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Very very good lesson, thank you:) I have a question: What word can I use to describe the action when e.g. the food is coming back through someone’s mouth from the stomach?

Is “to vomit” a good verb?


    I think “throw up” is a good one.

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      yes as well.

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    i think two words to describe this action
    1- throw up
    2- puke

    tamam alshibe

      To puke is also another appropriate word.

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    Yes. To vomit (and slang could be: to barf, or “toss your cookies”. Some animals will regurgitate to feed their young

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      what about baby’s puke (sorry for the harsh), is there any softening way to say it?

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    I think you can use regurgitation for this situation. Actually vomiting is almost always with nausea ( a bad sensation in stomach before vomiting)

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WooooW !!! Good job man thx about new vocabulary that you provided us


thanks>but i gut 2 in quse not 1


thank you!


actually what’s different of cold and fever??? and which one is more impolite, fart or burb?

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    burp i think it’s normal,but instead of saying fart you could say politely flatulence!


    The difference between cold and fever it hard to explained!

    Fart is normal,just make it fun when you’re fart,like you saying to your friends (watch out am gonna to fart)LOL

    Burp not burb it is bad for me and disgusting!!

    Anyways just make sure you say EXCUSE ME!for any situations like fart,burp etc….and you’ll by fine.IMHO

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      youare not orgin arbic

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    i think Fever is stating of the Cold

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    when you catch a cold, you may have different symptoms: fever, malaise, sneezes, muscle pain, etc. In this case, fever is a symptom of the cold, but fever can be symptom of many diseases. I hope this helps.


    The fever is more to do with a persons temperature. A fever might be a symptom of a cold. Both are rude if you do it in public. However, it is natural, so just be discreet about it. It’s hard to say which one is ruder.

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    a cold is a virus that one can catches as in a cold virus and it is also the illness attributed to being sick from it, like having a runny nose and a fever. A fever is associated to the highter than normal body temperature as your body reacts to the virus or illness.

    Martin Dansky

Hi Jon

Thanks we really need basic vocabulary first.

Keep going


Thanks for your’s lesson.
I got 5 of 5
Thanks again


Hi there, may God protect us, so to speak An apple a day keeps the doctor away


good lesson thank you so much


thanks jon but the quiz is not big i mean there is few question ….. only 5 maybe 6
but its ok thank for lesson


Excellent lesson. Nice work. Keep going

Ravi K

Thanks a lot it was helpful

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what is hang over. it’s when u drink a lot alcohol am I right\ I know is a headache. hey u r cool, u were smiling the whole lesson, that’s cool, I was too. what a funny topic, thanks Jon keep smiling with the board. take care.


    A hangover is the feeling you get after drinking a lot of alcohol. Often it occurs the following day, and usually you have a headache as well.

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tank you for that and advice for comprssion


very usefull more vedio


thank you

ali said ali

hi jon
good lesson i got 4out of 4 ,thank u for proved us new vacboulary..

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wonderful thank you soooo much.

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it´s a great lesson on health vocabulary. I so grad. Thanks a lot!

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Hey Jon, great class-video. I got all you meant, thanks… Your examples are funny!

Juliana (Brazil)

good lesson . Thank


jon thank you

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Jon,Ronnie does hiccups so much better than you…

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A helpful lesson but the quiz is very short.


much better


Great job Jon!

Please keep up the work.

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I need engilsh magazain if u have to help my english and thank u for fanny useful way of teaching


It’s a good video

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Hi Jon,
Your lesson are always and ever helpful to me..
Thanks alot.

Good luck!

Shing Mang Tun

thank’s mr jon for the lesson

abou ali

Greate! I love this website!!!


thanks for ur helps.


By all means ur all classes are praise worthy.
really u have inspired the students. i came to know about this by forcast it.


i love ur classes. and u too.


u are funny but i thought you emotional not disgusting ,but you are the best teacher for me thx


You are very funny. Thank you!

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thank you!!

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thank you..
I really had fun and learned quite a lot

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oh man that was fery funny and dirty but funny and you are a exelent teacher thanks very much ok make more vocabulary lessons please
take care

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Great job about this video.
When you explained about diarrhea
I laugh so much, kkkk…
Thanks more one time!

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Great lesson! If it is possible, please send me some more ways of learning English or Spanish.


Thank you so much Jon.

PS: nice fart.


