and usefull.

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Indeed you start to explain when the rule of the 2 items doesn’t woork at the very beginning of your lesson, because you said: “the difference BETWEEN among, amongst and between” :)
Thank you, Emma, for this really clear and useful lesson! You are a lovely and very good teacher! :)

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    I am confused. What is the diference between AMONG and AMONGST?
    Hope you will answer !!!

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      they havn’t difference, buy amongst is older than among

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two simple words with a lot of means, but all is clear now. Thanks dear teacher.

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thaks emma for that explanation I understood better now, but I have a doubt with the word “along´´. Is along like next to, between or among? I´d like to know the use of that word.


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Thanks Amma…

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thanks teacher emma now i understand the differences of among and between

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thanks teacher emma now i understand the differences of among and between

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good job thank you for helping for to this kind of grammar stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you very much for the beautiful lesson!

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Emma !!
Again a very useful lesson!!. I did 100% correct on my quiz And I’m sure this knowledge won’t fade away after.
But I have one question about AMID.
What is the difference Between AMONG and AMID?
All the Best,
I Use amid when we have the In the middle of something. I mean surrounded.
But I don’t know exactly
That’s why I need your skills in order to explain clearly the inference between Amid and Among,

All the best

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i got 6 haiz :(

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Very nice!I loved the lesson,
thanks teacher.

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you are really beatiful lady and very good teacher.you are explaining english lessons very vell.

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Tahnk you very much for taught that, because I was confused about it

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Awesome video thanks Emma!!

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Thanks A lot

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thanks 4 ur clear explanation mam

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I got 10 correct out of 10 ((: thank you so much Emma. I love this website. here all teachers are helpful.

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tks, Emma, your explation is fantastic and, I hope put its in practise.

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Thanks a lot Emma!! Now I Know for sure that the difference between the word of between and among :D

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Thank you very much Emma,for your explanation this item.I wish you good luck.Hi from Russia.

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Good job Emma:

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oh, great! i can understand it,, thanks Emma!

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It is good questions.Thanks Emma.

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Thanks very much teacher Emma, you are very cool..

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Thank you Emma, you are really good teacher.

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please help me in this question

Are these sentences correct

keep this secret between us ( if they two persons)

keep this secret among us ( if they more than two )

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I guess the for the 2nd sentence the word Amongst is even more appropriate because it’s related to the person that speaks.
Keep this secrets amongst us.

By the way does some ones know about the use of Amid instead of among?

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It was “I guess THAT for the 2nd sentence….” ( Typing error)

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Thank you, Emma. This is very helpful to me.

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Thanks very much Emma, i got 10 correct. I’m really happy.

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Like your teachings

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i am realy enjoying that lesson.
Thank you so much .
you are helping me a lot .

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nice lesson,thanks

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I’m not sure if you’ll reply, but i want to ask you a question, emma, if the word differences is in the sentence butnit is talking about a group of something or a mass, then do we put amoung, or between

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    i think we use among

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oops. i made some spelling mistakes

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Very good lesson, thank you.

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Thanks Emma! Great lesson.

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Thanks for the lesson.
Great explanation!

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Hello Emma,nice lesson
I learning a lot.

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Very good lesson! Thanks

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Thank you Emma,
you are the best teacher.

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Hey.. Thnq dear teacher its realy very helpful for me thnx a lot..

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Very good lesson

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Thank you ,teacher

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yay 100/100 =D

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Thanks, it’s really clear.

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Dear Emma, you are really a good teacher. I have already learnt a lot of grammar :)

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90/100 ;) not bad but really this lesson is awesome ^_^

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Thank you ! I have to learn your lessons for me. (#32413)

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hi iam new student from australia

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thanks for this efforts

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Thanks a lot Emma! The lesson is very useful.

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Emma, you have an American pronunciation, not British, right?))

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Hi mam,i want to speak english fluently but i can’t .I always try to speak in english but i lose my confidence.I am very much worried.I hope by joining in ur site i may improve myself.Please help me by giving suggestions.

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Hi Emma …
I have one question for you …Why you don’t reply our comment or our questions ?? I think the communication between teacher and student is very useful for both …. is that right ??

