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Thanks for checking out the lesson, everyone! Leave your questions and comments below. If you’re wondering which song I’m (badly) singing at the start of this video, it’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” by The Clash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN1WwnEDWAM

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    thank you for sharing with us :)

    Profile photo of mete1991 mete1991

    I should watching your video more!!! =))

    Profile photo of AmyLe AmyLe

Thank you Alex, you and your partners are really doing a great job, you all should feel so proud for sharing your time and knowledge.

Profile photo of ccardonamontes ccardonamontes

    A lot of us have been doing it for almost 10 years now. I can’t believe it’s been this long!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

I should get 100% ^^

Profile photo of Som Som

    Haha. And did you? ;)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Greatlesson,Alex, as usual. I love that song.It rocks.
I wonder if you could prepare a lesson on split
infinitives.I know you are very busy,but…..
Hope you read this comment.
i got 10/10. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thank you so much for your lesson.

Profile photo of toroo103 toroo103

Merci Alex. Je vais maintenant écouter la chanson. J’attendais 100% de réussite au quizz ; j’ai obtenu 90%. Cela me satisfait.
Ca avance, le français ??

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

    Tres peu. Je suis tres occupe avec ma famille, travail, EngVid, et projects personal. (personelle?) :p Mais j’essaie.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      projets personnels :)

      Profile photo of Mar- Mar-

Thanks alex :)

Profile photo of Shajib Shajib

“Like a pregnant woman, contractions” hahahaha
Your comments are sooo fun XD
Thanks for all your lessons, jokes and songs Alex!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    No problem. I feel like I’m more comfortable just showing my actual personality in videos now than I was between 2009 and 2014 or so!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

“- What score do you think you’ll get on this quiz?
– I should get 100%”
And I got 100% :-)
Thank you, Alex.
You know, in our country there are a proverb “There aren’t bad students. There are only bad teachers”. I got 100%, it means you are a great teacher ;-)

Profile photo of genadijus007 genadijus007

9/10 :) Should I review it more?

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    It’s always a good idea to review the things you already know from time to time. This works for everything in life!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks four your lessons, you are a very good teacher.

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    It’s my pleasure! Thanks for your kind feedback, and thanks for studying with EngVid, capi007!

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yesssss I got 10 correct out of 10.
thank you alxe I didn’t get the example about blackjack and hedging !!!

Profile photo of AkramYanis AkramYanis

thank you Alex for this lesson. I should get 100%, but ,I didn’t, sorry, who know next time :)

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

I should learn hard.

Profile photo of zhouxing zhouxing

Ooh 06/10. I should need to watch the lesson again 😞😕. Thanks Alex.

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    I should watch the lesson again or I need to watch the lesson again….good luck

    Profile photo of AkramYanis AkramYanis

      Thank you!

      Profile photo of Annie Annie

I should get 100%,but I get 90%. thank you Alex

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yayy.100% made it.thanks a lot

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thank’s Mr Alex

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    “Thanks, Mr. Alex.” You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you sir

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Thanks for this lesson…. Your advices are good

Profile photo of yduitama yduitama

Alex your way of teaching is awesome!
This lesson literally helped me and I’ve a request that please make a video on “HOW TO SPOT THE ERROR IN THE SENTENCE” I hope that you’ll consider my request.

Profile photo of sarah talpur sarah talpur

    Thanks for your support, Sarah! As for your suggestion, that would be a super difficult lesson because the number of possible errors is nearly infinite! Also, learners with different native languages make different errors when learning English. I’ll have to think about it a bit more to see if I can do something on this topic. Hmm…

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Yeah I know that it is difficult….. that’s why I asked for :D ;) but it’s okay! Hope that your future videos will help me…… and Thanks for your response to my suggestion. STAY BLESSED!

      Profile photo of sarah talpur sarah talpur

hi Alex, I have some question. I don’t know what mean about hedging?? could you tell me more detail? thanks!!!

Profile photo of wolf0817 wolf0817

Thank you sooooo much Mr.Alex you’re the best

Profile photo of tuba89 tuba89

I got 90
Thanks sir

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Great teacher Alex! Thank you very much, very interesting.

Profile photo of neanses neanses

Thanks for your lessons, Teacher Alex. I make it 100.

