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Who is a payee?

What is the proper way to spell the number "40"?

In most places, your signature can be written in any language.

You should start writing the amount of the check in numbers,

Who is the payor /payer?

What is a blank check?

Why should you NOT make a check payable to CASH?

The "memo" space or line on a check can be used to:

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Thank you Rebecca for the knowledge..

Monday, December 26th 2011

    thanks for the knowledge

    Sunday, June 2nd 2013

Its a very good take a test of English.

Monday, December 26th 2011

It’s very good lesson thanks.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

useful lesson thank you

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

it’s very good lesson,but i am wrong one. :'(.. thanks.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

i liked it. and the teacher is willing to explain more and more which gives the folks more interest in the lesson. it was nice for me to watch those kind of teachers.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Perfect!now i’ll ask to my friends how they write 40 in letters!haha. Tnxs for the Cheque lesson.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Hi there,
Nice one!
A ? plz:Do u know what’s the proverb 4 when we wanna say 4instance:” there r everything here,u can find everything in the internet n everything’s possible n available,don wory! ”
What’s the suitable proverb which explain this meaning??!!
So tx.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

    for the people who try to learn, impossible to understand what you mean.

    Tuesday, December 27th 2011

      Yeah, I suppose you are right, but Mark understood everything and explained as well. Read and learn!

      Wednesday, December 28th 2011

      Hi there,
      U know,everything is possible,except nothing!!
      Goodluck with ur English.

      Wednesday, December 28th 2011

        can we communicate for increasing in English level
        my skype is
        my yahoo.com
        is m.soliman3oo@yahoo.com

        Monday, October 21st 2013

      I agree with you Tatyandra… Some people believe that writing this way they can appear more confident with the use of English…buy it only shows a low profile use of language…

      Saturday, January 31st 2015

    First expression 4 instance literally means FOR instance or FOR example. We have a lot of other similar expressions and all of them are based on homonyms or homophones. It is not spelled on the same way, but it is pronounced exactly the same. Sometimes they are spelled and pronounced the same. Other example would be: I don’t want 2 go there. In this case 2 replaces the word TO. And finally for word N I’m not sure, but I suppose it is an abbreviation for the word AND. All the best.

    Wednesday, December 28th 2011

      The very 1st Hi,
      Then,I’m sure about everything I’ve written.I’ve got them from the net.
      We use these abbreviations in our comments n messages when we’re gonna write shorter.I agree with u,may b it’s not so simple 2 beginners 2 understand but anyway I’m sure.
      Now,for or four?Both r 4!!
      Goodluck with ur English.

      Wednesday, December 28th 2011

    I’ve got the answer,
    That’s:” from A to Z “.
    Up me!

    Thursday, December 29th 2011

    I know what you meant, but I can’t think out what proverbs would be.

    Sunday, August 5th 2012

    for instance means for example.

    Tuesday, September 11th 2012

Very useful, i liked Rebecca’s explanation.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

thanks a lot

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

oohh i did it without listening any lecture….very useful quiz :)

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Good pratical lesson

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

when u r writing a check, try to make sure u have money in the bank that’s funny lol. great lesson lovely Rebecca. all the best 4 u.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

hello . actually it is a good lesso,thank very much.but please i want you to elucidate more the word cash (when it’s written in check)coz i didn’t get it.thx

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

useful lesson

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

I liked this lesson, thanks Rebecca, you can pass withdraw your check,jaja is just a joke, take care !!

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

Dear a super teacher Rebecca ,
I swear my God that you ‘re doing a wonderful job this is a vital lesson should be learnt .In addition , understood and be watch out as well.
Therefore , I don’t know how to thank you for all lessons that you did for us .
Would you do me a favor which tips can be taken to increase enormously my advanced vocabularies if that possible .
thank you very much indeed.
Yours a poor student as long as you accept me please ,

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

    Thank you very much for your kind words. So glad engvid videos are helping you. You can improve your vocabulary by studying from an ESL Vocabulary book, by reading more, listening to shows and music and watching English movies. I wish you all the best and am sure you can do very well, since you seem to be a determined person. Keep on going!

    Friday, February 24th 2012

      Really appreciate your help,Rebecca.
      I’m from China and your lesson helped me a lot!

      Sunday, April 1st 2012

Thanks a lot Rebecca. You’re so kind teacher. Lily from Brazil

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

It’s so easy to understand you and follow you! You’re trying to speak more slowly and clearly specially for students or you’re actually speaking this way in everyday life?
Thanks a lot for the lesson, Rebecca! That was one important piece of information! I’d love to see more grammar lesson, especially if it’s something difficult or challenging.