Great job Jon!
Please keep up the work

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jon hi
i want to learning english speaking by voic can u call me to skype

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thank you so much jon

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thanks sir jon..

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thanks for this video.
sir, how can i conquer my fear in speaking english.. seems im distructed every time i try to speak in english in front of other people. here in our country some of the filipinos are very particular how you deliver your idea correctly. also you cannot apply for higher position in a company unless you can speak and write english fluently. like what i had experienced in my work, I applied for a particular position but I failed to win the position. ;( hope you can help me. pls pls (lrn_fajardo@yahoo.com)

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    Just keep practicing. Whenever you get a chance to speak with others in English, do it. Trust yourself, and try not to think about what others say.

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verry good


Thank you teacher

A. wahid

Thank’s so much for your lesson, it’s very useful……


that’s very good


useful and benefit thankssssssssssssss Mr Jon


thanks you so much for lessons


i like to learn english every day from engvid


Great! thanks

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absolutely beneficial for all learners,even for native people, will help all those who attend the lectures daily. will see the effect of it within few days.


Daulat Khan Shirzae

Could you please provide me some special techniques for well conversation with all the colleagues if higher or lower in position, I should have the ability/courage/talent to speak with/in front of them effectively and not to lose my patience,courage and should be able to solve my problem with them all the time. I always consider my self the weakest and do not trust on my self, I think if i am speaking not correctly. Plz provide me some special tips form. Thanks alot

Daulat Khan

Daulat Khan Shirzae

thank you very much

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As a doctor you’re a fantastic teacher!!! hahaha … I loved this lesson!

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THAT’S funny , i like it , thank you very much

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thanks Mr.Jon keep going ..

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there are really useful vocab that we should know them when we will be sick.


Thank you so much mr.Jon :)

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kakaka….you are so funny man but this lesson is very useful for me . thank you very much teacher !!!

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hello…please some one can tell me how i listen this lesson?i can’t..it says it’s an error


Day and day, I learn very uch with your classes,

Thanks a lot.

Jose Moreno

Haha ! Such a funny and lively teacher ! I’d love to be taught by you ^^ Thanks lots teacher ! It really helps !

Robbie TQ

tnx dear , just tell some thing about vomit , please , have nice day


Thanks a lot Jon, the lesson was so funny and useful:)

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first time take lesson It’s just owesome thanks


thanks of lots of

rahim khan

Jon) I love your manner of teach)))

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    . . . with all due respect I think what you meant was: I love your teaching style Jon OR
    I love the way you teach.

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thanks a lot for a funny video:-)


is it same between bruise and bump?




Awesome Lesson Sir John………. Keep it up.

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iwant most explain

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I enjoy your lessons. really you are the cream of the crop


I love the video! Thank you John.

Renata Lopes

Thank you ;)
now I ‘ll have a lot of word that can explain my symptom in English.

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thank you

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very useful lesson… :)


thanks for lesson, i read that u have ever gone to viet nam. when? where exactly province do u come?
becoz i a vietnamese> i am lookinfg forward from you

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i love it.

chennouf mohammed

Great job Jon! thank you for your lesson. I want you to ask a question, when something come into my eyes, I want to scrape. What is it called? I mean,I feel…what…?

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Excellent lesson. I’ looking forward to another

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Thank you so much. Very interesting lesson.


thank you so much.

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Hi John , very interesting subject and lesson like me very much. And your presentation is very original. I am your fan.


thank you very much, i like your video. Great teacher Jon.


Fabulous !

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Actually, The topic was useful and intersting as well. I kept on practising thank u. Good job


Fever means like when you few hot in the body, in that time you need drink more water than impossible. So it a
Can prevent hard diese
Bloated means if somebody eat too much, that will appear something in stomach. In that time you can see your stomach bloadted
Congestion means more blood in your body focus at a place and special in your head. And you will feel so tired and dizzy.
Earache means when. You can not hear from somebody that you got it


god bless u john


Thank you Jon, its very helpful for me

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thank you .i like your video ,that good job


thank u for the lesson its really helpful for me ..


thanks good lesson I got 4/4


thank you Mr. jon
I like that lesson


Hi, Jon
i’m trying to downlod your vedeo lesson on health but i failed three times. culd you reupload this one again? I appreciate your help


you forgot to speak about nausea and vomit


My regard teacher Jon
I gotta 1005 on the quiz. Lily from Brazil


Thanks Jon. It`s really helpful n I love the way u teach. Thank u again.


