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Great! 10 point. Thanks Emma

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    nguy can you practice me English

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Hi Emma,

thank you for your lesson, I could improve my knowledge in English.

But I think, that the countable nouns can be ALWAYS counted, not just OFTEN, while the singular form = the plural form.

One fish, two fish, three fish, …

The beginners can get a little confused.

Nice day


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Very nice lesson and beutyfull teacher …

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Thank you.

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good lesson

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good lesson

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good and perfect lesson thank you alot

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    you can write a lot (separately), no alot

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I have got 10/10 and happiness when hit the maximum grade. the video clip is very interesting I hope you make many lessons in the future. Thanks a lot

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Thank you very much…..!!!

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    Hi, mahfuzz21! Thank you for commenting. This is an opportunity to practice your English, so please don’t make one-word comments!

    Here’s a cat gif.

    Three cats wearing sunglasses. The middle one's sunglasses fall off.

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Thanks a lot. that information about .

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Good I have got 100 Marks. Thank you Emma

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It is a good lesson…

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Thank you Emma!

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Thanks a lot teacher Emma.

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I got 10 correct out of 10 :D
Thanks Emma

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Very nice lesson and beutyfull teacher …

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i got 90% ..huhuhu i got wrong answerr in question nr.4

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    The four question is interesting due the food is an uncountable noun and we have to use without many and a, only we can use with much or a lot of, this last expression that Emma explained on the video is for general nouns.

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9/10. wrong at no.4….

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    Check the answer that I gave to chrizz2p3r. He did the same mistake.

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Thank you.

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i got 90 out of 100 waw

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Thank you,I have learnt a lot about nouns by watching this helpful video lesson.

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thank you, Emma

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Thank you, Emma i got 7/10

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Thanks teacher

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8 / thanks

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Thanks Emam!!

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Thank you, teacher.

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Thank you.

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Thank you very much Emma! You’re amazing!

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Thanks Emma,I’m learning \o/

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Thanks Emma! Great lesson!

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Hi Emma, thank you very much for the lesson, you are a good teacher.

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PHEW! I GOT 10 OUT OF 10 if I might have wrong answer.
Thanks for teaching this lesson.

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Use Many or Much because it’s for native speakers. A lot of is only for English learners.

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Dear Emma, thank you for the helpful lesson!

I am running Bao’an Foreign Languages Association which is a non-profit organizaiton and based in Shenzhen China to help people learn foreign languages.

I wonder if we can reuse those videos in Shenzhen so that they can help more people. We can pay for reusing them, though not much as we are an NPO, for your helping.

But as we are not allowed to use facebook/youtube/twitter in China, we can use only email and wechat. I hope to establish contact with you teachers, please tell me how:) Thank you and best regards,


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Thank you 😊

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A great lesson.

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Lovely teacher!!!

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Wow! Thank you! Emma

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Thank you Emma.
My lovely teacher.

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oh, i really like this lesson. My english very bad, so i hope i can improvement day by day when i saw your videos

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thank you

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Thanks u ..Emma ..i found my mistakes to improve ..

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Thanks Emma, Great lesson

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Very helpful, thank you Emma. I followed up on the quiz and got a 9/10 correct, almost had a perfect score.

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Very helpful, thank you Emma. I got 8/10 correct, also had a prefect score.

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Thanks for your guidance

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Hello Emma! Great lesson!Thank you!

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Please, I have a question, in the quizz “Shiela has many foods”. I think the word food is uncountable ..It is category like the word furniture..Am I right please answer..❤

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thank you, is great!!

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Sheila has many food.
Sheila has much food.

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thanks emma relay your very nice

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got 8 correct out of 10.

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thanks Emma!

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Emma thanks for an easy way to learn countable and uncountable nouns

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Russia (next words) are ANYMAL and DOG. Canada is a large country!!! Emma is that your level of propaganda from Canada???????? You should say next time that Russia is the largest country in the world, Russia destroyed Nazi Germany in 1945, Russia sent first man and woman in space and so on….. What kind of great events related with Canada??????? Hockey? Yes its very good in Canada… I hope you will read this message and get that people from Russia are much smarter then you think!

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    you F*cking crazy, man

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      Concerning your face you are fu….. crazy triple )))))

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Thanks, Emma

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Great lesson! Thanks!

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Thank you Emma. This is first time I joint this web. I got 10/10. It’s great! See you on the next lesson. Ths one more.

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That’s good

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what’s the order of noun / adjective in “sick long eye laches” or “long light pink hair “? ;)

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    I have found this order but it’s not clear when doing a search, for example. I’ve nobody/no one to speak to:

    [Opinion, Size, Condition, Age, Shape, Colour, Origin, Material, Purpose]!?

