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It is nice . Thanks


    thanks teacher… really useful lesson :)

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    I have stopped 2 watch a new lesson on engvid

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thank you so much ,it’s great work


    Thank you dear Emma
    You help so much!!!

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Awesome! Voglio piú lessons like that! Ciao cara!


Thanks for this video.

Is shall an outdated word? I don’t remember where,but in one video Ronnie says shall’s an outdated word? Is using shall shows us a person who dwells in the ancient era?

Between,are there any grammatical mistakes in the para i have typed above?

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    HI! Shall I help you ?
    I’ll take the liberty to do so.
    I learned in a book that the word “shall” is still used when you want to ask someone’s opinion about “If or not” you should do something. Ex: Shall I close the windows? Shall we talk in private ?
    And in your paragraph, you may have made some little mistakes.
    I’m not sure but I’ll put in angle quotes what I would write instead.
    Is shall an outdated word? I don’t remember where,but in “a” video Ronnie says shall’s an outdated word”.” “Does” using “the word “shall “show” us “that” a person “” “lives in an acient age” ?
    “Meanwhile”, are there any grammatical mistakes in the paragraph “that” “I” have typed above?
    Using the phrase “dwells in the ancient era?” sounds a little old-school. ^^
    I hope I’ve been of some help.
    Cheers !

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      hiya,, I just want to quote one thing , when he said ^in one video Ronnie says^
      you correct to ^ in a video Ronnie says ^ ,typically both of these sentence are proper!!
      “a” and “an” are used with singular indefinite Noun also with “one” it work the same as “a” .
      So there is no mistaken here, methinks .

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    “Shall” is more British and formal. Americans, actually, do not want to use it. Instead of it, they use “should”, and this is fine to me. I don’t use “shall” either. :)

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hi this was an awesome vedio…i enjoyed a lot


Really helpful!
I never thought I needed to know that:D


yeah !!!
\(^^ )/~

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Thank you very much Emma !!!!! I needed it. Thanks for the easy way to understand it. I am german and I visit engVid every day :-) It´s the best side I´ve found to improve my english!!!!! Thanks to all teacher!!



    Do you know some similar sites to learn german ?


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      I want to know about it too! Thanks

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Thanks for this video Emma.
Hope to learn more if possible

aung kyaw

lesson wonderful, thanks!

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wonderful lesson!!

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stopped growing ur hair lol. long hair looks good on u too. thank you 4 be my teacher online take care.

Efrain Dominguez

Thank you, Emma!

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100% =D

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Thank you, Emma! It’s was easy with you ;-)

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Thank you so much for the instructions,showing how to use the verb in the appropriate time.


It’s very interesting and easy to understand. I stopped to watch this lesson and I stopped watching another sites:-)


    thanks for this example


Thank you,you likes me when you smile

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Thank you madam Emma

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You are an incredibly great teacher. I was seeing the facebook but i stopped to see this vid.


Hi Emma, thank you very much for the helpful video. I have just one more question. Let’s suppose that I ‘m in a car with a friend and he light up a cigarette. I want him to quit smoking (just for the period whilst we are in the car and not “forever”) , what should I say: “Can you stop smoking please ?” ? and If on the contrary I would like to ask (to my best friend for example) to stop “forever” to smoke, what should I say in that case ? Thank you very much . Bye, Andrea from Milan

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    if i were you i would say could you please stop smoking while driving.


    “Please do not smoke in the car.”
    or if it’s your friend
    “Non fumare nella macchina altrimenti ti lascio a piedi!” xD ahahaha

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      Hahaha ! …grande wolverine ! pretty good idea

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Tks Emma. Another great lesson!

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you are nice.

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thank you emma
but i have a quastion about the same point but with the verb want is it the same case or different i want to ask or i want asking
and thank you again

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Emma, I’m in love ;)

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Thank you very much


10/10 thank you Emma. I’ll never stop to watch your lessons. A virtual flower for you. :-)

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    If I may,

    I think you mean I’ll never stop watching your videos.

    Is that correct guys ?

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      You are right Carlos!

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great lesson!!!!
You’re the best teacher!!!
I love you!

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Thank you, Emma. I stopped making mistakes. :-)Probably.:-) Your lesson is great.


Thank you, Emma. I stopped making mistakes. :-)Probably.:-)


    Sorry, I didn´t stop making mistakes, I have send this comment twice. :-)


Thank you very much!!!
Your lessons are great!!!

wild boar

I stopped snuggling into my charming wife to do this lesson.

