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I really liked this video, thanks Alex for doing this great job, it was very educative.

See you!


    Hello Alex. I have a question. Please please please answer me. I left a comment in your previous lesson, but you didn’t reply. Please answer to my question in this one.
    What does jaws mean in this sentence:
    …by the bloodthirsty jaws.
    I appreciate if you answer.


        Thank you so so so so much.


      This error is very common among Spanish speakers; we use the article practically without any restrinctions.

      In my student’s days, I used to say goodbye to my English teachers using the phrase “See you THE next class”. I was corrected, but never told why I was wrong; I learned the hard way, so to speak.

      It’s important to know the sources of your errors. By so doing, you are more aware of the workings of the language.

      Marvelous video lesson Adam!
      Looking forward to your NEXT video Adam.


    Thanks for checking it out. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


i got it all correct. Thank you Alex.

ann ann

    My pleasure. Thanks for studying with me, and good luck.


Thanks mr.Alex. You are the best!!! ))


    Any time. Thanks for clicking, Tr0yan.


Thank you Alex!!Nice and interesting!!
See you in the next lesson ;)


    You got it, superstar. See you there.


Thank you Alex, see you next class!


Hey, Alex!
Your lessons are so helpful.
Thank you.


    No problem. Thanks for studying, and good luck!


yes, the comments are here bellow :)


    For now.


Just one question:
– Last month has been amazing!! (it´s June now, that means last month was May)
– The last month has been amazing!!! (it´s the 24th of June today, so the last month was from 24th of May up to today).
Why aren´t both correct???Is it because in the first example the simple past must be used???
(this question is related to question number 7 of the quiz).


    You got it. You can’t use the present perfect with the first example because it’s a finished month in the past and doesn’t relate to the present.


thanks. it’s 90


    Nice job! Keep up the good work.


Hi Alex ,
Thank you so much for your teaching .I got it .

Pichayapa Prangpeth

i got 100 , thank you so much ALEX i like your interessting , easy and useful lessons which help me a lot in order to learn english


    I’m glad to hear that. Thanks for checking them out.


Tx Alex, awesome class!


    No prob. I’m glad you liked it.


Thank you mr Alex you are a best teacher

izere Bin raphael

Thanks Alex for this lesosn..

marcos alexandre

    Any time. Tell your friends. Haha.


Thank you. As usual very clear explanation. You are the best teacher here.


    You’re very kind. Thank you.


Hey, Alex! thank you.

tati 44

    You’re very welcome, tati!


Believe me when I say that I tell everybody about Engvid, this powerful and stimulating resource.
But – alas! – few of them come back to me saying something about their experience, so I suppose that they are deeply and definitely lazy: always ready to complain about any difficulty, but never oriented to make serious efforts to improve their condition (in this case, in order to obtain a better knowledge of a language).
Thank you once again Alex, see you next time.


    Any time, Canardo. You have the right attitude. Thanks for not asking “How can I improve my English?” :)


hey alex thanks..and plz.. put some video about reporting speech


Hey can anyone tell me where to start as I want to cover all of the content in engvid from beginner to advance and from each and every teacher can anyone give me a tidy order of where to start from engvid


Not very easy lesson but interesting. The questionary has been a little confused because sometimes you have to guess if it’s a single or a group of things, time is the thing but I will continue to the inquiry on this topic. Thanks a lot, teacher Alex, a very important review about this “the” before “next” or “last”.


    Not a problem. It takes time, and the more often you hear it in other contexts, the more natural it will become.


      Hey can anyone tell me where to start as I want to cover all of the content in engvid from beginner to advance and from each and every teacher can anyone give me a tidy order of where to start from engvid


Hey Alex! That’s a great and very informative video, but there is still one thing I was hoping you would talk about.

What is the difference between

“THE last week has been terrible.”
“THIS last/past week has been terrible”?

If they mean the same thing, can they be used interchangeably or is one more casual than the other?


    They’re interchangeable, although I’d stick with “This past week” instead of “This last week” in your second example.


Thanks Alex! It is really great lesson.


    “It is a really great lesson.”

    Thanks for your feedback, isak.


You did a great lesson


    Thank you. I appreciate that.


Thanks a lot, Alex. We are lucky to have an English teacher like you on the internet. Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

    I’m equally lucky to have so many regular students who keep coming back and improving.


sir ım bad ın english how u can help me

Mohammad muayad kassab bashi dahhan

not bad, 90 .. thanks very much teacher for this lesson


I was learned the last taught by Alex, so next time I have to be waiting for new video lesson by Alex.