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      not SICK but THICK long eye laches in the post before…

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Thank you Teacher Emma

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Thank you emma, I am enjoying the lessons with your simple and amazing method

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Thanks Emma. I got 9 points.

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thanks is uncountable

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Hi Emma I got 8 points. Thank you teacher Emma.

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Thanks a lot for anything you do for us

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thank you Emma for teaching me English

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I get 90 point
so sad…
food is uncountable…
we also use “much” to get right answer.

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Great! I got 10 points…. Thanks a lot !
I’m preparing for the ielts exam. so I hope i can learn many things in this website

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Thanks, Emma, you have a good way and simple to learn us
hopefully my sentence is correct

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one hundred percent lol,thanks Emma

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thank you Emma

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10 correct. Thank Emma

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thank you for the lesson Emma

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thank you teacher was good classes

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Emma a good teacher in world

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Thanks a lot

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hi emma thanks. a lot of things you teach him.i have 2 brothers.i have two table

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thanks Emma but how can i contact with you

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Great, teacher. You help me a lot.

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Hi, Emma!
Thanks a lot for your lesson. It is very useful.

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Thanks emma

I got 60 of 100

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Thank you! Very helpful.

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thanks im learning teaching methods u r great Emma

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Thank you vert much. now i can say only few word

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Thank you, Emma.

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I like the topic you cover this morning. It was very helpful. Thank you so much.

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I read “a pair of jeans” recently. One jean is the material -> “A piece of Jean”?

Profile photo of alain1510 alain1510

    I think that a pair of jeans is right. Even though the material of the pants is jeans, you can also say jeans for a kind of pants.

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Thanks for the video. It was an interesting form to explain the coutable and uncountable nouns. I liked it.

Profile photo of jrg9206 jrg9206

Thank you very much my teacher .

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Thank you, Emma.

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Thanks for the lesson Emma. I won 90 points.

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this lesson was great …thanks Emma …you are best teacher in the world .

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Thanks Emma for this lesson you’re so great

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Thank you verry much

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Thank you. This lesson Washington great

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thanks. Emma

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It was really good Emma, thanks a lot

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Thank you Emma for this interesting lesson.

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Thanks teacher

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Thank you so much, I can finish the Quiz right.

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Lovely teacher, I have A question that is I’m a beginer in English,how can I fluent in English, help me emma

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thanku so much

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Thanks alot Emma

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Thanks Emma

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

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Thanks a lot Emma

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10/10 that was great

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Thanks Emma, 9/10

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That was a good lesson,thanks a lot Emma

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I got 7 thank you emma

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Thank you Emma!

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Thanks a lot Emma. You are wonderful. I really want to master this foreign language. And I will! I’ll keep on struggling!

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Thank you emma you are the best
I get it completely

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Great, It was clear and simple
Thank you Emma

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Good lesson . Thank you madam .

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Good lesson . Thank you Very much madam .

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Great Emma, my favourite teacher. 9 points!!

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Thank you for the lesson that I’ve learn to day.

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Yes, now have a three lessons with 100. Thanks Emma

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Thank you for this lesson!

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Thank you for this lesson. I am understand very Well.

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8 point !
By the way emma can you tell us about noun I mean only noun.

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I got 8 correct out of 10. thanks Emma.

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Waooo amazing thanks for 90 marks

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7 correct out of 10

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Thank you, I think I got it)

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Thank you, I think I got it)

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I got ten points of ten thanks so much Mrs. Emma your teaching method is really working on and I really appreciate it thanks again.

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Thank you Ms. Emma. I learned a lot things from you or shall I say I learned many things from you. I hope I put my sentence grammatically correct otherwise please tell me if there is any. Thank you beautiful Emma.

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Thanks Emma I got 90/100

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Dear sir/ Madam

I need a help in adding verb to collective noun like;

a brood of chicken or a brood of chickens

How we add verb like “a brood of chicken is in the field”:
a brood of chickens is in the field
a brood of chicken are in the field
broods of chickens are in the field

pl explain which correct
send me more example like this for other collective noun:
a herd of cattle, a herd of goats, a bunch of bananas, a bunch of ducks, a dove of pigs, a dove of oxen, a kit of pigeons, a galaxy of stars, a fleet of ships

pl explain when we add singular verb and popular verb in sentences clearly pl

Thanks: my Email is frank19976@gmail.com. if you like you can email me in text

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thanks a lot Emma, you contributed lo of knowledge of uncountable and countable nouns, thanks teacher.

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a love your way to teach, thanks for being so kind Emma.

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    * please erase the “a” and fill in “I”

    Profile photo of jctv75 jctv75

Thank you…but Im so sad.
Just I got 6

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Good job.

