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Great lesson, thank you so much, but I think that you are a bit clown sometimes. Thanks!


    clowning is good. Makes you remember!


      now you know david’s your unconscious learning lol!!! that’s why i love watching prof, james

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    he is not a clown, he is a great teacher, “being funny” is just a way to explain you and teach you!

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    but when you are going to learn english or any language you sometimes learn having some fun

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Nice! Thank you!


Teacher, thank u very much! I learn a lot with u!
Here in Brazil is the Teacher’s Day! Congratulations to u, btw!


Thanks for your great tips.

Joe Chuo

I will be active ,so this is my comment.


    Me too dot

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    Haha. So I’ll be active like u

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thank you are a very good teacher
i want ask how i can his a good accent .

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I personal think that this short lesson is very useful not only for students but also for “green” lol teachers that are looking for new ways to explain the important of being proactive when you are learning any foreign language. Now there is one thing that the instructor did while he was explain the lesson that I personal think was not right or ethical to do, and that was the fake accent or the imitation of the student’s foreign accents that he did. Just by listening to him I found out what ethnicity background his’ students are, and that did not sound right to me. That was not ethical. :(


    U have a mistake in phrase:”I personal think”. It’s correct to say “I personally think”


yes.. I agree with you..the techniques you explained in the video is really very helpful and if anyone follows them they can easily improve their english level.I have been watching videos in this site for the last 3 months and it’s true that I have improved.I have been lerning new words also their usage and placing them in sentences..As you showed an example of different usage of the word “green” I can also give you another example..the usage of “PLAY”..
1.I play football.(sports)
2.I can play the violin.(musical instrument)
3.I saw a play(drama) last night as I went to countryside..
4.That freak and fraud guy is just playing with your life, he is not the right one for you.(cheating)
if any error is present in my sentences ,I would like ypu to rectify them..thanks a lot..

sona sharma

I love you James :-)

I like all your lessons, the way you teach and the funy you are.
Thanks much


May I have you cell number?.


    Yes it´s 0766-7251627 please call me on monday afternoon.

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Greate Work Dear, i appriciate.


Thank you, James!

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i want improve my english speaking. but i cant find people who can help me (( is there any one who can talk me on skype regularly and help me ?
Teachers pls help me ))


    maybe we can help each other. My skype ID is zevictorc.

    ok, see ya!

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      what’s your facebook zevic?

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    I have the same problem as you.Unfortunately I don’t have enough practice in speaking English. Currently I have intermediate level.If somebody with the same or higher level wants to practice English, I offer to speak via skype on different topics: news, politics, sience, weather, books, movies, etc. If you are interested, could you please write me a personal e-mail. I wish everybody good luck and fun in learning English


    i can help you here’s my skype ID: cool.emy.hashim :D


thank u MR James 4 this helpful lesson. but let me ask u one question where i can use these techniques every day when every thing around me doesn’t have any Relationsship with E lunguage like at home, work & even with my friends?


    I know it’s difficult to use english words in everyday life if you don’t live in England or another englishspeaking country. But I found my way to remember foreign words – when I do some routine things, I try to remember the foreign equivalent of russian words.. Maybe try to explain or retell what you are doing in english.. Sometimes it’s useful and helps not to forget everything you have reached with so much efforts in english classes :)


i want learn more and improve my self.
also, i want know grammer and spalling in english.
thank you alot.

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good lesson

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Nice examples Sona Sharma.


I have my own prescription for learning English, and I want to share it with You.
I noticed it is tired when I am forced to repeat english words back and forth. Instead of this I am listening English audiobooks almost every day (currently I am listening to Harry Potter). At the beginning I didn’t understand a lot of sentences but now I understand almost 90% words. Continuously listening audiobooks causes that some words are easier to remember. The next step when I finish audiobook is to read the book and then write down all words which I don’t understand. For me it’s the best and easiest way to learn new words so far.
Does anyone have a similar point of view. If so – what books would You recommend to use for such type of learning.

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    I think this is a very good way to text our level of comprention


      did you mean TEST?. No ofend just courious. Best regards!

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    i would like to ask Marek a question,about when you are listening English audiobooks everyday,do you look book at same time?or just listening?after finishing listening then read book?thanks!

