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radoe nou

    thanks for you

    ghassan marei

    it is realy good lesson as I know new thing add to my knowledge


I lov u Alex. Your explanation is so simple.


Hi Alex, first of all, I’d like to thank you! Your videos are awesome!

Few is the opposite of Many. So, what is the opposite of “fewer”? Might it be “very many”?

Thank you again! I love your classes! Cheers!

Vinicius Arcanjo

    The opposite of “fewer” is “more”.
    There are fewer people than I expected.
    There are more people than I expected.


      You got it.

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Thanks, Alex.

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    hi cristianemarques

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        Iam from sudan


        Hi Nice Girl from Braze,
        hope are u diong well,
        i want to have FRIEND for English speaking in
        skype what is your idea.
        Thanks again

        sher M Akbar

Very nice explanation teacher Alex


Thanks Alex for such a wonderful lesson. You have simple and clear. I’d like you to give some special class on body language(gesture). I haven’t find any good lesson on that.

Profile photo of Arun Khanal Arun Khanal

    Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll keep it in mind!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      I hardly found such lessons on net. Hopefully, engvid would provide that.


Short ,simple and very important grammar lesson thanks Alex!!!!


you said this is correct
“There’s a lot less juice in the fridge than before the party .”
isn’t the juice a countable name ?
waiting for response , sir


    You cannot count juice neither water or wine. Therefore we must use less.


      Bingo. Juice is a liquid, and liquids can’t be counted. Use “Less” for non-count nouns.

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Very good!!

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Hi Alex,you are clear very much with explanation.

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Alex, thanks for your explanations, very clear
Nevertheless, I want to make a question:
What is the diference between: Right now, Straight Away and Right Away?

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    Sounds like an idea for a future lesson!

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Thank you so much….

Myo Myint Maw

Very important lesson! Thanks a lot

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Thank sir!

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Thanks for teaching us . This lesson really help me to speak english


Thanks for teaching . This lesson really help me

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10 out of 10

Nice try in 5 and 6

5. I think you need to party fewer times a week.
6. I think you need to party less.


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It’s very useful for my CA1 in March. :)Thanks ^^


many thanks


focused and concise lesson.
Just good.


thanks Alex this is really difficult topic and thank you for your explanation this is wonderful

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Thanks Alex.


Hi dear Alex
Could please have a lesson about “lately & recently and so on.” because I’m confused about them :(

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    Good idea! I’ll keep it in mind for a future lesson.

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Hi Alex it was nice lesson and question.


Thank you Alex , very simple .

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Thank you Alex =)
BTW, I wish if you or anyone of the teachers could make a lesson about “Valentine Day” ^_^

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    Thank you,Alex^^

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    hi hani do you want make a conversation
    my user skype is weely900

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Many thanks, Alex!

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thanks for lesson, alex. however, please, you can explain the number 6. beacause, i think “party” is countable noun

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    “to party” that’s a verb


I’m looking for someone I have a conversation in Skipe with to improve my english skills. I’ll apperciate it if anyone contact me.
I’m 34, male, from Iran, mechanical engineer, marrid, upper-intermediate level.
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Hi, could someone explain me this sentence:
I think you need to party fewer times a week.

fewer we should use for countable nouns, but I don’t think time is countable :/


please explain the number 6


Thank you so much and keep your good job.

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Even if it is out of the topic Please help me.

Re write the following faulty sentence.
1. The car ran over the child, while walking to the office.

2. All watched the launching excitedly it was spectacular.

3. To be creative. I wanted to be happy.

4. John has two hobbies he spends more time on astronomy than art.

5. Nobody in the class of fifty students understand. How to solve the equation on the black board.


    My suggestions:
    1. Driving instead of walking (I suppose the child was on its way to school, not to the office).
    2. Excitedly to be followed by a semicolon “;”.
    3. Creative must be followed by a comma, not a period mark.
    4. Period after hobbies. (I spend no time on either).
    5. Understood instead of understand.

    John Borup

      5. Comma after understood, and how with a lower-case letter.

      John Borup

thanks Alex. could please make a lesson on ‘also’.



    I’ll keep it in mind! Thanks for the suggestion!

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hi all dears:
i am from afghanistan i want to improve my english.
How can help me if you are wan t to help us my uses is:
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    basir.qr i am added my user is weely900

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Thanks for the explanation ,I hope i will not forget it.


Great Alex… :)


I’ve never paid attention to this difference:( The lesson was just on time.
Thank you Alex for your job!

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Thanks Alex
very good recalling

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    hi barla

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Great, awesome, excellent lesson!!!! very useful for me,,,and for you guys!!!


thanks alex

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Hi Alex. you are the best.

