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I’m happy because have 5 good response and that
the teacher is fantastic thanks RONNIE


    You’re good at teaching English. I like your classes.


thanks you , i love u!


Ms Ronnie,I really love how you teach your courses,obviously you make me feel happier to keep learning English.
Thank you so much.


I love love you !!!!


Hiii Ronnie
First of all, I would like to request you to rectify my sentences plz… I really appreciate this lesson.AS you have wanted to know that what silly,boring stuff piss us off ,I wanna tell you something which always make me angry,frustrated,bored and pale-fill my mind with pain and sorrow leaving me as the most useless person on the earth..First of all when I watch an English movie or your lesson I always go on finnding out the verbs you use,the different ways you make your sentences and theses thing result in troubles,problems most of the time-I wanna take English natarully,absorb it easily,learn and understand it like my native language-but the problem is that I am not getting the confidnce of what I know is true.I can’t believe myself-sometimes it makes me worried when different sort of negative thinking comes to my mind-I wanna get over this wretched situation and keep faith in myself but don’t know how?Would you please help me to come out from it??????

sona sharma

    Wow, your English is fantastic… May you are the native speaker….

    Profile photo of Enkhtur Enkhtur

    oh. we get the same problem. sometimes I do not know what I am saying is correct or not. So Frustrated man. Especially making long complex sentences, it makes me hesitate to chat in a conversation.

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Really a funny lesson.Thanks for being :)


u got a beautiful style of teaching,,,,, i just love it specially your body language is mind blowing… we are expecting more videos from you.


Thank you so much Ronnie! You make things so easy to understand.


that’s a good topic i learnt 4 kinds of ways to say piss .

Profile photo of frankosk8 frankosk8

wow the word is new to me..

bernadeta t galea

u r really an excllent teacher. u have the ability to make yr lesson suspending and interesting, i enjoy yr way of presenting the material under focus.


it pisses me off when I’m trying to learn English and some one call me to go out, and I say no, and the person call me again, and again, and again…

douglas fritzen

a great lessone thank you so much

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Of course I enjoyed it. Thanks a lot. (did I write it right?)


good !!! )))) i like it !!!on Monday i will go to the University and tell about it to my friends

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that’s great thank you Ronnie


Hello! First of all I’ld like to say that You’re and Your lessons are fantastic. Would you be so kind and explain the difference between go,walk and so on. Thanks a lot.


thanks teacher you are great.


I am very happy to see all the videos on to teach English I hope one day to go to Canada, Toronto to thank you I am a big fan of the way of your learning of the English language I hope to be friends forever and I thank you I am Egyptian and I have come to America specifically to learn EnglisI
I hope you’re fine and doing well bey Ronnie


I am very happy to see all the videos on to teach English I hope one day to go to Canada, Toronto to thank you I am a big fan of the way of your learning of the English language I hope to be friends forever and I thank you I am Egyptian and I have come to America specifically to learn EnglisI
I hope you’re fine and doing well bey Ronnie

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great lesson as always lovely redhead teacher, I wanna be a police n’ take u to my home 4 a month, that would be awesome n’ learn english once for all,u know 4 good, but it’s just a freak dream. it pisses me off when your lessons are short. gracias sweet Ronnie.


Hi Ronnie how r u doing ?
tank u for all this lesson :)
but i hd question from you ….?
I live in toronto canada too and now i need to know your email address so can you plz give me that tank u ……:)

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    Hi roonie why u ddnt answer me ?????i asked a qustions


      This is my email address.

      Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

        where is that i cant see it sorry…..?


          i think she means (www.engvid.com)^.~


          no i dnt tink so bcuz dats website not email………….


          i now,, but I mean here you can ask and she answer u :$.. I apologize for intrusive
          good luck


        Hi, your videos a reexcellent, especially the way of your teaching. I have watch other tutor vids but there way of teaching doesn’t make other people feel attracted towards learning english. My english is good in grammetic sense but i can;t speak it well. Your vids are excellent but few in number kindly raise their ratio.


        All of you are awesome but Ronnie you are the best, thanks for your lessons they always make me feel that I am improving.

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You don’t do much lessons lately, Ronnie. Pity. I’d like to see more.

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Thx, nice lesson. Hollywood films actually use these phrases in dialogs.

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    Hello compatriot))

    Victor Adamenja

Ronnie is so cool teacher, the ace of Diamonds!!!


good one this time, but i feel that u post a very few lectures online nowadays.


