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Great lesson, Adam. Thanks!

Profile photo of Marcelo Machado Marcelo Machado

    Outstanding! Learned a lot from the lesson. I took the quiz and got 100%. Thank you.

    Profile photo of englishtime1980 englishtime1980

    Goog lesson i am very happy to know the site engvid

    Profile photo of diatta diatta

Good job Adam i am interesting :)

Profile photo of asala asala

Adam !!! thanks a lot for this lesson, at the beginning I thought the Phrasal verbs were not important, but now I understand how important and common they are !!!. Once again, thank you very much

Profile photo of xavier0912 xavier0912

    I think that phrasal verbs are the most important and difficult things in understanding common english, but everyone has to get it through

    Profile photo of kroy kroy

    I think for native English speaker they use a lot of phrasal verbs everyday

    Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

I got 8/10

Profile photo of asala asala

good but someday someone told me ” i try to call u in ur self phone but i don’t get thought it” what is mean get through here ??????

Profile photo of sami45 sami45

    Does he meant that he tried to call your cell phone and you wasn’t pick up?

    Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

      Hi BianLei, exactly! Good to go… :-)

      Profile photo of englishtime1980 englishtime1980

    BianLei is totally right

    Profile photo of ludmilaz ludmilaz

    Hi Sami,

    Get through here means make the connection. Maybe the line was busy, or maybe you just didn’t pick up.

    Hope that helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    means he cant contact you

    Profile photo of edward captain edward captain

    . To be able to reach or contact someone. Nope, the line is busy—I can’t get through.

    Profile photo of Abdullahaae101 Abdullahaae101

I got 8/10. Thanks for the lesson. Phrasal verbs very important, and used every day, but in some case I confused when one have different meanings. I need more time that remember it.

Profile photo of INCITY INCITY

thanks ;-)

Profile photo of jaromiko jaromiko

Good lesson, Adam. It was the first time for me, but I really liked your lesson.

Profile photo of geertderuiter geertderuiter

I got 8/10. very nice teacher,andvery nice lesson. Thanks!

Profile photo of Isabellechen21 Isabellechen21

9 out of 10! It’s easy to learn about how to use phrasal verbs when we have such a good teacher!

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

You happen to be one of the best English ever!!

Thanks for teaching us!!

Profile photo of juniorccs juniorccs

Amazing lesson,dude,and keep going!

Profile photo of maicon55 maicon55

I got 9/10.Congratulations.Thank you very much.

Profile photo of roldano roldano

9 out of 10, the same to Janilza, haha, nice lesson:)

Profile photo of Cloud Chu Cloud Chu

Very useful lesson and as always you did it very well.I have one question.Why did you say me and my friend get along instead of I and my friend get along? Thank you sir. Good luck!

Profile photo of oshada oshada

    I noticed that too, but I had to listen to it once again, and I think “me” is in position of an object, so is “my friends”. So, this isn’t the same when you try to say “I get along with my friends”. I also think that you can change the sentence to: “My friends and me get along.” So, there’s no “I” in this case, and also, there’s no “with”. And I think this is the key thing, and you probably could say “My friends and I get along with her.” . So, as you can see, in this case you have “I” and “with”.

    Of course, this is only my understanding, and I don’t know if that’s right, but I think it is. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing Adam’s explanation. :)

    Profile photo of morfik morfik

    It’s a whole topic in English, it is correct to to say “My friend (or any other noun) and I”, OR in casual English I heard people say “Me and my friend (again any other noun)”

    Profile photo of ludmilaz ludmilaz

    Hi Oshada,

    Though Morfik made a valiant effort, ‘me and my friend get along’ is technically incorrect grammar. Me and my friend (we) get along, or my friend and I get along essentially mean the same- we have a good relationship. That being said, however, this construction is used so often that it has become acceptable in everyday speech. Would I write this? Probably not. These days there is a lot of leeway (space to maneuver) in spoken English, but not in formal written English.

    I hope that helps a little. I could be on guard to use perfect grammar all the time, but it’s actually not that realistic in terms of everyday usage.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Nice lesson. Thank you

Profile photo of Harika Litz Harika Litz

Really difficult. Special thank Adam.

Profile photo of nguyenhuudo nguyenhuudo

Thanks, Adam………..I like your class very much…….You area agreat teacher

Profile photo of Ricardo1973 Ricardo1973

phrasal verbs.I like them.Thanks Adam.10 out of 10 is good

Profile photo of Waligaa wax baro Waligaa wax baro

I have a question about the phrase “get off”, I remember some movie clips: People said “Get off from my car!” with a rude action. Can we use “get off from my car” as a kind way? When I hear “get off” I always think it’s a rude phrase..

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

    when you say get off from my car is how you say (tone/command) and use it in the sentence. You can say it more in polite way by saying can you please get off my car.