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Nice test
Thanks …


Hi Alex,

Hope you are doing good. Could you please tell me, In Q. 7 of quiz the answer is-The teacher’s been giving us fewer and fewer explanations lately.

Why this answer is correct?How can we count explanations.

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thx a lot mr Alex u r simple and clear i like u so much

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Thank you so much Alex, your explanations are so useful. I wish that people who speak english, speak it like you

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Hello Teacher Alex, Can you help me?I intend to make exchange in Canada if possible send me some names of school with good precedence and nice price.
Grateful since already.

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Hi ALex your explaination is so clean bit in this lesson u r liitlebit confusing me.so pls give me more…

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Thank Alex, I undertend this concept, is necesari know about contable and uncontable nouns ..


You got 6 correct out of 10.


Hi Alex,
hopeyou are doing good and also hope my comments can reach to you. i hve been watching most of the video in engvid.com and youtube also.I like three teacher and your explanation is very clear and wonderful. you are the first Alex,second Ronnie.third rebeca. i would request you please explain me present perfect and perfect continious tense.and past and future also.Many thanks

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thanks alex.


I can do all the tests about fewer and less,thank you so much Alex.I got 9 out of 10.

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Thanks a lot


OMG ! I did 100% correct! I’m not one of those which are all the time saying it but this time I’m really surprised because it’s not that simple! There were false friends but I managed it! Thanks Alex it was very interesting because although I have studied this subject I didn’t pay atention to it till now. It shows us that it’s very important to apply James’s theory: When you learn new words we must use write down and read it loudly 3 times so that we don’t forget it. Have a good day.

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thank you mr Alex you are talent

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There are fewer students here that i expected,i should focus less on watching Tv and concentrate to my study.( is my sentence correct Alex?)


    Almost. Just change the end to “I should concentrate on studying” or “I should concentrate on my studying.”

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi,and thank you Alex
I dont understand question number 7
why the explanations word is countable?
we cant count it !!!!!!!!!!!!


The lesson is good ,but when the questions asked here will be answered?


i wonder if anyone will answer me this question: if (people) is countable noun why do we say it without (s) unlike other countable nouns?


    Hi Yosef,
    I Think ‘People’ word is a plural word by itself.If we will add ‘s’ grammatically it’s not correct.
    Hopefully it will help.


Thanks so much great teaching

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Hi! I started english lessons form today with you.
You are very impress me.
I would like to say thank you.
I will never miss your english lessons.
You awsome!!


As always, thnak you for your explanations!


thank you very much for useful videos. Your explanation is so clear and easy to follow. Many many thx



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Thank you, dear teacher! Good lesson, but I just got 8 out of 10…

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thanks, you make it look so simple


thank you very much Mr Alex

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i got 10/10.All my answers are correct.Nice video sir.


hi alex……could you tell me how can we use following words in conversation,,,,,,,,,,,,,,……………………………………………….1.scream……..2.secular. 3.cede 4.hereafter 5.enthusiasm 6.nevertheless 7.eons 8.provoked 9.descendent 10..descendant………………pls tell me:)

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I have less knowledge than you.
thanks a lot your teaching


Thanks Mr. Alex that helps me a lot while I’m learning English ^_^ .


I must say that this lesson was very helpful.

But still I have a doubt… what if we say “There are less no. of people here” ? Will the sentence be correct?


we can account the money why used less???

Profile photo of sara sara

    HI sara actually I thing money is not countable because of kinds like $100 + 100 Euro now we can say like I have $ 100 and 100 Euro we con not say like I have 200 money . this sentences is not complete and it not understandable .ok cause of that we use less / how much like I have less money to have that. who much money do you need ? OK thanks tech.. Alex if I’m wrong plze let me know .


      much appreciated Jawad .

      Profile photo of sara sara

    Sarah, basically, you can count dollars, euros, pesos, etc. However, you can’t count money. You can’t say “I have 2 monies” or “I have 5 monies.” That’s the easiest way to understand it. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      thank you alex. I appreciate it


Love this site!

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waooooooooo .. i got 90% marks…


Very helpful…thank you!

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Yor are perfect Alex…
Look I’ve an English exam on 16/3 and I need to take a course with you.
Iam soooooooo concerned.
Please contact me as soon as possible.
My E-mail: oveem_istanis@yahoo.com
Facebook account: Oveem Istanis
Skype: oveemistanis
waiting for your reply soooooon and plz if you aren’t interested just inform me.
Thank You
Oveem Istanis

Profile photo of oveemistamis oveemistamis

    Unfortunately, I don’t do private lessons online. Sorry!