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

    All ESL teachers, including myself, speak a little more clearly when we are teaching.

    Thanks for watching and all the best to you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012


Wednesday, December 28th 2011

hello madam,this is me astha from nepal.i like your teaching very much.although i am busy in my job i watch this and learn a lot.i have a speaking problem coz we dont use english language in our daily life but after 3 or 4 month i will be in usa.so that i am very nervous coz i cant speak well infront of other but i can understand all what they talk.i need a real conversation class to improve my fluency(two way communication).plz could u do anything for me.i will be very happy if u do something for me..bye and take care

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

    I am sure you will improve once you live and work in the States. You can also take Conversational English classes when you get there. In the meantime, watch American TV shows and sing along with the lyrics of English songs. All the best to you in your new life.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

very useful lesson ,i love it and thank

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

Good very useful, Thank

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

Wow; Ma’am you are so cool


Wednesday, December 28th 2011

smile everytime :)

Wednesday, December 28th 2011

it is very useful, thank you!

Thursday, December 29th 2011

Guys, if anyone is interested in speaking english by a msn call we can improve our english skills and pronunciation together. I was working in a bank a few years ago, I had many calls in english there, it really works!

Thursday, December 29th 2011

Thanks for this interesting lesson.
Just a question Rebecca please. You said “we right who we are going to write the cheque to” You used “who” and not “whom”, why?
Thanks again

Thursday, December 29th 2011

    Nowadays, “whom” is not used often in North American conversational English.

    All the best to you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012


Friday, December 30th 2011

Dear Mrs Rebecca,
Could you tell that between the academic test and general training test which one is easier? and what is the advantage if i pass?

Saturday, December 31st 2011

    I presume you are referring to the IELTS Academic and General tests. the speaking and listening sections are the same in both versions of the IELTS. However, the reading and writing sections are easier on the General IELTS. The General IELTS is used for immigration to Canada and Australia, and for certification purposes in some professions and some countries. The Academic IELTS is usually needed to get admission into a university where the language of instruction is English. All the best to you!

    Friday, February 24th 2012

I got very important ideas on writing cheques thank you teacher a very interesting lesson

Saturday, December 31st 2011

Dear Rebecca,
Next month I’m going to work on the ship for several months. Only one condition is to have adequate knowledge of english language, and thanks to you and teachers on EngVid, I will realize my goal. If I hadn’t watched your lessons, I wouldn’t have had any chance.
I’d like to beg you for one favour. PLEASE do a lesson on ship terms, I know enough, but it would be great to learn it from you.
Happy New Year to you, all the best in 2012!!!

Saturday, December 31st 2011

    I am glad we were able to help you and I wish you the very best with your new job. I am sure the best place for you to learn ship vocabulary is on the job itself! Have a successful and happy 2012.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

thank you very much useful lessone thank you .

Sunday, January 1st 2012


Sunday, January 1st 2012

Thank you very much it’s a useful lessn thank you.

Sunday, January 1st 2012

6/8 :)

Monday, January 2nd 2012

wht is a difference between present perfect continous and past tense?

Wednesday, January 4th 2012

    I have been watching this move for the past 2 hours.

    This sentence above, in the present perfect tense, means that you started watching in the past and are still watching now, so it includes the past and the present.

    I watched this move 2 hours ago.

    This sentence above, in the Past Simple tense, means that you watched the move then, 2 hours ago and finished watching it. You are not watching anymore. So the past simple tense is used to talk about actions that are finished in the past and do not continue into the present.

    Please check the Resources section of our website where I have written an explanation of all the tenses, with examples. Here’s the link:


    Hope this helps you! My best to you, Shana!

    Friday, February 24th 2012

      Excuse me Rabecca
      Do you mean “movie” in your example?

      Sunday, August 5th 2012

Thanks, Rebecca!. Your lesson was, for me, very useful. Thank you again!

Thursday, January 5th 2012

Thanks Rebecca, your lesson about check it’s very interesting.

Thursday, January 5th 2012

Thank you very much Rebecca, it’s very useful.

Thursday, January 5th 2012

thanks a lot Rebecca for sharing such valuable information…….. great

Thursday, January 5th 2012

u r a best teacher rebecca…nd thnxx

Friday, January 6th 2012

u r a best teacher rebecca..thnxx

Friday, January 6th 2012

8/8 wow! happy!