    Profile photo of englishtime1980 englishtime1980

      good answer :)

      Profile photo of Adam Adam

        Thank you both, you guys are showing us on how to express and proper use of english grammar. I am new to the site and finally, found a site that is interesting, fun, easy to follow, and most of all we can apply in our everyday use of english language.

        Profile photo of englishtime1980 englishtime1980


      Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

    Hi Bian Lei,

    Englishtime gave a good answer. Get off basically means remove yourself from (my car). Mostly it’s not said in a polite way, but it could be.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      You guys are cool~

      Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

My 1st test, and 7/10. Thanx a lot for a lesson!

Profile photo of Tim Zakirov Tim Zakirov

You are the best tearcher. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of nguyennhung nguyennhung

hallo all student @ friend

Profile photo of jazabmalik jazabmalik

I got 8/10
I thought the answer of quiz 8. will be (past) but I said:No i didn’t hear the phrase when i watched the video ,although i think i’m not getting through this lesson yet
(Is what i wrote here bad English Adam??)

Profile photo of Hoda Hoda

    I mean i need more practice

    Profile photo of Hoda Hoda

    Hi Hoda,

    No, you wrote well. :) That was my fault. I wanted to include past as being similar to through. I guess I did it in my head only.

    Get past means reach the other side of a bad situation and be ok, or overcome something.

    Hope that helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      yes Adam
      Thank you very much

      Profile photo of Hoda Hoda

      Adam, if I say this way – “I know this all seems very difficult right now, but we will get ____over___ this and laugh about it some day.
      Plus, my spellchecker suggests SOMEDAY. Is this guy right or wrong???

      Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

Thanks a lot.
get past wasn’t on the video I made a mistake:(
I got 9/10 so happy:D

Profile photo of sar.ra16 sar.ra16

I got 7 correct out of 10. I was confused. I hope to listen and try the quiz again. Thank you Alex :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    Oops! I mistook your name. So sorry, Adam (><)

    Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

I really appreciate your help to improve our knowledge of English. Thank you very, very much!

Profile photo of etlapa etlapa

thanks adam

Profile photo of kamran1975 kamran1975

Thank you adam

Profile photo of pintuk pintuk

thanks adam..i got 7 out of 10..anyway it is really helpful

Profile photo of vsanjaya vsanjaya

Hi adam..Please make a video about Over, it is really confusing me…Eg:move over,look over
..pls pls pls

Profile photo of pintuk pintuk

    Will do, Pintuk :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you very much…it is the first time i got a reply to my comment…i’m really happy…

      Profile photo of pintuk pintuk

As usually, very useful lesson. Thank you Adam. Greetings from Poland.

Profile photo of eurokolchoznik eurokolchoznik

Thank you so much

Profile photo of sa.sa sa.sa

really enjoyed the lesson
and got 8 /10
but you didn’t explain (get past)so I lost a point :)

Profile photo of NADA SOUBH NADA SOUBH

    Also happened to me…I lost a point because of “get past”! :)

    Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

      that’s okay :)
      I revenged for myself and got through the test again hhhhaaaa

      Profile photo of NADA SOUBH NADA SOUBH

    Sorry about that Nada. It was in my head to include with get through. But I’m glad you did it again. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam


Profile photo of JASKING JASKING

Thank you, Adam

Profile photo of dhissie dhissie

Thank you!

Profile photo of wabueno wabueno

Thank you so much teacher Adam thank you

Profile photo of amarpreet amarpreet

Adam, let me ask. I saw “I just had it cleaned” in the quiz. Is that correct? I’d have used Present Perfect.

Profile photo of Dosya Dosya

    Hi Dosya,

    This construct is called a causative. it has different uses than the perfect. What do you think it means?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Is it something like “I need to have my hair cut”? Or “I had my hair cut?” We’re taught here to react with Present Perfect as soon as we see “just”. Almost fanatics lol

      Profile photo of Dosya Dosya

        Hi Dosya,

        Unfortunately, many English teachers like to introduce formulas to grammar, but they forget that context plays a large role.
        Yes, it is causative like the hair cut example, just in the passive voice, so… ‘I just had my hair cut.’

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam…:)

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Profile photo of ruslannomone ruslannomone

great lesson, Adam! Thank you

Profile photo of nacer05 nacer05

I got 100, and of course, I shot in 8 because there was no “through”.

I didn’t know what “get past” means, and besides nothing else seemed to be right, I chose it. :)

Profile photo of morfik morfik

    It was in my head to include it with get through. :)
    It means reach the other side of a bad situation and be ok, or overcome. Similar to we’ll get through this.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I had a great plaesure with this work i got 9/10. What interesting thing , about get past, i didnt know what is it means, i just guessed:D

Profile photo of Anna Gevorg Anna Gevorg

    Hi Anna,

    Slight error on my part. It was in my head to include it with get through. :)
    It means reach the other side of a bad situation and be ok, or overcome. Similar to we’ll get through this.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I found that native speakers use phrasal verbs quite a lot everyday.Might phrasal verbs use easy than other words?