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thank you

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Nice :)

Profile photo of monos monos

Hello Alex!
A good lesson and quiz. I was astonished that I only got 7 out of 10 correct.

John Borup

But then again, I have to repeat this lesson and quiz in a few days. As Carlos77 said:
James’s theory: When you learn a new word you must use it, write it down, and read it loudly 3 times so that you don’t forget it.

John Borup

    a. I only got 7 correct out of 10.
    b. Carlos77 wrote:

    John Borup

      In my second try, I got 10 correct out of 10.
      Conclusion: My short time memory is intact :-)

      John Borup


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Hello Alex
Very good explanation. I really did not knew about this difference.
Have a nice day.

Profile photo of anselmo anselmo

thanks Alex

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Dear Alex,
1rst thing 1rst HI,
As I remember,u had a video on “5 ways 2 say good bye”;now I wanna know is it possible 2 use ” latter! or latters! ” at the end of a letter,conversation,class n so on so on instead of bye,take care,have a good 1 … ??!!
P.S. I heard it b4.
Tx in advance,

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

    Later o Laters!
    I’ve got it.
    Yes,we can use them instead of bye.
    Goood 4 me!


    Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

    You can just write “later!” if the letter is to someone you know. Don’t use it in a formal context like a cover letter for a job.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

HI.Alex, I want you my teacher for awhile. I was attentend school for reason quit. I was in level ABE are know if you hear that. I like you can help and my English,


HI!! ALex I like your class

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Great!!! straight to the point!


Question 7, a doubt : When teacher is giving explanation , how we can count it or it can be considered as how much explanation is given than how many explanations given. I am little confused about it. Can you please help me ?

Profile photo of bharat7272 bharat7272

wow… 10 out of 10… thank you so much for this video!


Hi Alex great lesson! I got 10 out of ten but Can you explain why it is correct THERE ARE A LOT OF CARS if a lot means a big number – singular?
Thank you

Profile photo of grazia2013 grazia2013

    “A lot of” and “Lots of” are both quantifiers. They can be used with either plural count nouns, or non-count nouns. They’re basically generic quantifiers that can work with everything, just like “some,” “a ton of,” “a bunch of,” etc.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Hello Teacher Alex. i got 6/10 :-)

      Profile photo of zuhong zuhong

Hey Alex, could you help me to correct my sentence? Maybe it is out of topic but I really need your help. :)

Here is my sentence :

“With internet, we don’t need being student to become a student. I mean, we just need to sit down in front of gadget that already connected to internet then we can search anything we want.”

January ananda putra

Thank you very much teacher!


Hi Alex ..
thanks for this video .will you please discuss when to use “a” and “the” .They are both use for singular countable nouns so i AM A BIT CONFUSE .


You got 10 correct out of 10.
Thank you so much .

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hi Alex.. thank you so much especially for your pure pronunciation which can be easilly figure out :D

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Thank you!!

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thanks Alex. Who wanna talk via skype let me Know. garikgarik270

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domo arigatou alex : )


thanks alix it was usefull listine


How do you open the video ?

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thanks a LOT I Have just 5 correct answer >>

Profile photo of lelo83 lelo83

Hi Alex,
Hope you are doing good. Could you please tell me, In Q. 7 of quiz the answer is-The teacher’s been giving us fewer and fewer explanations lately.
Why this answer is correct?How can we count explanations.


    One explanation.
    Two explanations.
    Three explanations.


    You can give more than one explanation for a subject.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks Alex

Alaa ghz

Hi Alex,
Thnaks for this lesson.It was short and clear.


Hi Alex,

Sorry I didn’t know where to ask my question. My question is about your presentation. You said : “My name is Alex, and I have been teaching English since 2008”.
Is it possible to say : “I have teached English since 2008” or “I have teached English FOR 2008″ instead of :”I have been teaching English since 2008”.

Is it the same meaning?

Thank you


    “I have teached English since 2008” is correct,but “I have teached English FOR 2008” is not correct.because “for” is used to show period of time like “for 3 years”.

    Profile photo of masoud59 masoud59

Thanks Alex!
Very useful :)

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i didn’t get the 100% correct answers!

Profile photo of kenzaham kenzaham

thank you teacher for your explain, much appreciated.

Profile photo of sara sara

Thank you!
You are a great teacher.


your classes always very useful .Thank you .

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thanks for this quieze

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Thank you for you teaching.

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thank a lot

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Profile photo of mazinho007 mazinho007

Thanks dear Alex

Profile photo of preemy preemy

I have a question, do hour can be countable?

