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Praise be 2 Allah
Ty Vnl

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    Vous devriez vous presser
    Vous n’avez pas le temps de gaspiller

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      Great. That’s good you have a lot of free time that you can check the website over and over again and be the first one!!!

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        Or that’s good you access to the net in everywhere.

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    Good morning, KOTOZ! Good for you, not very good for us. You are really good for challenging: you’ve moped the floor with our group (I mean you defeated us easily, an idiom. I wrote this on purpose not to offend someone with the expression)
    New points:
    It looks like kotoz is going to tear us all!!!
    SKIKDA: 3
    Nataanna: 2
    Nkh.453: 1
    Kotoz : 3!!!!!!
    Canardo: 1
    Well done!
    Thanks to Ronnie, but I suppose I should be Adam’s lesson!
    Not the topic is confusing but changing places with Adam!

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      Merci de bien vouloir

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      Hello my friends. I’m here with a new suggestion to make here a better and funner place. I feel, in the

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        Sorry, I continue:
        I feel in these days, the web site should be funner and more interesting. So here’s my suggestion: I’m really interested in knowing different countries and becoming familiar with their cultures, sightseeing, etc. So let’s familiarize our country to each other. I start first;
        You can visit this website to see my country sightseeing, then come here and tell your opinion about them. We can do it one by one
        For example I realllllly like to know and see your sightseeing, Nataanna and SKIKDA, and others.

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          Hi, nkh453! Thanks a lot for the beautiful slide-show, you`ve given a link to. I enjoed it very much. Is the picture of Nobar Bath HouseTabriz on your profile?
          Your idea is great. But, I think we should describe something about your country (may be a place of interesting). Like as you wrote before.
          And on my opinion, it is more intersting to know some customs, something about relationships, traditions, habits etc.
          For example, education…. You`ve already raised the topic. I was surprised about disciplines you should take to enter the medicine Uni. Why do you need maths and physics and no chemistry and biology to study?

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    Here we write about english language and in english

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      yes no any language just English

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. + . * . * .
* . Good + +
. * Night. * .
+ . * + . *

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. + . * . * .
* . Good + +
. * Morning. * .
+ . * + . *

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hi Ronnie ,i think these crazy expressions will make you mad , thank you for this lesson with crazy expressions .

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Hi Ronnie .
Thank you for your always crazy lesson .
Crazynees is in every langage . Do you know how we say take a dump in French …… To get the cake out of the mould . Ain’t it a poetic expression .
When we sleep like a baby ( it is said in French too ) we sleep on our too ears . How can we do that !? It is physicaly impossible !
See you soon for other weird words and expressions and that doesn”t make me hate english .

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Yes! 👍

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was not bad

Profile photo of Marychris Marychris

Thank u so much Ronnie it was a great and crazy lesson :D waaaaaaaiting for your next LESSON

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Got 10/10 ☺ Thank you Ronnie!

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I didn’t know the word “undies.” Thank you for your lesson, Ronnie :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    There is a famous brand of underwear that have the name “Undies”

    Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

      Thank you, tsamp :)

      Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Take a dump was interesting roonie!

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I like your teaching ….I can be better than yesterday.

Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

Hi mam.. .i am beginner here, hope the journey with u would helpful for me.. .m from india. ..

Profile photo of Simranjit Sidhu Simranjit Sidhu

Thank you Roonie! As usually threre are something new and interesting in your lesson.

Profile photo of Vitalii UA Vitalii UA

Exactly, that’s the kind of English that confuses me the most. I just couldn’t understand of the alarm going off. English is so confusing, so hard to put it in order but thanks a lot you really help us understand.

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10/10! thanks, Roonie!

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    can I be your friend? I mean we be just friend at social media ..what is your adress? .. Instagram or facebook.

    Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

      I have none of them ! I don’t have time to use for these things. I have a lot of books to read. Sometimes I tell myself if it is possible for me to read all the books that I have! Some of them are gifts . Any way you are one of my friends in this website and I respect you. Best regards

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Thank you Ronnie. If I’m not wrong you ha mentioned, you will make a lesson from new words that we make. I mean you wanted us to mash up and make new words, then you make a lesson from these. Do you remember????

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    I had a mistake: …you had mentioned…

    Profile photo of nkh nkh

10/10.thanks you Ronnie

Profile photo of Minhchien7906 Minhchien7906

In Russia we sleep like killed people and eat chicken and fish sticks)))

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Dear Ronnie,
i glad to say that i have learning an excellent way to learn English in your classed at Engvid.com, specially your strange voices during class l really like that, OK i have a seen a video on net using the sentence (The salinity of the oceans is not uniform) is this a correct sentense of not please guide your obedient student (Nabi Ahmed)

Profile photo of Nabi Ahmed Nabi Ahmed

good lesson

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Hi Ronnie,
I hear you said that took a dump in 4:06, right?