Profile photo of Yahui Lee Yahui Lee

I have a doubt that isn’t related to the above video. Exactly which organizing committee is IELTS affiliated with!? Cambridge or British Council….. or any other. Could you please let me know.

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I Should get 100 / 90

Profile photo of lerz80 lerz80

We need subtitle in videos

Profile photo of Nematypayam Nematypayam

100%! Hurray! :D

Profile photo of ThereseBrendeland ThereseBrendeland

Hi Alex. I was wondering what is the right pronunciation for the contraction of have (of) (a)? should´ve= shoulda or shouldof? please help me out with this one.
Best regards

Profile photo of rubsibar rubsibar

Hey Sir your classes are so useful for us, all people are learning English. I got 9

Profile photo of Osv4ldo Osv4ldo

Thank you Alex!! This lesson has been useful to me. I really like the way you teach English. I could never get bored ;)

Profile photo of RoxanaS RoxanaS

Great lesson!!!

Profile photo of TioBlack TioBlack

Hi teacher
I found this sentence as an example in an Oxford dictionary at the entry “qualify” :
A cup of coffee and a sandwich doesn’t really qualify as a meal.
So my question is is this sentence correct grammatically ?
Two subjects take does ?

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I got 90 0ut of 100 I should have getting 100 out of 100 .

Profile photo of hassanbosajad hassanbosajad

Hi. Good day. I am sure I should learn more from you. Thanks a lot for giving us a good lesson.

Profile photo of Aarifmohi Aarifmohi

thank you, Alex, it was great like always
I got a suggestion though, could you make some lessons about the difference between adjective synonyms, between us one of the biggest problems is not knowing the connotation or where we should use them, like the difference of “complacent vs gloating vs smug vs Conceited ”
it means a world to me if you make such lessons, especially on different adjectives

Profile photo of aliziaei aliziaei

If I study English when I was young, I should have appointed as a manager role in my working place.

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Thanks a lot for your teaching, Alex. i will follow up your lessons. :)

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Thank you teacher…..!!

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Thank you Alex.

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thank you very much for your advice

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thanks alex

Profile photo of che1707 che1707

Hi Alex,
thanks for lesson. Maybe you know the famous song by Kylie Minogue “I should be so lucky”. Is that song about a future expectation?

Profile photo of Rapok Rapok

Hi Alex
I recently heard in a series a character say “Funny you should ask.” Apparently this is more commonly used in British English.(Practical English Usage, P.Swan,2nd ed.,p518).

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Thanks for the lesson

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Smashing! Thank you so much!

Profile photo of OneGogh1976 OneGogh1976

Thank you for this, it is a big help for me to improve my english. GODBLESS YOU!

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I got 80 score.. 😄 i must learning again..

Profile photo of Azwardi imani Azwardi imani

thank you…tks

Profile photo of arno jung junior arno jung junior

Great video, thank you:)

Profile photo of safia2009 safia2009

i dont know i cant take the test ? i mean the quize

Profile photo of lehle lehle

I got 10 correct out of 10. Thanks a lot!)

Profile photo of NikaLorin NikaLorin

I got 9 out of 10. That is good for somebody like me living in a Spanish environment.

Profile photo of carmarce70 carmarce70

I should get 100% but i didn’t get it, only 90% :((

Profile photo of Ririsafria28 Ririsafria28

Thank you sir

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I think you are the best teacher here.
Thank you

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yesss 10 out of 10 :)

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Very useful lesson, thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Evgeniy Evgeniy

I got 9 our of 10. My wrong answer is number 7.

Profile photo of Chan M. Chan M.

I could have gotten 100%, but that ‘hedging’ question got me :D

Profile photo of Ereadan Ereadan

I should get 100%. ;)
thanks Alex

Profile photo of egypt.sarah1988 egypt.sarah1988

10/10/ Thanks again.

I was wondering if you guys have a lesson for CELBAN as well??

Profile photo of Amanda777 Amanda777

I should get 100% ::))))

Profile photo of isabeladr isabeladr

10/10 yeye

Profile photo of Sanu1993 Sanu1993

Really thank you for your teaching .

Profile photo of TsaiChiHuang TsaiChiHuang

thank u alex:)

Profile photo of prabh prabh

I got 90% 😅

Profile photo of Dhimamrebel Dhimamrebel

First of all, You are funny! I enjoy watching all of your videos.
Second, I have a doubt; Why “If everything goes well, we should have the project ready by the end of the week.” is a way of hedging my statement instead of an advice?