Profile photo of linhbom linhbom

    Hi Linhbom,

    I hate to say this, but you have to think of phrasal verbs as another type of vocabulary and practice them as such. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hello Adam
I’ve changed the fly Halloween costume by this one
This time there is no transcription on your lesson but it’s great,
Thank you for teaching us

Profile photo of Jesús R. Jesús R.

Thank you for the lesson Adam.
Phrasal verbs are so hard to keep in mind…

Profile photo of aiace aiace

Thanks for an amazing lesson. My points: 9/10. Seventh question was really difficult :)

Profile photo of Becia19 Becia19

Hello Adam,

I have a question. I also heard that get away (with) can also mean the same as get off – I mean not to be punished for something properly


Profile photo of Adam Adam

    You’re right!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Hi Adam :)

    It more often means not get caught, or there is no evidence to blame you with.

    Hope that helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Get past wasn’t on the video and so I lost that point.

Profile photo of sauron34 sauron34

    Hi Sauron,

    My mistake. It was in my head to include it with get through. :)
    It means reach the other side of a bad situation and be ok, or overcome. Similar to we’ll get through this.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Than you for you answer Adam, you’re awesome!

      Profile photo of sauron34 sauron34

and i just remembered Get Down And Get With It by Slade))

Profile photo of k-nata k-nata


    Profile photo of Adam Adam

You’re cobra!!!

Profile photo of Edilson Edilson

    cool :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Amazing lesson! It looks so easy now, just keep it in mind ;-)

Profile photo of Lenka84 Lenka84

    Hi where are u? si v us?

    Profile photo of JaneS JaneS

how often are published news video in Engvid?

Profile photo of marystela marystela

    3 videos per week!

    Profile photo of ludmilaz ludmilaz

      Thanks Ludmila, but do you know which days are published?

      Profile photo of marystela marystela

        Randomly I guess…just check it out from time to time during a week and you’ll definitely see a new video class

        Profile photo of ludmilaz ludmilaz

    Hi Marystela

    Every two or three days. Check once in a while and you can look t old posting too if you miss one.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam great lesson keep going!

Profile photo of Lexy Lexy


Profile photo of Syafiq Imran Syafiq Imran

Great lesson! I got 10/10

Profile photo of danyanni danyanni

Thank you so much Adam for your great post. No teacher has ever explained this to me any better than you. I’d like to see more videos on phrasal verbs. Keep on the good job!

Profile photo of aminm aminm

I got 9/10 :(
It was due to a little confusion.
You are a great teacher! Thank you so much!!
Looking forward for many such interesting lesson :)

Profile photo of Rhea Rhea

I got 9/10.
Thank you so much :)

Profile photo of Miramis Miramis

For me, phrasal verbs are the most difficult part of english. But after this video I understood a lot of phrasal verbs with “get”. Thank you so much!!

Profile photo of nigarr nigarr

    It is all good. But without everyday practice this lesson will have zero effect!

    Profile photo of rewdp rewdp

Great Adam, thanks :)

Profile photo of byte byte

thanks a lot i got 8/10. i can’t believe, once again thank you a lot.

Profile photo of ganow ganow

how about impore my ability to speak english teacher

Profile photo of phoplop phoplop

    Hi Phoplop,

    Hate to say it, but speak!

    If you have no one to speak with, record yourself speaking and listen to your own mistakes and work on them.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you so much.

Profile photo of Joseph74 Joseph74

You are a great teacher! Thank you so much!!

Profile photo of shafiq mujtaba ahmad shafiq mujtaba ahmad

Many thanks Adam, but please tell us the difference between “Welcome on board” and “Welcome aboard”.

Profile photo of maqdoni maqdoni

    Hi Maqdoni,

    i think that they technically mean the same thing, though I would use on board when someone enters a ship or plane, and I would use aboard when someone joins a group or team (such as at work).

    Hope that helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you adam

Profile photo of koubalondon koubalondon

really am grateful for you adam , you simplify it . I get it <3

Profile photo of rubatayseer rubatayseer

Really, really Thank you!!! got 10/10 :)

Profile photo of Elizabeth-K Elizabeth-K

I got through this lesson but unfortunately I didn’t do a good job I’ve taken 6/10 however as always I’ll get over this and do all again.

Profile photo of brunusBrasil brunusBrasil

Thank you Adam!

Profile photo of Gabriel R. Gabriel R.

thanks for the lecture it is so usefull

Profile photo of slguyblaise slguyblaise

Does someone know if I say: I GOT along with you tonight …it it wrong? Does it mean that you and me were good friends but after this night we are not!! ? thx.

