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Thank you very much Emma.

Profile photo of haiderhabeeb haiderhabeeb

    there’s no word will express how i grateful for what you have done to us miss EMMA , it was useful,i wondering if there is group in skype to training how to speak, if anyone wanna practice speaking go and add me on skype : bobfaisl1

    my sincerely

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Thank you, Emma :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Good morning. Many thanks

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Good job Emma , thanks a million .

Profile photo of asala asala

Thanks got 70%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

9/10. Again on the first question I thought that the correct answer include the 30m plus the 10m transfer. So I said 40m.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Very interesting lesson.Thank you.

Profile photo of hilasou23 hilasou23

thank you so much Emma

Profile photo of teamtransport2006 teamtransport2006

Very Helpful. thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Mamun Billah Mamun Billah

Thank you E

Profile photo of Eng.Rasheed Eng.Rasheed

Soon I’ll make an IELTS.
We need more lessons about IELTS, so it will be better for anybody who plan to do this test.
Your tips were very useful to me, thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Eng.Rasheed Eng.Rasheed

Thank you. I think that will be good, if you will start to make videos about listening tips. I have noticed many differences between English in the classroom, and English used by English native speakers.

Profile photo of gbudny gbudny

Amazing emma we want more & more plz

Profile photo of AsserAhmed AsserAhmed

Being familiar with the IELTS test format helps you to feel more confident when taking the actual test.
Thanks for this useful video-lesson Emma

Have a nice week!!!

Profile photo of Regino Regino

Thank you emma, Information communicated in your video was concise and precise.

Video was blurred after few minutes of play, I guess the camera was out of focus anyway this is a trivial issue. :)

Profile photo of confusionblinds confusionblinds

Hello: I take beginner english test

Profile photo of Anibal Espino Anibal Espino

thank you emma. I really undurstand your speaking.

Profile photo of sakata sakata

Thank you for english lesson…ı want to english practic

Profile photo of Pilotmehmet Pilotmehmet

I just make a plan to collect every lecture and I believe EMMA is an ideal and good teacher as well as speaker.But I need your all lecture on specific(e. g. speaking, listening, writing and reading) issue.

Profile photo of Hasnain1 Hasnain1

Could you please upload all of your lecture in speaking, listening, writing and reading of IELTS program.

Profile photo of Hasnain1 Hasnain1

Hi~ Emma~ very thanks. God bless you!

Profile photo of Gloria Lee Gloria Lee

thanks a lot

Profile photo of Botir R Botir R

very informative, thanks Emma

Profile photo of aliorvicky aliorvicky

thanks very much emma, it is so useful

Profile photo of learner english learner english

Thanks for the lesson, Emma! It’s helpful for us.

Profile photo of khunglongnhi khunglongnhi

Hello Emma Mam,
I am preparing for IELTS and I am feeling difficult in writing as well as in speaking so please upload some easy techniques…

Profile photo of saimaa94@hotmail.com saimaa94@hotmail.com

Thanks Emma,yo’re very good teacher

Profile photo of Drogba Drogba

How can I see the vedios of the programmes ?
I hope someone can help me .

Profile photo of Zhaoyi57 Zhaoyi57

    Hello friend! if you want to see all the videos of the program, you can search on this website with some key words such as :Ielts speaking, Ielts reading, listening, writing. In addition, you can watch this video on youtube, when the the video is merely end, it offers you some more videos which relate to Ielts program. Of course, they are made by our good teacher Emma and some other teacher from Engvid.
    Enjoy your video and best of luck

    Profile photo of Jean Nguyen Jean Nguyen

Hello Emma
could you please tell me when the past tense of ‘must’ is ‘had to’ and when it is ‘must have done’ ?
thank you

Profile photo of Ali-25 Ali-25

    “had to” is similar to force.I had to do my project.It means I was forced to do that.”must have done” is expectation.I must have done my project by now,but I am late.The bus must have arrived by now.I hope it helps.

    Profile photo of masoud59 masoud59

Hello Emma,

Could you help please, the matter is when I send my CV (resumé) to a teaching school I do not always get recruited even though my application is well-prepared, I would be grateful to you if you examine my resumé for any section requiring an editing, thank you in advance.

Profile photo of omaxios omaxios

Thanks a lot and hope to do better with your help.

