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Wow I’m the firt to comment! I got 10/10. Thank u Rebecca, you are a very good teacher and you explain very well. You said that you leave a list of 50 comun errors, where can I find it?


    you can go to resources in engvid.com

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    yes you are a very good teacher thank you so much ç

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……and I’m the second to comment ..

Rowa Douglas

Nice 10/10

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شكرا لك
< that is mean ( Thank you ) in Arabic :)


    You’re very welcome…in English!
    My best to you.

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I’ve got 9/10 that’s good


Wow! My first 10/10. With your explanation all is more easy.

Ugo zanchi

Helo Rebecca, Are you fine? I am from Brazil. I enjoy listenning the video. I am lerning english very much. Have nice Friday!!

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Excellent examples. do you know? I think this kind of examples help us to clear our confusions about grammar, it is not important only to know how we have to build a sentence, it’s same important to know what shouldn’t do.
Thank you very much Rebecca.

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Nice video, Rebecca. I’d like to know if you have another video like this but finding errors in an intermediate level.
Thank you.


    Not at the moment, Rodofo, but thanks for the suggestion. I am planning more lessons of this kind, at various levels. My best to you.

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We’re trying something new with this lesson: subtitles! Let us know what you think, here or in comments. http://t.co/0L5sLJPo

Where’s the subtitles?


    At the bottom right side of the video, there is a little button that says “CC”; click it to turn on the subtitles.

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100You got 10 correct out of 10.


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101/10 :)

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First of all thank you so much for your more contribution to engvid.com and to be honest you have a sweet language which can catch you easily.

Ilyas hotak

Hi madam Rebecca,
Thank you for the topic you had discuss. Its very useful for my daily conversation with my officemates.

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thank you!

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Thank you very much.

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I find all errors)))

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Where is the list about ” a list of 50 comun errors ?

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    You will find the list in the resources section of our site. My best to you!

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You got 10 correct out of 10 …. :D

Thank you very much madam Rebecca ..

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Me too I scored 10/10, and the explanations were very clear




Backstreet Boys say ….in the lyric of song
I think they made a mistake in grammar
sorry for my bad english

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    I lost some worlds
    the lyric is : Me and my boys went out….

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    Yes, it is very common to hear grammatical errors in songs and on movies and television. usually, they are trying to use a certain style or are referring to people whose English is not good. You can enjoy the songs, but don’t learn English from all of them. I choose songs very carefully to use in the classroom. The right songs can teach you a lot of good grammar and expressions. My best wishes to you.

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thank you very much :>

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Good video! Were is the list with common errors&

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    Thank you Karthikeyan for help us.

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thank you dear Rebecca, it was so useful and please show our mistakes more ;)

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Clear and short!


Great job.

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    it’s a piece of cake.all u need to do is just practicing a lot.practicing makes perfect. :)


symply; thank you!

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I like your lessons very much!!!!!!!!!


9. Hurry up! She _______________ to the bathroom.

I failed felt ‘to’ is too repetitive


Wow ! I got 10/10. Thank you Rebecca. I like your lessons. God bless you


thank you Rebecca


wow…i got 10/10.,thank u

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It is basic grammar, but it is very good to learn. Thank you Rebecca


NiCe Job.

Taj Khan


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thanx 10/10 please help with interview questions pls!




the lesson is very important and i enjoyed it very well and i also benefited from it thanks to the teacher

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Thanks. 10/10

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thanks Rebecca madam…its very helpful lesson for me and I request you to show more lessons …god bless u

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oh! 10/10. thanks

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10/10. It was easy.


10 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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A short but very useful lesson. Good job!


Cool :) 100%


I enjoy all tests, because I am able to get a lot of good marks,
Without your help, that would not be possible.
Thank you very much. Learning English for free it’s very pleasant when you love to learn this language and don’t have enough money to pay a teacher


    Glad to know you find the lessons useful. I wish you all the best with your English in the future.

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Thank you Rebecca. Got 10 out of 10. You are a very good teacher!!!