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James I am from Brazil you dont imagine how difficult is learn english here thanks for this good tips.


    You got the point there.

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thank u so much James, I got it dude, but with female teachers is much more better to me understand english, appreciate your effort. have a great day.


thanks teacher James


I LOVE you, James!! I recently went from being an English student to an English teacher. I hope my students will love me the way I love you!

Kisses all the way from Tunisia!!


funny and useful , i even use some of your tips while i’m teaching my class “law subject” . thank you my teacher

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Nice lesson, thank you James


I always love your teaching style, James. Thanks for your inspiration!

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Great lesson, thank you so much, James

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A very nice lesson. keep the good work coming teacher James.

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Its a great lesson… i love it… i like your way of teaching, I cant understand easily….
thanks so much… you are a great teacher…




dear james ! Can you give more example with the word GREEN ?

Dung from Viet Nam

Thanks for your kindness, James.


i like your way how to teach,easy short and effective.thanks


Thanks a lot! These advices very useful and i will try to use it. Especially advice that with “understand it”. I hope everyone here will understand that i wrote :)


    THats right and nice .


thank a lot sir james.you are one of the best as far as English teaching is concerned and we respect you.

kone dopignon

I’d like to use English. Do you Know a “group of English conversation” on line, through wich emprove our language?


I think you should be deprived of license to teach courses because stupid ideas suggested by you contradict those who want to make career in business

in my opinion


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    Hi “in my opinion”! I don’t understand how the ideas of this video can “contradict” (or maybe you meant “stop you from”?) making career in business? Furthermore, to make a career in business, you need to be a good commercial and negotiator so you have to be open-minded to different points of view and be able to express a different opinion without offending the interlocutor (abilities that you don’t seem to have). And above all, you need to have a general knowledge the more complete as possible(especially on subject completely different from your own specialization) in order to make the difference from you to another one. So begin to think that everything is interesting and worth it to be studied!

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      i agree with you milly

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      I tottaly agree with you Milly. I have difficulties to learn English and James is helping me to learn very well… I love his ideas. I don’t understand
      the reason to criticizes James, since no one is bound to study by he … There are other teachers to choose

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I like your way of teaching. Its really nice


Hello Sir,
It’s a good lesson, Thank you very much.

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Just landed here in the web. I’ll stick to it. Great explanation. You have a new student!


thanks a lot it was a great lesson

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I really enjoyed that lesson, mainly because the teacher is so funny, that is impossible not to pay attention! Thanks James


James long time no see. We miss you our buddy.

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nice lesson and im actually learn from it


i knoe that blue means sad too …and many colors dont ave the same meaning


thanks for your lesson, can someone please send me his skype ID, so that we will communicate in order to infrove our English conversation?.



I like your lesson.


Everytime I am feeling down and need some inspiration I come here and your lessons just cheer me up.
You’re the best James, you’re the coolest teacher ever. Although Ronnie and Alex are also in my heart, love you man.
Thanks a lot!

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hi james it’s a good job that u doing i have learn a lot from you.
thanks you a lot


thank you for all you do


thank you james !!


    hi it is nice


Great Lesson! it’s so much useful!!!

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thank you so much mr.james

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hello there! i love your quiz it help a lot!


i appreciate that james you i’ve learn a lot thanks to you!


hthanx,james your lesson is very important when we beginning to learn english , i will be active


James. Thanks fo the tips. I’ve been watching class at engVid recently and I have to say that this website is amazing. Congratulated for all of you.


Great stuff, thanks! I couldn’t have put it better…

Jason West

I’d like to study english in Toronto…can you suggest me a good english school? Your lessons are very helpful!thanks

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thank you James
I like you and I like your lessons to
thank you again.

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Thanks James,

You did English class very funny….


Flawless this class. Congrats teacher!!!!!



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I just finished watching your video with my students and teacher. We really enjoyed it! We thank you kindly for this wonderful lesson! God bless you!

Donna Leventakis

By the way, we are a private English school here in Greece. I was born in Toronto, Canada though.

Donna Leventakis

James, you are an awesome teacher, thumbs up!