Profile photo of maesib16 maesib16

    Hi Maesib,

    If you and a person got along, it shouldn’t be necessary to say it. If, however, you think you might not be friends anymore, you ask “why? didn’t we get along?” or ” we got along, didn’t we? why don’t you want to be friends?”

    Hope that helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you! I got 10/10!

Profile photo of netmankz netmankz

sir kindly update ur voice like ms Rebecca. i got 7/10

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

    Hi Mianbcs,

    Not sure what you mean by ‘update’ my voice. If you mean speak louder, I’ll try.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Very useful lesson.Tank you.

Profile photo of ganman ganman

i don’t understand so much

Profile photo of beginner84 beginner84

thanks, Adam

Profile photo of dinhbachqn dinhbachqn

Adam, thank you very much for this very progressive program. You make me fall in Love with English. Many greetings from Hamburg, Germany and Bali Indonesia( my two home town). With my very best regards .

Profile photo of Les Bloehs Les Bloehs

9 out of 10, not too bad.
Past wasn´t in the explanation, tricky.

Profile photo of ramoncarrasco ramoncarrasco

    Hi Ramon,

    Sorry about that. It was in my head to include it with get through. :)
    It means reach the other side of a bad situation and be ok, or overcome. Similar to we’ll get through this.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks a lot it is very usefull, and I appreciate u support to learn us the english on a good way.

Profile photo of lolah lolah

I got 8 scores

Profile photo of lolah lolah

Thank you Adan, I really apreciated this lesson, you are right we need to practice and practice and practice.

I see you T next good lesson.

Profile photo of waldecy coelho waldecy coelho

thank you Adam

Profile photo of thair thair

Thank you Adam for this lesson you’re the best :)

Profile photo of Hiba Aline Hiba Aline

In total how many “Phrasal Verbs” are there…?
And In general how many we need to remember for our daily coversation..?

Profile photo of zakir49 zakir49

    Hi Zakir,

    Too many to count, and yes, remember them like you would any other vocabulary.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks for Wonderful lesson Adam..:)

Profile photo of zakir49 zakir49

thank you Adam

Profile photo of dear dear

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate all the positive and encouraging comments.

Also, sorry about the ‘past’ phrasal. I meant to include it as similar to ‘through’.

It means reach the other side of a bad situation and be ok, or overcome. Similar to we’ll get through this.


Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you so much! It’s really useful :).

Profile photo of hienphanbk hienphanbk

teacher. do u have skypone, u can add my skyphone ” phop.lop” and if u free u can talk with me!!!!!

Profile photo of phoplop phoplop


Profile photo of EmiliRR EmiliRR

Excuse-me: Bravo!!

Profile photo of EmiliRR EmiliRR


Profile photo of mazinho007 mazinho007

I’ve done the exercise but i got a mistake in number 8 because in your video doesn’t explain me about it. Anyway, your tutorial video is so useful for me. Big thanks from me.

Profile photo of sovan.nara sovan.nara

I love your class!

Profile photo of sheilaoliveira sheilaoliveira

your voice so easy to hear
I like you
you are the best teacher
sorry my EL verry bad

Profile photo of hainguyen122 hainguyen122

Hey Adam, I am Adriano. Your lessons have been helping me a lot on my projects here in Brazil. I would like to share my ideas with you. Please,If you have a time send me an e-mail: adsaugo@gmail.com So then I could talk more about it for you. Thank you. Have a Great day :)

Profile photo of adsaugo adsaugo

adam, thanks for your lesson. i think i meet a great theacher in here.

Profile photo of cinderellaprincess cinderellaprincess

it was really got me up..

Profile photo of avinash.soni222 avinash.soni222

Thank you teacher for your great lesson.

Profile photo of trangpnguyen trangpnguyen

Adam… You rock!!! Thank you for lesson!

Profile photo of Julio.ribeiro Julio.ribeiro

hey..thanks Adam..got 10/10. get up and get through the obstacles in the path, otherwise the will get you down and that is really bad…it’s only the first step that matters ….hahaa..thanks again

Profile photo of PSfromINDIA PSfromINDIA

    *otherwise they …sorry

    Profile photo of PSfromINDIA PSfromINDIA

I got 8 out of 10.

Profile photo of novik.ya novik.ya

Just 7 out of 10… but I’ll get over it!

Profile photo of isaacAlsaid isaacAlsaid

got 50% need more practice, thanks, Adam

Profile photo of kettyarath kettyarath

I got 7/10

Profile photo of mohammad aldandashi mohammad aldandashi

well a small doubt….. u said that we use the phrase “get in” for anything like container or closed….ryt??
and u also mentioned that we use the phrase “get on” for the boats or aeroplane or anything which has a big place to walk… ryt??
so my question is… why do we use the phrase “get in” in the sentence… “get in to the class.” where class is a big place where we can walk and roam…. why do we xactly use like that?? according to what you said we should use “get on” in that sentence… but we dont use it lyk that.. why is it like that??

