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Have you recovered from your workout?

Hello. Is Dana there? (first telephone call)

Are you full yet?

I heard that Alex moved. Where does he live?

Are you excited to see The Amazing Spider-Man?

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Tks teacher Alex. You’re very important to help us improve English

Monday, March 5th 2012

    nice way for understanding………………?

    Saturday, April 14th 2012

      yes u say wright.

      Wednesday, October 10th 2012

    Thank you teacher Alex and cheers from Athens.

    Sunday, June 9th 2013

    Thank you Alex.

    Thursday, July 18th 2013

Tks teacher Alex. My test it’s 100% correct

Monday, March 5th 2012

Excellent to improve my english

Monday, March 5th 2012

I’m still keen on learning via engvid…….
A ? please:Can I use TO instead of FOR in this sentence: I’ve got a surprise for (to) you?!

Monday, March 5th 2012

    Hi fatiima. I think that we use for , for a person and to, for others :
    I am surprised to learn that………

    We have some surprises in store for you.I hope I am right.Bye !
    bye !

    Monday, December 28th 2015

thanks alot teacher.

Monday, March 5th 2012

    Hi Mr Alex,thank you for your valuable lesson

    Wednesday, March 7th 2012

I am so happy to learn English with you. thanks a lot

Monday, March 5th 2012

how about give us a lesson like, still vs. yet?

Monday, March 5th 2012

thank you very much, it’s so interesting

Monday, March 5th 2012

Really cool
thanks :)

Monday, March 5th 2012

thank you sir for given us such good lessons… i do have a very serious problem with using ‘being’…can you please make a video giving lecture on being…(if i have done any grammatical mistake in my writing pls pls forgive me)

Monday, March 5th 2012

Thanks teacher Alex. u r perfect teacher

Monday, March 5th 2012

Very cool Lesson.. Thanks Alex..I killed the test now!..but i still need to learn more English.

Monday, March 5th 2012

Very cool lesson. Thanks Alex. I am killing the test now. But i still need to learn more English..

God bless!

Monday, March 5th 2012

Thank you great Alex and other teachers.
You do the best .

Monday, March 5th 2012

Thankful to Alex . I have breakfast with this video .

Monday, March 5th 2012

Wow ! Got 5/5 without watching

Monday, March 5th 2012

thank uuuuuuuuuuu

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Thanks a lot

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

thanks so much about all the lessons. you’re very helpful !
thanks again :-)

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

cool thanks

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Aloha! I am doing well this time but I still cannot speak well. help, help me!

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Hi , Please could you give me your lesson order. Actually i am not that much good in english to writting big senteces like essay and letters, so i need your help to improve my writting skill, so please could you send me learning series to learn in proper order to undestand sentence writting.

Advance Thanks

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

thank u teacher alex, it was very useful

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

thanks a lot

Tuesday, March 6th 2012


Tuesday, March 6th 2012

thakx mister alex!!!! you still make a very good lessons!!!! i’m right???? about my sentence???? :) take care.

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Thank you Teacher Alex, this lesson was very interesting and important to me, thank you again.

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Hi Alex! Can you make a video about the Phrasal Verbs of “Take”?

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Thank you so much, Alex.

I benefited from this lesson.

Thank you again!

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Tks teacher, your explanation was very clear…

Tks a lot!

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Assalam-O-Allaikum .

Dear Sir, Madam,

It’s too nice too know about the that you have started the courses like this, by which peoples like me can get good benefit from the sites.I have done my F.Sc and now I am also bachelor’s student and I am fond of learning different languages so now I want to improve my English language and specially conversation. I have to face alot of problems to express my feelings to the others, So kindly as much possible help me and send me best trick to improving the language. I will check also the site …. thnx n specially thnx to velin

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

it is anice a start

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Hi Mr Alex, thenk for you :)

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

so easy. now I know more. bye.

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

thanks a lot Mr Alex

Tuesday, March 6th 2012

Thanks Alex.

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Hi Mr Alex.Thanks a lot for lesson, but I still have some questions. You mentioned that we can use “still” before an adjective, but can we use it with noun (e.g I’m still a student). And the second is: as I understood we can displace Present Perf.Progressive by “still”, Am I right?

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Thanks a lot to all teachers. Very cool teaching… I’ve a confusion in using since and as, can you help me out?