Friday, January 6th 2012

    8 out of 8

    Sunday, January 8th 2012

i know now how to fill up check

Saturday, January 7th 2012

Hi from Hungary :)
Rebeca, I really like your lessions.
This is the first time I am watcing them! If you are in Hungary you are welcome in my house!

Saturday, January 7th 2012

    You are very kind. You are also welcome to visit us in Canada. All the best to you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

I still think that “fourty” is a right spell.

Saturday, January 7th 2012

    Sorry! “Forty” is the right spelling.

    All the best to you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

dear madom i have problem in english listening idon,t understand whrn i am hearing english news or watch english movies what should i do to understand

Sunday, January 8th 2012

    Try to find a book that teaches you English Listening skills. Start at the lowest level necessary for you to understand. Never worry about that because you will always go up and forward as you learn more. You could also sing along to English songs when you have the lyrics, to get used to the accents. Also, watch movies with subtitles to connect the voices with the words. My best wishes to you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

Hi Rebecca. Could you do an introduction of Past Prefect and compare it to other tenses? Thank you. =)

Sunday, January 8th 2012

i mean Past perfect. thanks

Sunday, January 8th 2012

Hi, Rebecca!
First, I would like to thank you for the helpful and interesting (as usual) video!

I would like to clarify a moment from the moovie: at 12:24 (mm:ss) of the video timeline you said “… another lesson that I have recorded earlier…”. So, the question is whether native speakers say this way often? If I were in the same situation, I would use the Past Simple tense instead of the Present Perfect because a moment from the past is indicated (“earlier” in our case).
Would you please comment this case as I am really confused? :)
Rebecca, thank you very much in advance!

Friday, January 13th 2012

    You’re right. It should be as you said. Thanks for all your interest and my best wishes to you, sailor.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

      Thanks a lot for your reply!
      I really appreciate it!
      Good luck!

      Monday, April 9th 2012

thank you so much

Monday, January 16th 2012

This lesson is very useful for myself. I know how to write in the check but I still want to you explain that is very clear. So I have question I suppose you will make more lesson and everybody can get so easy and do not except me .hihi

Monday, January 16th 2012

Thanks a lot Rebcca

Tuesday, January 17th 2012

Very useful lesson and not very common. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 17th 2012


Wednesday, January 18th 2012

It is my first visit to your website. but it is extremely useful.
thanks deeply for your efforts

Sunday, January 22nd 2012


Wednesday, January 25th 2012

sometime It’s diffcult to understand for me.listen again.

Wednesday, January 25th 2012

I got 8 out of 8 :D :D

Monday, January 30th 2012

HI dear teacher could you pls explain how to write a void cheque? thank you for your help.

Thursday, February 2nd 2012

    In North America, you usually write ——VOID—– in large capital letters diagonally through the front of the cheque, with the lines at the side of the word VOID, going all the way to the sides of the cheque.

    Hope this helps, Adam. My best to you.

    Friday, February 24th 2012

Very Nice

Tuesday, February 7th 2012


Thursday, February 9th 2012

Hi Rebecca, I check all video of yours.You are certainly wrong in this video. 50/100 not allow in indian check look:- http://www.gnprinting.in/Images/ChequesFormat/Punjab-National-Bank.png

Ok. I know Everybody not know Every other’s country. Well i just show you. You are doing a good job. Thanks for this video.

Sunday, February 12th 2012

Thanks for your lesson.

Sunday, February 12th 2012

hey REBACCA i would like u to teach us difference between each and every please?

Thursday, February 16th 2012

Rebecca,Thank you!

Saturday, February 18th 2012

Hi dear I want to learn the word sequence while speaking english or while making sentence in english?

Saturday, February 18th 2012

Thank you Rebeeca. It’s very easy to understand and learn

Tuesday, February 21st 2012

thanks alot

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

Thank you Rebecca.This is an interesting lesson

Monday, March 5th 2012

I would like to ask you what is the difference between “fill in” and “fill out”?
Thank you in advance!

Thursday, March 15th 2012


Thursday, March 15th 2012

Very nice lesson.
Thank you

Sunday, March 18th 2012

very nice and usefull

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

Thanks you a lot Ms. Rebecca.You are the best teacher I have ever seen in my English learning. They are very helpful.Actually I don’t know English fluently,but I want to learn,it’s necessary for my education. Therefor if i made mistakes in my writing i want to say sorry in advance.The best regards Narmina..

Monday, April 2nd 2012

Very nice lesson, i collect information about check.

Thank you

Tuesday, April 10th 2012

thanks a lot !!!
More power to you!

