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I got 100%, Thank you Rebecca!

Profile photo of jpalves06 jpalves06

    Proverbs or sayings are really interesting for me to learn; you express many things with only a few words. That’s great, isn´t it?

    However, when someone wants to translate a proverb -in your first language- into a foreign language that’s when the problem arises.

    Thanks for this great lesson Rebecca.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      I need your help, Regino. I’m confused. I don’t know what these sentences mean: “John DOESN’T MIND TO listen to Pop” and ” Mary DOESN’T FEEL LIKE dancing.”

      Profile photo of LizaKolyadko LizaKolyadko

        Hi LizaKolyadko, how are you?

        I want to apologize for not answering your comment soon Liza. I do not really know what happened; EngVid did not notify me that somebody had sent me a message (comment). I noticed it when I watched Alex’s last Video on proverbs and remembered that Rebecca had made a video on proverbs too. So , I went over Rebecca’s video and it was only then when I saw your comment Liza.

        Here there is some information that may clarify your doubts about the use of MIND and FEEL LIKE.

        John doesn’t mind (LISTENING) to listen to Pop music = This means that . . .

        . . .he can listen to Pop music or or perhaps any other, for example, classical music. Either (Pop or Classical) is fine with him.

        Mary doesn’t FEEL LIKE Dancing = This means that . . . she does not WANT to dance; she does not WANT to do it.

        Hope it still helps, better late than never.

        All the best LizaKolyadko, Please don´t lose touch.

        Profile photo of Regino Regino

    I got 100%, Thank you Rebecca!

    Profile photo of A.ra7man1 A.ra7man1

it’s a real piece of cake

Profile photo of nadarocio nadarocio

    Good for you! All the best!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Love is money

      Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

    Hello Nadacocio

    Profile photo of salarzai salarzai

oh, very good

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My score was perfect! Ya~y :D I like “Time is money” best in your lesson. Thank you, Rebecca :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

    Hi, Happy04!

    I don’t think that “time is money”. For me “Time is time”… The conviction that time is money, it’s just a “american way of life”.

    Profile photo of Carol3139 Carol3139

      Hi, Carol3139 :)

      BTW I like the word “Time flies,” too. Sounds like “Time is money.” “Time is time”…I see. “So many man, so many minds” isn’t it? Thank you for your reply :)

      Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

        Hi, Happy04 =)

        I prefer “Time flies” and you gave for me another perspective about it. Maybe when we say “Time flies”, we link also from a way too much capitalist… When we say it, we also link time and money… But money for me is much less than time…

        Thanks for open my mind ;)

        Profile photo of Carol3139 Carol3139

Hello dear teacher Rebecca, another of your greatest lessons! I really look up to your hard work making interesting and quite helpful lessons not only focusing on grammar but also in other skills that I’m sure really help english students worldwide. I would like you to know that I’ve been watching your videos for 7 months so far (I haven’t seen all of them yet, but I will) they have helped me a lot with my english, I’m sure that I improved my skills thanks to your videos and a couple more of other EngVid teachers as well. However, as a spanish native speaker, I’d like to suggest you make a video about the usages of “that” which in our language can be understood in many ways and as a result can be used wronlgy. So please teacher Rebecca, I would really appreciate your helping me and of course many other students. Best regards from Bolivia!

Profile photo of EngBadStudent EngBadStudent

    Thank you for your kind and detailed feedback. You express yourself very well in English. I am very glad the lessons on engVid are helping you. Thanks also for your suggestion for a future lesson. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thank you very much for your interesting and informative lessons on engVid. I have a question to ask you and would appreciate if you could answer it. What is the question for a sentence like: Ali is my third child. or John is the fifth president of this club. Looking forward to the answer. With Regards, Ab Kam

Profile photo of Ab Kam Ab Kam

    It’s a bit tricky.

    The question could be something direct like this:
    Who was / is the fifth president of the club?

    It could also be indirect like this:
    Is Ali your oldest child?
    No, Ali is my third child.

    Hope this helps and all the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hello dear teacher Rebecca thank you so much i really learned a lot of from you keep it up don’t stop

Profile photo of mohssinex mohssinex

Mrs,whats the meaning of “Life is a flowing river”? is it proverb?