Well, green also means vegetables. Eat more green :D


Well done! thanks a lot. My score in the quiz was 4 out of four.The lesson was very useful and you, as a teacher were being convincing, smart and witty.I’ll teach my students the way you do. The phrase ” What your brain finds useful,your brain doesn’t forget” is nice!By the way,the site is nice too!! Thak you. From Russia with respect.


Well done! Your manner of teacing is convincing and nice. From Russia with RESPECT!

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Very useful! thanks!

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thank you so much !!! its so useful


thanks dude !!! you are so funny giving information for our own benefit !!!

anderson perez

I was feeling awful because I’m taking TOEFL test in 3 weeks and I still have a lot to study so I’m watching some videos here. And you just mentioned Michael Jackson and that just made my day! I swear I’m doing that, listening to Michael’s songs every day and memorizing all of them.

Gabriela Bernal

thank u 4 this exciting lessen.I supose that will help us so much in our studies.i hope so.


Nice, awesome lesson James!


Thanks a lot James. This kind of tips are very useful, I hope be able to employ them in my daily learning of english..!


good job to you man…im from indonesia…and this tutorial its very helpfull to me..thanks before..btw,am i make some mistake?correcting me please..:-(



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Good job teacher! Very useful :)

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I will be leaving for China in a few days and will be teaching in small village schools that have one classroom and all levels of ages and experience with English in the room. I need some suggestions as to what to give as a lesson for a broad range of students. Unfortunately, I will only be allowed to be there one day. You can imagine how difficult it can be to maximize effective learning in one day. So far i like your ideas of using as many tools as possible to engage the student with humor, activity and participation….and yes…I hate boring teachers! Any ideas?

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Hi James,today this lesson is very good.

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Wow It was so nice! I liked it a lot.
Congratulations! You are a great teacher!
Thank you for the tips.

Alex Roberto

amazing lesson. love’t




Nice lesson,teaching style is excellent


Thanks James .

Great lesson , I enjoyed it.


this is so nice professional & human ,i wish his was my class sir


Thank you Mr BE for investing your time teaching Englihs throughout this site making possible other people far away from English countries to learn at distance.

Best Regards from Argentina.


your lessons always make me smile!I’m in love with job you are doing!Thanx from Ukraine!


Simply incredible. I´m 16 years old and I´m from spain. Now I´m studying this schools year In England, and this videos ae helping me to improve my english, thank you very much


great lesson ..
i enjoy it :)


You’re a great teacher, you know. It’s all I can say. x)


great teacher :) You are a whole actor :) I am a little green , but I hope watching your videos will help me improve


Great class, it´s really funny and I learn many things


Thanks for the lesson teacher! It is funny, today with a colleague I had a discussion about someone green, and my colleague explain me what was meaning green by the same way. We finally agree with the “image” of chilli plant, which is green at the beginning and may become red, when ready to be eat :D

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Thanks James, this lesson is fantastic!!!, I have question.

Where I can find people that have interested in speak in english for training?, I think, maybe I can help them if they need train speaking in spanish?

Thaks for your time and effort to make the lessons.

To me helps much!!

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James, you’re such an expressive teacher! It really inspires!

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i really like it .. thank u

Profile photo of bonbony bonbony

this is really useful for a guide of learning english


Excellent!!! nice rythm and tone… Active Teacher! Thumbs up James!


that’s great!!!

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Thank you so much.

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your lessons is useful thank you so much, just againe please d’nt talk so fast, i m not a native speaker thats why i m here learning from you


mam valen your teaching way is very good and thanks a lot.


Thank you very much for your interesting video, I have seen some of your videos long ago, and still find it cool :)

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so professional

naki adil

Realy you are agreat and very useful


Thanks a lot, Gianni

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Thanks, James!
You’re the best, and your lessons are really useful and really funny=)


thanks a bundle.


James, sorry but I think your quiz is not good enough, on the one hand there are only 4 question and on the other they were too easy. thanks

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I’m very active in these few days.
Please correct me if i got grammar mistake.
Try to learn hard and smart in English.
Meanwhile, i also listen to English song to improve my English.

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thanks man you’re the best:P


he’s a great teacher !!!!


ohh. man i like the way you are.. and teach.. thanks alot.!!

