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    thank you for the great explanation.

    Take care


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      Hello james I am so glad to watch your video, hope I can get it after I heard the video


    it’s like: how long have you been here? or for how long have you been studied en.?


      you meant in the 2nd Q >> for how long have you been studying eng ? not studied .
      and this Q for Present perfect Conterminous ^^


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    I don’t think my students will figure out what the present perfect is via this video. I like your way of teaching. I find it humorous, James


    “How long” and “How many times” are just some ideas which express the present perfect.
    For instance :
    How long [duration] : I haven’t seen you since february,
    “How many times” : I’ve seen this movie three times already,
    If you don’t use any date, it means that it’s not important to know “since how long” the event has occured.

    Past simple is more like “When” because it tend to emphasize the starting date of a terminated event.
    For instance,
    I saw that movie yesterday at noon,
    I did it last month.
    You can also use the past simple without giving any date. In this case, you just want to emphasize that the action is done.


      i understand from you mor than teacher
      please contact with me if possible


      thank you my friend
      witch one is more useful daily
      you know you helped me to understand better
      can you give more examples

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    Hi Patricia! Here you go:

    1. I learned Spanish yesterday – Simple Past

    2. I have just learned how to order jin and tonic with ice and lemon in Spanish – Present Perfect


    The basic idea of using present perfect is the message you want to convey: “I’ve read the book’ = I know that book, I’m familiar with the subject in that book.


    try to catch the context of this tense = how many times, how long = sounds like a question about your life experience(present perfect)


    For an examples:
    ‘I’ve read that article twice’

    ‘I’ve ate 3 times a day’

    Could it be?

    Profile photo of joewilson joewilson

    hey Patricia, basicly you use the perfect present when you dont use an especific time, like today, yesterday, las month, etc. So you use the present perfect when you did something in the past and you dont need to say when you did that action.
    for example:
    Hey are you hangry?
    No, I’ve eaten.
    Hey are you hangry?
    No, i ate a brad some minutes ago.

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    The beat at all

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I want to study english.

Ngoc Anh

    yeah, you’re in the right side.. to follow this website to learning a lot of english stuff. keep the track bro and you would get what you want for…

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Thanks for this explanation. I always did a little confusion between both.


great video james, the video is very clearly and easy to understand, thanks a lot for the explanation :D:D put more more more i want to learn more english i miss canada jajaja and i miss your crazy class jaja


Thanks a lot!
Your videos are very interesting.

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Helo James. I love your classes!

Can I give you a sugestion: If you use a regular verb in youe e.g., it will make the comprehension easier for foreigners, because READ is irregular. Isn’t it?

thanks a lot


    Great! I strongly agree with you Darci.

    But I also agree with the fact that James is a fantastic English teacher.

    He is a blessed person! Keep up a good work James…

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hi james how are you ? thanks for Explain the simple past and present perfect . but please we need more examples for present perfect .thanks a lot ..

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    Hi Osoma ! with due regard allow me to help you with your English. you should say ( thanks for explaining and not thanks for explain )Don’t forget after the prepositions ,all the verbs must be followed by ing .
    any doubt text me .

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      i want to improve my english.
      would u plz help me?


Thank you very much

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Thanks again !

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Yr explaination would help me a lot.

Tks, James !

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hi sir now i hyave got the difference between the uses of past simple and present perfest however i want to that the uses of past simple with preposition to.thx


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Hope yor are doing well. I am from Pakistan and every day I go through your video. You are a nice and good tacher. Sir I want to Improve my english and want to appear in IELTS, i have tried thrice but i am afraid of taking the test please HELP me out of this problem.

With Regards,

Mohsin ul haq

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That makes learning such a great time!!
From Brazil

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thanks alot
Mr Asadullah Chitrali

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very clear easy to understand.thank you James.


Can someone give for me an explain about Present Perfect? :>

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could you correct ofr me this the flash’s concert was/has been fantastic . and why????


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please help more children and i will tell to my friends to learn the grammar through http://www.engvid.com THANK YOU

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have any tips on summary writing?


Mr . James

thank you


Dear James,

I have one question: Between Past Simple and Present Perfect, which one happened first?