Profile photo of anushanga1 anushanga1

    No, actually, that is a metaphor. A metaphor is a figure of speech in which we compare two things that have something in common and link them to convey a message. In this case the two things being compared are “life” and “flowing river”. We use metaphors quite often in English. For example, if you say:
    “I’m an early bird.” It means you get up early, like birds do. Using metaphors is an excellent way to upgrade your English.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      My best to you and thanks for the question.

      Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

love is blind

Profile photo of saeidsaberi saeidsaberi

    Love is Money!

    Profile photo of Tinve Tinve

Thank you for now! Time is money ))

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Thank you for your useful lesson, Rebecca! This is my first time to leave a comment on this site. I’m a little nervous :-(

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

    Welcome and thanks for your feedback.My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,
IS there any difference between sayings, proverbs, and expressions or they’re all the same?

Profile photo of saleh saleh

    Saying and proverbs are almost the same, and relate to some kind of wise advice about life.

    Expressions do not give advice; they are more practical and usually consist of common phrases or sentences used in the language. For example, “May I help you?” and “Bye for now!” are both expressions. All the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

I got only 80% =(

Profile photo of Sayanuly.Y Sayanuly.Y

    Good job! Watch the lesson again and you may improve. My best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks Rebecca.I got 10 out of 10.The proverb ‘Ignorance is bliss’ was new one for me.

Profile photo of papyan papyan


In hungarian all of the exist :)

Profile photo of mazanadam mazanadam

    Good to know. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Wow , 8 correct answers , i though i lose in it but i need more practice though for my exam , this site is the best , thx Rebecca .

Profile photo of Tr00k Tr00k

I got ten, great for me, thanks for this big lesson

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Profile photo of HAMDAOUI HAMDAOUI

    Hmmm…that’s a nice one! Seems to be warning us about people who gossip. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks, Rebecca!

Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

Hi Rebecca.. It’s nice to know those famous proverbs. I really learned a lot from it and I enjoyed answering the questions. Thanks to you.. oh! I got 100. yehey! heheh :)

Profile photo of Alemrac Alemrac

I got 9 out of 10,It’s was really good lesson for me…..thanks Miss.Rebecca. I really enjoyed with teaching method. keep giving some good lessons for us…..:) :) :)

Profile photo of billa06vinu billa06vinu

Thank you rebecca ma’am! I got all of them correct :)

Profile photo of abhishek1995 abhishek1995

Hi, in Portuguese we have some of these proverbs too. Learn this is so cool. Thank you!

Profile photo of andrezafruhauf andrezafruhauf

    Yes, it’s fun when we find the common elements in different languages. It makes the world feel that much smaller and warmer, I think. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

hi all,
thanks for everything,
the proverbe is verry really: love is bind,

i notice you: please replace time is money by Time is prayer Jesus !
best regards!

Profile photo of choumay choumay

Thanks for good lessons…here is ones from my language ” ayağını yorganına göre uzat ” which means Live within your income.

Profile photo of osirkeci osirkeci

    Thanks for sharing. In English, we have an interesting one that means the same thing:

    You should cut your coat according to your cloth.

    My best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Most of them are the same here in Brazil

Profile photo of aclesio aclesio

    I agree with you

    Profile photo of Carlos Martinho Carlos Martinho

      That’s good to know. Obrigado and all the best to both of you.

      Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

hmm… If you love someone and discover faults/shortcomings/etc. of him/her later on, doesn’t it make you love him/her even more?

Profile photo of *<( : ] *<( : ]

    Interesting thought… I would say sometimes yes, sometimes no. We all have some faults but I guess it depends how big someone’s “fault” is! All the best to you in love and life!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

      Could you teache us a little bit about homophones?

      Profile photo of Carlos Martinho Carlos Martinho

That was a great lesson! Thanks:-)

Profile photo of chryspapa chryspapa

better late than never)
thanks Rebecca

Profile photo of Eugene26 Eugene26

Thank you very much Rebecca!

Profile photo of MatheusGaloDoido MatheusGaloDoido

Excuse me Rebecca, what is promised the seventh proverb?

