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very useful leccion,thanks!

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      I knew what you meant. :) Good self-correction! Thanks for checking out the lesson, Rosa.

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Thank you so much Mr Alex!!!You´re undoubtedly one of the best teachers on the internet!!

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    That’s very kind. Thanks. I’m always looking to improve.

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useful, thanks

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    Any time. Thanks for studying with me.

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Thank you Alex! These teachings will be very useful.

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    I’m glad to hear that, Timoni! Thanks for studying with EngVid, and good luck with your English journey!

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thank you Alex but I need to many times again jeje

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    That’s okay. Some lessons need more time.

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Alex, that was a great video! It is truly helpful and very beautiful

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    Aw, thanks Sofiia. I’ve never had someone call my lessons beautiful before. I’ll take it!

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Thanx for the lesson, Alex! Keep it up!

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    Thanks, Valery. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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Thanks! such great vocabularies.

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    Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson.

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I didn’t get a chance earlier to thank you enough for your recommendation about some really good books. I had read the ‘wonder” by R.J. Palacio, and I can tell it was an extremely interesting book which I benefited a lot on so many levels. and I’m about to get the others, though that is not easy getting them in where I live. So, thank you so much

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    Hi Hassan, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It’s probably my favourite book from the five I recommended in that video. I would suggest getting your hands on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time next.

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      Thank you, certainly I will.

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Very useful lesson, thank you Alex!
A smile!

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    My pleasure! I’m glad it was useful, byte.

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I join to previous students. Great lesson! I’m not in advenced level but everything was clear, no matter it was difficult. My result is 100!!!!! Thanks a lot, Alex!

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    That’s great, Larisa! I’m happy to hear that it was clear for more than just advanced students.

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It was a very clear explanation, as always. I have had a good punctuation, this material is not much easy to memorize yet but despite of this, I appreciate a lot this work!

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    “I appreciate this work a lot!” My pleasure, hrodebert. I’m glad it was clear and useful.

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Hallo Alex,

please, could be used this expressions in the IELTS speaking part ?
(The questions about economy, politics, …)
Or would it be too formal ?

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    Absolutely! I think your examiner would be quite impressed if you managed to use something like “this stems from…” or “this is triggered by…” in your speaking section. It’s more important to use a variety of tenses and structures in the speaking section, though.

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Although I got eight out of ten It seems quite difficult to use. Just in case not look stupid among professors, I remember cause and effect power verbs. Thanks a lot.

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    You shouldn’t want to remember them to not look stupid in front of professors. You should want to remember them so you can use them in your own work, studies, etc. Good luck, Yurgen!

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That was Great. Thanks

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    You’re welcome. Thanks for checking it out!

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Thanks for sharing those “academics” expressions Alex. I’ve found them useful and rewarding. Perfects for a wonderful essay

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    Thanks, Freddy. I’m glad they were useful.

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Thank you very much, teacher….!!!

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    Any time, Jakub. Thanks for checking out the lesson, as always.

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Thanks Mr Alex …Great lesson ..Handsome Teacher


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    You’re welcome, husam. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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your work is incredible,

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    Thanks, David. That’s really nice to hear. Have a great day!

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10/10 ☺ . Thanks Alex for the great lesson. <3

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    You’re welcome, Jasmine. I’m glad you benefited from the lesson. Nice work on the quiz!

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That’s a really great lesson, especially for me going to pass IELTS.

Thank you, Alex!

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    Good luck with your IELTS! I hope this vocabulary will be useful.

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Great lesson.

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    My pleasure. Thanks for watching, Iva.

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I got the 100 scores in the quiz. Thank you, teacher, Alex for letting me know how to improve my academic writing :)

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    Nice work, Mark! Keep it up.

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80%. That was really useful!!

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    Thank you. I’m glad. The next step is to put this knowledge into regular practice. Otherwise, it’s easy to forget.

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Thank you Alex !

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    Any time, Tyrion. Thank you for studying with me.

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Hello sir

How are you ? I’m ur new student, i have seen your interesting of useful videos since 2 months ago after watching those videos, I’ve tired to search the quiz for
understanding but still i haven’t got the quiz.. Could you please give me the link sir

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    Welcome to EngVid, Sathishsmart! The quiz is right under the video. It says “Test your understanding of this English lesson
    Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.”

    All of the questions are multiple choice. I hope this helps and you’re able to find it!

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thank you Alex.

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that is useful

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    My pleasure, Sultan. Thanks for studying with me and with EngVid!

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    I’m happy to hear that! Thanks for checking out the lesson, Kebede.

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these words will increase my score in Academic writing in the IELTS Exam

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    Absolutely! Good luck to you.

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100,and thank again

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    Nice job! Keep it up, Neal. :)

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Very useful academic vocabularies.Thank you very much Alex.

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    You’re very welcome. Thanks for checking out the lesson, achiou85. Good luck with your studies.

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Many thanx Alex… absolutely a useful lesson also you taught in a simple way!!

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Probably, you’re the best teacher at explaining I’ve ever met! Thank you for the lessons!

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Greeting! Sir, I am new learner here and I don’t know even single about to it so please provide me all content for new learner. Thank you very much. Now I am going watch. Your videos.

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Thank you sir.! Very useful lesson.

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100 these vacobulary will lead to improving about eng. thank u alex. ı hope my sentence is correct

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I am still on the line that makes me unbelievably happy. The amazing way to pronounce the words and your brief explanations and also examples. Thanks for the video. You are amazing !!!