Profile photo of Anna Pham Anna Pham

Thanks Ronnie for this lesson, it was easy and fun…

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

You are completely right, those things do not make sense, but it was really interesting. Thanks Ronnie!!

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Thanks for a lesson, I think every language have funny mistakes.

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

A good place to visit to Poland is Wroclaw :)

Profile photo of RafalKwiatkowski RafalKwiatkowski

It hasn’t been a crazy lesson but with a little general sense, I would say that we have learned some ambiguities of the English language, I haven’t realized about the difference among these expressions because I don’t use the English to communicate and speak in Spain, but I do it when I have to arrange a journey to Poland then I have to use the English with fluency. But anyway, I always need to hear to our teachers of EngVid to practice and built my communication skills, a great method to learn English. Like the motto of the president of USA, “Make your English great again”, that’s the question. Thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie, it has been an original lesson.

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    I think I made a mistake in… “practice and build…”. Thanks.

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Oh I like this way of teaching ,it is intresting

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Good job!

Profile photo of Saharat43 Saharat43

Thank you for a lesson!

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Hi Ronnie. Thank you for the lesson.
I have 5pairs of undies but they disappear for some reason frequently. I don’t have any bra, needless to say, I’m a male.
I haven’t slept like a baby for long time because my body is itchy😢
I take a dump every morning after drinking some coffee. My stomach is vulnerable with caffeine but I can’t stop drinking coffee.
Someday I’d like to eat chicken fingers though Japanese cuisine has something like them.
Thank you Ronnie, see you later.

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

great Ronnie is back

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    Profile photo of nkh nkh

Thanks for the lesson, really helpful.

Profile photo of ersaaditya ersaaditya

Great lesson but i can’t agree with Chicken Fingers being a bad name. Cut off your finger,fry it in frying pan and it’s going to look exactly like fried piece of chicken you get in restaurant. In Poland we have also Fish Fingers. Needless to say fishes also don’t have hands. It very intuitive name.

Profile photo of ChrisOldo ChrisOldo

A phrase ,,chicken fingers” does not sound as bad as ,,fish fingers”. This is ridiculous for me :)

Profile photo of dominiccco023 dominiccco023

You are the best teacher I,ve ever known

Profile photo of Mahmoud1988@khudaiwi-88 Mahmoud1988@khudaiwi-88

Fantastic lesson. Thanks a lot Ronnie!

Profile photo of John B John B

Ronnie, it is extremely funny test)))thanks
i laughed a lot

Profile photo of Dina finiki Dina finiki

dear teacher ronnie I am engvid big fans from Indonesia
can you do or anyone english teacher teach me about the difference between “take for granted”, “take someone from granted” and “take something for granted”
I realy wanna know the answer because I am really courious about the meaning and how to use that expression
thank u so much

Profile photo of agatha agatha

    When you take someone for granted, you rely on them, but don’t really appreciate them enough. When you take something for granted, you assume it’s true—even if it isn’t.

    “I do a lot for my boyfriend, but he never thanks me.” “Sounds like he’s taking you for granted.”

    “We took for granted that house prices would always go up. When the housing market crashed, many people realized they weren’t as wealthy as they thought.”

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi marulist.. U beginner in english.. .m too

Profile photo of Simranjit Sidhu Simranjit Sidhu

I’m waiting for new lesson.

Profile photo of nkh nkh

    I too

    Profile photo of amirrezaee amirrezaee

    certainli tommorrow it will be a new lesson, by who ?

    Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

I don’t hate english but i have a lot of problems with understanding it

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Well i need to practice so here im leaving a comment

Profile photo of AlxViflo AlxViflo

thank you my professor

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Profile photo of Pretty bella Pretty bella

my skype : mohaned.nino if u wanna practice English .

Profile photo of Muhannad74 Muhannad74

Its little funny.
Take a dump.

Profile photo of SID SID

Ronnie’s only you can teach like that.

Profile photo of SID SID

U are SUPER!)
In Russian we also say “sleep like a baby”))

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thank you Ronnie its my first time here, you are amazing , ilove your style.

Profile photo of chermat chermat

Thank you

Profile photo of fatima bb fatima bb

Can any body tell what does it mean ‘to run a shit’!

Profile photo of vomika vomika

Great! Thank you!

Profile photo of Masegui Masegui

It’s a pity that I always find a lot of idioms I can’t even understand like “boild down to”, “Catch up” and so on…that together means something else. Does it exist a better way to learn them?

Profile photo of CART CART

Today I take my first lesson …Thanks Ronnie.