Igor Brazil

Thank you 10/10


Thank you Rebecca . Such a very useful lesson as usual .I’ve a question please .
What is the difference between (HOPE)&(WISH)?
Are they similar?
Wait your answer thank you again .

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Guys,Could you please make a lesson about How come?, it would be real helpful to me. love u guys.

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    “How come” is an informal way of saying, “Why?”
    All the best to you!

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Thanks so much Rebecca for such interesting lesson

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nashat anwar



100% :-)

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ohhhh i got 9 marks … one day we will become a good speaker i think i find right way to learning english thanks to all special teacher.


thenk you Ronnie


You got 9 correct out of 10

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I’ve got 10 out of 10 excelent!!!


Rebecco thank you very much.Believe this correct. I enjoyed my guitar last night. Correct me if I am wrong please.You are wonderful


Thank you teacher it is informative video..
I got 10 out of 10… :)


Thank you very very much!!!
I wanted to clear a doubt…
should I say “I had COME yesterday,but you were not there”


“I had CAME yesterday,but you were not there”?

which of these 2 is correct?

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    I had came on wednesday


    I had come on wednesday

    please reply

    thank you!

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      In both cases, “I had come” is the right answer.
      All the best to you!

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        Thank you so much!!!

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thanks rebecca.
sorry rebecca but i have a question out the lesson.
what the deffrence when i say
*i have some news for you? or
*i have got some news for you?
is it the same meaning??
thanks again.

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    Yes, it’s the same! All the best to you.

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I’m a Sarah.studying English literature and i truly need someone to help me with poet.if there’s anyone who can give me a hand i would be grateful.


    Maybe websites on English literature can help you or else you need to find a poetry lover / English speaker / teacher who can help you. Poetry is beautiful; I hope you find someone to help you enjoy it, and appreciate it. All the best to you, Sarah.

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    Hi my name is Sarah too, and just like you, I’m in the English literature :)
    I think we don’t need ‘a’ or ‘an’ to say a name, except we are ‘something’ right? hehe

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i have got 9 of 10 , not bad

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thank you


Dear Rebecca!

Thanks very much for the lesson!

You seem to speak Russian because these mistakes remind me the Russian language. The sentences 1, 3, 4, and 5 would be correct in Russian!

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    I wish I could speak many languages, including Russian,but at the moment, ya panimayou tolka nimnoga parooski!

    All the best to both of us, and our language pursuits!

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I got 100%


I get 100%. Thank you Rebecca!

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nice I get 100% thank you

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Thanks a lot! 100%

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thanksssss alot


thank you very much for the loesson

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Thanks rebbeca!
I got 10/10 and I understand this lesson very well.


Thank you teacher.


The teacher is excellent and the lesson is clear

magdy elsherbiny

thanks rabbeca!
I got this lesson 10/10 and I understand this lesson very well.

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first of all, thanks you for your videos, i learn english very quicly with engvid, but I still have some difficult in speaking and comunication. is there any advice for me to improve my language skills ? and thanks you very much .


    The only way to improve your speaking skills is by speaking! Look for a private teacher, conversation class or English-speaking friend, online or in your city and speak as much as possible, with feedback on your errors. All the best to you.

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i would like to request the teachers to give me an example,if possible, of an account about the sports which will be going on tomorrow. it can either be african cap of nation or others,it can also be all.its very important to me and even the students can try. i will appreciate your feedback.



    The best idea would be to go to the sports section of a newspaper or website and you can pick up a lot of relevant vocabulary and information about sports issues. All the best to you.

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Thanks Rebecca

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many thanks madam



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hi Rebecca!
I have a question. Im 29 old. I have no any education and Im beginner. So is it possible for me to become as russion-english translator without studying at university? what chances? what I must do to reach my target?


    Translators require a very good command of both languages. Usually, you should translate into your native language. You have to check on the requirements for entering the translation field in your country. All the best to you.

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10 out of 10 Thank you !


Thanks Rebecca

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thank you Rebecca . I got 10 . :)


:)))) thank you

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    hello dear ines
    i hope to study english together if you don’t mind , thankyou

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I got it. Thanks a lot, Rebecca. Congratulations! You and the others teachers are very great.