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it is the first time I have seen this site. I was asking myself what is the best way to learn english? I think so answer is this site. All teachers are perfect.. you, too James….

Profile photo of yeliz yeliz

    Thanks, Yeliz! If you’re new to the site, you have hundreds of free English lessons already posted here that you can watch! Hope you find them useful.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

James!You are just awesome! No! AWESOME!Thaaaaaat AWESOME!
Thank you!


Thank you, english would be more interesting if teachers were as funny as you did!

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It was nice! You are very good teacher! Thank a lot!


more thanks


Thank you james and all teachers for this lessons.you really make a great effort and a wonderful job.I hope you all full success in your career.

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Thank you very much for this value information


thank you

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Thanks for your interesting lesson! I can’t stop laughing when I was watching this video!

Profile photo of 3030dandelion 3030dandelion

great lesson thank you so much….:-)

shaik javeed

Thanks for lesson!It´s really interesting and you are funny too.:))))))


Thank you so much sir James Basically i am from Pakistan i just understand your pronunciation not other teacher because they are using very difficult word during teaching,Again thank you so much for giving me lesson it was gratsSSS


its a great ,,, by watching this video we have tried to unconscious learning , be active, understand it, useful and use it .. thanks


its a great .. by watching this video we have tried to unconscious learning, be active understand it, useful and use it .. thanks :)


Great Lesson for life. Thanks James


You’re a great teacher, James!
As other person said, it’s useful to “green” teachers, too.



thanks alot mr: james


Great Videos.You folks are making some green out of this site. ;)


really interesting !! keep going !!

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I will USE it. what I liked was you saying “what your brain finds useful, your brain doesn’t forget”.
Thank I am visiting this site everyday.
Keep Updating!

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I think that if more people know about this website they will learn english faster.

Hey, James, I have a simple question:
When you talk like a student, do you change your accent?

Profile photo of zevictormed zevictormed

    hey ze, can we make conversation by skype of facebook?
    so we can practice our english together

    Profile photo of Mr Yusna Mr Yusna

Hi, James. Please. Do you know if exist website with free french video lessons like this?

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In my opinion, if you want learn English so fast , remember , you have to Ora rise every day. In this lesson , the teacher gives some idea , it is good , but not enough for us need. So we could have learn too much before take the text in the next time. I know when every body watch this lesson I thank too much to teacher and glad . You have to said to yourself it is never enough for myself. That is you will learn.


Hello James,
Good job.i liked your lesson. I enjoyed.I was true lesson for lot of student and espacialy me. I try to be green.


It’s very cool… and easy to understand… thanks a lot teacher… \o/

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thanks so much teacher jams it was really wonderful lesson and advices

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James you are handsome teacher!

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“Only want… I want my money back”
Hahahaha.. that joke killed me!

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hello james sir ….. i just watched your video … n it is awesome … i will definately try to be active all the time …. really thanx ….

regards raina from india

Profile photo of raina raina

I like you so much Professor James. I love the way you insert humorous gestures in each lessons. I am an English teacher here in the Philippines. Your teachings are of great help. Keep it Up!

tessie franciscco


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I saw some lessones in the last dayes and i did’nt thout to add commen until this lesson. You make me do this when u said (Be active).
thank u and sorry about my mistakes in this commen..!!
I’m shour it’s alot!!!!:(
this is my first time to wrote commen;)


I saw some lessones in the last dayes and i did’nt thout to add comment until this lesson. You make me do this when u said (Be active).
thank u and sorry about my mistakes in this comment..!!
I’m shour it’s alot!!!!:(
this is my first time to wrote comment;)

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very funny and or great !

Profile photo of rusiru rusiru

Thank you, James!

Profile photo of akimova akimova

James I am luck because I ve found you in this website , really I am getting interest from watching your lessons ,, God bless you ,, many thanks for youuuuuuuuuuuu James .

Profile photo of faro1990 faro1990

thanks You so much !

Profile photo of nghiacoi nghiacoi

thank u so much ..it is a great lesson

Alaa Magdy



thanks jamens, it’s was a really geathfully lesson, apreciate too much




M. James, the best teacher in engvid. Lucky are his students. thanks a lot for the videos.

BEN Amine

Hi, i believe that i saw you visited my site so i got here to return the prefer?.I’m attempting to find things to improve my website!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

to ways best spanish learn

thank you!! great lesson, in this moment I try to be active, more comments more practice although my grammar isn’t perfect.