Profile photo of ibaddo79 ibaddo79

thank you for your great lesson.
I remember You posted a video about some phrases related to heaven.I appreciate it if you post a similar video about heart like my heart breaks,lurches,falls,flutters,and so on.
Thank you

Profile photo of masoud59 masoud59

9/10 ^^ Thanks Emma very much

Profile photo of Galaxyanh Galaxyanh

thanks so much.

Profile photo of yangcantony yangcantony

please,can you tell me how to download these videos? I can’t

Profile photo of Anagul Anagul

That are very gr8 nd m also got 100 marks in that listening test

Profile photo of jaidikshatl@gmail.com jaidikshatl@gmail.com

Hey Emma, I tried IELTS.I got 7 out of 10, though I`ll sit for TOEFL.

Profile photo of chisengakunda@rocketmail.com chisengakunda@rocketmail.com

Thank you Emma!

Profile photo of Marco1986 Marco1986

thank you, Emma

Profile photo of BaoChau BaoChau

got 8 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of chiming chiming

thank you for sharing the lessons.

Profile photo of xerxes xerxes

I would like to thank you Emma for your lecture and for your guides.

Profile photo of ahmadi774 ahmadi774

thank you

Profile photo of ernesto m ernesto m

Oh, today will be my IELTS exam (listening part + reading and writing parts).
I believe I will pass it well.
Thank you so much!!! And thank you for supporting us! It really makes me hopeful and positive about this test.

Profile photo of MarieN MarieN

Madam Emma I am very gladfull to you, you are very best teacher ever I seen. I am getting each day enthusiasm by your fabulous English videos. Thanks a ton!!

Profile photo of Amaresh Amaresh

I love your class

Profile photo of jago16 jago16

Thanx EMMA I’ve got 8 out of 10.

Profile photo of schaurasia25 schaurasia25

This is my first lesson. I enjoyed it.Thank You Emma.

Profile photo of Jad1 Jad1

how can l download these video?

Profile photo of almoliya2014 almoliya2014

    Sorry, you can only watch them on Youtube!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      you are my favourite teacher thank you so much engvid all I love u Emma

      Profile photo of Muhammed ozdogan Muhammed ozdogan

thank you emma you motivate me thank you a thousand time

Profile photo of hichemus hichemus

install internet downloader to your computer and you can download all video here in engvid,,I’ve just did it!and all my video collection are awesome!thank you so much engvid!all of your lesson are very useful! :)
keep it up!

Profile photo of Steph Lou Steph Lou

Hi Emma,
thank you very much. Your lesson are great and helpful. take care

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

this is great. you are the best teacher

Profile photo of kenyanya2007 kenyanya2007

thank you very much Emma i really enjoyed with you , i think that am lucky to get lessons

Profile photo of hama4all hama4all

got 9 correct out of 10. Thank you very much

Profile photo of Frozenstarz Frozenstarz

I love u Emma .. you r really a good teacher

Profile photo of mahmoudkaram mahmoudkaram

Wonderful ,
Many thanks Emma

Profile photo of MUTEB moh MUTEB moh

Thanks emma……jsk.

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Profile photo of sunnyvijay009 sunnyvijay009

you are my favorite teacher here. I enjoyed your every video also I learn from it. help me lots.

NB: I want to talk with somebody who very good in english and help me. my skype: c.m.tanvir.engr

Profile photo of cmtanvir cmtanvir

    My problem is specking :( :(

    Profile photo of cmtanvir cmtanvir

      Dude you also need to be careful about your spelling. You do make spelling mistake a lot.

      Profile photo of rintubd rintubd

Thank you Emma good feedback!

Profile photo of Mariaimon Mariaimon

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of Sondos88 Sondos88

hi emma this is my first comment. i really like u lessons,they r very useful. i will pass my ielts in jaune the 5th and 7th in algeria. i would like to ask u for u contact , skype or ur phone number to talk with u … my regards

Profile photo of charefoibrahim charefoibrahim

    lol, sure

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

great EMMA many many thanks

Profile photo of ashry81 ashry81

thank you Emma , I really appreciate your effort to make everything clear and easier :)

Profile photo of galileoaskan galileoaskan

Many thanks! 9 out of 10

Profile photo of SohailKhan83 SohailKhan83

Thanks a lot Emma but it would be nice if you give us some audio tapes to know more about that module

Profile photo of saritta12 saritta12

Emma the cannot play why?

Profile photo of shahzaibshaze shahzaibshaze

    Probably because our videos are on Youtube which is blocked in Pakistan…

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    Because youtube is blocked in pakistan
    add me on skype i tell u how to play

    Profile photo of skmjhon552 skmjhon552

8/10. Thanks Emma. It is very useful for me.