Hi my lovely teacher Ronnie,
thank you for the lesson I will understand American movies easily when they say I’m pissed ! hahahahahah, and it really piss me of when my computer is stop working .
thank you very much
have a wonderful day

Taleb A. Salman

Thanks so much for this lesson. I enjoy every class and I try to improve my english. I thing this is the easy way to learn. Tnaks.


I get delighted with your ways of teaching and now I’m familiar with the word “piss”
Thanks so much.

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what about “pee”?, like “i wanna pee”…

Profile photo of mukti mukti

    Yes, piss and pee mean the same in that sentence!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      so what is the differentiation between pee and piss


        Nothing….piss and pee both mean urine. But piss is a little rude to say!

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          MAM u r doing great job hats of to u…..

          Haider Abbas

Thank you for the quiz.Carry on good work.


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks, when i watch English movie, i often saw using piss..but i didn’t really understand. but now, after listening your beautiful and awesome lesson, i really clear about “piss”..Thanks million, Ronnie..
Have a nice and wonderful day!

Matthew Shing Mang Tun

thanks a lot for teaching a new interesting and exciting lesson.

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keep up the good job!..liked u!…


Hi, today I learned somenthing new THANKS to you Ronnie. God bless you!

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Really interesting and useful. I have a question: I thought ‘toilet’ was the thing you sit on in the rest room. it also can mean the room as well, i guess?


thank u soOo much


thanks for lesson
it was very good for me


what is the difference between a house and a home? why people say. I’m at home and i’m in the house, instead of i’m at house? i wanna go home instead of i wanna go to home , i wanna go to my house. why they say “home sweet home” not ” house sweet house”


Thanks a lot Ronnie

This word had stuck in my mind when I saw Movie “Ghost Rider” in which a police man said to actress (who is reporter) Piss off.

Now I got it perfectly. Did you see that movie. Thanks again


Thank you so much

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Thank you so much! I enjoyed your lesson! and I wanna know how to use “you know” which is expression. Could you tell me how to use that please?

Profile photo of Daiki Daiki

    You know (ya know) we use this to make sure the listener is actually listening to what we are saying. Ex.. I went to the park, ya know…. and I saw a elephant. The listener can say “yeah”, to let the speaker know he/she is listening!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      a elephant or an elephant?

      Profile photo of mhmd john mhmd john



I really like the way you used in teaching. You’re my favorite teacher that I have learn from her so much. I also don’t forget to express thanks for the rest of kind teachers. Thank you again.

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Fantastic class. You are the best among the teachers here at engVid.


hello, i am the new student ,i get very easy web site to learn English , would you please the last example of pissed when ! your faithfully Abdul sattar hussain .

abdul sattar

Ronnie, which example is correct:
There is a lot of people, or,
There are a lot of people?


    “There are a lot of people”, is grammatically correct. However, we usually SAY “There’s alotta (a lot of) people”!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Dear Ronnie:
Thank you for teaching a new lesson. I’ve learned a lot from your classes. You are a very nice person.


thanks teaher


thanks teacher


Great classes keep teaching more, I would like more conversation and pronunciation.




Ronnie you´re a fantastic teacher!!!! Kisses


That’s Great thank u a lot ^^

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    What city are from in Saudi Arabia ?

    Profile photo of wakeelahmedchanna23 wakeelahmedchanna23

it’s funny lesson, thank u!


realy u r good teacher i like your way


It pisses me off when someone wake me up for stupid reason >_< what's up with the ambulance alert :) thanks

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this was my first class. it was very nice.
You are a very good teacher.
now i will be regular.

Atal from India

Hi Ronnie,
thanks i have understood the piss


Hi madam
My name is hari i wrote gre exam but i didnt get a good score now im thinking about writing toefl but im not sure that i’ll get a good score and moreover if i dont get a visa all i spent will be wasted
Plz help me madam what should i do


    You should at least try to do the TOEFL……if you don’t get a great score, don’t worry, at least you tried!!! Good luck and very give up!!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i’m gonna say “i’m pissed” in stead of “i’m drunk” thanks teacher

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I am Kemsuor. I am Cambodian student…I thank you
for your lesson.I want to say I like your lesson so much.


it is really fantastic ….


hi thanks alot but ihave aproplem that im studing english art and my teacher ask me to watch american films without translation and i dont understand any thing i just speak arabic lang


    Just watch them with English subtitles…It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to understand them without!! Why did your teacher want you to watch them without translations???

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie



Nice class, thanks.

Carlos Torner

A funny way for a funny word…Thanks a lot

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Good job

Profile photo of hapkido hapkido

Very good and interesting video. In the past, I cannot understand the slang about piss. I know the meaning and the useage now. Great! I like very much.