    “I learned” is the correct form to start your sentence here, and don’t forget the article “a” in the phrase “a new video.”


This lesson was so useful to me…
Thank You sir..

But I do have one question which is not related to this lesson but I wanted you to do that lesson for all english learners for thos who really wanted to improve.,, That question is how to say or describe entire movie that I watched to someone..
Particularly how to describe people and what they talked and everything that they said in movie…

How you will describe to someone any movie that you watched recently?..

If you could really help me and all english learner to improve english then you can make video what I have described in this command…

Please make video as I felt which would be really helpful to everyone…

We owe you!!!

Thank You sir!!!


Thanks for the great video. I got a question about today’s lesson. I got 9 out of 10, but still confused when it comes to number two and 10.

Why haven’t you called me since (last/the last) Friday?

In this one, I chose “the last”. Because I thought the sentence is present perfect.

But it was incorrect.

Number 10, I haven’t seen him since (the last, last) family reunion.

For this one, I got correct. Because I thought, as I told above, this sentence is a present perfect.

I am still confused, because in both sentences, they are finished with the prase “since” and one of two has to “last” and the other has to “the last”

Could you explain to me more specifically?


Hi Alex,My favourite teacher in engvid
I have been always enjoying of ur all lessons so far…and certainly I keep watching and enjoying ur next videos…
But for Now I have a request if u mind….
Could u make some videos about some useful and common expressions that native English speakers (especially canadian) use in their daily conversation…
Thank in advanced..
hope to see u in person in Toronto..


Hi, Alex. Thank you for that videolesson. It very useful for me.


Hello~^^ I got 9 correct out of 10.
thank you. i have a friend of Australia.
but she talk to me “your english is small english”^^ I want to speack english very well.
thank you so much. this lesson is need for me.
have a nice day!!^^


Thanks a lot. Even though I paid attention carefully, I just got a score of 70. I conclude that One has to pay attention every time native speakers use “the next” and “Next”

Gustavo Perez Criollo

Thank you. I appreciate that.


Hi Alex
first of all i want to thank you and your colleagues very much,you are cause of improve our language , i wonder could be i make a suggestion if can getting a kind of a sound for this essay in the top center of a page because we read it but i am not sure from our pronunciation properly or not .
thanks a lot .


I have a doubt on the question

Did you see(present tense), we are discussing about past tense as per my knowledge instead of see is it saw(past tense).

Did you saw Rick last night.

Am I right???? kindly revert me plz.


    Ur sentence is wrong uvii.


      where I went wrong?? Kindly correct me, when should I have to use see seen saw.

      While questioning about past which tense have to use.??


thanks. it’s 90


Thank you teacher. This lesson is very useful for me….!!!

Jakub Alvarez

Very good lesson,really.

Many thanks for very useful lesson dear Alex.
English is sometimes tough but very beautiful language


Thanks for the video, was very useful


Thanks a lot


“I can’t wait for next weekend” why not “the next”


Hey could u tell me why we cant say “The next month will be busy” but we can say “The last month has been amazing”




Hi,Alex! Quiz #9. I think the phrase “I’ll let you know THE NEXT week” may means “…during a week”, isn’t it? Thank you.

Mr. KC

I liked the video because its very useful !


Thank you Alex. I got only 7 but I’m going to work harder the next months.


Thank you for this lesson. I am more confident now.


Thank you Adam.
Always teaching us interesting lessons.

Leandro Cleber

I got 7 from 10
That mean great to me
Thank you for your help


I thought this lesson not too difficult but after quiz I got only 8 mark haha but thank you so much teacher


hi Alex.my name is yusuf and ı live in istanbu. My english is intermediate level and ı’m thinking of going to the england to improve my english next mounth. ı applied to stanton english course in london , per 24 week and 20 hours in a week . but ı’m scare ıf ı don’t improve my english. now ı’m studying english everytime and ı wonder and ı want to listen your experience as a teacher. do you think my english level what happen ? thank you


Thank you Alex, congratulations You are a good teacher, very clear, your lessons will help me to improve my grammar, I’m preparing myself to take a test, and order to apply for a job, I live in Guatemala City, I am 62 years old. I will follow you with the grammar I need for now.


Thank you, Alex!! You are a good teacher! Looking forward to your next class!


Good to know the difference. I think I won’t follow the rule though


Thank you, Alex teacher. I got 8/10


Good lesson btw


It is a very good lesson to me.it was very confused but the confuse has gone after watching your valuable lesson.I would like to use of “so” in conversation.May God bless you.