Maria Isabel

thanks Rebecca l got all correct.

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You are great teacher.thanks a lot.


Thanks Rebecca, your explanation was very good.

Mark Spinish

thanks a lot it was a great lessen I’ve got 10/10.


am happy!!! I got 100% you are a great teacher


9/10…hehehe, not bad for beginner like me.

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Thanks Rebecca it’s realy interesting for me.

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nice video… really

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waw um verry happy thnx you rebicca 10/10 شكرا لك in arabic and merci

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Thank You Rebecca


Thank u rebbeca u made me understand


I got 10/10. That´s so cool.

antonio cesar

10/10 that’s very import.

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it would be very nice to have the possibility to save the learnt lessons

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thanks every one :*


Thank you very much. you are wonderful!


It is first time I have 10/10, thank a lot Rebeca, your explaining very clear


thanks i got 4
i like it

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have scored 100


thank you very much. but i can’t download your lesson. pls, help me

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hello my teacher i like your lesson

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Thanks , they good job for help the people

I wish you happy ,


Thanks Rebecca..Good job than all teachers.

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thank you very much


wow! 10/10

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thanks teacher its my 1st day iwill give u good response

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thank you
I got 10 of 10


great thank you


10/10, Thank You

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Thanks, for your lesson.


Thanks, good lesson…

Omar Suca

thank you very much for commentary. you explain very beautiful.


Thanks to all for your feedback and glad you enjoyed this slightly different lesson. My best to all of you.

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Thanks so much


hi my teacher teachers vere vere good


she teaches very well


Common mistakes are very important to know.Thank you.


Hello Rebecca,good lesson and nice explanation.

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Rebecca you are my favorite teacher!


hi i want someone to spesk with me for improve my english language? ia there anyone?


Thank you may teacher, I’m very very hapy you lessons, it’s my farts commentes of you lessons.
I live in soth sudan


its so useful to me,,,

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Thanks for you lesson! Bye for now ;)

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Thanks Rebeca!! Is my first time here…you teacher very well!

Robson Souza

    Welcome to engvid! My best to you.

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thnx ,,

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Thaaaaank you my teacher Rebecca .I’ve got 10/10
I love English .I want to learn much.Teacher Rebecca please correct me If I wrot error .


10/10 ^^ thank you Rec :)

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10 from 10 ! very useful, thank you


10/10! Thanks Rebecca. I like the way you talk!

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Thank you very much it is a good lesson with very usefull (for me) tips ;)


That mean the title of movie “Me, Myself & Irene” is wrong ? :)

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Rebbeca… ur lessons are real helpful and I wanna thank u for that. a couple of days ago I asked for a ”how come lesson” u replied saying that how come is an informal way to say why ¡¡¡ but
I don’t know how or when I can use it.

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90 :D


)))); Thank you my teacher

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Thank you, Rebecca! Your lessons are always useful!

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Thanks for a good lesson on finding the errors in grammar. I got 10/10:)

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tank you Rebecca , I like your teaching method, I quite appreciate your hard work in this regard I had looking from a long time in internet websites some learning materiel, I find some but they not were for my interesting, when I find these videos they are become very successfully for me I learned exactly, but now I have some problem it writing if you guide me how to start how to combine the words to each other in letter, also i had watched your writing video that was very good but I want to learn some more.

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Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your lesson. Everything was fine with the quiz until I got no. 8. The option “my mother is 85 years” is definitely incorrect. But the option “my mother is 85 years old” seems also wrong. The later sounds better, though. Shouldn’t it be “my mother is 85 year old”? (or 85-year-old). Many thanks for your feedback.

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Wow ! I have got 10 correct out of 10 . so, i have studied the lesson very carefully. :)


thanks a lot
i enjoyed the lesson and I got a good information :)

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Easily understood…thank you..!

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“I look forward to meeting you” here why “to meeting” and not “to meet”please explain.

Profile photo of pavankumar pavankumar

I got 100%…Thank you!!!You are a great teacher!!!