Profile photo of Grace Carvalho Grace Carvalho


Profile photo of Neal Neal

I should get 100% and I did it!!!

Profile photo of Luke Tanner Luke Tanner

I enjoyed your joke about contractions (y). Yours lessons are amazing, I am grateful for you and Engvid have done for us. Best wishes to you two.

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Profile photo of gerrynaks gerrynaks

Amazing lession!
Just an adivice about your page.
I found a mistake in the code source.
When we did done the video, and go to questions, we can found “bug” in questions.

Profile photo of brendonHenriqueSS brendonHenriqueSS

Amazing lession!
Just an adivice about your page, I found a mistake in the code source.

Profile photo of brendonHenriqueSS brendonHenriqueSS

The error :

"He should apologize. Everything was his fault."
br>This is:

It will show “br>This is:” after the current question. You can fix it by closing the tag
Just turn ” br>This is:”
into “this is:”

This SHOULD work :P

Profile photo of brendonHenriqueSS brendonHenriqueSS

i should get 100% but ended up get 90 XD

Profile photo of Bou Socheatamino Bou Socheatamino

thanks a lot sir .. i v got 90% i should do my best

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thank you,foreseer 10 out of 10 you should have gone for the head as an example.

Profile photo of jack0910 jack0910

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of Arnaoutm Arnaoutm

Thank you

Profile photo of MojtabaDelavari MojtabaDelavari

thank a lot Mr Alex

Profile photo of indho indho

100% :) thanxxxx Alexxxxx :)

Profile photo of ebrully ebrully

Thanks Mr. Alex. Your explain was very good for me.

Profile photo of jorgeatcsys jorgeatcsys

We should Thank you Mr Alex

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Profile photo of abdalkareem momammed abdalkareem momammed

90/100 quite good.

Profile photo of MAHENDRA1962 MAHENDRA1962

My first time that I see your class, congrats, now I’ll be watching more videos, thanks!

Profile photo of Destefani Destefani

I was expecting to get 100 points in this Quiz. I should’ve be more more careful! Thank you Alex you are a good teacher.

Profile photo of DreamerKit DreamerKit

I got 9 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of wsantos23 wsantos23

Good afternoon Mr Alex. On the video there is a sentence – Ishould have it done by tomorrow. And Your explanation – first: When is your project going to be finished, but second I can’t understand, I can hear – When will you be finish the project. It’s incorrect. Would You be so kind to write this sentence here to understand it correctly. Thank you very much, indeed!

Profile photo of tarasevol tarasevol

Sorry! I have found subtitles. The sentence is – When will You be finished that project. But still I don’t quite understand this sentence. Would you help me with it please. Thank You very much indeed!

Profile photo of tarasevol tarasevol

Perhaps It is – When will you have finished that project?

Profile photo of tarasevol tarasevol

Good afternoon! Thare’s one more question – in subtitles is written:”This is supposed to working”. But again on internet and in the dictionaries I can’t find after the word “supposed””to working”, perhaps “to be working”. Greatly sorry! Would You be so kind to help me with this. Thank You very much indeed!

Profile photo of tarasevol tarasevol

if I should’ve started my English course by you now I was professional

Profile photo of Benjamin Benjamin

i really enjoy your explanations even though i am a student of low levels English(I have only been studying for two courses) ,I can understand you pretty well , I’m from Spain ,I’m 59 and I’ve never had time to study English , now is my time and you and Engvid make it easyer yo me,.thanks.

Profile photo of Sondae Sondae

You got 9 correct out of 10.:)
thank you!

Profile photo of Temirzhan Temirzhan

Thanks Alex

Profile photo of kamberkaya kamberkaya

thank you, Alex
10 out of 10

Profile photo of paramonova paramonova

Hi Alex. Good explanation. Please tell me if this sentence is okay. Everybody should be watching Alex’s videos for learning English faster.

Profile photo of meliorlo1983 meliorlo1983

Thanks for the great lesson. I would like to point out that it is the first video, in my knowledge where, tutor is asking to repeat during the lecture for better pronunciation.

Good job Alex.

Profile photo of aarkay87 aarkay87

thanks Alex, I Should watch all your youtube videos, I have already suscribed to your channel and also in this plataphorm. I really enjoy every english class.

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