Profile photo of kathy1220 kathy1220

Because we cannot take the time out of it to count, how many of it.

Profile photo of kathy1220 kathy1220

i had 6 :(

Profile photo of biancasantiagot biancasantiagot

Thank you very much

Profile photo of ghsh ghsh

Hi Alex, thank you for your lesson. Let me ask you about last question:

Do you think we have more or less freedom today?

Could you explain me why you did not use “much” instead “more”? After all, the freedom is uncountable. Thank you for your answer in advance. Have a nice day. Michal

Profile photo of agriotes agriotes

Thank you very much.
I have problem with number 6 too.If it is possible,please explain it.

Profile photo of masoud59 masoud59

Thank you. Lol I really wish there was a MathsVid and SciVid as well as EngVid!

Profile photo of houdah

Thanks a lot .. and I was confused few things in the Quiz..#5and 6 . Both sentences of#5 “I think you need to party fewer times a week; It seems ‘party’ is considering as countable. and yet #6 next sentence like “I think you need to party less”. It revert to unconuntable as if I must comply .. should I think #5 is like ” how many parties we talking about” and #6 is like during the party ? Anybody help me out plz!

Profile photo of moonlit70 moonlit70

Dear Teacher,
I have a question for you.Why do we say fewer people, instead of few people.What is the difference between fewer people and few people ?Are they one and the same.(few people and fewer people)Are they interchangeable?When do we use fewer and when do we use few and when do we use lettle and when do we use less.Iam little confused.pls help.

Profile photo of srini123 srini123

i want you to make a lesson about the verb when he followed by up..cause any verb had meaning but when it followed by up completely the meaning will be changed or increased..
example (wake)not like(wake up)not like(wake them up)..and get not like get up not like get them up..so i really want you to explain this point..thanks

Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

i have a question sir… i always heard in fast food, if they want some drinks and not too cold, they would always tell to crew, -less ice please- … but we can count an ice, why they use less if less is for uncountable…

please reply to me… thanks in advance

Profile photo of nhica nhica

    Hallo nhica, I asked the same question my English teacher and he answered my question in this way:

    In this meaning of the word “ice”, it is possible. The ice is in unified quantity, one dollop of ice or one package of ice ( Magnum, Algida, …).

    It is the same about the sugar. The sugar is an unc.noun, but in the situation like this, it is meant a cobe of sugar, it is countable.

    “Hi Dearling, how much sugar do you want in your coffeee ?”
    “Please, two sugars.” (=2 suagar cubes)

    Hi Alex, is my English teacher right ? :-)

    Profile photo of adrijana adrijana

Hi, Alex! Please,tell me, if I’m wrong,but I think “people” is not countable noun- do we say one,two, three people,or one, two, three persons,instead?I mean we can count persons,but it’s not the same noun as “people”.In my motherlanguage and some others “people” is uncountable noun. Lesson is helpfull,however,thankYou!

Profile photo of raivis raivis

Hı people :) ıt was easy but you have to know which nouns are countable or uncountable. For example I thought party is countable “parties”.It’s related to english so we must think for english not our native language.For ınstance “money,juice freedom etc ” are countable noun ın my language but ın english they are not. At least,that’s my opinion

Profile photo of ebru01 ebru01

    Hi,ebru01 Your native language and English haven’t common roots,I guess,whereas mine have Latin roots,which are the same of most european languages

    Profile photo of raivis raivis

Thank you for good lesson.Very simple for understanding.

Profile photo of smoothsea smoothsea

Hey, you Alex! Thanks for this amazing lesson :)

I’m facing problems in understanding the difference between the three following words, they are: Inner, deep and whithin. Are they the same? I mean, can be used meaning the same?

I’d be glad if you prepared a lesson abt it.

Thks once more!

Profile photo of phelipecastro phelipecastro

WoW!! I can’t wait to use it in my conversations. Very cool. Thank you Alex.

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thanks a lot teacher!!!

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Thank you so much Alex for this lesson. That is great.

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Hey Alex , thanks for this lesson
it helped me a lot :)

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Thanks Alex!
If someone want to practice through by Skype my ID is: sailor.brazil

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My note was horrible.

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    Profile photo of julio31 julio31

Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of wiltoncleiton wiltoncleiton

Thanks Alex. Your classes are amazing and very helpful for me. :)

Profile photo of sarah2013 sarah2013

on the exercise number three, I think that it is no possible counting the number of reasons about something, because it is always possible add one more reason or to find out one more reason about something. I would use less instead of fewer when we are talking about reasons. What do you think Adams about it?

Profile photo of josedelgado josedelgado

about question nine, why we cannot count money? why should use less if this is a countable noun?