Marisa Quinn

This lessons is fantástic , I love that!

Mauro theodoro

thank you very much

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hello mam rebecca , I’m not good in english even though im college right now . Our language is not english but im really want to learn english . I must to learn english pleaase .If you have an email address so that can i send some messages please i want you as a teacher . Could you please ?


I have got 10/10 that’s good

Dennys moraes


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thank you very much dear Rebecca

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Thanks rebacca I got nine from ten

Farhad Glasgow

10/10 very useful thanx alot

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rebecca mam i saying you mam because i learn so many important things from your videos and your way of teaching is simle and intresting so i would like to thank you.

rajinder singh

10/10 Very important advices.
Thanks a lot

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Hello Rebbeca, could you please explain us the diference between the next words:
Right Away,
Right now
Straight Away
Also I’ll like that you explain us the context to use each one.

Profile photo of jairoarboleda jairoarboleda

i got 10/10 thanks alot

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Dear Rebbeca,
Thanks very much for the lesson!
But, i have one dought. why we use the preposition in between want and drink (both are verbs)in the second sentence? please help me out


hi everyone i am new, please render me the welcome…

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yeah! 10/10 ;)

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Thanks for the lesson. I wish you will do more lessons of this kind in the future.




I’ve got 100

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wow…nice lesson for me

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Is this version correct? The movie is enjoyed by my. OR. I’m enjoyed from the movie. Thanks!


Good lesson and good teacher.

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thanks a lot

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Thank you so much mistress.


thank you


Thank you very much! with the help of your explanation, I got the perfect score.


hi, iam new here, but i fell with you I will go forward.
thanks a lot

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thank so much,it was very useful for me,how can fine more much error sentences foe practice,please guide me .

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It is a very good practise!

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10/10, simple explanation and very useful. :)

Ivan Jaya

thank a lot… i like your English very much

tsultrim tashi

Thanks for your useful lessons and I have a suggestion , that we have abilities to print the quiz after we passed it

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amazing,good SAT stuff lol


thank you…i would like to chat any one to improve my conversation skill

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    i m there to chat with u.

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skypeid :manaf almas

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I have got 10/10

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I got 10 /10
thank you very much.

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Thank you very much i really appreciate you,
I got 10 of 10 i’m very happy with this score,
again thanks


How do you rate a question?

ohh! Okey. not a problem , because it’s all right… good luck Rebecca

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10/10 thank u.

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Why it is mywife not my wife?


It’s very true that a good teacher must have clear conception of what she/ he is going to teach. You really makes things easier to understand and use. Thank you, teacher Rebecca, for your great job. Your sample sentences pointed to the errors about expression of age , verb need to-v or gerund , word position in sentence , order of words etc.
Suddenly , I had a weird thought: we pretended not to know about the age the boy was trying to express.
1 . I have 15 year.
There are 3 ways to the above-mentioned sentence :
a. I have 15 year left.
b. I am 15 .
C. I am 15 years old.
Teacher Rubecca , could we have lesson talking about the way of abstract noun shifting into countable noun ?

Profile photo of stupor67 stupor67

    I have 15 years left before I retire.

    The sentence above could be used in this way, but not to describe age.

    My best wishes to you.

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9/10 not bad

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thank you, Rebeca!

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I like the lesson very much.thanks

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thank u very much….got 100

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100% :)

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100 % THANKS

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thanks Rebecca . You’re the best here :**

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i have 10/10. thanks Rebeca very much…

Profile photo of phamhanh1712 phamhanh1712

thanks rebecca, why we don’t learn diagramming to make our grammar more systematically and more correctly

Profile photo of thataazhari thataazhari

    They used to do that when I was younger, and it did help, but education systems lost interest in detailed grammar study and that is why even native speakers today make mistakes. Not because of not diagramming, but because of rarely studying grammar. My best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

very good

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thank you teacher ;thank you website administration.

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Hi dear Rebecca, I enjoy very much your english lessons. Thank you.

