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I love the way you teach, all your lessons are great, thank you Emma for all, GOD bless you forever.

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I did it all correct ! :). Thank you Emma. You are wonderful.

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It’s better to be positive and say yes, for sure, because I have doubted in 3 questions which were easier than others. Thank you very much teacher Emma, it’s a pleasure to learn English with you and with Engvid.

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Thank you for the lesson….!!

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Thanks…Emma very good teacher 4ever…

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Thank you Emma !

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Hello everyone,
I’m lucky. I come from Poland. In my tongue language consonant clusters with “s” are very common.
I think that, i don’t have problems with their pronunciation. While I have a lot of problems to pronounce “-ING,-NG,-INK” sounds. It drives me crazy.

Do you have any tips for me? How to pronounce them properly?

Thank for lesson.
See you later :)

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    Practice, practise, practise every day :-).

    Profile photo of swiniak79 swiniak79

Thanks a lot, Emma!

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Thanks Emma. Excellent excercise

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I am from Russia, so I didn’t have a problem to pronounce consonant clusters, but I had fun doing this with Emma :)
This lesson is very helpful for many people.
Thank you Emma!

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thanks Emma, it was a good explanacion about sssssss, like Harry Potter and the snakes.

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thank u teacher

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Thanks a lot nice work.

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Hello,thank you Emma for all.And good luck


I got 10/10. Thank Emma, you teach and explain very easily got it

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

thank you. you are awesome

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Thanks, I love this lesson, very useful to understand and sound and by the way for better communication.

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Thank you so much Emma.

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Thanks. Emma teacher

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Thanks Emma.

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thank you so much for making understandable teaching video

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Thanks a lot. Emma I would be very grateful if you and others teachers gave us the opportunity to read transcripts your lessons. Thanks a lot. I admire you

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Very good

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You’re the best Emma!!

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Excellent lesson. I’ll use this trick to teach others. Thanks

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I got 10/10. Thank you Emma

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😆😆😆 thank you 😆

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wow I got a hundred
thank you, Emma,
you are a great teacher

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Panama Republic, May 6th, year 2019.
Good evening.
Well, I am student, I will not lie, I did not select one of the answer, I did select one, knowing the answer. I did the trick explained by the teacher, I did the record.
Yes, thank you Teacher or Proffesor : Emma ( according by the rules of culture I should mention ( say) your Profession with last name if you are
from Canada or U.S.A).
I will continue learning, listening and practicing.

sorry for the lack of spelling.

Best Regards


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I like the way you explain Emma, it is clear and easy to understand. Thank you!

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Your explanations are super simple and easy to comprehend. Thanks for the insight in all your videos.

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gracias Emma…..Buenísima su clase!!!

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Profile photo of yavuzz yavuzz

It was a interesting video class…

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

    Sorry, “…an interesting…”

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of Ndakola Teofilus N Ndakola Teofilus N

Thanks Emma <3

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your trick bout moving the hand to pronounce the consonant S, is very useful. Thank you Emma. You explain everything very well

Profile photo of Silvi@ Silvi@

thanks you Emma take care

Profile photo of MaliaHdez MaliaHdez

Hey , Ema this really helps a lot thanks for the work you are doing.

Profile photo of Nni de legend Nni de legend

You are a great teacher.Thanks a lot!
I appreciate you!God bless you.

Profile photo of Ahisa Ahisa

Thank you Emma..

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Thanks Emma. I like your lesson. and learn much more English from you.

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The consonant clusters are difficult for us Japanese. I used to practice it when I was young. And your trick is nice. Thank you.

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Thank you Emma !

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Emma: great teacher.

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really amazing method for teaching thank you very much

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Thank you so much

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I an Intersting hand gesture.
Thank Emma.

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Thank you Emma, you are the best!


I got 10 points.Thank you for lesson.

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I like the snake method. Veru useful.

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Thank you madam madam even though i filled i got 7 out of then next time i will make it

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Very good tip. Thanks!

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Hello Emma, I just want to say. Thank you for these kind of lesson because pronunciation is an important thing when we want to speak english properly. Have a terrific day.

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My native language is spanish and so english pronunciation is very difficult for me. But I do know Emma´s excellent explanation will be an important factor which will help me to improve my pronunciation. Thank you.

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Thank you Emma, you are the most beautiful teacher in the whole world.

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