Profile photo of emo53 emo53

thanks a lot for this proverbs, teacher..

Profile photo of En Marlissa En Marlissa

Hi Rebecca perhaps my score Washington 100% I wish learn moré about proverbs. Enjoy your class a lot. Thanks

Profile photo of Genny82 Genny82

thank you Rebecca for this lesson.my score was 100, perfect.please tell me how can i learn leasenning

Profile photo of ali.m ali.m

HI Rebecca i am the first time to join this web i am so happy to join b/c i want to know English very well thank you so much rebecca.

Profile photo of minas timerga minas timerga

    Welcome to engVid! Thanks for watching and learning. My best to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca


Profile photo of tasneemmohsen hamoda tasneemmohsen hamoda

thanks rebecca……i got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of Rasho Rasho

It was really a great lesson from that fantastic teacher!

Profile photo of Carlos Martinho Carlos Martinho

I’ve got 10

Profile photo of Carlos Martinho Carlos Martinho

I’ve got 10 thanks for these proverbs :)

Profile photo of Nishit Singh Nishit Singh

Thanks for this lesson.But there are only 6 proverbs.

Profile photo of Vahe. Vahe.

thanks rebecca in other time we need more

Profile photo of jose luis luciano jose luis luciano

Wise lesson.

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Hello, Rebecca !
In russian we have similar proverbs.
Some of them quite rude !
Please, go ahead with your lessons.
They’re useful and understandable.
Regards !

Profile photo of Yurokan Yurokan

    Good to know, thanks. I assure you English can also be offensive. Our personality and character is revealed through our speech, it’s true. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

I am sorry I see only 6 proverbs

Profile photo of Ksenjka Ksenjka

yeahh all responses are true thank you EngVid

Profile photo of gokseltuzun gokseltuzun

Thank you very much for this lesson. By the way, in Russian there is a couple of proverbs exactly the same.

Profile photo of LizaKolyadko LizaKolyadko

Thank you so much Rebecca for this lesson. In Viet Nam there are a lot meaningful proverbs, I hope that I can translate to English to introduce with people on the world.

Profile photo of VN KHANH VN KHANH

    Please feel free to share some of them with us. All the best.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Hi Tahnks a lot for this place ! This very nice class room , I understand very well thanks

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Profile photo of wildwest44 wildwest44

The sound of your voice sends tingles of joy down my back.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

    Oh my goodness, thanks. That’s really original. Hope you continue to enjoy learning. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    hello….lamhere, i’m from Bangladesh. English isn’t my native language. so, i didn’t understand what you said. could you explain to me what’s the meaning of your sentence??

    Profile photo of Rasho Rasho

So cool !!!

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

I love this class, than you

Profile photo of alexa0116 alexa0116

Once again one nice video from you Rebecca.
Thanks for that.I used to use this proverbs while writing essays in school exams,after watching this video i memorised my school days so thanks for memorising me that..(indirectly).;-)
I am looking forward for getting some more videos on proverbs..

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

I like this quiz

Profile photo of SiddBanana SiddBanana

Hi Ma’am,
I am keen to ask you that the following are the examples I face many times there are no “MAIN VERB” (like is, was, have been, had been, shall be, etc.) between subject & object when some introductions and perusal are written.

1.Following bills raised by us are still unpaid.
3.Many cars parked at basement floor to reduce the congestion.
4.Smoking prohibited for healthy health.

Help in this matter will be very much appreciated.


Profile photo of vishal1234 vishal1234

    In some cases, shortcuts are used to communicate quickly. In other cases, people use incorrect English!
    Some of your examples include passive sentences but overall they are all missing something to make them grammatically correct.My best to you, Vishal.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

100 %.Thank you Rebecca :)

Profile photo of Zsuzsko Zsuzsko

What a charming lesson ! Rebecca, Thanks for your great work as always. I enjoy all your lessons and I´m grateful for your help in my English learning journey.

Profile photo of josecatelli josecatelli

    What a wonderful compliment and how well you express yourself in English. I am sure your love of learning, which is apparent here, will take you far. My best wishes to you, Jose.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Thanks a lot, Rebecca! Really a nice lesson. Most of these proverbs are just the same in Portuguese!