Profile photo of sophia bieber sophia bieber

    I think he meant transportation only.

    Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

hi,.good morning teacher( in my home town at this moment is 10:38 morning)..i feel glad to have you in my english learning programmes and i hope with your guide programmes my english would be in much better day by day,..dear madam,a few days ago i had encountered a problem when i’m trying to make a conversation with someone regarding to an area that they planned to build a house but they need to put its with land/soil first because the place in the old days is a swamp area..could you please help me how to start a conversation regarding the condition of the site..
i have too many words that’s make/made me puzzled..
they are:
1. in which,on which, of which
2. soil vs land
3. have a drink vs have a glass of coffe
4. how to invite someone for a dinner
dear teacher could you check and correct my writing and spelling above..thank you

Profile photo of Wella Jimmy Wella Jimmy

i get 60 am lazy ,I have to practice more ,thank u adam for ur nice way of teching

Profile photo of wossi wossi

yayyy i got 80, thank you Adam you’re really awesome and funny, love ya.

Profile photo of ashliy ashliy

7/ 10 Thanks Adam

Profile photo of samiomer samiomer

Hi! the lesson was very helpful for me thanks a lot and I make these ex and you see if these are correct.
I want you to get on board us.
If they got on board them what should we do?

Profile photo of Ahm4d Ahm4d


Profile photo of navid.dolatabadi navid.dolatabadi

I got 7 correct
thank you Adam

Profile photo of TAREQ BEK TAREQ BEK

I have 7 of ten goods, but the lesson is clear
Thank you, is possible that you put other like this, is very important “to get”

Profile photo of projasf@gmail.com projasf@gmail.com

I am very happy because,I understanding and learning lot of things that I didn’t know before. Thank you Adam.

Profile photo of yasser1969 yasser1969

Thank you Mr Adam , It was really helpful :)

Profile photo of Hunter Mess Hunter Mess

Thanks a lot for the clear explanation

Profile photo of amer al kashto amer al kashto

Thank you for all your amazing lessons.
i love to watch American movies and Tv series.
I always watch these programs using subtitles.
I used to watch English-American TV that way.

What do you suggest to avoid the subtitle’s use? Any tips?

Profile photo of Roywolf Roywolf

I got 8 of 10 .. really it’s a well explain.. and I admire your accent
Thanks a lot Mr. Adam

Profile photo of Mr. Fuchs Mr. Fuchs

Thank you for this lesson Adam! I have learned a lot :)

Profile photo of abelosky abelosky

Hello Adam,
I like studying English by watching your Videos in engvid.com … but I have a problem that related with This video … I cannot understand usually when you Teach Vocabulary if you don’t write the meaning in the Board beside the Word…
Thanks again

Profile photo of dua86 dua86

Hello, teacher!
Dont you mind i use your lessons not that common way. Usually I just get home, get down my chair with a cup of tea and relax. Its not not how my english skills could be realy improved but, you know, if you would like to stop talking to your students using basic-simple-english-language-for-kids…
Anyways, I cant stop thanking you for your greate lessons. (Seems like my aspiration to be honest makes me rude, i am sorry for that).

Profile photo of BazooQa BazooQa

I got 9. You didn’t mention about ‘get past’ :( But I know this anymore. Get past:overcome

Profile photo of Merve487 Merve487

Thanks man, I just finished reading a book on phrasal varbs and I’m practicing my new skills here.

Profile photo of wlhamonn wlhamonn

thanks adam

Profile photo of riteshhanda riteshhanda

Thank you so much ، you are really good and loyal teacher . Can you do more than one quiz ، please ?

Profile photo of Salma1995 Salma1995

Thank you it was very usefull for me! I get it..

Profile photo of JaneS JaneS

thank you for the lesson Mr.Qdam , but there’s plenty of phrasal verbs we need to learn about , i’ll appreciate your help

Profile photo of Ahmad91 Ahmad91

Thank you very much indeed !

From my view, The phrasal verbs are certainly one of the trickiest parts when learning english.

Profile photo of anma1011 anma1011

i got9/10,it’s a good lesson Adam

Profile photo of zarai zarai

I got down this lesson :)

Profile photo of Vytautas Vytautas

just want to say, you are amazing teacher, and also you have amazing character

Profile photo of hawace hawace

Thank you very much Adam, I like your way of making students understand.

Adam, can you prepare a lesson for us which will tell us difference between By & Through. I am very confusion about use of these two words.