Profile photo of debby667 debby667

thank you ^^

Profile photo of Mellow Mellow

Good job.

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hi ronnie
i’m very grateful to u and ur lessons
plz i want u to give me ur email or to send me email coz i want to suggest some lessons which i’m very bad in learning it
my email:weheby@homail.com send me email or write ur email plz

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it was a good video. thank you


I have to tell that she’s a very good teacher, she really knew how to explain the differents meanings and that’s why I got a hundred..!!

Marlon Rivas

I like Ronnie very much! You are the best teacher! Your English is understandably for me! Thank a lot!!! Can`t wait your new lessons!

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Your comment is waiting to be approved by engVid.
Hi my lovely teacher Ronnie,
thank you for the lesson I will understand American movies easily when they say I’m pissed ! hahahahahah, and it really piss me off when my computer is stop working .
thank you very much
have a wonderful day

Taleb A. Salman

there is a song said i like the way you lie but i say i like the way you teach tacher Ronnia and some day i am goin to be great as you are
by the way i am arbin but i am pretty cool at speakin with american accent but there is someting missin which is slan i am really greatful for you teacher ronnia my hat is down for you my teacher .


Hello Ronnie. How are you? I’m Hyottoko from Japan. And I found this site today from youtube. I did not have English teacher. I have learned from radio and TV program long time ago. Recently I am interested in “Healing” which came from USA. So I need to learn it again.
And I like your video lesson. You are kawaii when you say jokes. And I read your profile. It says you have been to Hokkaido! I have never been there. But I live next to Fukushima. Unfortunately, the radiation is everywhere here. So I am thinking the healing might work out. I am gonna watch your video one by one from today. 11.11.11 Domo Arigatou Lonnie san.

Profile photo of Hiroaki Hiroaki

Hi Ronnie, thanks to your website. It somehow teach me to developed my English. You are so cool when teaching, I really like you. Thank you very much and more power.

Profile photo of lenin79 lenin79

“i’m pissed/pissed off” means i’m extremely irritated or angry as you said.
I search and i found that it also means i’m intoxicated or drunk and it’s ***chiefly British** as take the piss(out of sb)
it would be better if you had noticed it.

naki adil

It’s pisses me off when somebody take the piss after I went to a piss..Let’s just get pissed!—peace everyone:)now,nobody can take the piss of me….ha ha :) thanks Ronnie and I love you!


Thanks a lot teacher.
i’m BASSET from Libya, i’m new student and the big problem for me is the difference between tenses and when we use each tense exactly.

Profile photo of newad2006 newad2006

Thanks Ronnie you’re a very good teacher.

Profile photo of mericamps mericamps

Thank you Ronnie I Get a lot of lessons the way you are very nice

english verbs conjugation

Dear Ronnie
thank you for this lesson
Iam from Saudi Arabia
The big problem for me in learning English is the pronunciation of difficult words and write
What is the best way to overcome them?
Thank you very much


    For writing – write a diary in English!
    For pronunciation, listen to English TV and repeat what they say!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

teacter me to reading english


Hello :>Thank you very much :>>


i’m so happy to learn..
thank you Ronnnie you are
such a good teacher..


Ronnie, this is almost emergency! Please tell me how do we say next sentence: One third of people have dissapeared, or 1/3 of people has disappeared? Please answer ASEP!


    Have. People are always plural!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie .
I met the new this site and I see description of the subject.

Profile photo of muttipikims muttipikims

good job….!!!!!!


Good lesson!!! I liked a lot!!! Thanks!!!

Profile photo of annecaroline379 annecaroline379

hi Ronnie,
thanks to learn us a new word,i am very pissed off when i don’t understand something,
God bless you.


dear my nice teacher ,
i need to thank you and really you very nice teacher i like english before but now i like it mooooooooooooooore


thanks my teacher
it’s new word for me


you is great teacher thanks


Hi Ronnie
It’s pisses me off when people jumped the queues anywhere, any countries except in England. Because in England barely anybody jumped the queues. This is just my experience in England. Thank you sooooooooo much. you are a great teacher and fun to watch and learn. thanks again


hi dear Ronnie!! how are you??? iam really love your lessonses and, so could you guide me how to of the side?? because your lessones exciting me to learn english, so please guide me dear…

gulaqa yaqubi

it pesses me off when you use some difficult words. by the way you teaching well. thank you very much

Profile photo of alamine alamine

hi dear Ronnie!!
so i want to thaks you about your teaching and guiding your student about english like me, so hey teacher according my idea your the best arround world, so could you guide me for which book is usfule for studing and reading to intermedate level for learning, i’m expecting for your guide, your student from Afghanistan,

gulaqa yaqubi

    I suggest reading books about topics that interest you (not text books)! If you like computers, read about Steve Jobs. If you like sports, find a book on your favorite athlete etc…
    When I was living in Japan, I got books on music. I leaned to read music liner notes (cd’s) and words to songs so i could sing along in Japanese! I am doing this now to help me learn Spanish!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      un saludo!
      greetings and thx!