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Thanks a Lot mr Alex,it’s soo easy Now.
i hope u make new about passive and active voice

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

thanks alex! good lesson. I was thinking that I know the differences with these words. But you said something new for me. It is where I can use “now” in a sentence. I have a question for you: the word “still” have a rule like that?. Or just I have to use after the verb to be or before the verbs how you show us in your video. Thanks in advance

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Thank Alex, i understand more now!

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

happy for to learn this lesson!!

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Very good lesson. I’m happy to start with you

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

    i want to learn english

    Saturday, March 17th 2012

Alex, you are excellent. A good teacher. God bless you with a pile of money.


Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Teacher Alex, I would to see a video about the use of ought to

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

thnx it’s was quit fine explanation

Thursday, March 8th 2012

    “thanks it was quite “

    Sunday, April 8th 2012

Hi,Teacher Alex, my problem is, my English is not good and not past speak. Please, I want to learn a good English speaking.

Thursday, March 8th 2012

thank you so much Mr: Alex

Thursday, March 8th 2012

i have understand stii now and now still.thanks to you.

Thursday, March 8th 2012

Very useful for me.
Thank you.

Friday, March 9th 2012

Great!@ Wow ! Got 5/5 100%

Friday, March 9th 2012

Thanks a lot.

Friday, March 9th 2012

thank you very much for all videos.
i am looking for the relative pronoun, have you any videos on it? pls show to me..

Saturday, March 10th 2012


Saturday, March 10th 2012

Can I say : Can you still in your house tomorrow?

Saturday, March 10th 2012

Dear teachers,
you all are really doing an excellent job.
I am a student of social since (international relations, politics) there are many terms I don’t unrestrained. I am sure I am not the only one, that don’t understand the terms or vocabulary in the news Is there any possibility to give us lessen about political, international relations glossary. also most of the time it is very difficult to get the meaning or understand the words in the news papers.
thank you very much for efforts.
best regards.


Saturday, March 10th 2012

Thank you Alex!! I enjoy your lesson

Sunday, March 11th 2012

Really good lesson:)thank you very much!

Sunday, March 11th 2012

hi try try till u succed
try try untill u succed
which one is right ans

Monday, March 12th 2012


Monday, March 12th 2012

thanks a lot you are amazing!!!!

Monday, March 12th 2012

you are very important Teacher Alex. I Improve my pronunciation with your explanation. Tks.

Monday, March 12th 2012

Thank you very much Alex

Tuesday, March 13th 2012


Tuesday, March 13th 2012

My test it’s 100% correct

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

wow i got5/5. thanks alex

Tuesday, March 13th 2012

thank you very much

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

hello alex sir its 14 march … many many happy returns of this special day … as we could get you as one of our teachers only bcoz of this day …enjoyyyyyyyy :-)

Wednesday, March 14th 2012

Is very useful and interesting lesson. Thank you!

Thursday, March 15th 2012

Thank you for teaching. It’s very useful for me.

Thursday, March 15th 2012

Tks teacher Alex. My test it’s 100% correct

Thursday, March 15th 2012

Thank you my teacher this lesson is very easy .

Saturday, March 17th 2012

Thank you Alex for wonderful lesson!

Sunday, March 18th 2012

thanks alto

Tuesday, March 20th 2012

Thanks Alex you’re a good teacher. My scored was 5 out of 5. Great!

Thursday, March 22nd 2012

gracias Alex….

Friday, March 23rd 2012

thank you very much ser alex.i love english .i try to learn it.it is deficald for my but i try.

Friday, March 23rd 2012

tks teacher Alex i hope to continue like this.

Friday, March 23rd 2012

Thanks Alex, nice lesson. I have completed the 5 quiz after watching the video. Got 5 out of 5. Nice teaching.

Saturday, March 24th 2012

Thank you very much.every lesson is very useful for me. Alex u are the best teacher among others, ur lesson was really understanding for me.

Monday, March 26th 2012


Tuesday, March 27th 2012

Thanks alex You help me everthink i need but if u can help me how to improv my writing please give feedback

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

Thunk u Alex..

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

thank you so much

Tuesday, March 27th 2012

my favorite!!