Profile photo of Ho Thanh Tuan Ho Thanh Tuan

i got 100

Profile photo of Ariyan Ariyan

I got 100%..Thanks

Profile photo of Joshisadanandan Joshisadanandan

Horaaay.. I got 100.. thank you Emma for the lesson..

Profile photo of nurazifah nurazifah

Thank you and it helps me a lot to practise my IELTS.

Profile photo of Alexlin Alexlin

I try to do better

Profile photo of sony0006 sony0006

got 10 :) thanks..

Profile photo of rintubd rintubd

its helpfull

Profile photo of MD ARAFAT MD ARAFAT

Thank you.

Profile photo of alprince alprince

thank you miss Emma for the explanation

Profile photo of fransid fransid

Your style in video learning is fantastic. THX

Profile photo of DZIDZOU DZIDZOU

Thank you so much Miss Emma…
hey guys if anyone wants to conversate in English on skype please do add me

Profile photo of Razazaidi Razazaidi

thanks for your efforts

Profile photo of AlaaSultan AlaaSultan

Thank you!
I can really get the motivation from your lessons to get more and more confidence .
And i can do this :D

Profile photo of Wael-gh Wael-gh

10/10 thanks for this topic.

Profile photo of lifeiscous lifeiscous

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of salty salty

Hello Emma
I was wondering if in the listening, it is a penalty to don’t use the right calligraphy. I meant, for example in a name should I used capital letter or also if it is correct writing down the whole name in capital. I hope you understand my question
Thank for your time. Have a wonderful day!!!!

Profile photo of CSR13 CSR13

thank you…

Profile photo of OTTAREK OTTAREK

Thank you very much Emma.
I got 9/10.

Profile photo of Mohmus Mohmus

Very good information about IELTS, Thank you, Emma! It helps us to do our best

Profile photo of Aram9115 Aram9115

thank Emma for expanation

Profile photo of Roni-Winner Roni-Winner

Thank you.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

thanks a lot dear Emma

Profile photo of alialem alialem

emma thnks

Profile photo of aryagaurav1984 aryagaurav1984

very informative

Profile photo of delavega74 delavega74

Wow Got 7 Band in Ielts thanks for your support Emma

Profile photo of Raoy Raoy

thanks emma. this will be a big help for my preparation for the exam.

Profile photo of cherryddr cherryddr

Thank you very much Emma!!! I hope I will get score 7.

Profile photo of Lifeisgood Lifeisgood

Thnx Emma :) you are the best

Profile photo of Erinda Erinda

thanks emma :)

Profile photo of amira2010 amira2010

thanks you helped me alot.

Profile photo of farah151 farah151

Thank you very much T. Emma I’m from Sudan.

Profile photo of Alfatihlive Alfatihlive

Really very interesting !!!! Thank you so much Miss Emma.

Profile photo of SanaaEng SanaaEng

thank you Emma very much
if you have some examples about the listening test of IELTS,can you please put on engvid website or tell me where i can find some date to practice it ?

Profile photo of osama osama osama osama

my result is 90% :)

Profile photo of Jishan Jishan

Its really helpful and thanks Emma…

Profile photo of daasvijay daasvijay

got 100% correct..

Profile photo of ararohit ararohit

Great, it’s easy to hear. I got 100. So 10 were correct. I’m lucky. I hope that in real exam.

Profile photo of maisa72 maisa72

it is explained in a good way,thanks.

Profile photo of bjjacobbibin13 bjjacobbibin13

you are the best

Profile photo of maha-s-allehidan maha-s-allehidan

Thank you very much emma, its really veryful helpful for students,

Profile photo of shiva.durga2004 shiva.durga2004

my exam is on 17 jan or speaking test is on 15th please help me out emma… i cant find the practice papers for listening and reading…

Profile photo of erum azam erum azam

hi emma
I am planning to give ielts in april 2015.Help me out with specially in writing section.

Also note that earlier only in writing i got less than 6 band. i.e.5.5. Now i want to improve my score. I need 6 in each module. please help me. specially in writing.

Profile photo of ronak ronak

Thank you !!!

Profile photo of AYAGOZ AYAGOZ

thank you ma’am

Profile photo of sachoo5 sachoo5

thank you ma’m Emma

Profile photo of gerardbutcher gerardbutcher

Thanks !!!

Profile photo of jcubilla jcubilla

thank you :)

Profile photo of prettyashlee prettyashlee

I’ve got 100 point!

