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wow 😍 I got 100 . Thank you, Emma! You are the great !

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    Yep! I agree with you, Emma is one of the best teachers at EngVid.

    Making mistakes is an essential part in the learning proces. However knowing the source of the mistake (not being familiar with the English sound system, for example) might help avoid them in the long run. Well, this is my believe.

    Excellent advice on how to cope with mistakes. Well-developed quiz Emma. Congrats!

    P.S. I bet I’ve made some mistakes. Some feedback is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Hii Emma !This was a great lesson….
Plz help me out…
How can I get in flow to the Elizabethans english???A difficult challenge for me….

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    Hello Alison
    my name is Hossein Parsa from Iran
    if you are Indian
    Do you know that we have some common cultures on our language
    could we have conversation to improve our English.
    because i think your country is better in English than my country.can you help me and would you like to communication with me.thanks

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Hi Emma. Thank you for the lesson

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Would you, please, make a set of videous about synonims? Every word: a noun, a verb or an adjective can be chosen and you could give as many its synomis as possible with the aspects of usage.

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Hi Emma,
Thank you for this great lesson.

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Hi Emma,
Your lesson is easier for me to learn about English.
Thank you.

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Hi Emma,

You are an English export so please help me with inserting correct verb in given sentence.

“How…….. Shoba………(TO FIND) the courage to run the race even though she…….. (TO BE) terrible pain.”

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    Sorry, we can’t do your homework for you! But here’s a hint: try looking up some of our lessons on the past tense.

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Waow I got 90 marks

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    Thanks… Emma… good lesson…

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Thanks for the lesson and your advice Emma!!

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Thanks Emma

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Yeaahh…. thank u..emma

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I got 100 too.

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I got 90… 😁😁😁
thanks Miss Emma…
I often making mistakes, when i have talk with my friends… i think i still do that here… 😁😁

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Ok teacher, I need focus in my mistakes, fix them and write a big comment telling how is easy and good to learn with the good teachers. Thank you Emma!

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I got 90, it was a excellent lesson, Thanks Teacher Emma

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thank you Miss Emma you’re one of my best teacher
I got 10 correct out of 10

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Hi Emma! great lesson, thanks! By the way the phrase: “The longer you have been making a mistake, the harder it may be to fix” is completely true. Anyway, I’ll continue correcting my mistakes.

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Emma, your lessons are very good and important!!! Thanks, thanks!!!!

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Hi Emma. Thank you for the lesson. I got 10 correct!

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Thank you, Emma!

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Tx a lot Emma!

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This is the time video that all of us should concentrate on, thanks a lot, Emma. all the best for you I GOT 100\100 THAT’S AMAZING

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Thank you Emma

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its an ok lesson

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7//10 it’s not ok for me

Profile photo of Ayesha8 Ayesha8

    I’m too.

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thanks anyway

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Thank you Emma
I got 100%!

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thanks emma i feel easy way to learn english.

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Hello Emma, nice video. I am that person who hates making mistakes in front of people and this is not helping me because each time I do mistakes and I am corrected I learn even better this way.
Most of the time my mistakes is with tenses and prepositions, hope you will do more videos on that.
Thanks for your wonderful videos.

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Also I have learn from another teacher, that if you want to speak without being embarrassed, just let it be known to the people you are talking that the language is not your native language and you will be free to speak as you want. But also ask them to correct you when you do mistakes to identify and correct them next time.

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it’s a good lesson and good tips . thank you Emma

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it’s useful,thank you, Emma!

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Brazilian pronounciation mistakes

Rick= name
hick= red neck

rare=E.G medium rare
hare= animal

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somebody could tell me why it´s impossible for me to perform the quiz. maybe it´s my computer, I don´t know the reason, but I can´t pass to the next question, the system doesn’t let me do it. help plz!

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Thank you Emma!

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Why can’t I click the next question tobegin the test?

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I got 10 out of 10! I loved this lesson! Really very useful to me. Thank you Emma!

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Hello Emma, I liked your lesson

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Hi Emma, I loved all your tips. Congratulations

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thank you Emma, I got a 9 out 10 right.

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Hi Emma
I do love watching your lessons. They are always very interesting :)

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It’s Great lesson. Important is to make your mistake befriend.

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Thanks Emma for the directions to face our mistakes

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Great lesson.Thanks!