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I stopped to watch video lesson. Thanks Teacher Emma.


    If I may,

    I think you should write : I stopped to watch THE video lesson.
    But if I’m not mistaken, you meant :
    I’ve just finished watching the video.
    In this case we use watching because there’s “just” and “the”

    I’m taking the opportunity to practise and share.

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      right,, you used THE , because It used with definite noun which is ” Emma`s lesson” , so your sentence it more accurate than
      what he said , ^_^

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        this example
        . I stopped ___________ in the pool because I was too tired.

        to swim

        I chose ( to swim ) but it was wrong , why ?


Hi Emma
I had many things to do this morning but I stopped to see your lesson and I liked it very much.
You’re great!


Hello Emma,

Great lesson, I learned something this evening thanks to you.

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Very interesting and helpful plus very clear explanation, thank you very much Emma

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Thank you teacher for interesting and useful lesson!
Keep it up!

Fellows, help me to improve my low English-speaking skills.
Here is my Skype ID – jevgeniikyrychyk.

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Estupendo video animo que no decaiga los animos.


In my opinion an easier explanation exist.
You can “to” replace with “in order to”.
I stopped in order to do something, for instance: to smoke.

A gerund works likewise a noun.
Smoking is a bad habit then I stopped smoking.

What do you think about it?

BTW 10 out of 10

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    Smoking isn’t so bad as people say. I’m smoking, and I like it. I really like to smoke sometimes. Why should this be wrong? xD

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      keep smoking there’s nothing wrong with it, but yellow teeth 4 sure.

      Efrain Dominguez

        I have really white and healthy teeth. Why? because I brush my teeth twice a day. Besides, I go regularly to a dentist even if I don’t have any problems with my teeth. I know, I’m a very weird smoker… xD

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          I see, have a nice weekend Morfik.

          Efrain Dominguez

thank you

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Thanks Emma…. you’re nice …. a useful lesson


why is it “stop to eat meat”, he s now a vegetarian, no more eating meat, so ?


Thank you Emma!
It was a very useful lesson.
You are a really great teacher!

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Very well explained! Thank you Emma!

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i love engvid so much. it’s help me to improve my grammar and the vdo class it’s seem better than my live class at school.

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Thank you, I got 100 !!


Nice class. Anyway I have doubts about other verbs differnt of to stop. I would like that someone helps me. Thanks.


You are load and clear as usual,
Local T rised from -32C up to -5C – nice and warm )))

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    Они в Цельсиях не понимают, переводи сразу в Фарингейты ))

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      согласен ))) но Эмма по-моему в северном Китае сейчас, учит китайский, возможно в Харбине, и Цельсии ей вроде как понятны.

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phaisithong vongphuckdy



Hi Emma! good lesson 9 out of 10 . I have studied verb patterns recently, but I forgot some rules with remember, try and so on. Hope you teach them next time . Thank you indeed.

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Thank you very much!!!


It was a wonderful lesson!!! I remember it :D again thanks alot Emma!!!

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Hi Emma,

Thank you for the lesson. Can you review the part where you explained “I stopped to smoke” sentence? It is confused. Probably the action 1 should be smoke, then stop and then anything else, for example – eat. Otherwise the sentence should be I stoped to walk.


Hi Emma,

In your quiz you have following question:
I stopped ___________ in the pool because I was too tired. The correct answer is swimming. Why? I don’t stop swimming forever. It is just a one time action.
The same problem with question: If you are lost, stop _____________ directions.
Why ‘to get’ a right one? It is recommendation don’t ask directions ever.
Please, give your advise how to differentiate these situations.

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    I think, I stopped to swim would correct if the sentence would have been “I stopped to swim at the swimming pool because i was too tired ” instead of “in the pool”.

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    You were tired, so you stopped swimming and went out the water, or pool, lake, or whatever you were swimming in xD — you simply stopped the activity. Otherwise you would drown. xD

    The second one — try to think about “and” when you want to use an infinitive.

    “If you are lost, stop and get directions.”
    If you try to use “getting” — “If you are lost, stop and getting directions.” — and this sounds awkward. xD

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      It makes a sense! Thanks!


      It makes a sense. Thank you!

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      you know , I`ve a doubt about this answer !!
      “I stopped to swim in the pool because I was too tired” . methinks its proper , it simply means that I was tried and exhausted, therefore I stopped and get in to the warm water in the pool to relax .^^

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        Don’t try this at home, especially, when you are alone. xD

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          Very funny , I will never be alone for sure I will have companionship . “you know what I mean “. Anyhow, I guess in this meaning the sentence will be correct .

