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Hello Jon.
the video class is so great, but just one question, I don’t understand where and when I could use the expesion “jack o lanterns”, if your don’t mine, could you explain me that?
Thank you.


    Jack o’lanterns are pumpkins with a face cut out and a candle inside. It’s a noun and is really something that you would only see during halloween.

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Sorry Jon… =P
I was checking it up, and I saw that is not expression, fate is a name of this kind of pumpkin with this face, isn’t it?
sorry for tell it too fast. =)


it is very usefull jony


ther is a praplom in vid.


i got 5 out of 5 thank for u


As usual perfect score :p
Thanks for the expressions :)

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That is good. I like to learn about idioms. Good work Jon.

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thanks teacher………..very useful!!


That’s a good lesson. Thanks Jon

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Thank you teacher!

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very useful indeed….


I got 5/5 . Great work jon


Is very good your class, I think that each country have you tradicional party, Holloween is very special because remmenbert times past, where killin the wichts.
Now my contry killing everybady , for nothing
exceseme my poor englhish


Hiiii Jon
I really love your way of teaching.Actually you make us understand everything citing examples from the world around us..Your lessons are not like what we read when we were in school and as the days are passing I am getting motivated,interested and also excited about learning this language and knowing your culture as because I eternally love English more than my native language.I firmly believe that if I could stay with you for just one month ,it would be enough for me to speak really good English.I also think that there is a lot differences between the Writing English and the English which is actually spoken in day to day life.When we went to school we were taught how to write essays,letters etc. and we thought that English goes in this way but as every language has two form of implementation,English too…I would like you to correct my errors or mistakes if you find anything while reading this short message..Wish you beautiful,prospering days ahead in your life…

sona sharma

    Hi sorry, but this message is not short.

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    Sometimes school can be very limiting, so it is great to learn from many different places, I agree. I think that when writing and speaking each have their own challenges. They can certainly be very different.

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thanks i got 5 out of 5. its quite intresting sir.


first video i have seen in this web site, but i have scored 5 out of 5.thanks for vid and lesson.




very scary lesson dude, now with this lesson I wanna watch a scary movie, thank u 4 this free lesson Jon. take care.


Thank you!
Your mask is terrific!
Good luck!!!

wild boar

Very good lessons ;)


you scared me to death
what you think it good one

ismail alnaji

Hi Jon, I like your lesson. They are very useful and fun too. Thanks!!!!


very interesting. I learned some new expressions. Thanks a lot


Can u give us more idioms? Gracias.


    I will try. Thanks.

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Season Greeting to all teachers in engVid. I love your classes.
Joe from Taiwan.

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it was so funny¡

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ty.. can i ask some question?



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thank you mr jon your lesson is very good

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how to be speking fast

vivek srivastava

Verry funny

jang wen ying

thank you

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thank you mr jon.i hope that you have hade a really good Halloween party:-)


than you that is I want


very very good for us
thanks for all


i am a new comer,,,OMG,,this site so useful for me…i got so many idioms..of halloween..thx jon ur my favorite teacher

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i got 4 out 0f 5,,,so far so good i think….NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can’t find a word to express my opinion.
Just Thank you very very much.
Best Wishes

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I wanted to ask.Have you got any other courses to take to learn some other languages.
perviz again

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Fabulous !

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That was really funny & useful :D Thanks for lesson :)))


M’y first lesson. I have had 5/5. Thanks

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Thanks Jon for your great lesson

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Wow !


It is so kind of you to tell us about these unknown vocabularies
special thanks

Adham Ali

Dear sir can you please give me some examples for those idioms? I mean about how to use them in a sentence.


    He bit the dust (died). I have to work the graveyard shift. Never say die, knock em dead and over my dead body is often said in response to something or in a certain context. The last 3 idioms would be more difficult to say in a “proper sentence. Perhaps you could watch the video again to try to understand the context.

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      yes sir, really we are using the last idiom a lot in Syria special if we are joking with friends .

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thank you >> very clear


Thank you, Jon.
Great and clear!
Can Christians for example say “Knock’em dead”? or this phrase is a kind of bad?


    Don’t worry, it’s not an impolite phrase!

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Hi teacher, nice video. Nice mask too! Thx for this interesting lesson.

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i improve day by day with john’s lecture.Thanks john you are great teacher.

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Hello JOhn.Could you lend me a hand? AT school we have to do some presentations..for example my friend’s presentation subject is about the HALLOWEEN,but unfortunetly mine is about PERSONALİTY TEST and I have difficulty in preparing something about this topic..you are a creative person.İf you were me,what would you do about this topic..I am waiting your opinion…take care:)

sevdiye kuzu

sorry your name is JON..forgive me:(

sevdiye kuzu

excuse me Mr.jon but can I know where exactly r u from?