      Profile photo of sadeghsafari sadeghsafari

thank u but i have to improve my speaking skill in English what can do please give some advice for me.

Profile photo of kamal88qs kamal88qs

Hi teacher ROnnie:) (just wunna share) I live here in Germany since last year..Their langguage is deutsch.In the beggining it’s really hard because nobody understands me(when buying,malling,ordering,watching,24/7deutsch etch.) and I dont understand them too..I don’t perfect english either,but I have used it because I can speak it better than their langguage,as in zero knowledge.so,I went to a school to learn deutsch it is exactly a year. the funny is…im learning english well than deutsch.. anyway it’s a great experienced. Enjoy everybody.. upsss.. ENGVID.COM is the best medicine.

Profile photo of azilanaolim azilanaolim

Really I enjoy your style of teaching
Thanks alot


really you like star moives to me i love your lessons soo i want to learn how can write me name cause really there many ways to write it ..my name is (mohemmad yousf )


    its make problems to me in airports and this staff


    Im not sure of your question! You can just tell people how to spell your name or write it down if they cannot understand!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

when we say (i pissed off) Do we have to complete the sentence and say(i pissed off Something), or its complete sentence?!


    You can say I’m pissed off about something…. I’m pissed off about my test/the bus.
    You can also just say I’m pissed of!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

English is pissing me off. haha joking
but a bit true. haha I am trying a lot but it takes a lot of time to be fluent. However, I can feel I am improving. haha


You are fantastic. thank you to make me feel exciting to learn more English. You really do a best work so keep going.


Gosh This woman is AWESOME. I’m preparing myself for a english EXAM and watch her videos is very useful for me. The site is quite useful too. so Thank you very much to all the team!


it was a good lesson….i feel like i m pissed….


efforts made by you is really appreciatng….


Thanks Ronnie. You clarified the meaning of “take the piss”. I wasn’t sure about it and how to use it or understand it correctly and now it’s perfect!


It pisses me off when my classmates talk loudly in Mandarin during the break time in my school.

Profile photo of nicholas21 nicholas21

It pisses me off when my classmates talk loudly in Mandarin during the break time in my school. By the way, I go to a language school in Japan.

Profile photo of nicholas21 nicholas21

It’s amazing. I’m improving my English day by day because of you guys. thank you very much.


Wow……..Thatz Fantastic/…Not boring At all….


hello teacher Ron! Have a blessed day to you! I learned alotta from you teacher. Thanks God, you’re nice.

Profile photo of benjan4ever benjan4ever

Well done, Thank you


That was a good lesson thank you very much and give us more please I like the way you teaching Roninie. love you too much.


it’s funny…
thanks for it..


i’ll take the piss… ;)


Hi Ronnie,

Great Teacher. I like the way you teach and make it very easy for us to understand. I’m ok in grammar but when I have problem in making long sentences. I can only say little sentences, long sentences are difficult for me to make. Kindly give some idea learn making proper sentences. And do tell me that in this message which places i am grammatically wrong…. waiting your reply…


    The best way is to try to link sentences together using a comma! Good luck!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thank you for your lesson Ronnie….

Profile photo of ahtsham1 ahtsham1

Ronnie I love you thank you for your lesson

Anwar A. Ahmed

You are just amazing,so inspiring and funny!I mean I have never seen a teacher like you in my native country which is Russia!
Now I am just a student and as a practice for our future job all of our students have to go to school to prepare lessons and hold them.. And to tell the truth it is freaking me out.. How to make kids interested and not to make them feel uncomfortable or boring? Can you share some tips of your own?)
Thank you )


    How old are the kids you are teaching? It all depends on their age!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      It will be.. Two groups.
      The first is just kids like ten years old..And the second one is about sixteen I suppose.)


Dear maidam thanks yaou best wishes every body which are learn english

kamran khan

very very nice teacher thankyou for teaching

Profile photo of milad2012 milad2012

that’s good
i mean great


Very useful and insightful. Can you cover the other slang too. Thanks.


hi ronnie, you’re such a very gud english teacher :)) thank you.