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          I agree with you.
          It was the one incorrect answer of mine in this quiz. However, I think, both answers are correct.

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Thanks Emma. From your good lesson.


Thank you Emma!! could you give me explanation on qeustion 10 why we are using gerund? if you get chance…


Emmaaaaaaaa Thank you
I didn’t realy know what is the diffrence, but now I got 10/10. Thanks again

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Ema you have displayed a good lesson, so I understand well ,,, thank

Eng Adam

great..tank mrs.emma

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Thanks Emma for this video

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Hi! Could anybody of Engvid teachers do a lesson about differences in making questions about subject.

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It is really good site,You are great!


Great lesson!

What’s about other verbs?
Is there any difference between the following sentences?
1. I tried to help my sister.
2. I tried helping my sister.


    I would use “tried to help”, but I can’t give you any info about why. I’ve just heard this form many times. I don’t know if “tried helping” is correct.

    There are, however, verbs that you can use both with infinitives and gerunds, for example “like”: “I like to swim.” and “I like swimming.”

    But there are also verbs that require only an infinitive or a gerund, and choosing the second one is wrong. I’m still working on it, and I think that this issue is a little bit complicated and more like prepositions — you have to spend years on it in order to learn how to use verb + gerund or infinitive properly. xD

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    if u want to use verb tired, u can use like this. I tired of helping her.


Today was a great day,I stopped to listen your wonderful lesson!!
Thank you !

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Hello Emma.
I love your teaching. I’ve easily understood this lesson, but I’ve got a question for you.
I came across a sentence, in my student book at evening classes, where the verb “like” wasn’t used placing the -ing form after it, but the infinitive. Here’s the sentence:
“John likes to spend his time on holiday looking at old churches.”
I can’t find a “purpose infinitive” in that sentence, like you explained about the verb “stop”.
Could you help me to understand, please?
Thanks a lot,

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hi emma thank you so much.. :) good information..


thank you so Much

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Thank you Emma , I used to make mistakes but I stopped making mistakes now , once again thanks a lot .

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that was seriously great lesson. Well done.. I understand clearly. Thank you.


Hi, Emma. Thanks a lot for your explanations,
I’ve got a question about stop + smoke.
– I stopped smoking.
a) I was smoking a cigarette and I finished doing it because I entered into a closed place.
b) I used to be a regular smoker, and in some point of my life I gave it up. (I didn’t smoke anymore).
What’s the meaning of this sentence?


    It depends. xD

    “I stopped smoking.” — This sentence is very short and there is no time specified. So, if there were, for instance, “I stopped smoking two years ago.”, this would be B answer because you are talking about a specific moment of the past. But you should change “(I didn’t smoke anymore).” to “(I don’t smoke anymore).”

    It also could mean the option A. For example: “I stopped smoking and entered the room”. But if it comes about the A answer, I would rather say “I’ve just stopped smoking” — this means that the cigarette, probably is still smouldering in a ashtray.

    So, as you can see it requires a better insight in the situation that you want to describe.

    Profile photo of morfik morfik

      Thank you very much!
      I figured out something similar, but I was not sure about it.
      I’m Spanish, and we have two different verbs to express this idea:
      – Parar de fumar (stop, but continue in the future).
      – Dejar de fumar (stop, and don’t do it anymore).


        There is one more thing about that.

        “I’ve stopped smoking.” — This is definitely B answer because in case of perfect tenses, there is no need to give a specific time of an action. So, you’ve stopped smoking, but no one knows when exactly. xD

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thank u soooooooooo mush for this lession

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hi Emma it s so helpful to meet you through your lessons you are gorgious. could you tell as about give up smoking and stop smoking what s is the diffirence between both structure ? regards
i start being in love with your way to teach i ll finish by loving you person


Thank´s Emma, this lesson was a really good tip! :-)

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Emma, this is a great lesson. I really didn´t know how to express myself in this case. But I still have doubts about infinitive vs gerund. In those cases as in “like VERB+ing”, or “go VERB+ing”, do they(infinitive and gerund)have the same meaning in this case? I’m waiting your answer.

Joao Paulo

Thank you so much :)

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Thank u. go on….

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Thank you teacher!


100% :-)

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thnks emma u are agreat teacher


Thank you teacher

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Hi, Emma!

Great lesson again!