Hi James, thanks so much for your videos. They really help a lot. But, I wonder if you’ve got the “scripts” of your videos, specially the one on the Past simple x present perfect. I’d like to take this video to my students, but without a script I’m sure they will lose a lot of important information.
Anyway, congratulations on your job. You’re a great teacher.
maria helena

Maria Helena

Hello, James!
i’ve enjoyed the video! but it’s not even close for what our teachers telling us! especially for the pres perfect)))
thanks truly))
p.s. what about past perfect???


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Hi, James!
I was just to give you many thanks for your nice English videos. I enjoy very much your fantastic teaching.


Hi James:)Very useful lesson indeed.I have a question…’as soon as’ and ‘not long after that” which one can be used only with Past Tense or only with Present Perfect?Thanks!


hi sir
really i can t get this lesson and i dont know why ?
plz sir i have some questions about persent p bcz i feel angry cause i have learned it more than twenty time but i didn t get it well .plz help me .
well. you explained in ur teaching video that the past s is included on the question ( when)and the present p includes the meaning of ( how long ) .but when we ask :
have u taken ur medicine?
there is no meaning of ( how long )
I hope that you may have understood my intentio
thank you sir

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Thanks James, You are a very good teacher.


hi laylah
plz if understand well answer me .i read story about the race and when the hero won . all said to him that ( yes . u did it ) but the others said to him ( u have done it ) .
so we can use them ( persent perfect and past simple ) when the time is unknown

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for me past simple + past perfect are so hard …. but it is really important lesson …. thanks alot =)

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Hey James Ive really enjoyed your presentation, but how is it, when you want to say the following: Then the shares _____ (fall) steadily for 3 months. It should be present perfect because you ask, for how long, right?


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Hi james,
Great video but give us some examples of present perfect about how long and how many times.


Do you have the questions?


Hi james,
I have a doubt.why U dont use had in I HAVE READ THE ARTICLE


    because then it will be past perfect…

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mazen elmasry

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could u write the formula of the tenses…??


you are great teacher million thank you l enjoy learning from your video


Is my statement correct… ” My heart is stop beating.” I’m confuse.

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Hi.. did you say math??
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good explnation between past simple and present perfect… thanks J !!!!!!!!!!

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Looking forward for more lessons’-‘
God bless

Strawberry motto

Do you always use both participles and the auxilary verb have in the present perfect tense?


good class, can u give me some examples of simple past and past perfect


Thanks a lot!!!!!

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Dear james,
i am very pleased after viewing your video lessions. i am from Bangladesh. i would like to request you to provide me the clear conception during the use of do, did, does in replacing the am, is, are. For example: Do you know him? is it right with the use of “are”?

waiting for kind solve


Thanks so much I really enjoy your lessons….


very clear~!!

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your videos are the best also you looks away difrrent than when i was young


You are great teacher.

but sometime I’m not sure that I can understand you clearly. Why don’t you have any practice to let us know how understand we are?

Thank you for your funny teaching. ^_^


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My name is sarah and I am from Turkey.I am a nurse.I was living in usa since 2008.I was having hard time especially learning present perfect tense.Your teaching is GREAT!!!!
Believe or not I never understood this tense until today.Now I have learned..I am so HAPPY!!!I will continue to listen your english program because JUST GREAT!!
Thank you for making easy to learn ENGLISH!!

Thank you


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I’m french and I want you to know that you are a great teacher ! I have an exeman next week and I think i’m ready . With your explenation I can understand better and overcome many difficulties that a non-english speaker can meet ! Thanks a lot !!

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Its really effective , Thanks a lot !

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thanks for your lesson but i need more explanation if you would like

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Hi James, first I would like to say THANKS for all of you (I mean engvid teachers) – for yours wonder lessons! I have a question: what if I would like to say that something happened and has happened a few times? – which sentence is proper:
(1) “He called to me yesterday a few times” or (2)“He has called to me yesterday a few times”? or maybe I can use sentence number (1) and “He has called a few times yesterday” as well?
please bright me!

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    Have you got any reply with your questions? I am also having the same questions as you posted. Can you give me the answer at wong1929@yahoo.com, if you got the answer?