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from my point of view your explanation and presentation are very simple and we are waiting more vedios for you
tahnk you emma

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thank god 100% in the quiz

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Thanks for lesson!

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thanks teacher,i get 9/10

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15 minutes lesson for 5 minutes subject… The lesson structure can be improved and optimized.

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Thank you Emma!
It was a great lesson, I didn’t know all these differences before of now.

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Thanks teacher.
Is very nice lesson.

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Thank you, is the first lesson for me. Among the other sites for english, It´s better.

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It was very nice.
Thank You.

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Many thanks, Emma!

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Thanks Emma, between you and me I’ve got 10/10

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Thank you …

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Yep! 100 10/10
Thanks Emma. I loved it.

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between , a preposition , talking the relationship in specific items which may be two or more; ‘ and ‘ / ‘ or’ is acceptable.

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nice way of teaching.

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You are among the best Canadian English teachers. :)

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Thank you :) I understand now

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Yeeeey I got 10 out of 10! Thank you, Emma :)

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Great lesson Dear teacher Emma.
Would you make a lesson on when to use WHICH and when to use WHAT, I have investigated a little about it but I’d really love to hear what you’ve got to say about it. I’m sure that will be very helpful to me and other students as well.
Thanks in advance.

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hi emma, thanks for the great effort u doing for teaching us :), and i want to ask if there any type of voice chat channels on the internet that i can practice my English on it by speaking.

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks you Emma.
Still a very useful lesson.

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great lesson thank you Emma.

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Cute teacher and good lesson ! Thanks a lot Emma.

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Hello Dear Emma,

Missed U Much.


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like your teaching.

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Hello Emma,

can you please do a lesson on regardless ? Thanks

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wow teacher Emma you are fantastic …. and i got 8 :D

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Teacher Emma: Good lesson (always!) but I’d like to ask u about the rule of Pronouns in Prepositional Phrase. Is it possible? Is it correct?
between her and me? between Angelie and her? or you don’t like to consider a future lesson talking all concern about it. Thanks a lot!
Greetings from Florida

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Appreciate it. Thank you Emma :)

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Hello Emma,
It was very nice,thaks

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Thanks alot from SAUDI ARABIA

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why i cant post comments lol!!!!

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Thank you i get more benefit from this lesson

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Thank you Emma. Now I know the difference between the words “Among” and “Between” ;-)

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1000000 million thanks Emma I really love your way to teach English!
I would like to teach me if you are Vancouver, Canada.

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In Vancouver

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Thank you teacher Emma. I have to learn your lessons for me. Still a very useful lesson.

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thanks Emma

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Thank you!

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one of my best video since i got this website who help me a lot to improve my english skils.and especially for this lesson i didnt see the time is running not like some lesson which you bored sometimes..just one word thansk teacher emma teach us more

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Thank you very much for your beautiful lesson.

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Thanks so much. Emma

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I’ve got 10….:D

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Thanks a lot!

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thank you very much Teacher Emma

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not good she hasn’t any confidence of herself :( and talking very much and in the end i don’t understand very well as the other teachers

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Thanks a lot!

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thanks for your lesson
very nice

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Dear Teacher,

Thank you for your good lesson.

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ur soooooooooooooo great
thank u so much

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Thank you very much Emma,
Between English and me, there is a best teacher like you. :)

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perfect lesson!!!
You’re Very, very ,very Good teacher!!!
I improved a lot my English with your lessons Emma!!

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Thanks Emma, this lesson will improve a lot of my english…

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Thank you very much….

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thanks emma, when your teaching I learned very good and soon.

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your the best, Ich mag dich

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this is good

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Thank you for your nice lesson.
I also want to learn a difference between if and whether.

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great teacher
useful lessons
go ahead

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks Emma =)

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Emma, thank you so much for this perfect and extremely useful lesson. You cannot imagine how many times I asked myself if I had to use between or among. And who knows how many times I did a mistake! :-) Thanks for you precious work. Bye. Giuseppe

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nice,i am perfect anwser for this lesson,i got 10 correct out of 10,thanks a lot teacher emma.