Greetings from Brazil!!!!!


Hi Emma,
Thanking for your kind assistance..

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thank u Emma. Great


Or, Thank you in english!


Nice class. Thank you, Emma.


Oh, thank you Emma.
I misunderstood that it was similar to the usage of “help ving” and ‘help to v”.
This lesson is very useful, since ‘stop ving” and “stop to v” have totally different meanings.


I got 10 correct out of 10, your lessons are amazing, thanks Emma

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execellent it is prety easy to understand your lesson i love this page thanks “Emma”


Dear Emma,
thanks a lot for a wonderful explanation. Good luck to you!


Amazing!… 10 to 10!!.. your lessons are perfects!.. thank you Emma!! ;0)

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Thank you. It is helpful.


Danke Emma

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Dear Emma,

very nice sugestion and one more great lesson.

Thank you a lot.

How about preparing a lesson on spoken English?


Thanks a lot


Beautiful Emma, it’s amazing how clear your explanation is. Thank you very much for your lesson. I got 100!

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Excellent job Emma!Thank you very much!

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thanks Emma


    Hi Emma How you read this fraction 1/12.5? Thankyou

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thank you so much


Thanks a lot. It’s was very useful for me


thanks for the Video.
it’s was really beneficial.
regards :)

salman Freshie

Is this sentence correct,, This picture is a little bit too much black ”


    I would use:
    “This picture is a little bit black”
    “This picture is a little bit too black”
    “This picture is a little bit much too black”

    Pay attention to the third one “much too” not “too much”.

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this example
. I stopped ___________ in the pool because I was too tired.

to swim

I chose ( to swim ) but it was wrong , why ?


    When you are tired you won’t go to swim . It’s all about the context , so we should put SWIMMING . ; )

    Profile photo of HBarhi HBarhi

      I think, HBarhi, you are absolutely right.
      In this case, meaning depends on the context.
      As to me, I have much work, and at the end of the day I decided to relax and take some sport.
      So I stopped and go to a swimming pool. Good idea, by the way.
      So, I think, both answers are correct.

      Profile photo of urs68 urs68

    Hello Mohammed. I had the same problem. The correct answer is swimming. If “you stopped to swim” means you did something before to swim. But, in the sentence, “you stopped swimming” because you’re too tired to keep swimming. I hope you have understood me. Regards from Spain.

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Thanks a lot emma that lesson was so useful

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thanks for your help and suport

sayyed jalil

thanks for your help and support.

sayyed jalil

thanks a lot

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Thank you Emma!!!

Gerardo Silva

It is amazing.I never knew. Thanks for the way you explain things naturely. I am astonished. Keep on nurishing us with your marvellous lessons. Thanks

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Thank you!!


Thank you very much !

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Great!!! =D


Thanks for the lesson. I won’t stop listening to your lessons.


Thank you so much, Emma!!! This lesson was very clarifying.

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Hy i’m Hicham
Great lesson, thanks to you.

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I Stopped TO … I use this expression when I´m moving for example: walking, riding or driving?

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i stopped doing infinitive -ing mistake!!!

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Thanks Emma!!
you rock!!

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Emma you are a wonderful teacher .Your explanations are very clear and simple.
Is it correct to say that in the sentence stopped + infinitive there is a reason why we stopped with the gerand it describes a situation. Thank you.


Dear Mrs. Emma,i think you are a very good teacher.It is so clear that you love teaching and taking care of students.I have understood this from by the way you’re speaking.So thank you very much…:)))

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Thanks Emma for this wonderful lesson.


It wasn’t very easy for me but I ‘ve well done the test.


Dear Emma! Thanks for useful lesson but I think the correct answer in the quiz #9 is I stopped to swim in the pool because I was too tired. Am I right about it? Please answer!

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excellent lesson

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Thank you :D


I have got 100. Thanks so much Emma! I love you

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great lesson thx


thank you very much

Ahmed 11

I got 10 correct. Thanks for great expression and all free lessons.


very useful lesson! thank you Emma!


Great lesson. We want more.


hi, you are the best teacher. The explanation is so clear, i easily understand it and hope i use them in my everyday conversation.


By the why, is there somebody wants practice with me. My level of English is not good but also not bad. Guys Lets talk on skype. I’m Gulmira from Uzbekistan this is my Skype Id guli.akhmet.


teacher why here is I stopped swimming because I was tired. he or she was swimming in the pool then he realize that he is tired. then he may use I stopped to swim because i was tired. this one is correct? Why not?