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

    Good to know. Thank you for sharing that with us all. My best wishes to you.

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

I get 90

Profile photo of Khawla93 Khawla93

Thanks a lot,Rebecca. It’s a great lesson ^^

Profile photo of ThanhThuy1912 ThanhThuy1912

thank you Rebecca,it’s helpful

Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

Thanks you Rebecca, very interesting lesson

Profile photo of edjasa edjasa

thank u , it’s useful :)

Profile photo of Nermin Diaa eldeen Nermin Diaa eldeen

thank you very much Rebecca, it is realy good

Profile photo of Ola Ka Ola Ka

    may i know your personal infrmatin?

    Profile photo of rayhan ahmed rayhan ahmed

    Hi Ola Ka…
    I’ll appreciate if we can make friends.
    This is my skype [ ziyadmed1351 ]
    Best Regards

    Profile photo of ziyadmed ziyadmed

Thanks so much Rebecca¡¡ very well explained :D

Profile photo of Shturd Shturd

Thanks to all for your welcome feedback. Yes, there were supposed to be 7 proverbs, sorry about that. Now, try to use the ones you have learned here in conversation or writing so they come to you naturally. All the best.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

I am incredibly happy for Rebecca replied my comment.

Profile photo of aclesio aclesio

thank you ribecca

Profile photo of ebnat ayeshah ebnat ayeshah

i understood ,If you have some time would you please teach us about metaphor.

Profile photo of anushanga1 anushanga1

Thank You very much. I like your way of teaching. Easy to remember, easy to aply and easy to understand :) i wish You all best.

Profile photo of bodzie bodzie

Thanks a bunch, Tr Rebcca:)

Profile photo of chiawang123 chiawang123

Thank You for this lesson. I’m new here but I very like this site. Time is money. And my last 15 min was very valuable because of you. Thx

Profile photo of boxer89 boxer89

I like your teaching very much.

Profile photo of muok rath muok rath

Thank you very much madam for sharing this video with us.

Profile photo of MANISH MANISH

fortunately i got 100. but it was an easy test. maybe you can ask more difficult than this.but anyway you are the best team to learn english ive ever known. thanks alot.

Profile photo of Danyal Danyal

10/10 – And you know what? in life, you get late if you start running. And more, because, in land where nobody see, who’s got eyes is king. So, never is to late, to start learning English with Engvid. Greetings from Portugal

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

thank you very mutch for you lesson it’s interessting !!

Profile photo of goldenpero goldenpero

Thank you !!!

Profile photo of AYAGOZ AYAGOZ

Thank you very much!i didn’t know before if there are proverbs in english. thanks a million. hello my fellow students i need someone to communicate with me so that i can improve my english(rentcomba@yahoo.com)

Profile photo of lawrent lawrent

Yes , i got one hundred percent!
Thank you Rebecca!
Positive vibes from Brazil!

Profile photo of Rafael Faria Rafael Faria

I got one hundred percent.Thank you Rebecca.
I have to go…time is money.

Profile photo of manusev manusev

Teacher Rebecca , may I know what is the different between good in and good at English. Thank you

Profile photo of bobloo789 bobloo789

Rebecca,i admire to you İ am a erasmus students and i will go to poland month later.

Could you contact me?emrey89@hotmail.com

Profile photo of emrey89 emrey89

I will keep practicing.Thank you.

Profile photo of Mirinha Mirinha

Thank you I got a 100,!!!!

Profile photo of Mirinha Mirinha

Awesome I got 100

Profile photo of sarahalsibayee sarahalsibayee

Dear Madam
I decided to leave a comment on EngVid first time. I like your lessons very much. I have kept listening to them since the last year. But I am a bit disappointed by this one. I consider sentence order as the most basic not only in English, but I think in the most used languegaes presumably. You told us about common knowledge which every language child know, in its schoolhood, from the very begining. I aware you do it for every level, but strict sentence order exist on evry level. It is so difficult to express clearly. let me put ideas (questions) in a list.