Nice Burp! :D


i like your way mr jon


thnx a lot

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if you have diarrhea I recommend you to take 2 teaspoons Turkish coffe with a little water or put an asprin in a bottle of fizzy drink so drink it. Just a small clue before the doctor


Dear jon,
I try alot to speak English but most of the time i have problem with present perfect tens.I request you if you can hlep me and provide a video presentation how to use perfect tens in daily activity.Cheers


Great lesson, Jon. I liked it very much.

You´re an excellent teacher.


Paulo Pereira

thank you ,Joh.i really like it.please make more words..thank you.


Thanks a lot5,interesting lesson,I think my vocabulary is good,but how can I use them,that’s another question.your lessons helps me improving my English. Good job.

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I don’t understant the word is lentils.what is lentiıs?.THANK YOU


Very good lesson. I would like to make a comment, why I always understand your lessons very well and James’ don’t. Is there any problem with my ear or the way he speaks, I would like that you give an advice, because both of you speak the same language, I have more problems to focus my attention on him, thank you!


Thnx Jon

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Please , can you explain If statements in a lesson

Eman B.

Thanks you, it’s a super great, amazing class

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love the lesson :-)

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excellent lesson :) thank you Jon

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John! You’re got talent about drawing. Cuz, i saw your picture, It’s so nice and funny :D

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Very funny video!! lol


Thanks you


Thank you jon please can you make speaking


Thank you Jon for an interesting and useful lesson!
Keep it up!
Have a ball!

Guys i would like to improve my low English-speaking skills.
If you have a desire to communicate with me, I will be glad.
Here is my Skype ID – jevgeniikyrychyk.

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Great lesson! I learn so much here.


really i enjoy this video but i’d like to ask about when you have a problem in your teeth you could say also toothache ?

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could you explain fart, burp and cramps once again, please?

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Hey. I have one question.
Take a dump- do normal shit-Is it meaning?

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very useful your class thanks a lot

continue doing this videos
us will very grateful

please correct me if a had any mistake

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very useful thank you :)

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very useful , thnx .

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It´s a very useful lesson. I would like you do another with more vocabulary as por example “in the surgery”
Thank you
It´s a good job

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Thank you so much! Your videos are very useful and funny!

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I have learned some great things from the instructor today and i am sure this would help me in my every day activity….thanks to you teacher.

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Dear jon,for the first time when i started watching Engvid lessons i couldn’t follow your slang and your way.Although you are taking in a relaxed and funny way,i didn’t get much.Later when i tried following ,now i love your classes very much.Another awesome teacher from Engvid.Thank you Teacher

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Randomly but great…thank you

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i love your lessons! you’re so funny ;)

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thank you

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Thank you *-*

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Hi Jon,
thanks for your lesson.
I enjoy it

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Hi Jon
I really feel sorry for that poor guy on the board I wonder how he can have a smiley face;) by the way it’s a great way to illustrate your point using such simple and funny drawings, I really enjoy your lessons would you be nice enough and make a lesson about how to describe people I mean their behavior not their appearance

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Hi John

After I have read all the comments I want to thanks you for this wonderful lesson.
Utopia20 has had a nice subject about how to describe people behavior.
I meat a lot of people who think different and act definitely opposite( contrast) for what they say before.
Very nice advice” Trust your self not to think about what others say”
I enjoy your way to teach, really nice.
Alina Mohamed

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Thank you for being on EngVid.

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Hi Jon
I did not understand the meaning of “Congested”.
Would you explain it for me ?!!

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Nice presentation & good teacher. I 100% agree with you “Trust your self not to think about what others say”
Thank so much Jon..

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Hhhhhhhhhh you did it again

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“Congested” could be a stuffy nose.

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Jon! you should talk a little bit more when we can say (I have a headache for example I say I have congestion? or Im congestion?

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Thank you thecher Jon. Lesson is very well.

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Great lesson! Thanks John!

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thanks jon!

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As a new English learner, this lesson real has too much new words. umm, let me repeat and memories. God bless my small vocabularies. Thanks, teacher!

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Hi Jon,
thank you very much for this really very very important and helpful lesson, you explained so good and also was very funny 😂

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Thanks you so much.

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Thank you :)

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Nice lesson!

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Hey Jon, your vocabulary sessions are really helpful

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Thank you Mr. Jon!

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I got three of four.
Anyway, thank you, Mr. John!

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4/4 Thank you

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