Profile photo of josedelgado josedelgado

I wish your classes were longer…I don’t realize how time passes while listenig to you…I can understand you without subtitles, but I don’t know whether I can always manage it or not.In Turkey in language exams I usually get between 70 and 85.My last score is 86.5.There are long passages and it’s not so easy to understand them in a limited time.I think I have to study hard.Thank you for your support.I love all your classes.Sorry I’ve written unnecessary things.Wish you happiness and lots of money.

Profile photo of daffodile daffodile

simple lesson but a good one.
surprising to know that you were never a native English speaker Alex, all engVid/s should take a leaf out of your book.

Profile photo of roshank roshank

Thank you very much!
I allways confusing with few and less so I do not use them usually, Now I will try to write some examples:
– There were a few cups on the table.
– I have a less energy at the evening than in the morning.

Alex, please teach me how to use ‘If something would something’ in sentenses, sorry for my mistakes..

thank you for your vital great lessons!

Profile photo of ZhanarZhenis ZhanarZhenis

trapped in”fewer party” but thanks for the lesson ^_^

Profile photo of astrid1 astrid1

I didn’t know the difference between “Less” and “Fewer.” I understood “less” for uncountable and “fewer” for countable. But I’m confused about “to party (less or fewer).” I mean… No. 5 and No. 6. No. 5 was correct, but I failed No. 6. I chose same word (fewer). Would you tell me the difference, Alex or anyone who understand? Thank you :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

9/10 Thanks! Usefull lesson!

Profile photo of viacheslavkr viacheslavkr


Profile photo of cabdi cabdi


Profile photo of Tymofyi Tymofyi

Thanks sir, I got 70%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

10 out of 10 ,that’s great… thank you sir

Profile photo of nedaoj nedaoj

Could you please explain about the difference between lesser and lower?
THX in advance

Profile photo of hganji hganji

tanks a lots,

Profile photo of mary.TA mary.TA

Hi Alex
I think,both answer of question number 5 are wrong because “Time” is an uncountable noun.Moreover,we can not add ‘s’ at the end of it.

Profile photo of haman87 haman87

i cant make out this lesson …
i got a sad face score
need to review the quiz the other question are complicated.

Profile photo of abeil abeil

In second time I got 100 %. Thanks.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

you’re really great !!

Profile photo of Tin Tin

Thank You :)

Profile photo of RafaelGasparetto RafaelGasparetto

I got 8 correct out of 10,

I begin doing fewer mistakes

Profile photo of Kachar Kachar

I know English is very bad, but I got it. It was awesome.

Profile photo of Ann Newton Ann Newton


Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

Thank you Alex

Profile photo of 12sb 12sb

very nice class!!

Profile photo of claudio2085 claudio2085

It’s a good explanation and easy to remember


Oh great I got 8 out of 10. But what is the difference between less and lesser?????

Profile photo of Marcello Niro Marcello Niro

7/10 :-(

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Thank you Alex, I like your style in teaching, short, focused, and interesting. Keep good work!

Profile photo of amrgam amrgam

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

Hi Alex!
Thanks for the video.

I got a problem.
If “hour” is countable why should I use “less” in “…less than two hours…”?

Thank you

Profile photo of Nick845 Nick845

Thank you very much!!! Yours classes have been helping me a lot since I had started to watch.

Profile photo of Brunno Braga Brunno Braga

Merci, Alex.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

I got 4 out of 10 terrible 😕

Profile photo of Fabio Forne Fabio Forne

Hi Alex.
First of all, I would tell you that I like so much all your lessons.

My question is: What about MORE? Can we use samething vs more for uncount items?

Thank you so mutch.

Profile photo of rachidaini rachidaini

the rule is when it’s something you can count use fewer right why then when we are talking about money we use less, same with amount and number, if it’s something you can count use number and if you can’t count it use amount you can count money so why use amount and less this is the only thing that trips me up a lot

Profile photo of spencerjewett spencerjewett

Dear Teacher,
Thanks for your valuable videos.
Could you please tell me why did you use ‘less’ instead of fewer? We don’t have any noun there? in question number 6?

Profile photo of meengviduser meengviduser

Which one is correct?

Apples are perished
Apples have perished

Profile photo of younus123 younus123

3 mistakes 😕

Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Thank you Alex.

Profile photo of Mart4444

Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thank you, that was a very clear explanation :-)

Profile photo of Lennyle Lennyle

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Hi Sir,
I got confused No3 and No4.
Why is No3 ‘fewer’ Isn’t ‘reason’ uncountable?
why isn’t No 4 there are ‘a lot’?

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