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Emma i got 100 in the quiz..
Do you know why..?
Because you are a great teacher thanks

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I learning new information each time. thnks emma. I’ll continue to follow :))

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Thank you very much for your lessons. Congratulation, you draw very well american map. Let me tell you you are a very flower ( more pretty than your daisy) Kind regards Francis

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Marvelous lesson, Thank you Emma..(You wrote twice times Brazil, I think you should visit Brazil!:)

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I really didn’t know what the difference between them. You made me understand clearly. I really enjoyed ıt.Thanks :)

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Thanx Emma for those tips :))

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100 great score

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Couldn’t I say: “There’s a difference among the English accents in the world” (I’m talking about a group but using the word difference) or “The tips were distributed between you and me” (I’m being specific but I’m using the word distribute)… It would be great if you could answer my question! Thank you

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    Could anybody help me with these questions?

    Profile photo of elmarjr elmarjr

why did u decide to use subtitles , i used this page to practice my listening =(

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Hi Emma, can I say ” The Blood is distributed among body” ?

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thank you very much

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Again i got 10 correct answers! great this is my 2nd quiz thank you. i really enjoyed it.

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thank you very much for the detailed explanation. It helped me lot.

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Thank u very much for this lesson

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Thanks Amma…

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Thank you teacher!!!!!, very clear all

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ohh Emma I got 100%. U are the best teacher !!!! You teach very clearly. Thanks.

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Thank you teacher you my favorite , i like you lessons ,your lesson was helpful .

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Your lessons are really wonderful! I could understand the difference between between and among very well :)

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it is wrong seeing between you and I, but can we say “just you and I”? because there are songs titled so.

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on the last two examples you wrote: among the trees and among the books, you can also say between the trees and between the books?, figure out you are talking about two books or two trees.

Profile photo of josedelgado josedelgado

Can I say: the tips were distributed between Daniel and David?

Profile photo of josedelgado josedelgado

Thank you.

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Hello Emma Ma’am. I have got 9/10.I made 1 mistake where I wrote- the donations were shared between the charities.But I like the way you teach. So, thank you Ma’am.
your regards

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Emma, between you and me, that was the best among your lessons.

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Among all the different English lessons that I’ve ever seen, you have the best ones! Thanks a lot, you’re great!!

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What a incredible lesson! Amazing, I enjoyed it very much. The quizz was trick but, fortunately, I did it well.

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    *quiz and I meant tricky, sorry.

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This lesson is very important and i would like to say thank you for your teaching!!!

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Your pronounciation of Often was different. Was it correct ?

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Wonderful lesson! Thank you, Emma.

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Thank you for a brilliant lesson ! Well done !

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    Of course that was very good lesson!

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thanks emma

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I got 100 too !! thx U teacher Emma :D

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great explantion, Emma!

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Thank you Emma… You are the best…!!!

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Emma, this is the best english lesson I have ever had. Thank you

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Thank you so much teacher Emma .

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Among these interesting lessons, I have nothing, only sending my greetings. I really like those sentences:
1) On the airplane, I had to sit between a man who was snoring and a child who was screaming.
2) We have a zombie among us!
Thanks a lot Emma.

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Thank you very much. It’s very interesting.

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Thank you Miss Emma , It was helpful.

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Between and Among(amongst). Emma explained very cleanly. I got 10 correct out of 10. Deeply indebted to Emma.

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Thanks Teacher Emma. You’re great and I’ll never forget this lesson as long as I live.

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Thank you Emma, I got 9/10.

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thank u emma but i want to asking ,,, if it were the sentence including about words and in the end sentence there is collection like :
my home is located ………. subermarket , workshop and trees??

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thank you alot

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Thanks a lot Emma.

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thank u..emma.

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U r the best teacher , and I understand the way u teach.
God bless you!

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Emma, You are a great teacher!
Besides clear explanations, good examples promote a great understanding.
Thank you

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Hello, Emma!! Thanks a lot!

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you are a good teacher emma. i love all your classes. thank you!!!!!

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Vety GOOD lecture

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thank you teacher rebece

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Thank u Emma

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Thank you EMMA, distinctive explanation way

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Thank you for the lesson. I understood everything.

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Thanks Emma. You are a wonderful teacher.. your classes are funny, interesting and easy. I like to study with you.