God bless you


Why in the second example “Why haven’t you called me since __________ Friday? It has been five days!” is there “last” ? I thought that should be “the last” because he mentioned a period of time starting from friday till now.


Merci Alex pour cette excellente lesson.


Thanks Alex, you are the best teacher.

Alex Godoi

Hello Alex, I have a question…why you used HAS BEEN in one sentence and then HAVE BEEN in other? i cannot see the difference, please answer me.

1) The last month HAS BEEN amazing!
2) The last two hours of work HAVE BEEN a nightmare!(why cannot be “HAS” like the other?)


    In my humble opinion:
    the last month – it has (single)
    the last two hours – they have (plural)


I get 90. Im very happy


I need to watch your video onde more time, cause this matter is a little difficult to me


Thx alex for this leason, i love this video <3


One more great Alex’s lesson! Thanks for the explanation of this important topic!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank you


Thanks Alex


10 of 10. Thanks!


I got 10 out of 10.Thanks


Awesome explanation!!


No. I fucked up the test. This is my first unsucces. I saw the video several weeks ago and I may not remember everything. I fought that you can say I´m looking forward to the next Star Wars even I´m looking forward to next Star Wars. You spoke that sometimes can be accepted both ways thatś why I filled up the test wrongly. Never mind. I´ll watch it again and fix the mistakes. :-) Otherwise, Thankas for your videos I love y´all teachers from northern America. You´re the best teachers ever.:-)


    I mean you teachers from EngVid.


Good job Alex! It’s a simple but tricky topic.

Eduardo França

Hi Alex, Thank you for your good job .
I’ve 7/10 it isn’t perfect but I’m happy .
Have a nice weekend .


wow this is great , thank you


10/10 XD thanks Mr Alex



Abbas naqawate

Good lesson,Alex. #7 is kind of tricky,though.
You are a great teacher.


“The last week of university WAS really hectic.”
(explanation on the board)

#7 In the quiz: “The last week HAS BEEN wonderful.”
Alex, now you got me. I’m going totally bananas here.
I have to put on my thinking hat.


Okay,Alex. I would say “This” past week has been
I’m used to thinking (a lot) that I still have
a lot, and I mean A LOT, to learn.
Living and learning, living and learning…”


Oh,how I wish you had some free time to read the
comments,professor Alex.But…..


Great lesson,teacher. Very good explanation.
I got 10 out of 10. Thanks.


Great way to teach… Thank you


Great lesson!

Adriano Martins Péres

IT is all interesting lesson thanks Alex


I got 9/10. Thanks for your lessons.Since the last time I watched this video my English has been improved because of you guys, I owe you, I mean you and James and Adam.


Got 09/10. It was such a useful lesson ,Alex. Thanks a million. ☺


Thank you so much Alex

ahmed naci

hi, Alex great vid, tks for upload


You are a great man, Alex! I didn’t know these subjects. But thanks to you, i have learnt them. Thank you so much!


Alex, I am confused, do you have a video about past tense on when to use it? My teacher said that we cannot use both past tense together like If you already wrote one word in past tense you cannot have 2 words of past tense in one sentence.
Example:”she did not showed up”. I was always confused by this.


I’ve a question.
If I rolled a dice in some casino and failed to jack-pot so dealer is saying , which saying is right?

Next chance or The Next chance

Sorry, My English level is suck.


Thanks for this lesson! Could you please explain, what’s the difference between ‘A friend of mine’ and ‘My friend’?


Thanks for this amazing lesson! Can you do lesson about modal verb.What differences between them?When we should use their?


    Hi lamDasha!

    In shorts, both “them” and “their” relate to the pronoun “they”.

    We use “their” to talk about possession. For example, “Those boys are playing with their dog” (the dog belongs to the boys).

    We use “them” when a group of people or things is the object of the sentence, they receive the action. For instance, “I wont’t lend my knife to those boys because it can hurt them” (the knife can hurt the boys).

    I hope it helps.

    Eduardo França

Hi Alex,
this is just to inform you that the lesson was as always amazing. Keep doing it. But I was a trifle confused with the question number 2 from the quiz.
Before I saw the answer I had thought the correct answer is “the last”.

All the best ;)


Very useful video..??

Raj Ind

I watched this video twice on May 25, 2021, and I took the quiz after watching it once. I got 9 correct out of 10.


it was good

Raouf Sarabi

Thank you for this, Alex!


Thanks.. good…

justin myladoor

well done, Alex
greetings from Kazakhstan 16 Dec2o21:)

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