I realy love your lesson
think you


I so love this lesson, Ronnie and I so love you for enlightening me. I’m so excited to use them if I go to English speaking countries…. lol Keep it up!


It’s good lesson to know… I can make different between “A” and “The” lol. Thank u Ronnie

Profile photo of mohammed100 mohammed100

very very useful ty ronnie coleman ;)

Profile photo of emraan143 emraan143

Great teacher!!! i like the way she lectures, very natural.

Profile photo of nelson2012 nelson2012

nice lesson it was fun to know all the meamings to one word


Hi Ronnie!

After this class I had to go so fast to the toilet… you are so funny and amazing teacher.

Thanks for you good mood.



thanks Ronnie! it’s very useful for me! :)

Profile photo of chickie chickie

Can you help me to figure out how can I pronounce “tr” and “ch” correctly?
Thanks alot


    When we say “TR” our tongue starts at the top of our mouth and goes down quickly. Our mouth is relaxed/slightly open.
    When we say “CH” we bite the back of our teeth and have the tongue at the top of our mouth, then release our bite as we say “CH”.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Dear Ms. Ronnie,
This my first participation in this useful site. In regard to piss. What does it mean if someone say to you “piss off”. What is the different between “piss off” and “Get lost”
Thank you.

Profile photo of maderazi maderazi

    Piss off and get lost are essentially the same but piss off is stronger and used more in the UK then in North America.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie You’re The Best :D


Hi dear Ronnie thanks a lot for that great efforts in teaching us english. My question is “what does it mean?” when someone says to someone else ” PISS OFF” thank you so much in advance.


    Piss off = go away or f&$k off!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Ronnie, I wish a happy new year! for you and your family. You are a very very good teacher!


Hello Ronnie,
I am krishna from New Delhi, India
I just wanted to say that you are an amazing teacher and i just love the way you explain things and make us laugh.
Thank you very much.
I am very grateful to you and the Engvid team.
You people are doing a fabulous job out there.

krishna khanna

BEST lessons i ve ever found in the internet…i love you guys…you help me a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!greetings from germany…see ya


I really like your classes, every night I watch your classes, and its really helping me


It piss me off when people are listening to music so loud near me.

Profile photo of Valldecy Valldecy

    It pisses me off. Not piss me off.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie i’m new in US’ I like your classes, today i start watch your lessons , and its really helping me thanks alot
so happy new year


thanks teacher for slang words. could you please do a lesson on British slang please. These slang words you told us, are they used every where? i mean in USA, UK as well thanks regards

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

    Yes, they are used everywhere!
    Sorry, I am not British so I cannot teach you British slang 100%!!! Look it up on the internet!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

i am learning British English could you please give me some tips. i want to speak like a native speaker . i got 5.5 in IELTS . 7.5 in listening and 7 in speaking. but i want to improve thanks regards

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

    If you want to speak like a British person you have to go there to learn the accent!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thanks for your replies

Profile photo of akmajs akmajs

thank you alot :)

Profile photo of niveen25 niveen25

lol, you are so funny, I love the way that you teach us, thanks a lot.


I love your way of teaching . pls let me how can i improve my writing skill and grammar .

My best regards


    Write a diary everyday.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie


      Karar Reshi

i want lrean english but how this my skybe (azooooza9) who can help me add me

Profile photo of azooooza azooooza

you r awesome teacher , i really need to know more expressions and vocab. , and you learn me a lot :), cause i wanna learn how to communicate with other people with this language cause ma real language is Arabic so i have many problems about communication in speaking , cause i just learn English in the school , thanks a lot for your help :)


Ronnie…. very funny exposition, good way to teach !

I LOVE YOU :) ;)

I hope know u someday.


Profile photo of miguelin05 miguelin05

Haven’t got words to say about this adore able ……….well bombastic

Ateeq Shakir

    “Bombastic”‘s an excellent word!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

hello ronnie i have a ques is it correct that “he is pissing me off” or “dnt piss me off”

Profile photo of marry90 marry90

    Yes- “He is pissing me off” is correct! “Don’t piss me off” is correct!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

thnk you soo much my sweet teacher! :)

Profile photo of marry90 marry90

5 out of 5… good and interestig lesson…


this one is my frst lecture bcz ov my friend marry90 n i admire ur teaching:)


…thus,it pissed me off means it made me angry??!!

Profile photo of fatiima fatiima


    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Hi Ronnie, i really like your way of teaching specially with your body Language And with your examples … This is my skype add for people who want improve Their english speaking … Thanks


This is my skype add for people who like improving their English speaking …. Skype : kombal1


thanx Ronnie u r the best love ur lessons

Profile photo of raghdah raghdah

Ronnie,I really like how you teach your courses.you are so funny and amazing teacher.
Thank you so much.