Profile photo of epyc epyc

thanks Ronnie, I like your teaching style :)

Profile photo of ahmed bakry ahmed bakry

hello Ronie. I do love your lesson. help me with my accent please. I want to see lesson about ascent how to prof that or speak without ascent. by the way i like my ascent but I literally copy accent of those which I have conversation. my own accent sounds like Russian accents.
how don’t copy accent of another? because any one can guess who are my friends Arabic Indian Brazil African. its strange isn’t?
Thank you so much for lessons, with watching your lessons I prof my english from 8 to 40 % in 1 year. its always glad to hear that from people wooow how do you learn english in 1 year. they still cant believe on that;)

Profile photo of Mia.521 Mia.521

by the way in Russian language there such more idioms which out of head for tourists. like “Za bazar otvechaesh sam”. which litealy mean you will answer of your sell. they use that when they want give a warning like you are crossing red line.

Profile photo of Mia.521 Mia.521

Thanks Ronnie !

Profile photo of luizgustavo_bat luizgustavo_bat

Dear Ronnie, I can’t help watching your lessons, I’m talking to you and even successfully copying your accent -:) I feel like I’ve already met you offline.

Profile photo of Livelly Livelly

Hi my name is Mary please I understand English but my problem is I want to know how toI I I want to understand how to pronounce Z5 letter with a six letter hours how to read speak good English thank you

Profile photo of Marynapale Marynapale

I do to help me how to read and Rights

Profile photo of Marynapale Marynapale

Thanks Ronnie for this amazing class. I’m already pratcing this expression with my Girlfriend to teach her. She is a Biginner english student and your lesson are very usefull to her.

Profile photo of Hediuillio Hediuillio

thank you, Ronnie!
you are great!

Profile photo of brodjag brodjag

In french we say “pratiquer la medecine’or ” pratiquer le sport” that means To do O

Profile photo of Boson de Higgs Boson de Higgs

In French we sa y “pratiquer la medecine” or “pratiquer le sport” that means to do or to make … a doctor is Also called a “praticien”.So that makes sens for us When y ou sa y ” to practice Médecine
“perhaps the explanation ?
Thanks for all thèse good lessons.

Profile photo of Boson de Higgs Boson de Higgs

Funny lesson! I think that I already heard “sleep like a baby”, but not the others expressions. They are so weird ! lol
Thanks, Ronnie!

Profile photo of @raphadamazio @raphadamazio

i like chicken fingers

Profile photo of younes aboulfadl younes aboulfadl

Thanks Ronnie! you’re the best teacher.

Profile photo of Adriana Toller Adriana Toller

Thank you so much Ronnie.

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a lodge is never large

Profile photo of proverbial horse proverbial horse

Ronie, you are so funny in class. I like it very much. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of davidhu davidhu

feeling good

Profile photo of Ikramees Ikramees

Once I attended a conversation meeting and there was a native from USA. I asked him ‘can I ask you’? He stared at me and answered NO. I was confused. Now I have got a sence. Thank you Ronie

Profile photo of Medbrat Medbrat

Hi I’m sana please tell us how to pronounce Y E and I

Profile photo of Sana atiq khan Sana atiq khan

Some words are interesting, not oftentimes use but I guess it’s a part of my learning process

Profile photo of Sjhanes05 Sjhanes05

This lesson was really interesting. It does happen in all languages.

Profile photo of Carol Prado Carol Prado

I enjoyed this lesson ;-)

Profile photo of chiungyunhu chiungyunhu

Dont make any sense the title 12…lol

Profile photo of rone1 rone1

UUTF! is actually means WTF! do you follow?

Profile photo of mamaw mamaw

it’s a very funny test and a good phrases to know.

thanks teacher Ronnie

Profile photo of Taher Jaeel Taher Jaeel

10/10 simple ! , thanks Ronnie !

Profile photo of Mikrich Mikrich

It’s a good idea to visit Poland, Ronnie. You can try fish fingers there :-) And please, let me know if you decide to teach English in Poland :-D

Profile photo of annapurna11 annapurna11

i liked this lesson a lot. thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of alfonso2856 alfonso2856

It was a very helpful and thank u roniie

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Hello every one

Profile photo of kami0011 kami0011

thank you

Profile photo of ali ali

Thank you, Ronnie. The topic is really interesting and you explain it in a fun way.

Profile photo of anggitiya anggitiya

full points , don’t give us your dump give as more lessons is better .
thank you

Profile photo of Dibsaber2 Dibsaber2

Questión: Visit our store and receive “chicken fingers”!”… I knew the right answer but that make me the day… hahahahaha

Profile photo of SerchZM SerchZM

lesson that make me sense. lol thank you

Profile photo of ladyghaga ladyghaga

Thank you Ronnie. It was interesting topic

Profile photo of sanishms sanishms

Thank you very much for this lecture .

