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I was very interested by this subtle lesson about prepositions. Thanks a lot Adam.


Thanks, Adam, I need to learn more.


Prepositions are one of the most complicated problems for learners. Thank you for your choice.


Great lesson, dear Adam!
Combinations preposition collocations are very difficult to understand, but at the same time, very important.
Take care!

Miguel Geronimo

thanks a lot,Mr.Adam
Prepositions or function words are very hard to the correct using. And your lesson help us


It s a challenging part of English.Trying to keep all these ones in mind is extremely hard.Thank you for the lesson.


thanks for the presentation


Very Nice!!!!! I would like to have friends from here to practice English. Pls fell free to add my WhatsApp +5521992102325


I got seven for today


Thanks, Adam! 9/10


Appreciate your efforts 🙏🏼
I’d like to suggest a lesson on why, at some point, we feel like stuck in a specific level and can’t get improved with our English?
One more thing, you studied philosophy, is that right? Sorry if it’s personal, just askin out of curiosity


    Hi Marie,

    Language learning, as well as many other types of earning, usually work in steps, with plateaus in between. Even if you feel you are stuck, you are probably improving, though at a slower pace. Then suddenly you have a short surge of improvement, then slow again. The key is to keep working on it.

    And, yes, I did major in philosophy :)


Thanks much Mr.Adam Are there any more vedios about too much enough

Noon Ali

    Hi Noon Ali,

    Find the search window on this site and you can find all kinds of videos, including your topic.


This exam is so surreal


Hello, I believe ” by the time” for question 1 is a better key than ” on time”.
Students who do not arrive on time will not be admitted to the lecture. “on time” could include those who arrived earlier than the class time, and they are also not admitted to the lecture. Please correct if I am wrong.


    Hi Passion,

    by the time needs a time to be specified:
    Students who do not arrive by the time class starts will not be admitted…

    Hope this helps.


Thank you

Ilke Yelekin

thank you a lot for your efforts.


Thank you everyone :)


    Hi Adam
    Thank you so much for all the magnificent lessons.
    I have two questions:
    1. I agree with you that (agree to/with/in) are collocations but why do Cambridge and Merriam Webster dictionaries say that they are phrasal verbs?
    2. In your opinion, how would you differentiate between expression, idiom , phrase and collocation? In your lessons you have defined, for example, phrasal verb, idiom and collocation, but putting groups of words correctly in each category is sometimes confusing, whereas different sources say different things. For example, Collins dict says “ We’ll see” is a phrase and Merriam says it’s an idiom. As you said, a phrase is part of a sentence and it also doesn’t contain a subject and a verb.


very interesting

Ezra Htun

Pretty nicely done! I’ve appreciated this lesson a bunch.

Del Carmen

fabulous lesson


very useful


Hi! So nice


I am very happy for watching the lesson.But,l would have wanted you to give some examples with the “preposition collocation”


Could u explain why “in time” is used in the sentence; Glenn and jesse just arrived at the airport____. Five more minutes and they would have missed the flight. Isn’t “on time” more suitable?

Nadeem butt

Thank you 😊


Thanks a lot,Mr Adam

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