I’ve stopped watching the video to give you my gratitude. Thank you so much Emma :)

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    hi, Emma. Lets talk English voice or video chat?


Thank you very much Emma :)

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Thank you Emma


So wonderful , amazing lesson from you .
Emma , you are great teacher . i am following your lessons .


thank you teacher. It help me a lot :)


I stopped dating my ex boyfriend. It means that I can meet somebody else. Wow thats great to use this word.
I stopped to buy some water because i was thirsty.
I stopped to buying clothes because Im in broke.


    Hi Gulmira,

    Thank you for your examples. Your first two sentences were good, but the last one should be “I stopped buying clothes because I’m broke.” :)

    Profile photo of Emma Emma



Thank you so much Emma, I think this lesson very important for we and you told very well :)

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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u Emma

Profile photo of sweetrose77 sweetrose77

Thank you very much Emma! It helped me.
I had a mistake at 9. I thought someone is swimming in the pool and after a moment he stopped to swim because he was too tired.
In that case, how I have to say?


thanks a lot . You are amazing teacher. :)


It a hell is awesome from thailand.


amazing .. this the first website that i can study English language easily .
so thanks alot …

Akram z

Thank you Emman.
See you in next sections!!

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Thank you . I wanna ask you a question What’s the difference between come back , come along come out and come over If you have time to explain it to me I would be so delighted And thanks again

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That is a great lesson, very useful to practice in a informal conversation and in academic life. ;D ..

Profile photo of alefduan alefduan

In fact I thought the two sentences have the same meaning but due to ur help i understood it , thank you Emma .
One thing about the Nineth sentence (I stopped swimming Because I was tired) he was tired while swimming then he decided to stop fr while ,why u didn’t use I stopped to swim?
Thank u again


Thank you Emma. Please teach us “Does not make sense” and “Make(s) sense”. When will we use it? What is the difference between it?

Profile photo of ariunbolor ariunbolor

What is the different between following:
I stopped to smoke
I stopped for smoking


Hi,how are you?
you are a great teacher
I like your lesson
Thank you so much.


    Thank you for your comment sovannaranou!

    Profile photo of Emma Emma

Thank you very much = )

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I really want to thank you for all of your lesson!

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Thank you for explaining!


Hello Emma! I’m Charles from Venezuela, thank you so much. I was a great lesson and now I understand clear when someone say to me “I stopped smoking” jejeje. I want to study english in canada in order to get my toelf certificated and I’d like to know you and all of the ENGVID team too. God Bless You.

Charles Ch.

    jejeje I made a mistake. “It was a great lesson”. If I made another one, please tell me. Thanks

    Charles Ch.

yes Thank you i stopped here to learn English

Profile photo of alhiraki alhiraki

Hello Emma. I’ve done the quiz and I have a question for you. The sentence “I stopped ___________ in the pool because I was too tired.” According to quiz, the correct answer is “swimming” but I think is “to swim” because you stop to swim when you are tired. You don’t stop to swim forever! I would like to know your opinion about this sentence. Thank you and regards from Spain.

Profile photo of perher perher

    Hello again. I found out what was my mistake. In fact the correct answer is “swimming” because if you stop to swim means that before to swim, you were doing something different like walking, eating, etc. In that sentence, the meaning is different. You stopped swimming because you’re tired. Now, I understood the sentence. I hope you understand my explanation because I’m a beginner student and I don’t know if my grammar is correct. Newly, thank you and regards from Spain.

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It’s very helpful thanks a lot ^_^

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I enjoyed the lesson, I’m gratefully.

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Thanks a lot :D


Thank you

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great job


Great emma

i can understand everything

thank you very much

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Emma .. YOUR lessons are really amazing .thanks a lot for that great job.. but i see that you focused on the verb (stop) only .. can’t we use other verbs in the same way like: (stand) .. so i can say( I stood up to carry the box) 1- sit 2- stand 3- carry .and ( i stood up carrying the box)1- carry 2- stand.


    Gerunds (verb + ing) and infinitives (to + verb) are painful for most students to learn because you have to memorize the rule for each verb.

    I focused on the verb “stop” in this video because it is one of the most confusing ones.

    Here is a video that may help you with other verbs:


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thank emma


Thanks a lot!

may be .. a day…finally I will be learn English


Awesome Possum!

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I really like what you are doing here. Your work is of the greatest help to the teacher and student. I really enjoy it! I wish you every success.