Firstly How to build up simple sentence in affirmative, interrogative or negative form. It create base for more complicated forms.

Then one can add clauses, then add more clauses, then how joinin tem to base of sentence relatively or independently.

Then how to use clause order (especially interogative or negative form).

Finnaly how to put all that stuff in order e.g. adjectivs, propositions and so on. Of course Tenses should be added.
I know that it is pretty share of grammer, but I dream to have such a compact rules which I can build into my mind and let me make less mistakes in spoken English. I have to finish.

All the best
Paweł Mostowski (Pawel)

PS I look forward to see yours and others lessons.

Profile photo of Pawel Mostowski Pawel Mostowski

Thank you so much !

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thank you engvid,

Profile photo of chalamala chalamala

Wow I got 10!
Super easy! Thank you teacher :)

Profile photo of Cathareeya Cathareeya

when I listen your lesson I feel like listening my natural language. You speak very clearly thank you for your lesson I got 100
ıf I wrote wrong you can correct me. I am not good at in English

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

instead of ‘ haste makes waste’. we say it in turkish . if you do work very quickly satan is get involved
ıf you don’t mind . I wrote wrong can you correct me.

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

    Ha! There is a similar-sounding English saying, “The devil makes work for idle hands,” that means “if you’re lazy, the devil will find work for you to do”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

It´s amazing your skill to explain¡¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡¡¡
Very good , thanks you for be my teacher¡¡¡¡¡

Profile photo of arestino arestino

10/10 rebecca let me say like robert de niro
you got a gift Doc :D

Profile photo of egyptdutschman egyptdutschman

100% Rebecca, why don’t you have another lesson about the same thing?

Profile photo of whoareyou whoareyou

I’ve got 8… Thanks… It was great!

Profile photo of Lhuis Lhuis

I got 100%.Thank you Rebecca.

Profile photo of sboonon sboonon

Thanks for this intristing lesons. I got more about English culture.

Profile photo of DVIOVU DVIOVU

Tank you Rebecca. I have question. Are they difference between life and live?

Profile photo of hallac hallac

Tank you Rebecca. I have a question but that has not to do Witz you lassen. Are they difference between life and live?

Profile photo of hallac hallac

where is the 7th one???

Profile photo of kareem elgibeli kareem elgibeli

Thank you Rebecca… You helps improving my english a lot..:)

Profile photo of Ristina Ristina

Thank you Rebecca… What about Like father … Like son is that a proverb ?

Profile photo of jazzi801 jazzi801

:D It was mine.

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

I like you Rebbeca, u r the best

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Hi Rebecca
Thanks for you support with us. actually i will watch again and again to study well. let me know my teacher i liked in your videos because the way of teaching us. finally i appreciate you and your friend to Engvid.

Profile photo of asha a.mohamed asha a.mohamed

Thank you Rebecca, these proverbs are really important because they’re so usual in our lives. You seem to be a very nice person, that’s why it’s always a pleasure to watch your videos.

Profile photo of Tiago de Souza da Silva Tiago de Souza da Silva

it’s fantastic method for improve my English thank you very much Rebecca , I wish improve my level of my English on your hands .( on your hands , it’s proverb in Arabic language ).and I don’t know if it fits expressions English language or no .

Profile photo of omar gizani omar gizani

thank you very much Rebecca , I wish improve my level of my English on your hands .( on your hands , it’s proverb in Arabic language ).and I don’t know if it fits expressions English language or no .

Profile photo of omar gizani omar gizani

Hi Rebecca
thank you so much ı got 100 and am going to work on your lesson haaard :)

Profile photo of abduarhman abduarhman

It was easy :)

Profile photo of sl.sl sl.sl

Thank you very much Rebecca. You are great i like your lessons a lot.

Profile photo of Xrisa Xrisa

Thanks for these great lessons, Rebecca! I don’t speak fluently but I can really say I understand 100% of your lessons… my best to you

Profile photo of Edinnho6 Edinnho6

Awesome, I like your voice and expressions rebecca.

Profile photo of sreevass sreevass

Thanks Rebecca, I didn’t know what the meaning of bliss and haste was, so, as usual, this lesson was very useful, thanks again.