Thursday, April 26th 2012

Hi Rebbaca,
Thanks alot. I am Amrita from India, can you teach me more, any online courses you have, because i can’t come to Canada.

Friday, April 27th 2012

Totally useless language in 2012 where credit cards, Paypal etc. are used. Only Neanderthals still use checks/cheques.

Monday, April 30th 2012

This is awesome

Sunday, May 6th 2012

Thanx for teaching us about check.

Saturday, May 12th 2012

Rebbe Thanks a lot

Monday, May 14th 2012

Thanks Rebecca!!!

Monday, May 21st 2012

Many thanks my teacher, i got all the point

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

im surprised with this free english program…. its awesome

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012

Thanks for your time.

Sunday, June 10th 2012

very useful information, thanks.

Thursday, June 14th 2012

Thank you Rebecca,

This lesson was really usefull for me, i would like to know if you run an instructor led course i mean in the classroon.


Thursday, June 28th 2012

i cant write any thing in english perfectly.i am not sure where to include past tense and perfect tense and all.somewhat im managing myself to speak.im confused while writting.plz help me engvid team.eager to get a reply from you

Sunday, July 1st 2012

hi rebecca
i cant speak english well but you teach good.
thank you rebecca

Wednesday, July 11th 2012

very informative lesson thank you Rebecca

Wednesday, July 18th 2012

As always I love the way you teach since I started to take each of the tutorials I have done very well in class and my table of records has always been excellent thank you very much for your teaching Becca I hope to learn carefully alberto

Friday, August 3rd 2012


Sunday, August 5th 2012


Sunday, August 5th 2012

I look your video.
so nice

Wednesday, August 29th 2012

    not look, you should say. i watch your video/lession….

    Thursday, June 12th 2014

I always admired you Rebecca, you’re such a very good educator. I can easily understand your lesson<3

Thursday, August 30th 2012

I have watch your video. your lesson is very good. I can easily understand your lesson……….
Thank you very much Rebecca.

Monday, September 3rd 2012

Thanks for your video lesson.I learn a lot of English today.It is good for me.

Tuesday, September 11th 2012

my test result is 50 :(

Thursday, September 13th 2012

Thank you so much

Sunday, September 16th 2012

Hi Rebecca! you are my one of the best teacher. How are you? I am watching your almost all videos. You have super teaching technic. I have become your fan. I have a request to you, please could you get a new video lesson regarding LET & LET’s. I am so confused when I am using those words & why use “‘s” after the LET. I am waiting for your reply. Please please please help me once more.
Thanking you

Friday, September 28th 2012

Hi Rebecca, thank u for the knowledge but i am confused please help me, regarding with the question “You should start the writing of the check in number.” My answer is far right and it was wrong, why? It’s because the question is.. writing of the check in number not writing of the check in words. Also can i use the word spelled cheque, is this right? Kindly explain, many thanks!

Friday, September 28th 2012

Thank you i am very happy to understand this lesson

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

useful lesson, thanks!

Sunday, October 7th 2012

Nice lesson. Very easy to be understand and very useful.

Friday, October 12th 2012

thank again Rebeca you are the best

Saturday, October 13th 2012

i found Miss Rebecca the best teacher here ^^ thank you allot greeting from morocco

Friday, November 2nd 2012

Thank you very much rebecca to Teach.

Sunday, November 11th 2012

Very nice and informative.

Sunday, November 18th 2012

Thank you

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

that is very nice i get larning evry day more and more

Saturday, December 8th 2012

Thank you Rebecca

Sunday, December 9th 2012

Very useful me and Business communication letters send mail me

Saturday, December 15th 2012

Dear Teacher,
Good day, i hope you doing well,
could you please advise me?
in fact people surround me speak language
which is not English, so i couldn’t practice
English language fluently.
so what i have to do.
thank you very much my best teacher

Saturday, December 22nd 2012

thanks teacher i liked the way you were explained the whole words and every context that includes your lessons. you look so kindly teacher. i got 8 of 8 the quiz. you are the who tough me this interesting lesson. wish u all the best.

Friday, December 28th 2012

Thank you Rebecca…this lesson is very helpful and very nice explanation…thanks again

Tuesday, January 22nd 2013


Sunday, January 27th 2013

Very clear and useful lesson, tanks a lot!!