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Hi Emma ,
Thank you for your great lesson.

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I am really grateful for this video. It help me a lot. thanks Emma.

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Thank you very much for this lesson.

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am the worst here

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Thank a lot Emma

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good lesson

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Hi Emma,
Thank you for this lesson.

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Thank you for your lesson

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i got 90 .. thanx Emma ♥

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Thaks Emma God bless you!

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Thank you Emma, what you said about visualize is so practical, i use that method with the German and helps me a lot

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I got 100. Thanks a lot, Emma!

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Hey Emma great lesson, I got 9 out of 10, just because I didn’t pay attention to question 5. But it’s ok, after all, everybody makes mistakes when learning something.

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So bad i got 50 🤧

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    Hi! I think it’s time to start your diary))))

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Great lesson Emma. Do you do private lessons? Private course ?

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Emma realy i thank you

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Haha! I was very optimistic with this response
7. The longer you have been making a mistake, the harder it may be to fix.


If you have been making the same mistake for a long time, it is often harder to fix. The good news is that you can fix it. You need to be patient with yourself and have a plan on how you will fix it. Keeping a journal or diary of your mistakes can help.

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I have reached 90, thank you very much for this lesson Emma

Profile photo of MarcosParedes MarcosParedes

Please correct me when I make MISTAKES!!!

Profile photo of MarcosParedes MarcosParedes

Thank you, Emma

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Thank you Emma!for giving us courage. Thanks.

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that is good.thank you for the help

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thank you Emma

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Thank you Emma for your lesson
IS very simple
And great💗

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Thank you Emma!

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Hi Emma.thank you for this lesson

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sorry Emma make 2 mistakes so iam goning to review the lesson again.


my respect Emma because I am doing a lot of mistakes

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Thanks, Emma. I got 100

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Thanks Emma by one more great lesson. Your English is so clear that makes me wondering I know something about English! Thanks!

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Perfect You are right, Brazilian say red with H sound lol, I Love you ! I’m Brazilian.

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Emma, Thanks for this lesson! I find this video very practical and useful. It reminds me of things I knew but were forgotten and new ones.

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Thank you very much Emma

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Thank you Emma

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I am Emma , I have problem in writing my English the what I want to communicate won’t be clear in my writing can you please help in it.

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Hello teacher emma thanks for kesson

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I love you Emma. I really enjoy your videos and look your cute eyes.

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Teacher i want to improve my langauge so i want help

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Thanks for teaching. Great lessons!!!

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it was so good lessons, thank you millions time Emma

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thanks a lot Emma. this was very useful for me.

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Dear Emma, many thanks for this video and the quiz) it was very useful lesson. Also I would like to say that your pronunciation is very nice and I like it,because I can recognize everything}

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Wow! i watch this video only once and I understood all you said!!! Thanks so much…


Tanks emma✌🏼

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Thank you)

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In our culture you should not ask other people to correct you, when you make mistakes. They do it every godd@mn time for its own pleasure. I often feel like the single sportsman in a referees’ world.

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80 :) i grateful your explaining Miss Emma thank you

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80! very usefl lesson thanks Emma

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A good idea

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Thank you for the lesson.

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Thank you Emma

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thanks for this lesson
i want to ask a question from canadian people how i come to Canada and stay in there ?please help me

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Thank´s Emma you are the best!!!!

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I got 100 :). It was easy. Thank you, Emma.

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Thank you Mrs. Emma.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thank you very much.

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my name is ferhat. I want to learn english. Are we can talk from whatsapp for practical. can you help me ? +905379873269 my number

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Hi Emma. Now I think that I’m going to improve my English.

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hi good morning Emma i need your facebook acc

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i need improve my English knowledge immediately
give instruction

Profile photo of Deegalla Deegalla

Thanks, Emma

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thank you Emma
as always that was amazing im glad to meet you for learning english

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10 out 10

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Thanks you Emma, your way to teach is amazing

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Thank you advice Teacher.
I got 80%.

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Thank you.

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Thank you teacher Emma..your lessons are very easy to understand….

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i never make mistake

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Emma’s video is great! It’s suitable for beginners. Thanks! I’ve learned 30 courses.

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I confess… I don’t like to make mistakes, but I know that’s a important way to learn anything. Thanks for the lesson Emma!

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    No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

    Have a GREAT day!

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