Very nice Ema… thank you!


thank thank thank. i lake you ,…………………..


Thank you so much . Emma


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hii ! Emma

ı think so… ı stopped learning this subject.. thank you very much indeed..

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Smply Awesome.. fnly i learnd Infitive and Gernd..

Tks 2 much,


quite helpful

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thank you Emma

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Hi Emma,
I have a question for you. Is there any difference between the following senteces?
I decided to ask for directions.
I decided asking for directions.
Thanks, Richard.


    “I decided to ask for directions” is correct. The verb “decide” is followed by to + verb.

    Here are some more examples:

    I decided to buy some ice cream.
    I decided to move to Las Vegas.
    I decided to marry my best friend.

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great lesson


it was very easy because of your help thank you and keep going. I have been in USA for two years and I never speak English before thank u again

rachid bermache

Hi everybody! I took the quiz which is about infinitive and gerund but I don’t understand clearly.
Who wants to explain to me ;
9. I stopped ___________ in the pool because I was too tired.
I clicked on to swim but it is not true. I thought that If I can take a rest , I will continue on. I am so tired ok but it is not meaning of give up.
Help please

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    In my opinion swim need more energy and makes somebody feel tired, so the right answer is ” swimming” . I think the first action is the cause of second action :). CMIIW

    Profile photo of aisyara aisyara

    hi,hallelujah.ıf you are tired,you don’t want to swim.you stop swimming in the pool .ın your opinion is that ı stopped to swim in the pool because ı was too tired.this means that (for example) you want to swim in the pool but you are reading book.then, you want to swim in the pool.you give up reading book in order to swimming in the pool.I hope you understand my writing.

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        Many students seemed to have problems with this question. These guys answered it well! Thank you!

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          Hello, Emma!
          Why both answers cannot be correct?
          It depends on…
          … on a specific situation, i.e. a context, doesn’t it?
          Thanks a lot for your lessons.

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          Emma, I can’t stop writing the free flow of my thoughts;) sorry for that.
          1. I stopped swimming in the pool because I was too tired to do anything.
          2. I stopped to swim in the pool because I was too tired and wanted to relax.

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    I stopped swimming as I got tired of that.


    I stopped swimming in the pool. this is correct

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This is a good lesson. For me It has been some difficult.
I do not undestand what is the exactly meaning of these sentences:
“I stopped to smoke” (stop to smoke for one moment?)
“I stopped smoking” (the meaning is: To quit to Smoke?
I will appreciate your attention.


    “I stopped to smoke” means “I stopped doing something to have a smoke”, and “I stopped smoking” does “I quit (gave up) smoking”=)



      I stopped to smoke means I was doing something else (maybe walking), and I stopped what I was doing to light up a cigarette. In this example, I am smoking.

      I stopped smoking means I quit smoking or I stopped the action of smoking. In this example, I am not smoking.

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I stopped —— in the pool because i was so tired.

swimming /to swim

i thought (to swim) is the right answer. but tern out (swimming) is the correct answer. I am puzzled!!


    Hi … Pervert?

    Thanks for your question!

    The clue in this sentence is “because I was so tired”. Swimming involves a lot of work, so if someone gets tired, they would probably stop swimming and rest.

    Alternatively, I could make a sentence like “It was hot, so I stopped to swim in the pool.” In this case, because it’s hot, I stop what I’m doing and start swimming in order to cool down.

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Hi emma you do not know how much you help me with this topic, I was asking many teachers, friends but they can not explain me..You are an angel for people like me…. Thank you so much


Hi Emma you do not know how much you help me with this topic, I was asking many teachers and friends,but they can not explain me..You are an angel for people like me…. Thank you so much.


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7. I am studying really hard today. I need a break. I want to stop _______________.
to check my email
checking my email

if you check personal email the right choice may be “to check my email”

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Does It mean ?
1.you should stop looking up new words in dictionary or
2. you should look up new worlds in dictionary ???

My friend said it mean I should stop looking up new words in dictionary .
I’m confused now!!

Thank you

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mom: why are you home so late?
son: I stopped (chatting/to chat) to Sally and I lost track of time.


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I would appreciate if you continue more lessons with ing and to verb form.
It would be great if you make a lesson comparing past form of must verb in particular:
I needn’t have done
I didn’t have to do
And so on
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Je me suis arrêté pour fumer. I stopped to smoke.
Je me suis arrêté de fumer ! I stopped smoking.
Les sens de ces 2 phrases sont opposés !

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