Profile photo of abby8912 abby8912

Knowledge is power! Thank you Rebeca.

Profile photo of SREEKALA SREEKALA

i got perfect, my english is better now. tks a lot Maam Rebecca.

Profile photo of amies amies

Thank you Mam :)

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Thanks Rebecca .. it’s so enjoyable :)

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ohhh, i apperciate very much your lessons miss <3 thank you for all

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Bei dieser deutlichen Aussprache, wird das Verstehen der englischen Sprache sehr gefördert.

Profile photo of Hesiod Hesiod

100% :'(

Profile photo of ajjourimohamed ajjourimohamed

thanks interresting proverbs.

Profile photo of aissam.cheikh aissam.cheikh

Lovely class and lovely voice! By the way, I love your style.

My congrats to all the engVid staff. You guys are doing a magnificent job. Thanks a lot. Best regards.

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I got 100%.thanks

Profile photo of Mohammad Maisam Mohammad Maisam

I got 100marks. thanks for your lesson.

Profile photo of Bhavika.G Bhavika.G

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you very much for your lesson. It would be great if you increase quiz questions, it definitely more helpful and learners would indulge in using these proverbs

Profile photo of sasmanoj sasmanoj

Better late than never .I got 7.

Profile photo of rachid.rahal rachid.rahal

Six short sentences, but carrying in them a world
of wisdom.

Besides mastering the language, you have a delicate and nice way to explain the words we
need to know in order to understand the meaning
of the sayings.

Thanks a lot, Rebecca.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Dear Rebecca,
Here is the 7th proverb.
“Learn a new language, this is to acquire a new soul”.
Best Regards.

Profile photo of Peter Peter

Thank you ma’am for this very informative lesson.I couldn’t agree more with haste makes waste.For instance As ESL students we always want to master English very quickly like proverb says haste makes waste we should not rush into.Mastering a languange takes long time in order to master English Languange we must live with it in our daily life …

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my quiz rebecca:
You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of chakim hamzah chakim hamzah

I got 100 too .. I’m improve my english with engvid.com.. Is very fine studing here

Profile photo of marioluciosjr marioluciosjr

I’m glad to be your student.

Profile photo of Aboo Aboo

They are really helpful . I will try to use them!

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I got %80 thanks Rebecca :)

Profile photo of Shirine82 Shirine82

I got 100% many thanks Rebecca

Profile photo of tamermamoon97 tamermamoon97

thank you for your informative lessons , i have a quetion please is it ok to translate the moroccan proverbs to english or each languges has its particular proverbs

Profile photo of @bdou @bdou

Thanks Rebecca, my favorite proverb is Haste makes waste.

Profile photo of winfried koenig winfried koenig

I really enjoyed this lesson,thank you Rebecca :)

Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

Thank you Rebecca.

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your lecture is so helpful. i really love this one. hopefully you make more english lesson videos next time

Profile photo of suong mai suong mai

Thanks alot, teacher! :)

Profile photo of Aziza Munji Aziza Munji

here in Jamaica our fourth parents uses a lot of proverbs

Profile photo of PUDGE PUDGE

thank you,very useful information for me)

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Really very helpful and interesting lessons. Thank you Teacher. Kindly provide the transcript of this lesson.

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Thank you so much for making teaching that much easy to us, indeed very useful.Thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of ziyadmed ziyadmed

I’m excited about getting 10.
Thank you for your useful lesson.

Profile photo of Young Kyung Lee Young Kyung Lee

how to Integrate them in an essay task ?
Thanks in advance

Profile photo of Ahmed abdelmageed saad Ahmed abdelmageed saad

so easy!!:)

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İt perfect my note is 100.Because You taught exactly. Thanks

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Thank you for your lesson Rebecca I got 100%😉

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I got 100% :D

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ma’am i heard that idioms and Proverbs are quite similar. is this true? if yes than how much ?

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Hi Rebecca, hope you are doing well. You are great teacher because you have very clarity in your pronunciation and your all lessons are great. Thanks and best regards

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you….

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks Rebecca.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Wooow wonderful! I scored 100 out of 100

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