Friday, February 1st 2013


Friday, February 8th 2013

Good Topic and clearly pronuntiation

Friday, March 8th 2013

Your lesson is so great

Wednesday, March 13th 2013

hi rebebcca
rally your way or your prsentation is very simple and easy to be understand i make download for your vedios in my pc
plase type to me i wanna contact with you
this is my email
and skype :arsenal7707
i will be very oleasd if you contact with me

Thursday, March 21st 2013

Thanks for your lessons!

Monday, March 25th 2013

Hello Rebecca, wow you worked as a banker. That’s why your teaching style is logical and easy to understand.
Thanks for your lessons.

Sunday, April 21st 2013


Monday, April 29th 2013

It’s my first time to have a internet English lesson. I think it was so helpful. I will get the other lesson from this website. Thank you to share the english lesson for free

Monday, May 13th 2013

Thank you very much Rebecca. I’m appreciated your personality that the way you smile. It make students are happy to learn and your speaking are clearly slow for me, Thailand student. ^_^

Monday, June 17th 2013

Thank you rebeca for such a knowledgeble lecture.
even though one works in accounts department he may not be observing these basic rules.

Friday, June 21st 2013

Got 8/8 correct; thank you very much!!

Sunday, July 14th 2013

Thank you rebeca :) I Really Aprèciate Your Help

Saturday, August 10th 2013

not very difficult!!

Friday, October 4th 2013

Thanks a lot

Sunday, December 8th 2013

Thank you.

Saturday, December 21st 2013

Thank you ^_^

Monday, December 30th 2013

i just found this site, is awesome, thank you rebbeca :)

Sunday, January 19th 2014

Very good lesson! Thank you Rebecca!

Saturday, April 19th 2014

100 % :)

Saturday, April 19th 2014


Monday, May 5th 2014

hi adam

Thursday, May 29th 2014

Thanks for your lesson, it was an important information about cheque book.

Thursday, June 12th 2014

thank you..

Thursday, June 12th 2014

Thank you!

Sunday, July 13th 2014

i also were an employee of bank but listen to this video, i have felt exciting. Thank you although i haven’t understood at all:)

Tuesday, August 12th 2014

!Thanks for the lesson!

Wednesday, August 27th 2014

Thank you, It’s a very good lesson :)

Saturday, August 30th 2014


Saturday, September 13th 2014

Thank you, It’s a very good lesson

Friday, September 26th 2014

thank you for your useful lesson

Monday, October 6th 2014

Thank you! That’s very useful lesson!

Monday, October 27th 2014


Monday, November 17th 2014

Thank you.its very useful lesson

Saturday, December 27th 2014

The lesson is very good for starting a bussines chapter.

Friday, January 23rd 2015


Friday, February 20th 2015

Dear Rebecca,
Thank for this lesson very practical to write a check or cheque safely. ( ; I
Best regards.

Tuesday, May 12th 2015

dear Rebecca
Aprricieate for the useful lesson ,that make me know how to write the correct check in the futher.

Monday, June 8th 2015

It’s useful to me and thank you Rebeca.

Saturday, August 29th 2015

Thank you Rebeca for lesson. Special thanks for “Check” and “Cheque”.

Wednesday, February 24th 2016

Hi, Rebeca! Thanks for this English Class. It was amazing It helped me to increase my knowledge on a simple dayly action: fill in a check. Thank you.

Friday, October 7th 2016

Hello, thank you for your courses
Great Teacher

Tuesday, November 15th 2016

Dear Rebecca thank you a lot for this lesson and for all the things you’re teaching us ,it is very interesting and allow us to improve our level in english.I wish you all the best.

Saturday, December 31st 2016

Thank you Rebecca

Monday, August 28th 2017

Thank you Rebecca teacher . But teacher ‘CHECK’ and ‘CHEQUE’both are correct.

Thursday, September 14th 2017

I got 7/8! Thanks Rebecca! A very useful lesson!

Wednesday, October 18th 2017

You got 6 correct out of 8.


Sunday, April 29th 2018

Good lesson,i got 7 out of 8..
so far need improvement for me

Monday, May 14th 2018


Thursday, May 31st 2018

Thanks Ms. Rebecca.

Saturday, October 13th 2018

Hi, Rebecca is it helpful office email etiquette.

Monday, February 4th 2019

thanks mam,
but i want know some few word where we can used.
like might,may be, and shall, had, has, haven’t,wont these word i want learn but in your lesson i checked there is not mentioned this are word so please suggest me.

Sunday, May 26th 2019

hey guys can anybody make a group to speak more english

Sunday, June 23rd 2019

Wow! It great lesson I learned which is by far the most important in dealing with business, thank you.

Thursday, April 2nd 2020

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