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i always confused about past tens and present perfect ,,,,, thanks to you, now i understand how do i use. and please teach us the rest of the Tens ,,,


Hi James I really think the way you teach English is fab.really, I am watching your videos and I really understand each and every single thing you say. Rebecca is also good, I like the way she explains things, she is so calm, and takes everything one step at a time!


very nice
but we need more :)


I like tour teachering the best of all!!!

I’m pround of you. I’m russian and I can understand you very nice!!! Thank you!


thanks a lot it was a great explanation, but can please give us more details especially when we use the present perfect in Duration of time and Unspecified time.

thanks again and I like the way that you teach.




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what if there is no information about the time.


i drunk water with james
i ve drunk water with james.

i feel that when i m talking, i m using more the preterit in this situation.
anyone can explain?




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JAMES thnak you so much, your explanation is clear as a bell. Through your lesson, i got the difference of the time i should use the past tense and past perfect.

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Avril Lavigne

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Me too..I also think an example for present perfect tense needs to be given. Do any of the teachers give private tutoring and have lesson plans structured to bring a student from basic to advance on a one-on-one level? Thanks

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I made a comparison with my grammar book in use, it’s very good.
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Thank you for your explanation of present perfect, this mean is also YOU are perfect too! Many or the most EFL vs ESL teachers lack of illustration to provide clarification towards their students whom are dying for the effective teaching strategies like you.


I understood the lesson of simple past vs present perdect

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Thank you very mauch for such s simple explanation! I`ve wondered all my life what is the difference. Now I got it!



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i wanna ask you a question …
what is different between past simple and bast perfect? or in other word what is the different between simple and perfect in tenses?

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What is the best order to see the videos?, or how I can order my objectives to learn english?


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hey teacher James, what about questions? I mean, ” what did you do” or ” what have you done” , ”who have done it” or ”who did it” , ”why have you gone there” or ”why did you go there”…
it would be more satisfying if you explained them, please.


thank u so mush teacher james could u expand this more talking about questions and so on thanks in advance


Record sound was not good.


I am Lao now I am attend at university so I also learned English with you on your website, So I interested your lesson. so may you teach for more.


really thanks for all eteaches

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Dear James pls explain to me again as follows sentence

can i say ,,,i have completed in the morning
i completed in the morning

which are right answer???


[…] Here is a video about the difference between the past simple and present perfect you can […]

PreIntermediate Tuesday Night Class 7.2.12 | English with Renée

Hello sir i couldn’t find a vid about (The past perfect tense) can you make one please :P

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thank you so much Mrjames your video are interesting show us more video and keep going on :D


hi bro i did not find the way to learn.


[…] Perfect tense. After you’ve read the grammar notes on pages 140 and 141, you can watch this video to prepare for class Share this:EmailPrintFacebookDiggLinkedInMoreTwitterLike this:LikeBe the first […]

Intensive Intermediate Class Wednesday 7.3.12 | English with Renée

Hi James!
Tell me please what do we use if we don`t have any time specification at all (no “when” and no “how long”. The action is finished. Should I use simple past or present perfect in this case ?


where is the quiz ?
it is so important to practice and quiz is the best way to improve it !

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Hi,i want to know the difference between these two sentences: Have i contributed in World War 1. Did i contribute in World War 1.


Good job man !!!!!! ;)


It’s still confusing. I dont remember all the lessons that i had learned from engvid.Am I hopeless?Hope to have somebody to practice with.


thanks anyway


I watched this lesson yesterday or I’ve watched this lesson…
I undertand and, thanks :)


I haven’t differentiated the two tenses for along time. but james gave me an interested hint, Thanks James for in deed


james is a goog teacher i like his style and way of teaching


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Hi James: I love the way you teach. You are so funny and I learn a lot at the same time. The best way to learn: having fun. Greetings from Chile.

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On English Grammar Past Simple and Present Perfect you put I READ THE ARTICLE,I’VE READ THE ARTICE!YOU ARE MISSING THE L IN ARTICLE.JAMES U ARE THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


please answer right now james


James you showed lots of things I don’t get some science and math things can you help me?please?