Profile photo of lumierevert lumierevert

Really enjoy this lesson and very knowledgeable

Saad Khimani

hi ronnie, I like the way you are teaching. the lesson is very interesting we don’t get the lesson in the classs. let get pissed. he……….


Hey Ronnie, I’m from Brazil and I’d like to say that your videos are amazing and you are very very very funny! Thanks a lot!

Yudi Kusano

thank you teacher!


hello ronnie I’m from morocow this vidoe is very funny and I learned a lot of thanks ronnie


Very helpful and in its time ..,
Can anyone tell me ,if i left a comment to a certain video and a teacher replied to it ,how can i know ? i left comments and Q but i do not remember the name of the lessons to see my comment(place where i left my comments) .., and How long does it take from you teachers to reply to us ? 48 hours :P
thanks for help .. ,

Profile photo of ahmadhandasa ahmadhandasa

the best teacher for me ronny


it pisses me off when someone hurts my feelings and never say sorry!

many thanks to you teacher Ronnie :)

Profile photo of anisa28 anisa28

Funny video!! Thanks a lot!!


thank you. Ronnie


Hi Ronnie.Whats up?How is it going?Nice to hear your voice again.I have a question for you.Is it true that when two native speakers of English talk to each other, they understand only 90 percent of each others speech, it means they usually get the whole idea but not the whole information word by word as they speak very quickly.I have read about this somewhere but I do not remember where.So is it true or not?


    I don’t know.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hmmmmmm. u r the best

Profile photo of jimmy911 jimmy911

English is very itanrmpot more than different language. Because English is world language so, If I do not study English can’t communicate with world people.But body language that’s OK.


Ronnie you are indeed a brilliant teacher. thank you
Please help me with the following,their definitions and how and where there are used.
“in the beginning” “at the beginning” “in the end” “at the end” “in the street” “on the street”


Hello Im Russian and I am 14 years old! I like this video lessons!Ronnie you cool!!


YOU are great, the way you are teaching the best i have ever seen in my life.

Profile photo of zmomand zmomand

Ronnie is fantastic¡¡¡¡


Oh my God, that’s so cool!!! You’re great!!! Thank you for such interesting, amazing lesson!!!=)

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When someone is really pissed off I usually advise him/her to go and take a piss….hhahahahah


hi mis Ronnie
When can I use the word pee! (cheldren or men)

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    Kids say “I have to pee”! It is used by children!

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It pissed me off when I meet pissed people

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It pisses me off when people throw garbage in the street. ;)
You’re such a great and nice teacher.


Thanks ms for ur teaching it wes great i hope to learn mor from u cuz u r great teacher and i wish to come from my country to ur class


iam zezo from saudi arabia plz send any vediu to my email


Thank you. Ronnie! Super lesson.

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Hello Ronnie. My name is Andrew. I really enjoy your videos. You`re funny teacher and teach very well. I´m learning a lot. Thank so much

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Ronnie, da way u teach is so funny! i like it alot! thanks for teaching :)

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I love the way you explain things, the things you do, your jokes…you’re fun!
Thanks for the lessons.


I live in Ottawa but why don’t I hear people using these slang??
Do you thing that’s because they are talking with a new English speaker? That’s really pisses me off..

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hey ronnie… i really enjoy the topic.. (correct sentence?)

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    * enjoyed

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      thanks! u

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I was looking for what “piss off” means, but I did learn from what she was talking about.


    It means it makes you angry.

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hatur nuhun teh tos ngajar inggris dina video,,eta teh ngabantu urang belajar bahasa
the meaning is
“thanks for your teaching in video..it helps me to study the english language


Thanks Ronnie!

You are a cozy mentor

Abdul Qayum

Dear Ronnie! I’ve been learning English for so many years, I didn’t even remember when I started doing it. But anyway I’m almost despaired to start understanding American movies, songs, CNN news without subtitles=(
It really pisses me off!!! In a few days I will be in the USA and I’m so afraid that I’ll get nothing what people will say me. What should I do to start to understand the fluent american speech? Are there any means to improve comprehension?

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Hi, Ronnie! Thank you for your lessons, you really energizes me!

Could you write please similar in meaning expressions like “It pisses me off”.Thank you.


It pisses me off when it is always raining even in June !! lol :p

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Awww, you are the best English teacher ever!!! Funny, easy to understand and tell everything clearly!!!!! Love you!!! :):)


Thank you so much Ronnie. Give more lessons for slang like this which native speakers use commonly.