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I’m now not sure the place you’re getting your info, however good topic. I needs to spend some time finding out more or working out more. Thank you for fantastic information I was in search of this info for my mission.

School games online

I just started learn english in EnVid, all the teachers including you James are fantastic.


Thank you, this was a great lesson James :)

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Thank’s James,ure very inspiring…
I’ve learned so much from EngVid,I have a better english knowledges now :)


James, your a good teacher! I’m happy to get your courses. This lesson is very interesting not only to learn the new language! Thank you!

Profile photo of umuhoza umuhoza

amazinggggggggggg again… tnx James!


James, you are one of the most easy going teachers with style and skill! I will study now non-stop to make sure to follow your advise. Like to dancing too!

Edwin Burggraaff

Thank you so much james, you are a genious one in this website, and also very funny to show the understanding of the lesson to others.

Abdul Qayum

thanks sir be our sir forever


I need to be fluent english speakers so I start to dig the free websit to come true my vission . Would u help me Mr Jams ? thanks for your free learning.


Hi James, I like your teaching style. Very much enjoyed during this lesson.


Thanks for you advices.


Hi James,
easy to follow but not self-evident.
Great idea this terms.
Thanks a lott.

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I really enjoy getting me exposed to videos from this site. You are doing great job!

Profile photo of sasha11 sasha11

good lesson, I want to improve my listening and spoken English, but I have not environment.


James, I love your lessons. Being active is a bit difficult but i’ll try it. Thank you :)

Profile photo of nile nile

James, I love you! You are genius!


Hi! My greatest teacher.
I have been studying English for five months, when I started studying a friend of mine gave me this site to hep me improving my English so in this site I discovered my greatest English teacher ‘JAMES’.
My congratulation about your job!
Sorry if my text has many mistakes because I’m trying to BE ACTIVE.


Thank you a lot!I like your lessons most of all.At first lesson i didn’t understand you and to be honestly i didnt like your lessons.But after 2 lessons i start understand you and now you are my favourite teacher!I cant stop watching your lessons.It’s very helpful and intresting. Your way to teach us english is greatful


Like the way you teach…and very funny to… do you also have videos about NOUN, DETERMINER..etc..because at school i do not understand it..

Profile photo of barbara1983 barbara1983

Do you also have vid about Phonetics?

Profile photo of barbara1983 barbara1983

    It is a good point. The phonetics features of English is always a problem for foreign learners. I’d appreciate that!


4 out 4 :)

Profile photo of faten faten

as i see you have lots of lovers here!

i want to be active in leaving comments for your lessons!

actually i am seeking for English classes to improve my speaking but here, in engvid.com, i can improve my listening ability :)


Thank u very much James ,,,


yeah, 4/4 thank you James.

Profile photo of cachaceiro cachaceiro

your explanation was lots useful

please correct me if I said something bad

thanks a lot

Profile photo of elkrespo elkrespo

James You are a great teacher!
I learn a lot with your lessons.

Profile photo of juanca juanca

Good lesson. Got the quiz all right :d.
I often speak English with my mum cause she’s from Australia.
Do more good lessons like that.

Profile photo of axiom1 axiom1

good job james. i like your still man .i will have ibt tofel test soon so i need you help with some important advices thanks a lot …
or connect my at #

Profile photo of safaablue safaablue

Great, I ‘ll try to creat the English enviroment.

Profile photo of Chris Chuang Chris Chuang

Great lesson!
Taking the five rules, I must to practice the fifth one (use it). This is why I am here :D


One more time it’s been a very good job!

I look forward to watching more videos.

Profile photo of brian j brian j

James is a good teacher. Interesting information. Good lesson. Thank you.

Profile photo of Yuriy Karpenko Yuriy Karpenko

Incredible teacher you’re the best James. Could you teach us present and past tenses ? I really enjoy your lessons it’s interesting.

Profile photo of Ammar Salih Ammar Salih


Profile photo of moonkashka moonkashka

Please, never stop to provide coaching !!, manymanymany thanks!!