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90per !
Thank you for this remarkable lesson .yeah number four confused me. I will do my best .

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    Hi, do u have telegram or wattsup

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Thanks! alot’s Dear teachar

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thank you so much

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Thanks, Emma.

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Hi Dear friend

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thanks Emma i’ve got 9

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Thanks a lot Emma. I’ve got 10

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Thanks a lot Emma. You are my favorite teacher!

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9 correct out of ten

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ten out of ten! nice teacher!!!

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thank you for your lesson

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I love these tests! I have 80! To review again!

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Emma brings me happiness,am I right? What do you think,Emma? Thank you for your help always.
I wish you have a wonderful life year around.

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Thank you Emma.
because you are good teacher,we need to learn more.

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Thanks Emma

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Ten out of ten. Thanks a lot.

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thanks teacher!

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Great, Emma

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I got 70 point

I will to try again , Thank You Emma, I love you

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I got 7out of 10

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Dear Emma, I truly appreciate your great efforts to improve our English. I have learned a large amount of information about countable and uncountable nouns today. Your explanations were clear, precise and rich. Thank you.

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Hi Emma ,Can i use a word “little” before noun “Money”.


Thanks for your lesson. EMMA! You are a great teacher.
You always give me understanding about more english.

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10 out of 10

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Thank you so much.

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I thought so easy that I thought I’ll get 10/10 but I got two question wrong. I’ll learn this language fluefly. I hope so.
Thank so much,Emma

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Profile photo of alinebav alinebav

Tank You. =)

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Thanks a lot Emma you’re amazing

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I got 90%.
I worng 2nd question.
Thanks a lot. Emma.

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Thank you very much Emma!

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thank you

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This is a good lesson for new students. Thank you, Emma!

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Tnx. Emma

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Great, a amazing lession

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Thanks, Emma!

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Great lesson, but I am confused. “History” is countable or uncountable? Fruit represents a category which is uncountable. On the same way, liquid is uncountable, but we can say “Use healthy oils”, Eat plenty of fruits of all colors”, “Processed meats are not healthy”, “Police are going to interviewing all the suspects”. If police is uncountable why the verb has to be on plural form?

Profile photo of Sidney Ferreira Sidney Ferreira

Thank you Amma!!!

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Can I have the countable noun list which doesn’t take s at the end of noun. Urgent!!! Thanks

Profile photo of rajibhossan rajibhossan

Thank you

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thanks emma

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Thank y

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Thank you mam! you have taught many lessons to us.

Profile photo of Prasunan Prasunan

Hello everyone nice lessons if anyone wants to practice speaking can contact me on facebook Egzon N.Hoxha.

Profile photo of EgzonHoxha EgzonHoxha

I got 6 points i’ll try to learn more.

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you are a best english teacher for me.. really thanks a lot to make a platform like this to learn English easily

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8/10 correct

Profile photo of Marie Tomastikova Marie Tomastikova

thank you so much for the lesson.it makes the subject vey easy to understand.9\10

Profile photo of manisha sisodia manisha sisodia

Sorry about my score

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Very good……….!

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many many thanks .. what !!! many ?

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Thank you!!

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Thank you, Emma!

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Thanks Emma, stay bless an absolute teacher

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Oh, stupid me. I made a silly mistake in the quiz.

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yaay 10/10

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thank you emma! great lesson!

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Thank’s a million!

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I got 10 out of 10 correct. Thank you Emma.

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Yay got 10/10 in the 1st lesson.
Thanks Emma

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Panama Republic, May 26th, year 2020.

Good Morning citizens: Teacher or Professor, etc.

In the lesson countable & uncountable nouns,in the test was not correct in this section:
number 4:
food is uncountable
many is for use with countable.
number 9:
skirt is countable noun.
notice put ”a” in front.

if I am not correct of my understanding, I can take in consideration the opinion from others citizens about this test.

Thank you to all of you, and for teach this lesson.
Have a good day.

Best regards.
Tech Nurse.

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Thank you

Profile photo of Jihad El makaoui Jihad El makaoui

Thank you Emma. This website is really helpful. I always enjoy it. In addition, When ever i watch videos, i directly visit on here to do exercises. It’s worth noticing that Teachers on engvid website are well prepared.

Profile photo of Aweys2 Aweys2

I got 10 out of 10 the lesson was so good
thanks teacher

Profile photo of Celina MO Celina MO


Profile photo of kathesalm kathesalm

Thank you.

Profile photo of Hasir Hasir

Very clear
Thanks a lot❤️

Profile photo of Lalineenan Lalineenan


Profile photo of marcelonalvares marcelonalvares

I got 10 correct out of 10.
Thanks Emma

Profile photo of qusay88 qusay88

Thanks a lot Emma.

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