Profile photo of Tulum Tulum

Thank you

Profile photo of piyush.kachariya piyush.kachariya

Thanks Emma. I got 8 out of 10

Profile photo of rodulfo99@hotmail.com rodulfo99@hotmail.com

Great! I Acquired 10/10. Thanks Emma

Profile photo of Lam Thi Hang Lam Thi Hang

    nice to meet you I’m also was born Thai Binh province

    Profile photo of khadinh khadinh

You give me lots of power!!!

Profile photo of Xin-Pin Lin Xin-Pin Lin

Hello Ms Emma,

I am preparing for a general IELTS exam which I have in a week, and I am taking a lot of advantage of your videos and those of other teachers here. I am very grateful and I will be translating that to actions soon :)

First of all, I would really like to thank you and all other teachers for giving time and effort to help us all.

Second of all, I have a few questions that are kinda bugging me regarding the IELTS, especially the listening part:

1- How important are spaces and hyphens in the answers? Let us say if I hear a word like “clubhouse” for instance, and I write it as “club house”, would it be considered wrong? (Note that word limits are 2-3 words). Similarly, if I hear a world like “North-west” and I write it “Northwest” or “North West” would it be considered a mistake?

2-When writing dates what is the best format? Sometimes they say “22nd of October”, I would write that (it is within word limits) and then I see the answer is “22 October” or “October 22” or “October 22nd”. Would my answer and any of the latter be accepted?

3- How to write timings? Should I write “8:30 AM” or “8.30 AM” ?

4- If I am supposed to choose two letters of write two words for a single question, how would I separate them ? Should i separate them using a space or commar or hyphen ? “A B” or “A,B” or what ?

Thanks and I appreciate if you can answer any time soon.

Kind Regards,

A huge fan ;)

Profile photo of Philanthropist Philanthropist

    How are you?

    I’m Yan. How did you pass the IELTS? Was it difficult for you? I’m gonna take it soon.

    Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy

I have got 100.Thank you very much Emma.You are awesome!!!!

Profile photo of Smith09 Smith09

the lecture was informative! thank you

Profile photo of Mirabella Mirabella

thank you teacher for this information

Profile photo of kawtharJ kawtharJ

God bless you Emma.you are amazing!

Profile photo of MrJorge MrJorge

Thank you so much

Profile photo of zanaty zanaty

Now I am learning IELTS with books but there isn’t CD to practice how do I need to find practice test 1 to 4.Please suggest to me

Profile photo of naungnaungzaw naungnaungzaw

Thanks a lot Emma.
I am learning many things.
Asst Prof Reza.

Profile photo of salim4419 salim4419

Thanks for that it is really useful.

Profile photo of Muchlies Muchlies

Dear Emma,
Would like to thanks you for your Great Job.
Your videos are precursor for our IELTS exam.

Profile photo of aslam247 aslam247

Thanks a lot for your great job.

Profile photo of aslam247 aslam247

Hi Emma,

Excellent video presentation.

Profile photo of aslam247 aslam247

Thank You very much Emma!
very helpful for me.

Profile photo of vijaymaley vijaymaley

Thanks Emma. I got 7.5 in IELTS Listening and overall 6.5 bands.

Profile photo of Arsalan Tariq Arsalan Tariq

Emma you’re THE BEST! I adore you! :)

Profile photo of marrerojj marrerojj

Thank You, Emma.

Profile photo of indra4a0 indra4a0

thanks for teaching

Profile photo of samir)) samir))

Thank you so much Emma for all your helpful lessons!

Profile photo of guycn1 guycn1

The English spoken in Canada is American or British???

Profile photo of guycn1 guycn1

    Neither; it’s just Canadian English, which has things in common with both American and British English.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      OK.. But the Canadian accent is more similar to the American or the British accent?

      Profile photo of guycn1 guycn1

        American, but the north of the country. (People in the Southern and Western US have very different accents)

        Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

thank you very much Emma
best regards

Profile photo of haider j touma haider j touma

mam im a big listener of u mam and u r my rolemodel when i thought to write the ielts examination

Profile photo of sai chaitanya sai chaitanya

Thanks from Egypt

Profile photo of Asmaa989 Asmaa989

Thank you very much teacher

Profile photo of engrsaad engrsaad

Thank you very much Emma

Profile photo of timmysingunda timmysingunda

Thank so much, Emma for your handy instructions.