Im pissed off coz i couldnt find a friend on skype,to talk in english:-(

if u face the same prob,add me.
my username-pillendla.abishek

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Hello, can i say? : “i have to take a piss”; is that correct?.


    Yes, but you must use “I” (not i) ….. I have to take a piss!

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      Hi Ronnie, thank you for the useful lessons. I watched your video in youtube then I find this website. I am looking for someone who was able to talk to me everyday. How can I find for such a person? Can you help me?


i love your way of teach


Very good lesson

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I love you very much and your way very easy


That was amazing!


You are very good actress


thanks Ronnie

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Dear Ronnie,
you are great teacher.

P Rai

thank you rannie for teaching us


hi thank you really i like the way you explain and i begin 2 enjoy learning english


you are funny Ronnie


Hi Ms, You are teaching methods are wonderful and i am really enjoying while watching your video clips, because you have the strong skills of teaching and give us smile, i think that is the best way to teach students or leaners so that they can enjoy, learn and show their interest to watch more videos of yours… Ms i would like to give IELTs exam but before that, i wanna know a website for conversation where can i have english conversation with students or teachers.


Hi Ronnie,
Thanks for the lesson.

I know another example:
Piss off! -> go away


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thanks Ronnie,i from Vietnam,i love you.^_^

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It pissed me off when I see some men pissing in the street because they can’t hold it!!! It’s disgusting!!! And to think that’s a well-trained dog knows where he has to go…

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    Hi Milly, Can I practice with you english? let me know if u are interested and I give u my skype name!

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hi Ronnie u’re great teacher, now i know that piss have lots of meaning. Before i knew only pissed means angry but i was wrong, piss and pee are same and etc. Only one thing i noticed your wrong usage of word to your answer “used more in the UK then in North America.” It should be “than” in North America. ” a elephant” must be “an” elephant. Am i right? Thank you. I like you.



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It pissed me off when people take a piss close to my car

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thank Ronnie . u r bestest hun ;)

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Thank you too much
How can i make relationship with canadian people.
Skype name is asfghamdi1
Google+ asfghamdi

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Great lesson, but i need to take a picture of the video, so pls teacher could you get out the video for few seconds? it pisses me off

Andrea LBJ

hi ronnie god bless you .


Thanks for everything…

Gabriel Lopes de Assis Siqueira

hello, I’m new in this site… I´ve been listening in some lessons the word “slang”,so I have a question. What exactly is the meaning of this word??

Profile photo of oskarin100 oskarin100

    “Slang” is language that isn’t “official” or formal English. Slang changes much faster than normal English, so you might not find it in a dictionary. The website Urban Dictionary has a lot of English slang — some made up, some used a lot.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Ronni, your positive energy goes to me when you are teaching, you are such a humorous teacher that I saw in my life
thank you very much and keep going please
Teach us more more more more more………and more:-)


This was a funny lesson. How about the number two? How can I say that? Have in mind that I am going to say that just for my closest friend.

Peres Badial

Hi dear Ronnie, I really enjoy your lessons, plz make m0oo00o0ore & mo0o0o0o0re video for speaking. Thanks a lot.
love u :*

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Hi Ronnie, Teaching with your smart expression was too cute


Ronnie,simply you are the Queen. Thank zou so much for this lesson


Hi Ronnie,
I really enjoy your lesson. It’s are very useful and practical. You do a great job. Keep doing it :). Thanks!


Thanks ver good!!
João Brazil -PR-


Thanks , you are great teacher,


Hi Ronnie,

Can You explain this sentence because I don’t understand it. (1 1 )

“45.000 euros is worth pissing of the stupid frog faces”

It mean 1) I think;I lost 45.000 something worth euros from face Somebody stupid. (very angry) or

It mean 2) I drunk so much alcohol; I’m pissing trinket 45.000euros trinket.

Please Can you’ll write my mail adres.

Take Care

Nihal TÜRK


I wanted to make sure that

Thank a lot


Nihal TÜRK

thank you Ronnie!!


Hi Ronnie,
I really enjoy your lesson. It’s are very useful and practical. You do a great job. Keep doing it :). Thanks!


