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Great one! You always bring good subjects and tips in your lessons. Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

    I fully agree.

    Profile photo of garciaviana garciaviana

Hi Jade, Don’t get me wrong but to wallow in self-pity is the wrong approach. Hard work never hurt anyone.
Greetings from Germany

Profile photo of Matthew11 Matthew11

    Cool lesson, really enjoyed the lesson, liked the white humor, Congrats.

    BTW: The comments about the Germans was out of place.

    Profile photo of eduardom49 eduardom49

Oh i got 05 correct out of 07. Nice lesson jade. Thanks.

Profile photo of Annie Annie

Interesting lesson Jade, thanks!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Hi Jade
Thank you for your lesson and interesting lesson. It was so great lesson thanks jade!

Profile photo of Muad Muad

Thanks Jade, this lesson was great…

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

I want to ask about “Not being rude , but do you EVEN lift , bro?” What does EVEN stand here for?
Do the asker say that lifting is simple and easy?

Profile photo of proverbial horse proverbial horse

    Something like “have you ever try”

    Profile photo of roshavbg roshavbg

Your are one of the best teacher who i have ever seen. Thanks for extraordinary lesson’s. You are my favorite :-)

Profile photo of Javid.Salmanov Javid.Salmanov

100/ That`s so good )

Profile photo of Naza1 Naza1

thank’s for the lesson

Profile photo of faresenglish faresenglish

You are great!

Profile photo of MalgorzataAdbel MalgorzataAdbel

Analysis of aggressive behavior as a subject of an English class; excellent idea! What an interesting lesson. Thank you, Jade!

Profile photo of Raul R. Ortiz Raul R. Ortiz

Thanks a lot, teacher Jade, I have to revise again this long lesson, there are new concepts for me, but it was amusing.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thenk you for this funny and informative lesson Jade!

Profile photo of Vladimir Vladimir

The lesson was so interesting and helpful

Profile photo of blacksun blacksun

Although i’m dominican and i study american English I really appreciate your videos Jade thanks they are very helpful. I got 6 from 7

Profile photo of @jmendez07 @jmendez07

Thanks a lot, teacher Jade, Thanks for extraordinary lesson’s

Profile photo of carloz carloz

Hello Jade. Awesome lesson. Thank you

Profile photo of gonzaloanoeta2006 gonzaloanoeta2006

Very important lesson,Jade.New expressions and
vocabulary. Very useful and informative.
Love your accent.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Interesting lesson, many thanks

Profile photo of Tony Tony

why there is no studying video

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Profile photo of Rodrigo Ribeiro Rodrigo Ribeiro

6 out of 7 ,it was a good score for me meanwhile i thought it’d be 7 of 7 ,lots of examples was very helpfull ,thanks jane

Profile photo of aliziaei aliziaei

Hi Jade, I like your videos a lot for being different, and interesting and I think you add value to learning English being more than English.
Some time ago, I wanted to suscribe to leave a comment and I procrastinated for several reasons, but what matters is that I have to say that bugging people egged me on to do it, so it has been worthy. And you did it so well at this video and so classy. My congratulations, you can be proud of yourself.

Profile photo of Rotten Rotten

Thank Jade! Nice lesson.the examples are essential for everyday use.

Profile photo of essma-123 essma-123

Passive aggressive language is more usual than it seems and it’s an essential component of spoken speech. Thanks to enquire into that topic.
Great lesson Jade

Profile photo of PacoBe PacoBe

Hey, Jade. Very nice video. Thanks !

I got 6 out of 7.

Profile photo of Marcos Bevitori Marcos Bevitori

You are fantastic

Profile photo of Karmel2002 Karmel2002

Jade you are very good teacher and very interesting person.I do love your lessons

Profile photo of elenagraham elenagraham

you look tired

Profile photo of Bab Edjdid Bab Edjdid

you’re really great. I got 7 out of 7.

Profile photo of garciaviana garciaviana

Great lesson! Thank you. I feel that now I know more about relashions not only when it is spoken in English but even in my native language :))

Profile photo of Lotta700 Lotta700

Very good lesson.Many thanks.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Very interesting and educative lesson , and please continue like that,and if you allow me what really matters are the content in your lecture and the speciall way to transmit it. thanks.!.

Profile photo of emeriosg emeriosg

Thanks Teacher Jade

Profile photo of Ye Yint Aung Ye Yint Aung


Profile photo of sodojsa sodojsa

Thank you. I really enjoy your lessons. That accent is amazing. I wish I could speak that way. Don´t pay attention to those comments, You are awesome.

Profile photo of Albeiro Ruiz Albeiro Ruiz

Good class¡¡

Profile photo of OscarDan OscarDan

Thank you Jade

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

This is a good way of learning knowing what other person is really telling you about by the way they answer a question. Thank you Jade

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Profile photo of ines ines

I guess that any kind of “softening” is already a warning for passive-aggressive behavior. Note how examples 13 to 17 follow the pattern “softening + but + criticism” (I once heard that nothing someone says before the word “but” really counts). Also, here’s another softening for the list: “just saying” (I feel like it’s often used sarcastically).

Profile photo of Pedro Pedro

dear Jade
your English level is pretty gifted so you can teach us perfectly
I like you a lot

Profile photo of Arasb Arasb

I believe that you are the funniest teacher in

Profile photo of Rosalinda34 Rosalinda34

AMAZING LESSON JADE you are not only a good teacher but also a professional actress all the best for you

Profile photo of Zaki46 Zaki46

Thanks Jade!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Really good lesson. Thanks jade

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Brilliant lesson! So I might better stop talking if every other sentence seems to be aggressive in some way. Oops! (silent aggressive) I wondering what about Buddha.. Actually, I really hate the way he talks.. only joking. :)
Thanks for improving my passive aggressive toolkit, not being funny! ;)

Being ironic is aggressive? Or just being sarcastic mean to be aggressive?

Profile photo of leslielugosi leslielugosi

Hello Jade, thanks for your lesson!
Using such “hot” topics is very useful, I think, because we can reflect on how interact in English in the real life, in common situations, and therefore how to be polite, and understand better people not only with the semantic meaning but with wider shades of the meaning, like “I am good” when really means maybe “I am angry but I don’t want to talk just now”!

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Thanks jade.
7/7 i must be doing good

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