Profile photo of pawanranar pawanranar

Hi Adan! You great! I have just a question, it’s about how to pronounce the word “either”..I have been teaching my students as I learned /(n)ee-ther/, the same way that you have pronouced in the video, but I have also listened here, in egnvid.com, and in sitcoms some teachers saying /(n)eye-ther/, on my dictionary, I have checked that the way I speak is correct, but as I’m listening both, I’d like to know the difference…Could you
help me?

Profile photo of Greyce Greyce

How fabulous your explanation is!
thank u so much,and we appreciate your efforts to make everything clear and useful.

Profile photo of doudi doudi

Thanks a lot you are the best teacher:) I got 8/10 . i lost point because get past

Profile photo of moony 29 moony 29

Best teacher ever. Thanks Adam.

Profile photo of fatima311 fatima311

Hi Adam,
thanks a lot for your helpful lesson.
You’re a great teacher
take care

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

thanks for this exam. i got 9/10

Profile photo of arcalite arcalite

you didnot explain about get past mr.adam

Profile photo of ihwan ihwan

hello Adam!How are you?plz just tell me about get out the car or get off the car?get out the bus or get off the bus? thank you.

Profile photo of Rumi77 Rumi77

Thank you so much Adam! That was a great explanation such a difficult topic!

Profile photo of Tatiana Boyko Tatiana Boyko

thank you so much:)

Profile photo of yucesan yucesan

Thanks,Adam!You are a great teacher!Where did you learn to teach English? Tanya.

Profile photo of Tatiana Tatiana

I got 9 out of 10, I ‘ll try again

Profile photo of franck1 franck1

yes yes 10 out of 10
thanks Adam , may God bless you

Profile photo of franck1 franck1

useful lesson even for the native speakers

Profile photo of danny14 danny14

Love this teacher. He speaks so clearly!

Profile photo of Ylenia Ylenia

It is a very good lesson about phrasal verbs get.

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Hi Adam , i dont undertand very well about the use of the “get on board”??
Can you help me please. Tks

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    “get on board” means to agree , to go along with
    like for exemple if your freinds want to make a plane and they come to tell you about it ,then they ask you if you’re ok to be with them in it. to get on board with their plane .

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thank you Adam. i like your class.
but i have doubt with the pronunciation, you gave us, the rules for pronunciation, but when you gave the word bullet first syllable bul but the second is let y no lit its pronunciation will be bullet.
please i do not understand to use the table

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thank you for all your lessons, they are so helpful
I wanna ask a question about “get down” , this Phrasal verb have three meaning ?
1-sit down
2-enjoy the part
3-depress , make sad .
is it correct ?

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I am the new user of this fabulous site.
I know as my duty to say thanks to you ,because of your kind attitude and the opportunity that you have provided for me .
And finally , I would like to tell you , from now I am your student forever.
Wish you the best
Kind regards

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Even your lessons inspired me to create something like this for Russian teaching students.

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as well as there has another phrase for get; such as get at.

get at: reach or gain access to (something).
E.G/ I got at home at 7.

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Thank you for another great lesson teacher Adam :3 you’re such a cool teacher, always smiling and you seem to enjoy what you’re doing. I just have one question that is not related to this lesson, what’s the difference between acronym and abbreviation? Thank you in advance.

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Adam,you tricked me.I only learned the words those were on the board but I think you added past as an extra phrasal verb.Anyway, I got 7 out of 10.By the way, T.Adam i really appreciate this job that you are doing for us and also for free.THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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I didn’t get meaning ” get down like make sad”!!! You said get down means “enjoy”. When I had test one of the question was about “get down” like make sad.

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    To get down—to party, have a good time, etc. But if something gets you down, it makes you sad. Yeah, it’s confusing…

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thank you very much ADAM

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Hello Adam,

Could you please explain us why sometimes the singular verb “s” is left out in these cases:
-she suggested/requested that he leave the house..is it correct or not?
-the success will come provided that everyone study hard..is it correct or not?

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I got off man :D

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Hi Adam in the exercise there are “get down”for the sad movie ,and will “get past” this and laugh about it some day you didn’t explain it in the Video could you plz tell me what does it mean….. Great lesson as usual

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by the way your lessons are great & helpful.i have became your fan.

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get off = get past true or false

and i want lesson for articles a ,an ,the , no articles please

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Thanks Adam. You’re a excellent teacher ;) ;) ;)
I hope to learn much more!!!

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im not good in english but ill keep try


Great lesson, I learned lot of things about Get, I’m getting along with this website.

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10 out of 10

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Dear Adam, Thank you so very much again your very valuable teaching to us. I have just a question to the quiz: Why don’t good solution the “get over” at the last question? I know that “get up” means “stand up” , but “get over” expresses better the repeated starting when someone don’t give up in this situation which this last question mentioned.Thank you so verty much your answers!