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i’m in loooove with this website. also with Ronnie xoxo

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10 out of 10 bebe

Profile photo of dj dj

The lesson was very fun, thank you, Ronnie! I laughed all the lesson… I understood everything and I learned some funny words…

Profile photo of AnaraG AnaraG

I love to watch Ronnie video.

Profile photo of Pisethramy Pisethramy

Thanks from Poland ;)

Profile photo of JoannaPL JoannaPL

you are amazing Ronni

Profile photo of Ninef Ninef

you are amazing Ronni, and your lesson so Bitchin

Profile photo of Ninef Ninef

wow! I got 10 out of 10.

Profile photo of rahman.ahmed16 rahman.ahmed16

Great class It is amazing!!

Profile photo of wilsonv wilsonv

That’s just amazing , thank you very much

Profile photo of Qlectron Qlectron

I find counterintuitive another expression with the word “take”, and it’s “take sugar in” which actually means put sugar in (tea etc.), not take!

Profile photo of Ruthenia Ruthenia

As for free gifts, I used to play a browser game where they actually sold gifts three times a year. The players could get valuable game items from those gifts. It really grated with me, “why are they calling this stuff “gifts”, they are for money, wtf”.

Profile photo of Ruthenia Ruthenia


Profile photo of Muhammadomer Muhammadomer

Ronnie hi, thanks for this lesson, i’ve watch it for six month and enjoy it. You are really polite and funny teacher of these, who shows any videos. I will gald to see your next lesson of videos in next time

Profile photo of GeorgeEngvid GeorgeEngvid

Good lesson it really helped me thank you

Profile photo of Carloseduar Carloseduar

It was really fun.

Profile photo of CelsoKiul CelsoKiul

perfect 10/10 thank u

Profile photo of sylwiaB sylwiaB

You are the best, Ronnie!!!

Profile photo of SuryaInessa SuryaInessa

thank u

Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

An other “off” expression, which doesn’t make sense for me is: “A light bulb goes off in my head.” So it means after thinking about a problem for some time, I’ve got an idea, so I know how to solve it. So there is some light in my head, because a light bulb goes “off”… Instead of “on”. Crazy :))
Thank you! :)

Profile photo of ani8 ani8

i got 10/10, but i really don’t understand this lession. Especially with ” take a dump”, “sleep like a baby” and “practive”
Thanks your lesson

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Profile photo of ArthurLima85 ArthurLima85

Should be “Take a comment” hahaha

Profile photo of marcos7junior marcos7junior

Finally I’ve got the great grade :D

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English makes me confused…..

Profile photo of Emerald Gold Emerald Gold

Hello Ronnie

Profile photo of Akashpaul Akashpaul

Regards from Poland! Do not send me your pu-pu :)

Profile photo of Rusek Rusek

10 out of 10… That was easy …thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of Dil86 Dil86

We say:”sleep like a dead person” in Chinese.I think it is logical.Anyway, the lesson is interesting! Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Jun Shao Jun Shao

ronnie i love your class, but when the people say “can I ask something” this phrase is for tobe more polite. es very common en mi country :)

Profile photo of tamylight tamylight

thnks teacher Ronnie

Profile photo of MuslimAP MuslimAP

Ronnie, your lesson is great.

Profile photo of dreamk7x dreamk7x

OMG that was awesome! Thank you! :)

Profile photo of Ilhaube Ilhaube

it was really funny thanks :)

Profile photo of madeeha elsheikh madeeha elsheikh

It’s a practising English time. I set my alarm for 5:30 in the morning every day. So I can wake up early and preparing some food for breakfast. Sometimes, kids need to take a dump when finishing breakfast. Needless to say, it spends some time, we must run to the school bus station as quickly as we can.

Profile photo of ivyliu ivyliu

Dear Ronnie that was an amazing class alot of new vocavbulary And idioms toó You re the best and makes me laught with your way of speaking …..by the way are You Polish ?

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

Thank you Mrs. Ronnie for a very interesting lesson.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks for lesson it was interesting but we dont pay money for dump in my country

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Profile photo of RainbowOlsen RainbowOlsen

Ronnie, thanks a lot for the lesson. Its so fascinating and useful.

Profile photo of TanyaTanyaTanya TanyaTanyaTanya

thanks for the lesson tho it’s still complicated to me ~

Profile photo of syaima syaima

thank you.this is best lesson.
let go second lesson

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I sleep like a chicken finger.

Profile photo of al willis al willis

I like your lesson. Just Thank you

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thanks. I got 100

Profile photo of rueipeng rueipeng

Thank you I got 100 so proud of me :)

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