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I got 100 % again

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i got 90% .. !

i don’t know why we should say ” my doghter is five ” and we should not say ” my doghter is five years ” ! :(

but thank you very much.. because all my problems with grammer .:)

Profile photo of noorbazlamit33 noorbazlamit33

    You can say:
    My daughter is five.
    My daughter is five years old.

    You cannot say:
    My daughter is five years.

    This is how it is in English! My best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you for your lesson, now I got the point

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i got 80%…mmmmm

Profile photo of mejpai mejpai

i got 100%.awesome.
thank u teacher

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Thanks Ms.Rebecca. Your way of teaching is very catchy and easy to follow.

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Thanks Rebecca

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First lesson in engvid – 7/10
Thanks Rebecca

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Rebecca madam teach english very well.thanks madam.

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It´s easy. I like your explanation very much. thank you

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Thanks to all for your feedback. My warmest wishes to you.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of erik05 erik05

Hi Sister Rebecca
i am so thankful that i got some information about in error words so now i know to simply the error words

Profile photo of thennek24 thennek24

please, what is the difference among these words: error, mistake, fault, wrong and false…

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Thanks Rebecca for this lesson, you are great person.

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Thank you ,u’re a great teacher

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Thank you.

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Hi Rebecca. I like your lessons. They are very useful and practical. The way of teaching is excellent! Thank you.

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i have got 80%.i think ,this is the best educational website.

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Not bad, I got 9 out of 10 in the quiz. I must really thank to the teacher. I promise I will good at English. I will come into this website everyday and learn all videos.

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Thanks Rebecca, you are amazing….

Profile photo of wiltoncleiton wiltoncleiton

Hi, Rebecca i want to ask you about something. We all use a word ‘for example’ is that another form of it?? Thank you :)

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Rebecca you are the biggest teacher, your teachings are free as the best of the life.

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ohhhh i only got 90,, but thanks your teach is very well,,,thanks Rebecca,,,^_^

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Thank you for very useful information.

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I git 100 the quiz was very easy thank you

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Thank you mam!I got 100%.

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Hi Rebecca,
Recently i saw this website for learning English. I saw a video at that time i understood that, now i can learn English.
The main reason is that i can understand but i can’t talk and write properly.
This is worst in my part.
With full effort i am saying that,Can u Please suggest me ..?( Here u can understand how my English was)……And can you give ANSWERS For this(((100 Common Job Interview Question)))

Profile photo of venugoli venugoli

Hi Rebecca,
Recently i saw this website for learning English. I saw a video at that time i understood that, now i can learn English.
The main reason is that i can understand but i can’t talk and write properly.
This is worst in my part.
With full effort i am saying that,Can u Please suggest me ..?( Here u can understand how my English was)……And can you give ANSWERS For this(((100 Common Job Interview Question)))

Profile photo of venugoli venugoli

WoW! I have scored 100 in this Quiz.
Thanks Rebecca. God is there because u are there to teach us.Thank God…!

Profile photo of venugoli venugoli

yey! 10/10. Thanks Rebecca…

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oh. i got 100. thanks Rebecca.

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Thanks Rebecca.

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I got 10 answers correct! Thank you Rebecca.

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شكرا جزيلا
it was very fantastic

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you are my best teacher on engvid.com

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Dear Rebeca!I realy enjoy your English teaching method.Thank you.

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Thank you I got 9-10

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10/10… excelent lesson!!!
Thank you!!!

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Dear Rebecca, thank you very much for the lesson. I really enjoyed it very much. EngVid makes English easy to learn.
I completely understand your lesson, but here’s what I don’t understand: what the difference between ‘you and I’ ‘you and me’ and ‘me and you’?
Thank you :)

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Thanks Mam, I got 100%. Your hairstyle is bangs

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    brother qayum focus on learning english.accept my apology.

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thank you my teacher Rebecca I really enjoyed this lesson and I have got 100% in it

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Thank you Rebecca!

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I got 9-10.

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Dear Teacher,
Error No. 5 instead of ‘I’ we can use ‘myself’?

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Thank you for you so excellent explanation

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Thank you for you so excellent explanation

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I’m going to be working …..
I’m going to be talking …..

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