Profile photo of Vidamzenesz Vidamzenesz

    “If you fall, you should always get ______ and try again.” Answer “Get up” is correct because you should try again but if you don’t want , you can Answer “get over” … (this’s my notion if it incorrect please explain thank you :))

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You are a very good teacher!

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heyy it was a very useful lesson thankyou so much Adam you’re a great teacher
but i have a question you didn’t mention the phrasal verb get past that in the quiz what about it ?!

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…again: on these sides…/still problem because of German, here the German word “die Seite../
Thank you again for your perfect job, very helpful..

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Thank you!

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Wonderful lesson thank you very much, I do really appreciate your job. Just wanted to tell you guys the answer for the question number 8 wasn’t on the video “get past”. With a little research we can say we learned new 11 GET phrasal verbs! thanks a lot.

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Thank you teacher Adam for your great efforts……keep going also I wish all the best to you.


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Are phrasal verbs the same as idioms?

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Great lesson Adam, but I didn’t know what meant “Get past”, but everything it’s okay now kkk’

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i`m confused about phrasal verb “get past”.
There`s no dictionary explaining the meaning of it

Is “Get past” a synonym for “Get over”? (overcome)

Profile photo of KevinKoch KevinKoch


Great lesson! But I was wondering the use of get in different situations such us:

Did you get to manage the problem at the airport?

instead of using just manage. I’ve heard this a lot.


Profile photo of jgutierrez jgutierrez

    That would be a great lesson! I’ll add it to the list of user requests and we’ll see if a teacher wants to do a video on it.

    In this case, “to get to (do something)” means “to be allowed to/to have the opportunity to (do something)”—doing something you wouldn’t normally be able to do. For example, “I won free tickets to the show and we got to meet the band afterwards.” “Why does she get to leave work early?”

    “Did you manage the problem at the airport?” = managing problems at the airport is part of their job.
    “Did you get to manage the problem at the airport?” = they can’t usually manage problems at the airport. Maybe their boss gave them more responsibility. Or maybe they’ve been busy all day and didn’t think they would have time to take care of the problem.

    Hope this helps!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Great!!! perfect explanation. Now I get it. LEt me know if you guys make a video with this!

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thankyou very useful quiz!

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Hi Adam. I write to tell you that I really enjoy and learn with your videos. I think it’s useful and interesting.

I have a little comment about the phrasal verb “get down” that is often use to talk about being physically, mentally, or emotionally exhausted, for example “When my best friend left the school I got down for several weeks”

Greetings from Colombia and thank you for the lessons.

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i got 8 marks but you didnt mention getpast in your lecture adam

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off the top of my head is this idiom; “get off on the wrong foot”, i guess, sometimes this can be used thus( i learnt it from you, i tried to using it like “like this” : ) ” start off on the wrong foot…. i like this idiom…

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I suppose there’s a mistake in the first sentence. There shouldn’t be “get along with”, because then it means ” Skills, they believe, is more important than cooperation.” There’s an entirely different meaning. Correct me if I am wrong, please.

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Urgently Read Please
Hi, I am Payam Jalali from Iran I’m English language Instructor I have a master degree in English language Teaching from university of Tehran. I love your website and its about 3 years which I have been visiting your website and following your videos lesson by lesson. First of all, I must appreciate engvid website for making these great videos for English language learner the other things which I want to mention is about the engvid videos which I saw these video in a new application called Oxin channel. They actually download all of engvid videos and after that remove the engvid logo and set the new logo in the other words replace your logo with the logo of themselves which is Oxin channel https://oxinchannel.com/ When I saw these clips I got angry because I am following your website and I know that through these years engvid instructors made effort for these clips through hard work. It is not fair it’s the engvid clips and they steal these videos They disregarding copyright law and it’s a kind of robbery. They compose an application the name is Oxin channel the base of this app is the engvid videos and they started the advertisement from the 6 Months ago in GEM TV in satellite which is Iranian channel they publicize this application in GEM TV which you can download this application in Android and IOS and the registration account for one month is about 2 $ per month. Actually you can calculate that for instance if One Million user buy this account each month it gives them 2 Million $ each month. This is the topic which I want to inform to engvid website for the reason that I am the real follower of your website and through these years I myself learned too many lessons in English language from your website and these video produce by you I mean Rebecca, James, Alex, Ronnie…… not by them.
They have a page in Instagram: Oxinchannel

Profile photo of Payam.jalali Payam.jalali

    Thanks for letting us know! We’ll look into it.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    what a lot of comments

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you are an excellent teacher and I have learned a lot with your classes. Congratulations for your job.

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Hi Mr. Adam, first I would like to thank you so much, I watch your video class, very good class, and I’m learning a lot with you. Is there more exercises about “everything” that i can download? Like a “book exercises” …
best regards!
Marco Ribeiro (Rio de Janeiro – Brasil)

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Hello adam you are very kind . i have got a question , does ” getting off ” have a bad meaning either ?