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9/10 :) THANK YOU

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I really appreciate your support, Adam. Thank you so much.

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tnx for lesson and I got 100

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Hey Alex!!! Just wanna thank you for this cheerfull lesson. As you said it can really come in handed knowing power verb like those.

“losing from the score 3 to 0, the result of game has caused coach carlos’s dismissal this morning which also gave rise to several fan protests”

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I have a confuse. What’s the difference between “cute” and “adorable”?

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thank you alex teacher

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Thank you very much Mr. Alex!

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This video is one of my favoutite. It’s incredibly useful! Thanks a lot for your great job.

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great lesson ..

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“Now I’m going to the next board”…nice touch. Your style is great, but you handwriting as lousy as mine! Wonder if it’s just because we both were not born with the english gene in our blood? Kidding. No offence meant. Thanks for sharing your magic with people who cannot afford some fancy school, but eager to make our place better than we found it and English as well. Thanks. We appreciate it. Take care!

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very beautiful to learn

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really difficult verbs

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that is very useful for me,because there is something wrong with my essay and i need some advanced verbs to improve my writing skills.Thank you

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hi there.I got 90 that was great.thank you

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Alex brings about learning English in a right way.

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Thank you so much I appreciate your work I am trying to enhance my writing after getting band 5 in this criteria.

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Brillant lesson. I would like to congratulate you for your teacher’s skills🙏

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Though this is the first time I’m leaving a comment, I’ve always enjoyed your teaching.
Thank you!

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how to whatch video?

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you know Mr Alex .this video is really catching on .i would like to tell you also you are the best teacher of Enlish …you always help me through your interesting lessons .take your care and goodbye thank you so much Toufik from Algeria

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Greatt thank you for the lessons

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Thanks for your lesson it is helping me a lot .

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that was very effective
thank you

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Thanks, Alex. Your lesson helpful me to learn English.

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thanks, alexyour lesson was very useful for me.

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Thank you very much for this lesson!

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nice quiz… i hope be better

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Thank you Alex. This lesson was very usefull for me.

100 Score in quize result from my fantastic teacher Alex.

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Thank you Mr. Alex nice tutorial

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I am afraid you said 15 verbs, but you gave only 14 verbs.

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thanks Alex

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10 of 10 sounds good

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It’s an excellent lesson Alex.. it’s useful to improve my writing skills. I like the way you explain, thanks for the video.

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HI, Alex
Thank you so much for the detailed explanation.

I have some questions about the following information.
As an English teacher, I always want to help my students learn as much as possible, but sometimes I’m not sure which (phrasal) verb doesn’t have passive usage and which should have sb. as the subject.
Can you help me check them? Thank you so much.

A create/produce/cause/trigger B
A contribute to/result in/bring about/give rise to/lead to B
A is responsible(accountable) for/is to blame for/answer for B
B is created/produced/caused/triggered by A
B is brought up by A(how about other phrasal verbs?)

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10/10 thankss!!

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awesome, there is a sentence that i have built already about your institution.
improving my writing skills are caused by Vid English teachers

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That thing I was looking for. Thanks.

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10/10. Your success stems from your effort!
Thank you very much for the useful lesson!

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Hi Alex, you made good effort to bring this lesson for us will cause to give us good imagination to keep in our mind to use mature verb phrases while giving ielts.

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Thanks! I’m very glad to learn through your website. I am very sure to be more by your support. Waiting for your always advice.

With regards!

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Thanks Alex, it’s beautiful

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It was useful and handy. Tank you Alex.

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What an interesting platform. Thank you Alex.

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wow, thank you so much that was a great lesson and I learnt a lot. You are an amazing teacher

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I had join this channel one month ago, Looking for increase my skills because Toefl test.
I can say, Alex, YOU ARE THE BEST. (on my opinion)

Keep Looking at you.
Best Regards

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thank you so much!

the video contains a lot of helpful information;

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Good one. I got 9/10

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Excellent lesson… I have been looking for a site like this for a long time. Thank you!

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Thanks for the lesson

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Alex, very thank you for this awesome lesson. Wouldn’t you mind, please do a lesson where I could get some landscape to generate ideas for IELTS task 2 on different topics?
I really appreciate your truthful bits of help

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thankyou so much Mr

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It’s the first time I’ve heard about the verb “stem from”, so it will be impressive in my essays.

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It was really fun learning something new

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Very helpful Alex I really appreciate all the effort you have put in to your video it really has helped thank you.

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By the way I got full marks in the quiz.😁

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How could I practice these cause and effect power verbs?

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You people are amazingly good , i don’t have the words to thank you .

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Hi Alex! Is it okay to use these verbs in my speaking skills?

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thats was a wonderfull class I expect that you increase your IELTS participation with new examples or exam simulation , I knowthis is very complicated for only one class but 3 or 4 helpfully us.

thanks a lot , you´re excelent teacher

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Alex is an awesome teacher. Thanks a lot. My teacher. Love from your student,
New Delhi, India

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90% not bad lol

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How can I replace this image with my pic please? Any idea?

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Thanks a lot, Alexis! I have learned a lot with this video!!

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It was a helpful lessons and it enhanced my vocabulary list. thanks a lot

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I liked so much this lesson

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I enjoyed so much this lesson

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