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Full-time and part-time are also often abbreviated with a slash between the letters: F/T, P/T

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Very helpful!


I´ve just found this site and it is excelent. I think themes are presented in excelent way. They´re very understandable and interesting. Congratulations!!!

Rubén Rodríguez

Hi Jon, Useful concepts indeed. That of 1st.& last is a new one for me. Thanks a lot.

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thanks for your helpful lessons..

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aya' ikomo

i learnt many new things which will be helpful for my future


I think the way firms wrote their Ads in abbreviation, the spaces in the media, cost a lot of money.

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thankk john. I am happy, because that I want that studi I am verry happy.


great lesson jon . it’s very helpfully i guess .
thanks !!

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Hi Jon, its a very useful lesson, could you please remained the web site that you have mentioned where you can find these kind of ads?

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thanks for this oportunity in which i have learned a lot. this lesson it is very good. Good teacher, my congratulations

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Hi Jon thank U so much

your lessons are always useful to learn


hey Jon its me aveen here your lesson was very helpful for me thank you for that above lecture i want to understand more ads like that if you helped me for giving me sites


Hi there, good freakin’ lesson, thank u a million Jon. I hope to see u next week dude. cya.


Thank you Teacher! I don’t take attetion and answered wrong, but understood. Lily Diaz from Brazil. Have nice EASTER


Hi !!! please give more examples


great lesson

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thats excellient


Thank you!
It’s very useful lesson!

wild boar

Yes, you are correct!

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    I apreciate so much this lesson


Hi Jon it’s very useful! I always watching your engvid lessons…
Thank you so much , great job!


Thanks for this it’s very heplfull leason for me

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Thank u Jon .

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helpful lesson john thanks

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Thank you!
It’s very useful lesson.
I love all your teachers.

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very useful lesson, thank you jon, i like it so much.

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realy nice !! see us!

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    nice to meet you bigboy85. my name is Tai

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i like this exam


I miss you guys!


The lesson was quite useful…very, very interesting. By seeing it I have learned English so much! Specially concerning listening.

Francisco Antonio

That’s really good Jon. I like it and also gain new knownledges. Thx so much!



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Hello .I would like to know what you think about building
Materials-mfrs,whol, & dist. What is stand for mfrs,dist?
Burglar alarm systems-dlrs.,monitoring & svce .i found them
In the yellow page 2012.


very useful. I’m VietNamese. this is a first time i join in lesson in engvid.com. thanks you so much. i think i ‘ll start english in this websibe. ^^


Hello, Jon! This way of teaching English, which you perform, is quite interesting, because the student gets his listening improved, in a short space of time. And more: learning English through this method is completely pleasant. Congratulations.
Francisco Antonio Ramos de Araújo (from Brazil – São José dos Campos city; São Paulo State).

Francisco Antonio Ramos de Araújo

Great lesson


u r wonderful mr. Jone (clear words)

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…If I’ll get a job in North Carolina…
Thanks Jon!

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Iam delighted to find this site,thanks for your help.


dear sir
i am very happy to learn english. i want to some canadan student to make facebook frient to better speeking language so please send me student name to make friend. i am also class xiith student.

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Thanks Brother…

Wahid K

thanks teacher so much :)

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thanks !

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Great Jon!! I really liked it.


thank you teacher really is so fantastic thing i feel that i get benefite from this


I´m, enjoying these lessons, I think very comfortable study English of this way… The next time go to USA, I could practices with more confidence

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really useful! thank teacher!


thank you for you useful lesson.


thanks Jon




Mr. Jon
Thank u

Abdul Qayum

thanks its very good to have such lectures

komal hussain
from pakistan

komal hussain

Thx Jon , Plz Continue your helpful lectures.



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Hi,it is difficult Jon ,with all love and respect to you


thank you very much! very interesting!


thank you for this lesson , i think this lesson show us how we can read the ads in the newspepper


I love this site !!!


I will see more videos everything is interesting here: :)


High Quality Lessons !!! Thank you !!!


Simple topic and easily to understanding.


Amazing lesson

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that is abest video i ve ever seen


Thanks Jon your are always great teacher,and your lesson is useful to learn.God bless you.have a wonderful day .


Thank you so much.

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Thank you Jon. It’s really helpful lesson.

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wow! you have a beautiful voice!
Thanks for the lessons teacher, your work is amazing! you’ve been helping me a lot!


Hi Jon! As always I loved your lesson. But now I need you explani me some symbols. For instances what does #means ina message? How do you say – in a electronic address. Minus??? my address would be anga-durao@gmail.com? How do you say? anga minus durao at gmail dot com???
Thank you

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i’m from Thailand ,a litle bit speaking but i’ve trying to know more,this site very good for me . thank you for your lesson


thanks for your helpful lessons ..from Egypt


Thank you Jon! You’re great! Please, do some more lessons. My students and myself enjoy your lessons a lot! Bye bye from Italy (Milan). Thx


Thanks Jon . Your explanación was nice

Oscar gomez

thanks,it was really worth.


your class was really worth!thanks.


Thanks Jon ;)

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it is a bit difficult to understand but i

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Very helpful!

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Thanks,…very helpful!!!

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thanks you are the best teacher we enjoyed learning from you


Thanks very usuful!

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I really enjoyed this lesson !
Thank you all.

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Thanks your are a good teacher and teaching too.have a good one :D


It is very helpful and I have learn so many things here. Thanks to all of this.

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good job keep it :D

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thank you very much!

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Its very good so I do not know how I find me question

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Thanks Jon!!

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It’s helpful. Thanks. 100 % I got.

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I’m stuging English PT and step by step I’m understanding all the lessons.


Thank You Jon!!!

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Thanks a lot, Mr Jon! Useful lesson!

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Thanks Mr Jon. Your accent is intelligible :P

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I engoyed for this lesson very much.

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    I enjoyed this lesson very much.

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Thanks 100%.

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Great ;)

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Thanks and by the way you are so cute

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hi my name Mai.I want learning.i want to be acquainted with every one

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Thanks, I got 100%

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Thank you for this lesson Jon

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very helpful thanqq

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Really wonderful

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Thank you

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very interesting,,thanks

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nice lesson and very useful…thanks a lot…

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I listen your lessons with great pleasure every time. Thank you very much,Jon!

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thankyou very much teacher for lesson

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Quite understandable.. thakns…

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thanks jon.

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Thanks for the lesson! I´ve learnt a lot.

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Thanks Jon ☺

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Well done!

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