Thursday, March 29th 2012

thank you for helping to learn english and i need to learn more english because i don’t know more english

Friday, March 30th 2012

Can we write word “still” at any order in sentence like we use “now”??

beginning, middle and end of the sentence

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

thank you so much! I learned a new lesson from you!

Greetings from the Philippines!

Thursday, April 5th 2012

Hi teacher Alex.
Your pronunciation is very clear to me.

Friday, April 6th 2012

thanks teacher! your video help me a lot.

Sunday, April 8th 2012

its nice and help me alot! thak u so much engvid’s all teachers. love u all:)

Thursday, April 12th 2012

Alex is the best

Friday, April 13th 2012

its useful for me:)

Sunday, April 15th 2012

thanks :)

Monday, April 16th 2012

very nice, thinkable, eager to hear more from engvid and you

Wednesday, April 18th 2012

Thanks Alex :)

Friday, April 20th 2012

wow its really good to learn english at home and the way you teach is awesome
Thanks Alex

Friday, April 20th 2012

Thanks Alex you are a great teacher. We proud of you.

Sunday, April 22nd 2012

Your explanations are so easy that I understand everything. You are great Alex!

Saturday, April 28th 2012

Alex i like the way you teach.. and kindly give me examples of “yet”

Tuesday, May 1st 2012

you are really great teacher… thanks about everything! Don’t stop never, we need of you to learn it. =D

Tuesday, May 1st 2012

Thank u teacher, and may i ask u about ” can i say ( he doesn’t still live here anymore ) ”
And thank u too much

Thursday, May 10th 2012

Hi Alex,

Thank u for teach us.

Wednesday, May 16th 2012

I still live with my parents, am I wrong?)))

Saturday, May 19th 2012

When we can use To Do and To Be?
for example: Are you hungry or Do you hungry?

Saturday, May 19th 2012

    “Are you hungry” is correct

    “Do you feel hungry” would also be correct

    Monday, June 4th 2012

Thank you very much prof Alex!

Monday, May 21st 2012

Hi Alex,
At first thank you for your wonderful videos about english. For this particular video, I have a question for you.
“She still lives with her parents.”
“She’s still living with her parents.”
What is the difference between the above two sentences? What is the proper way to use them?

Once again thank you.

Thursday, May 24th 2012

    Hi Manoj

    Yours is a very good question. The two sentences are very close in meaning and are almost identical. Certainly in England most people would not see any difference. “She lives” suggests a more permanent situation than “She is living”. Because I live in England and always have done and will continue to live here I would say “I live in England”. If someone comes to England and knows they will be here for a year and will then leave they would say “I am living in England”. In the second case they might add “but I will be going back to Paris next year” or something similar. I think the same idea can be used in your sentences containing “still”.

    I am about to start a course in Teaching English as a Foreign Language so by the end I may be able to give you a definite answer! PS only replying as no one from EngVid has responded.

    Monday, June 4th 2012

      nice explanation, thanks a lot

      Tuesday, June 12th 2012

      It’s a very good explanation to a good question.

      Sunday, June 9th 2013

mr. alex keep i’m watching your teaching.. its really good..

Saturday, May 26th 2012

Thnaks alex!!

Thursday, May 31st 2012


Friday, June 8th 2012

thanks alex.its really work for me.

Monday, June 25th 2012

Hello Alex,you,re a nice person and better teacher, your explanations are very clear which help us to understand or remain our knowledge of English.
Kisses from Spain (Barcelona)

Thursday, July 12th 2012

Now,I m sure that i can speak a good english, Alex.I m still and still like the way you explain the lessons.


Tuesday, July 17th 2012

Thanks I had 5 months for learn english but I am still do not learn anything .what is your advice to me please

Saturday, July 21st 2012

what this mean ?must have sound technical communication???

Monday, July 23rd 2012

thank you sir

Monday, July 23rd 2012

WoW this site is amazing! Thanks so much.XD

Monday, July 23rd 2012

Thanks from Poland;)

Tuesday, July 24th 2012

Sir alex i impress your teaching and you are my favorite teacher in all . sir please teach me how i use phrasal “come up with ” in sentences i will wait to your answer.