Thank you teacher

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Hi, I just wanna ask you what s the meaning of: YOU PISS YOURSELF! Am american guy told me and I don t know what he wanted to tell me. Thank you, you are lovely, i love u.


wonderful Ronnie


Thank Ronnie

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Ronni you’re amazing way to go I like you’re lessons

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Thannnx realy was helpfull and funny

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In what kind of situation to said. ”: Don’t piss me off ” And what’s the meaning

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    It means “don’t make me angry”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Ronnie, i wanna ask you something, but this is out of the topic. I’m Indonesian and i’m a new English teacher in my school. The first time i saw my students, they were very nice to greet me, Good morning ing, how are you, im fine thank you and you, nice to see you.But the next day, i saw all the students say the same thing like they’ve said to me. Was is weird? i mean, is it appropriate? Don’t we have to say ,”good morning” only? Please,,if it is a mistake, i have to tell my students about this. I hope you reply my question. Thanks

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Congrats twice!!!First because you’re an excellent teacher and second because of your day…it is a teacher’s day here in Brazil, so, congrats again!!

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the Captions does not work well
please fix it
it’s helpful lesson

Profile photo of mijoabojasem mijoabojasem

    I think this lesson was before we started getting proper captions! Newer lessons should have captions that are correct :)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Ronnie,,you haven’t replied my comment..i need your suggestion..

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It’s awesome yo ! ;)

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I found you on youtube,I was lucky. You´re really a very good teacher. Thank you!

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Rinne please. if i urinated already what to say? i have piss already or i pissed?

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Hello Ronnie,

How are you doing?
My name is Alberto and I’m from Brazil.

I had been in Ottawa many times due to my work and I intend to go more times in the future.

I don’t have problems to understand the engineers in the company mainly due to I know the technical terms and expressions.

My main problem is when I go to restaurants and for shopping. I was in Moxie’s, Crazy Horse, Red Crab and when the waitress begins to talk … I can’t understand nothing. I say: What?? Can you please repeat s.l.o.w.l.y. ??

So, I was wondering if you give online classes, maybe using skype to video conference.
I think it is important to me to have classes with somebody native of Canada.

What do you think? Is this possible?

Thanks in advance, Alberto

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tnx 4 ur lessons

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Ronnie you are exactly to excplain the dirty words, great job…hahahah . 100 % Thanks.

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It pisses me off when people all of a sudden decide to be funny while I’m drinking something.
Thanks Ronnie for the lesson. It was really cool! but I have 3 questions for you Ronnie. How can I enhance my way of speaking like a native speaker? Would you support communicating formally or informally with people like professor for instance? and have you an idea about how can I also reinforce my critical thinking?
Thanks a bundle.

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useful lesson Ronie, big thanks from me!
Takes care!!!

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thanks Ronnie you’re really nice and I like your lessons so much. as well as I’ve got better in English.

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Hi Ronnie,
It pisses off when Im in the disco,Im pissed and I want to take a piss and there is a long queu.I would really like to say piss off to them,but i am a pacifist.

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It Really pisses me off when i lose followers in instagrame
Follow me in instagrame Nick Name : Zemoq

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Thank you, teacher!

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Teacher.. Can you help me? I want to learn more English language but I don’t know what is the first step because I am starting to learn..

Profile photo of sherylbalodong@yahoo.com sherylbalodong@yahoo.com

    I am not your teacher but probably I can help you.
    The first thing that you have to do is study english all days. Maybe that idea sound a little boring but it is the better way to learn english. I recommend you study english one hour for day.

    The second thing that You have to do is speaking and writing it.

    if you want to practice is better to talk with other persons that doesn’t speak your native language. by Internet you can do it.

    Profile photo of Juancmoreno Juancmoreno

Ronnie, in one of the definitions of pissed off, is that you feel like you can kill others, and if someone do say that to you on internet chat(via cyberbullying you) how would you tell since you can’t see their facial expression? I am doing an essay on cyberbullying for sociology class. Thanks!

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Hi ronnie, thanks lot for this interesting lesson. It pisses me off when girlfriend talks to another gentleman

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It pisses me off when my sister turns up the television as she`s watching cartoons.

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it was good lesson, Ronnie, thanks (:
but i got 60!! i’m so pissed off! lol
thanks, again..

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Great lesson Ronnie!! it is so cool learn new slang!!

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Thanks Ronnie

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I will talk with someone threw Video call in English from Germany tomorrow
How would I introduce myself

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Thanks, Ronnie

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What is the difference between “piss” and “pee”?

Ronnie ?

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Thank you, Ronnie, you always make us understand the lesson.

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hi Ronnie, is it fine when using all above in formal situation like job interview?

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example…it piss me off when ronnie did not answer my question. im pissed lol

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what a great video, at 6:25 in the video, you are very funny haha . Have a nice day, Ronnie

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Thanks Mrs. Ronnie!

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Great Lesson Mrs. Ronnie.

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is it Ok to say: “i’ve got a piss”, if yes, what is the meaning? thank you

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