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The word “get” itself is a nightmare. It could mean everything!!!
Also, I often hear GET OFF when people want to say – I finish my work day (get off) at 10 o’clock.
Some people use GET OFF instead of EXIT. For example, when you travel by car you have to get off (exit) at the next exit to reach your destination.

Profile photo of Egghead Egghead

I failed the tricky question. The solution was “get past” and it doesn’t appear in the video. My tuition was correct anyway. Great lesson. Thanks, Adam.

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Hello, I watched ur vedio by chance on youtube.
I’m so impressed. It has highly quality.
Thesedays, I ‘GET OFF’ on your LESSONS.
It’s very useful and helpful esp. prep and colloquial way in speaking. There’s nowhere teaching like this. I want to be a influent Eng Teacher like YOU. I really APRRECIATE it!!^^

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Hopefully it was one of the best quiz in phrasal verbs and there were some more (get) phrasal verbs too. Thank you for the lesson. Thanks.

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Hi, Teacher Adam! It’s really an informative lesson. But I have to ask something about “get off” as in from a kind of transportation like; bus, train, taxi:

Situation: You’d like the drive to tell you when it’s your stop. What do you ask?

Answer: Please remind me when to get off.

I believe it isn’t right but how to ask then?

hoping to get a response from you.

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I got 9 over 10, but I still have problems in a phrasal verb.

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Thanks Adam..:D

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Hello Adam.
If I’m not mistaken every verb can be used with preposition as phrasal verb. Or there is some which cannot be used?
Thank you beforehand.

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thanks u sir i understand 9 out of 10.and i really don’t understand that the meaning is Get over.please explain me sir .Don’t mind me.

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well this is a fabolous lesson we can develop we even more can use more capable level of english with naive speken english we sometimes use the basic command when we sound more interesting when we speak with a wide vocabulary, get on, get between, get up, get along with, get off,get in, there are a good list of phasal verbs to start sounding more familiar with the good assingment-*

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

there are interesting list of phasal verbrs to started getting in touch with a wide list of verbs

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

100))) i am cool!

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I’ve filled in all the blanks and got through the quiz with ten right answers! Thanks a lot Adam. We can cangradulate each other, can’t we?

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i like the way you explain things; therefore i would like have more exercises for more practice as you mentioned ! to make me be a good english speaker

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I really enjoy your lessons, there are clear, and it helps me a lot in my English classes! Thank U so much! You are a good teacher!

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Hello Adam

First, I want to thank you for such a helpful classes and explanations.

Then I’d like you to answer me a question. It is correct to say “Me and my friends get along” or it is better to say “I and my friends get along”.

Thank you for your help.

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8. I know this all seems very difficult right now, but we will get _______ this and laugh about it some day.”
Can’t the answer be “through”?

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Thanks. I`m happy because you know how is complicated to learn this. For me it is very crazy, however, have your videos for help us.

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Cheers!!! Such a wonderful lesson

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I got 9 out of 10. Even though the damage caused by the fire he started with his cigarettes was massive. What does the sentence mean? Is this man smoke cause the damage? Or after the damage is done, the man somke? I don’t get it, this sentence has much verbs, I confused, which one is the predicate? Or two sentences combine into one? I am shocked now……

Profile photo of Symi Symi

Thanks teacher

Profile photo of wafaa abkar wafaa abkar

Thanks a lot, Adam! The lesson is very helpful for my students, however it would be nice if there are some of the meanings of these verbs which are not primary, conventional, but secondary and metaphorical as well in your test.
Yours, Julia

Profile photo of JulRas JulRas

    Sorry, “if there were” not “there are”
    This sentence is somehow messy, I mean the test is easy, because the phrasal verbs in the test are given in their most obvious meanings.

    Profile photo of JulRas JulRas

I got 10 YESSS!

Profile photo of Wassila2307 Wassila2307

Get past??? it wasn’t in the list

Profile photo of aserranocl aserranocl

I took a quiz and got 7 out of 10. Just to recap, I copied the answers:
get along with = co-operate, be friendly with
get over = let go, forget about
get down = depress, make sad
get in = go inside (car)
get through = complete
get between = interfere with, be in the way of
get off = not be punished, avoid responsibility
get past = overcome
get on board = join, be a part of
get up = stand (up)

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

Lessons about prasal verbs are very important for me because those verbs are confusiong for French speakers. The quiz at the end helps us to understand if we are on the right way or not! Thank you.

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Good lesson, thank you

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Great lesson, I’ve learnt a lot. Thks

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Thanks a lot!
A great lesson!

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Thank you

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I do appreciate the lesson.
Thank you!

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great Lesson thank you so much

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9 of 10! thank you Adam!!

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you really helped me ! Thanks Adam.

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Thanks Adam…

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