Sunday, July 29th 2012

thanks you’re nice teacher

Thursday, August 2nd 2012

Thank you for your lessons

Sunday, August 5th 2012

thank you

Wednesday, August 8th 2012

thank so much teacher and I want to know than the ways use “still” and ” yet”

Monday, August 20th 2012

Thank teacher for your lessons

Tuesday, August 21st 2012

Alex I love your lessons and I love this site, thanks so much for help me.

Tuesday, August 28th 2012

this place is amazing I still can´t believe that it is free

Tuesday, August 28th 2012

Thank you sir, for your lesson . . i hope i can be like you as english master . . :D

Saturday, September 1st 2012

Everytime I visit this site,I can’t take the quiz if I didn’t leave a comment.Why?
pleeeeessss help…
thanks a lot

Thursday, September 6th 2012

    This problem should now be fixed. Please try again.

    Monday, September 10th 2012

thans teacher !!
thhat’s really usefull
I still need Engvid

Monday, September 10th 2012

It’s easy if you try and try.Thank so much.I wish nothing but all the best for you.

Monday, September 24th 2012

Tks Alex so much. It’s really useful.

Wednesday, September 26th 2012

how to remember wat i learned today.. my memory is very bad.. @alex
can u help we regarding this

Wednesday, September 26th 2012

fantastic lesson sir.thanks for your lesson.

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

I’m don’t understand the word still so I usually see the word still in the book but I don’t know how to use it. so now I understand the word still
I like to being your student and learn more word from you thank you very much.

Sunday, October 7th 2012

perfect lesson..and very easy way to explain)

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

Thanks Alex. I understood the difference between “now” and “still”. You are a good teacher.

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

thanks Alex
I need to give me lessons for TOEFL , please

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

I SO confused

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

Not OK

Thursday, October 11th 2012

Cool lesson, excellent teacher! Thank you Alex!

Sunday, October 14th 2012

hi thank you teacher

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

Can you help me !!!!!!!!
between can and could ????????

Tuesday, October 16th 2012

thankuuu. very easy to understand.

Friday, October 19th 2012

Hi Alex
u r such a nice person.
i got 10/10
can we use “STILL” before subject as like “NOW”.

Saturday, October 27th 2012

    I’m not Alex, and I apologize if non-teachers are not supposed to give replies here and I shouldn’t have done it. However, maybe this could help you a bit.
    So, if you use ‘still’ as an adverb, you can put it at the beginning of a sentence. E.g.:
    He can be crazy. Still, he’s harmless.
    ‘Still’ here means ‘however’, or ‘nevertheless’.

    Sunday, October 28th 2012

      It’s okay! You’re absolutely right. :)

      Monday, October 29th 2012

        Thank you for your appreciation!

        Monday, October 29th 2012

Hi Alex!
you teach is so good ! i understand all what u teach!thank u guy!!!Please, Have a good luck!!!

Friday, November 2nd 2012

good way thank you

Monday, November 12th 2012

Hello teacher Alex!
you’re good teacher. i like English. but i am not native & no means to learn English.thanks to technology and charity groups(like you and you colleagues, now i am ready to learn and speak English. would you teach me more? please!
your teaching methodology is simple and understandable. i like it. therefore i hope, i will speak English soon.

Friday, November 16th 2012

Thank teacher Alex…this explanation was very clear to me..

Sunday, November 18th 2012

Thanks Alex, I always wached your lessons, you are a great teacher and I appreciate your willing to help the biggeners like me.
Thanks again

Saturday, November 24th 2012

Thank you, Sir! Got 5/5.

Friday, November 30th 2012

dear alex
your accent is best
i love you

Saturday, December 1st 2012

Next explanation teacher….. The hardest u just make it simple

Thursday, December 13th 2012

Thanks teacher.

Tuesday, December 25th 2012

Good Morning Alex,

We are so lukcy for find your…


Monday, January 7th 2013

thanks Alex I got it

Saturday, January 19th 2013

Hi Alex, because of you i am geting celear from my english confuse. please put some lesson for preposition and perfect continuous tense. thanks a lot.

Friday, February 15th 2013

Thanks Alex, very nice!

Friday, February 15th 2013

Good lesson. Thank you.

Saturday, February 16th 2013

Thank you, Sir! I got 4/5.