Thanks Jon, the lesson it’s very good and fanny.


thanks a lot mr: jon


Hi Jon ! It was very scary when you wore the mask! but the lesson was very usful .

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super,i also liked it,so useful :)

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Hi Jon,today is my first day here.It’s super!Thanks.


hi, thanhk for your lesson.
I love Engvid!


Jon, very interesting video!
Thank you!


thank you so much, Jon.
do you have any lessons with idioms?

mek bean

    He Have lots of lessons about idioms


Hi Jon, u looked scary in today’s lesson, the mask is very scary, thanks alot for the lesson, i am really happy today that i have been cleared more


My English is improving with your lessons day by day…!
Thank you John! I love your lossons!

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Really great lesson keep it up Jon!!! and please we want more lessons on slang and Idioms


great lesson thank you

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Thank’s lot Mr.Jon for your lesson.It’s my first vidlesson today,you’re perfect.I wish you a very nice ALLOWEEN.Never say die…… Knock’em dead.


firstly I have to thank you Jony for teaching us and your efforts you are very good teacher hope you happiness and healthy.
If anyone wants to practice his English with me
My Email Account is : mo7amedkma
@skype & facebook & yahoo & MSN .

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Accurate lesson for the day…. thank you

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Hi, Dear Teacher ,
Sorry dont use in your nice face the ungly cover
Thanks regards Akbar from Afghanistan.

sher M Akbar

I really love your teaching type Jony !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Am I was the only who thought Jon’s lips were his tongue?


Hi Jon
what is the meaning of “Toast”?
i.e “If we don’t get this nation back on biblical track, it’s gonna be toast.”

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    “be toast” is an idiom,(in4mal,spe NAmE)
    It means:2 b likely 2 die or b destroyed.
    e.g. : One mistake & you’re toast!
    Hope I could help.
    Have a ball!

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      Yes!! it helped.

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It’s been a terrorific lesson. I’m scary from the first moment to the end…. I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep this night.
A pretty nice mask.
Be careful people¡ living dead are coming for us…

thanks for your lesson. it’s realy been fun and useful


Please remove this filth from the face! this is a serious obstacle to concentrate in class (three times had to repeat the lesson)
respectfully boris


Great lesson, I learned a lot, thank you scary Jon ;)

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Hi Jon! Thanks for the lesson, but I have a question. Who the hell was Jack? :) What is the origin of the phrase “Jack O-lantern”?

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Hi!my name is vicheka.I am 23 years old.I am so very happy that i found this website.Because i can learn more about english.this is my purpose that i want to do it.


It’s very interesting and easy to understand that what you say.
And…your english is very well….:)


When i get off my graveyard shift work. i see some children dresse up a scary costume, tack a Jack o lantern and knock someone’s house door to get candy to eat, a gary open the door and say “You are bite a dusty, i would not give you candy! Never think about that, If you want candy? Over my dead body!”

Is the sentence correct?


thanks a lot , jon


thanks .it is really a good video.
however i have a point about why did not you put this idioms in sentences ??


fun and usefulness together are great wonders!

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Thanks, I am learning a lot with your videos. Thanks a lot :)

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Thank you Jon! You are the most terrifying teacher!! :)

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many thanks to you, my teacher :). i love this lesson


Words to know about Halloween
TRICK OR TREAT= popular phrase used by children to ask candy
JACK O’ LANTERNS= pumpkin with eyes and mouth
HAUNTED HOUSE= houses decorated for Halloween.

Idioms or expressions
BITE THE DUST= to die.
GRAVEYARD SHIFT= work that runs from midnight to 8 am (usually).
KNOCK’EM DEAD= to wish someone good luck, succeed, do great.


Jan you look very funny with that mask :D
thanks for your great teaching.

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Nice teacher.Thanks a lot!

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I got 5 out of 5! Great and nice lessson. Bye

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Thanks got 60%.

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You’re great,thank you!

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ooo man! Am keenin when you say between of words –aammm.. or aaa))) respect!

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I Wish We Had Such Ceremonies in iran too. But we Have Norouz And other Ceremonies.

Profile photo of Mohsen Barati Mohsen Barati

This was an interesting lesson! Thanks John!

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thank you sir your lessons are stunning

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very nice lesson

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We don’t celebrate the Halloween. Modern life important than in past :) By the way Time is very important. I prefer to read book rather than halloween. Bye.

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“Never say die” is the name of a song of the band Black Sabbath ; as well as “bite the dust” “Another” is the missing word in the name of the song)is a song of Queen.
Anyway what an excellent lesson teacher Jon.
I didn´t know these expressions before
My congratulations for you and ENDLESS LIFE TO HALLOWEEN PARTY my favorite one every year.

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