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    hi sara
    i’d like to learn english with you

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you are excellent .. Mrs Emma :)

Profile photo of Mostafa Ahmed Mostafa Ahmed

    Thank you for your compliment! Just so you know, when you don’t know if a woman is married or not, the appellation you use is “Ms.”, pronounced “miz”. So it should be “Ms Emma”.

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Thanks Emma. You’re absolutely brilliant teacher. There isn’t anybody to don’t understand.

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Thanks Emma for this lesson. :)

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Thanks Mam, I got 90% but I cannot understand the lesson because the top half of the white board has been captured by ads that are against manners. Kindly asked engvid admin to remove the ad from white board.

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You’re good teacher. Thank you

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Thanks Emma, I got 100 again because of you.

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Thanks emmah, for the good tips

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Dear Emmah thank you so much for teaching .wish u all the best

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Thanks, I liked the most the sentence that said about not having time for videogames :D

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I got 10/10!

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very good lesson Emma!

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Hello, what is then, when the path is among the trees? Can I walk “between” the trees? Or “among” the trees? The path has a specified position. :)

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Thank you teacher

The lesson was perfect

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I love the way she talk ♡
She’s one of my fave teacher ♡ :)

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

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thank you so much

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thank emma , I learnt a lot with you.

see you next class!

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wonderful!!! I really appreciate this information.

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There is an age difference between You and me.

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Very usefull! Thank you a lot!

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You are a wonderful teacher & the best.
your classes are interesting and easy. I like the you teach.
God guides you.

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Thank you.
Very useful lesson.
Very easy to understand.

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Perfect presentation.

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Well done Emma, i had never learned what was the difference

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Thanks, Emma. I never think about it :) 10/10.

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Thanks a lot.

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It’s the very easy lesson. I’m gratefull to yoy. I was understanding in the first time. Sank’s. 10 of 10 – rightly

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Thanks a lot Emma, I got 100%

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Thanks Emma.Now I completely understand the difference between ‘between ‘ and ‘ among’.I got 10 out of 10.Thanks once more.

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thank you

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Thanks you Emma, you are an excellent teacher! It couldn’t be better.

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Thank you

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Hi Emma, thanks for the interesting lesson. What about the sentence: “I know a man who can jump between parallel universes”. In this case “between” is used, however “parallel universes” is a whole group. The single universes are not mentioned (like in “I know a man who can jump between universe A, universe B and universe C”.). Also, I believe that saying “I know a man who can jump among universes” would not be correct because it would mean that the man, surrounded by universes, jumps on the spot and not into the universes themselves. Is that rigth? Can you explain why “between” is used in the first sentence, please? Thanks. E.

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weah 100 again . thanks my beautiful emma .i’m very proud of you my teacher

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thanks emma

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Very interesting lesson, thanks Emma.

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Really helpful :) :) :)

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Thank you.

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Thanks Emma . Proud of you. Interesting lesson.

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Thanks Emma.Interesting lesson.

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This is such a great lesson. You are my favorite teacher, Thanks a lot Emma.

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I enjoy this program but I am still not quite understand about Between and among. I don’t quite get it as yet, any help any Advice.

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This is really well explained. And now I know many thing new because of this video. Thank you very much!!

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Thank you Emma, great job.

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thanks emma

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excellent,I GO 7MARKS out 10 Emma.

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wonderful teacher, thanks a lot

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Thanks. I like her lessons.

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very useful lesson . thanks teacher

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Thank you so much Emma !

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Emma you are the best


Emma you are the best.

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Thanks Emma, you’re amazing..

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woos, very great


Ihave learn sow much

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Thanks for this good teaching

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Thank you so much Emma.

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Thank you Emma.

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I didn’t know what “among” it’s mean. thanks! I got it!

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Very good lesson!

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Thank you Emma!))) I have got a big pleasure, watching thus lesson!)))
Very actual, useful and interesting lesson)))

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Thank you very much for the lesson Emma!!
Very useful lesson.

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thankyou very much emma

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Excellent lesson! thanks. I’ve 10 correct out of 10.

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    *got* sorry for the mistake

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can i say “i saw an old photo AMONG those two books” means the old photo placed/slipped in the one of those books?
thank you.

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