U ALL ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hi James! Could you make a video on the past perfect tense? please please please. I love all you videos and I can’t wait to see more of them. Thanks!

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hi jemes i have a qustion, could we use specific time in past simple’s negative sentance


Thanks James, You are to good at all bro i am very inspired from you… N you are a good teacher dude……

Yaqoob Gill

Hello James and all the wonderful community of Engvid teachers.
I urgently need help from native speakers and expert teachers of English to tell me which of the following tenses: past simple or present perfect is correct or should be used in the last statement with the verb (create): Here is the context:
When the internet appeared, the national newspapers began to claim that they would lose all their readers. Although, most of them who didn ´t use to love the internet (created) an online version of their paper.
When internet …………….. . Although …………………. (have created) an online version of their paper.


Hello To Every one
and about this vid
that there is no more example about the both sentences

Himat Khan

Thank you !It is really helpful for me.


Thanks for your help!You’re really good teacher.But But there is a question that suggested itself to my mind:if we’re talking about something what happened in the past, but we don’t know exect time is it Present perfect or Past Simple?
For example:I finished school or I’ve finished school?
Or in you example: What a difference
between i read a book and i’ve read a book. Plz give us more examples.
If somebody asked me do you read any books?Should i say I’ve read 50 books or it’d be better if i said i read 50 books?
Thanks a lot for your patience!)

Profile photo of neoz neoz

Here is an another question:
What is correct sentence of followings:They bought a new house. or they have bought a new house?

Profile photo of neoz neoz

try tell us an easy verison for the past present future

Ronald chu

For me, an Italian, it’s harder this lesson, because i don’t know well the pronunciation of read, irregular verbs, read read read, so I don’t understand what tense are you using. You should make this lesson with another verb. Sorry for my bad english :)


if ny 1 want to join me on skype for improving his/her speaking skills or conversation skills he/she can,actually i want to improve my own speaking skills with ur help my email id is prashant13amba@gmail.com and my skype name is prashantamba.




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I am so glad to know you james, and like to watch your video in youtub, hope I can get it.

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I like lesson is very humorous and I understood very well thank you

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Hi James, it is perfect description for differences between PP and PS times, but could you please tell me where in this site we can find more example:) thanks in advanced you are great!

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James, thanks for you exciting lessons! You are a great teacher! I adore your way of teaching! But could you please help me with this sentence (I had it in my English test): I changed or I’ve changed the work three times this year. Are we talking about a specific time in the past or not?
P.S Thanks a lot!!!!!!:)


Sorry for a mindless question!!!!!! “this year” isn’t a specific time in the past)))))) it isn’t finished yet!!!!


thanks about this>>
i need ta tow typis of past
simple and countenus..
where i can find it ?


This lesson was great & easy to understaand!
I like it :)

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What a nice lesson thx Mr.J

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Actually i’ve problem in present tense and past tense. recently i’ve seen a movie ‘Primal Fear’ and there was a dialouge i mean a man said the word ‘On my first day of law school,my professor says two things’ i’m confused in this word.
i don’t get the meaning of this sentence
but i think it will be like ‘On my first day of law school, my professor said(instead of says) two things’ cuz his professor said and time over i want to know why he use that sentence. and ‘when does class begin tomorrow’ what does it mean hope you will help me immediately


‘when’ is the magic word to remember when to use simple past. Great lesson.


hi james! i like your cool jokes.you make me smile.i have learned your detailed topic for past simple vs. present perfect. can you please give more examples on exact time for present perfect.you just only give examples on specific time for simple past only.thanks a lot to you and more power to engvid.


hi james,ur way of explanation is wonderful.
i have doubt in could have, would have, should have. pl explain


hello James,

thank a lot for your video, I think then I more understand the difference betweem past simple and present perfect now…

I really love your style of teaching,
thank again :)

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helloooooo teachers, may u send me the video of past simple vs present perfect plssssssssss

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hello James
i was watching a tv show about a cars and i noticed a guy saying “a friend of mine did the paintjob all by hand”

is this right to say??
or its more correct to say – “a friend of mine has done the paintjob all by hand”

Am i right? Or its because of the differences between AE and BE
Will the meaning change if i use the Present Perfect instead of the Past Simple?If it does,can you explain the difference between it and the Past Simple?

please i would really appreciate it



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MY explanation Mr. James
“How long” and “How many times” are just some ideas which express the present perfect.
For instance :
How long [duration] : I haven’t seen you since february,
“How many times” : I’ve seen this movie three times already,
If you don’t use any date, it means that it’s not important to know “since how long” the event has occured.