Monday, February 18th 2013

thx Alex For Your Useful Lessons For All

its gr8 to be here

Wednesday, February 27th 2013

I got the perfect score :)

Monday, March 11th 2013

Dear sir

i have a little prob on the usage of ”where”..i know how to use it with all other ways besides this rule please help me..
I wanna know how to use ”where” with these words and what the grammar rule is..pls give me a few examples of your own ones..

1 Due to the volume of emails we receive we are unable to respond to the emails where the answer can be found on our web site itself

2 If you have gone to a website where you have to create an account for yourself..

3 This procedure should be followed in cases where dishonesty has been alleged.

4 I heard a strange noise from the upstairs where the children were playing.

5 There is a stage in life where you can’t even hold a cup of tea.

Thanking you

Wednesday, March 13th 2013

Thanks a lot, Alex1

Friday, March 29th 2013

Thanks Alex, I’m sure, now I know how I can improve my english..

Sunday, April 21st 2013

I will still saying the word from now to tomorow

Sunday, April 28th 2013

I still learn your lessons because I try to improve my English. Now, I have more knowledge than I have.

Friday, June 7th 2013

Thanks a lot Alex. these lessons are very impotant for me.

Sunday, June 9th 2013

I got 100 % . Thanks Alex.

Thursday, June 13th 2013

Outstanding lesson! Thanks Alex!

Tuesday, July 16th 2013

nice mr.

Thursday, July 18th 2013

Thanks Alex..

Wednesday, July 24th 2013

Thank u teacher.

Sunday, July 28th 2013

Thank you for the very interesting class.

Sunday, August 18th 2013

Thank you Alex,you are a great teacher!

Saturday, August 24th 2013

Thank you Alex, it very interesting

Wednesday, September 11th 2013

i want to speake english with one

Thursday, November 14th 2013

yes i got 5 without watching the video..Thank you this website it can help my english word..

Thursday, December 5th 2013

thx Alex good lesson

Wednesday, December 11th 2013

good kid

Sunday, December 29th 2013

I have one question. I think that I use “Now” and “at the moment” in present continues, but you use it in simple present. why?

Thursday, January 23rd 2014

Hello teacher Alex,I appreciate the work your doing for us.I have got a 100!

Saturday, March 8th 2014

Thanks got 60%.

Sunday, March 23rd 2014

thank you mate!

Monday, June 16th 2014

got 5/5 :)
Thanks Alex.. you are a very good teacher

Wednesday, August 6th 2014

what is the difference between ‘still’ and ’till’

Saturday, September 13th 2014

Thank you for your teaching.

Tuesday, September 23rd 2014

I have 100%, so day by day I improve my English, thanks Alex

Thursday, October 2nd 2014

Thanks Alex.I really improved my speaking English,since I watch your videos.

Thursday, January 15th 2015

My step-son is a dinosaur. He is hungry every time.
He ate a cow 10 minutes ago. NOW, he is still hungry.

Alex, you are the master! You look like a bank manager on this video wearing this tie.

Sunday, January 25th 2015

it’s very interesting that you teach the same things that I need ! very very useful. Thank you very much.

Monday, December 28th 2015

Good lesson, thank you

Sunday, February 7th 2016

good lesson.

Friday, October 28th 2016

easy ans useful lesson
i got 10 out of 10

Sunday, October 30th 2016

Thanks much Alex.

Friday, November 4th 2016

Yehay! Right now, I’m very happy with my result. I got 5/5. I thought I’m going to have one mistake because I am confused with the fourth question.

Monday, July 17th 2017

Thanks Mr Alex. Very simple and useful. I do appreciate.

Saturday, September 16th 2017

Well done Alex, that lesson was quite useful to me, because Now I clearly understand much more the difference between “now and still”, so, I’m still improved and of course, I gonna write a lots of mistakes, however, I´m doing my best!

Saturday, January 13th 2018


Monday, February 5th 2018


Friday, June 8th 2018

Now I got it all correct.

Thursday, August 9th 2018

. Are you full yet?
No, I’m hungry now.
No, I’m still hungry.
The correct answer for me is the first.
The second answer could be correct if the questione is “Aren’t you full yet?”.
It’s my opinion, I ask you to correct me if I am wrong.. thanks!

Saturday, September 14th 2019

Thank you Mr. Alex. Now I am ready to watch next lesson.

Sunday, December 15th 2019

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