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Good lesson thank you so much

Profile photo of Kaderdz Kaderdz

You’re the best teacher ever!I can learn a lot from your lessons with almost no effort and having fun as well! Thank you!: )

Profile photo of brianebr brianebr

i really appreciate to Professional E that he explain clearly , and using the common words to understand at all level educations…thank and thank
take care teacher James and my favorite character Mr E

Profile photo of kingthebill kingthebill

Thanks for the usefull lesson!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

i often use comment box , unfortunately there is no answer :)
thank you so much you are amazing teacher :)

thank you so much :)

Profile photo of Zakaria88 Zakaria88

It’s so fabolous lesson! I feel myself in that way that i have known so useful information from this video! THANK YOU FROM RUSSIA!

Profile photo of Kibych Kibych

thank u james you are the bet teacher

Profile photo of Eng daad Eng daad

so funny how he does the english accent of us… the non native english speaker hhahahah good man

Profile photo of fernando.asuaje fernando.asuaje

Sorry! can you sometime explain how to use this statements

-here you are
-there you are
-here we go

I’m so confused to use this statements! :)

Profile photo of Yadi Supriadi Yadi Supriadi

sometimes i didn’t try to practice this lesson so it was difficult to remember again the vocabulary. it will need the strong inside motivation to spare my time to active and participation in learning and doing anythings related with this points. thank you


Thank James for your funny lesson. I like the way you make to address my attention to the topic

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Profile photo of turalrahimli turalrahimli

got a perfect score! ;) thank you james for such interesting videos. ;)

Profile photo of fcharmed19 fcharmed19

Teacher James you are really funny. I love you man :)

Profile photo of Msrn Msrn

That was a great lesson, I think I need to be more active because sometimes I just watch a lesson or read the vocabulary once and I don’t try to do something with that, not even I think about the lesson and that is something that I have to change :) thanks a lot

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how good ! I answered the questions before watching the video. thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Thank you

Profile photo of Kareem3441 Kareem3441

Nice lesson. Learning is free,Wonderfull’

Profile photo of Darryl805 Darryl805

Hi James, As usual you always make the lessons very interesting. I feel you really enjoying teaching with fun, which helps a lot for the English learners.

I agree wit you the points made for maximizing English. Often times I find it difficulty in applying last two suggestions Useful and Use it. I will try hard to apply these two points as well to improve my English skills.


Profile photo of p.santhosh13 p.santhosh13

Your lessons inspires many students to continue the study of english in a educational, and at the same time, funny style. Keep doing your amazing work. Thank you.

Profile photo of imozawa imozawa

Thanks you so much. You are so funny. I enjoyed your lessons.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

I have a question, I can heard good but when i want to speak i have no idea to speak.Can you give me some tips ?.

Profile photo of trungthanh trungthanh

Excellent it was very interesting in my case.

thank you very much.

Profile photo of genarohp17 genarohp17

Hi James, it’s a pleasure to greet you.

I have a question: How apply “green” in other contexts”

Give some greens for pay someone that explain it me.

It’s right?

Thanks for the attention and I see you next time. Peace

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Great!Yeah,I’m being active through my comment.

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yes. 4/4

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thank you so much.. James you are a good teacher is funny to learn with you..

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Thanks James. I like so much your videos….Congrats.
I have many difficult to practice English….but I’ll change this….

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Hello everyone) If somebody want to speak in english language by skype for trening, call me vvorontsov83. Nice will see you

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Very interesting lesson with a quick and speedy speech, your pronunciation is so faster than I have to activate all of my senses to understand you completely because I am used to listening to a little more slowly speech, then this is good to engage, participate, be contextual, find this application and use it, summarizing all the topics. Thank a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, a good performance.

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Thank you James

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thank you very much, James! I love your lessons step by step I am learning and improving my English

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A like lesson, it’s very cool

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I Got 100 thank you so much, you are such fantastic teacher!

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you are the best

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You got 3 correct out of 4.

thank you so much.

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You’re so amazing !!!
And i want to know is there a video about determiners??
Thank you.

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3/4 correct
great lesson James Thanks

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James is the best teacher I have ever known! ♥♥♥

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