Past simple is more like “When” because it tend to emphasize the starting date of a terminated event.
For instance,
I saw that movie yesterday at noon,
I did it last month.
You can also use the past simple without giving any date. In this case, you just want to emphasize that the action is done.
thank you sir.

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Can I say “I’m living in NY” instead “I’ve been lived in NY” or they are totally different?

Profile photo of Fred Fred

    I think you cannot say “I’m living in NY” because the present continuous is used to actions with a short duration of time according some video I watched in EngVid. Regarding the second sentence, I would say I’ve lived in NY or I’ve been in NY, in other words you must use one verb in the participle form after the verb have. I hope it helps you.

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thnxxxx James…thnx alot.. :)

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HI James.

I have been married one month ago with a English men.He spoken an English. But I know malayalam language. I don’t know how sentence in English.. who here can you teach me..could u give me more examples..

i want to ask you a question…
What is different between past simple and bast perfect?

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Ok, but why I have never read that someone tell “I have forgotten something”, while it cannot be with a specific time, it is related with now (like “I have lost my key”in Murphy book of grammar)?? Why all people tell “I forgot something”?

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Thank you so much,James. As usual, your class was brilliant. You have no idea how your classes and tips are helping us. I would like to do the quiz. It’s a pity!


Please james could you give us more examples

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Thank you so much for the great lesson on this subject. So according to the rule I should say:
‘Did he graduate from university in 1985?’ or
‘Has he ever graduated?’ and
‘No, he’s never graduated'(…)
‘After he graduated, he went to France’ or rather ‘After he’d graduated, he went to France’, this seems so unlogic to me.
Maybe I totally missed the point, but it remains very confusing to me.

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Thank you your lessons fantastic,but why without quiz?

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Thank you yours lessons fantastic,but why without quiz?

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Hello Sir. James.
Are these sentences correct?

I have seen the movie so many times.

I have been to Australia for 3 times.

I went to Australia last year.
My husband and I got married in 2011.
we went to the beach last week.

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I’ve studied about “Present Perfect Tenses” several times :P
Thank you very much for this lesson :)

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Hi, James. Thank you for your lesson.
Is it possible to say ” Yesterday and today I’ve done everything that you asked me. Look at it”

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Hi James, will you help me to clarify a question, closely connected with this lesson?
Which of the sentences written below is better grammatically?
Why didn`t you consult me on this matter or
why haven`t you consulted me on this matter?
P.S. there is no reference in the context as to the time when this event happened.
I`d rather prefer to use Past Simple in this context. Thanks in advance.

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Hi james, your lesson very useful, this the first time I get the present perfect.
so thank you so much
However, I still have confused in the other verb tenses

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Thanks I think I’ve got it now. Thanks for simplifying this.

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I have a problem in using present perfect and present perfect continuous who can help me in solving this problem please

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Hi James. Thank you for the video.
Is it possible to add some questions as a quiz for practice?

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james please i need questions .. !!

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is it always necessary to talk about the time while using simple present tense?
is the following correct?
‘i read a novel’

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Why no quiz?

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Thanks for your lessons have been very helpful

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Its possible that you give more examples pls!!!


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You are very good a teacher.
Thank you very much.

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Thanks a lot.

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very good lesson James, now i’ve got it when you said “specific for simple past” and present perfect not specific

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A new prospect about the past simple and present perfect, with specific topics in the past simple and facts in the past affecting now in the present perfect, I believe I have understood this concept. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid.

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Mr.James thanks so much. actually, you have a magic way to teach.

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I ate a pizza yesterday.
I have visited this restaurant two times.

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can you make a video for future perfect and future progressive perfect tense? i’ve searched on this website for subject about both bu couldn’t find

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