Profile photo of trung.phanhai@gmail.com trung.phanhai@gmail.com

Thank you m.s. Emma. I suppose,the best explanation… :)

Profile photo of Stellla Stellla

good explaination Emma

Profile photo of Heng Kry Try Heng Kry Try

awesome Emma!!!! you are the best and I really like the way you explain everything….

Profile photo of fmataafa1977 fmataafa1977

I have known what happen in IELTS Liestening test since i saw your videos
Easy to understand :))) Nice videos

Profile photo of hoangminh hoangminh

Emma, thanks for IELTS videos. I’m gonna take it soon, so wish me best luck!

Just wanted to ask if academic IELTS is acceptable for immigration. I have read it was more challenging compare to GT.

Profile photo of yankhonskiy yankhonskiy


Profile photo of rishabhvashisht90 rishabhvashisht90

thanks emma

Profile photo of Hussam Alsaleh Hussam Alsaleh

I got 10/10
Thank you forever and God bless you

Profile photo of Munahi Alsubaie Munahi Alsubaie

i got 100. hurray!!
thank you very much.

Profile photo of Adha Godek Adha Godek

thanks alot emma

Profile photo of kirollostarek kirollostarek

I got 9/10

Profile photo of heba.heba heba.heba

many thanx

Profile photo of eljamry77 eljamry77

It was very helpful for me Emma thank you so much.

Profile photo of Taran Taran

Thanks so much Emma!

Profile photo of A.Guessoum A.Guessoum

Thanks Emma!

Profile photo of Mohamed Khamis Mohamed Khamis

I am very interest with you, you have a great present thanks alot

Profile photo of alsanosi08 alsanosi08



thank you Emma
9/10 like the past test

Profile photo of mohamed90199 mohamed90199


Profile photo of ronymak133 ronymak133

what is the difference betwwen “when did they come?” and “when they came?”. thank you in advance :-)

Profile photo of ZarifaSlay ZarifaSlay

You’re top Emma.

Profile photo of souraich souraich

Thanks teacher .

Profile photo of Soei Soei

Thank you very much
I consider passing IELTS,listening part seems to be most difficult

Profile photo of bedrich bedrich

Thank you Emma
I feel now more confident
I will do the IELTS test after 10 days

Profile photo of Ramiz Shubbar Ramiz Shubbar

thank you Emma

Profile photo of meedo-1992 meedo-1992

Thanks! Teacher :) @emma

Profile photo of ArthyMithila ArthyMithila

Hi Emma,

It is always a pleasure to see your video lectures in the youtube or engvid.com.

you are my favorite instructor.


Profile photo of radoller radoller

Nice one..:)

Profile photo of Sayrin Sayrin

Thank you, Emma :)

Profile photo of turkiws turkiws

Thank you, Emma !

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

Thanks Emma, u are amazing

Profile photo of Wameedh87 Wameedh87

Thanks got 90%.

Profile photo of Mikio Akemasa Mikio Akemasa

Wowww, Thanks Emma, but the true I think is difficult at least for me… cause I understand but needs to be faster for answer. Yesterday, I saw a lot of Examples IELTS, tests, but they usually say for read all the answer before listening, and I’m not use to do that and not in all my courses nobody say that … They first read and then they ask you answer, understand me???

Profile photo of ivone22 ivone22

One more very good class Emma. Thank you!

Profile photo of tossi tossi

emma it was great help if we could get a practise or study materials for IELTS

Profile photo of Altaf Somani Altaf Somani

Amazing,you are a professional teacher

most appreciation for your efforts

Profile photo of Wahab Wahab

Thanks..started preparing for IELTS exam…

Profile photo of John John

Thank you Emma

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

You got 9 correct out of 10

thanks alot

Profile photo of KARTAL KARTAL

good lecture

Profile photo of Ali H. Wheeb Ali H. Wheeb

basic but good quiz

Profile photo of Ali H. Wheeb Ali H. Wheeb

you are amazing , really helpful , thanks Emma

Profile photo of samih kamal samih kamal

i am such a pussy in english

Profile photo of pussy pussy

hi Emma,its a very thoughtful of you, thanks for your class, may I know where I can get a practice test?

Profile photo of saikrish407 saikrish407

thank you Emma,

Profile photo of muhammedortashi muhammedortashi

Thank you Emma, I got 9/10

Profile photo of dariusRomania dariusRomania

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Mubo farah Mubo farah

Thank you Emma for all your efforts.

Profile photo of Ali S.Alsaymari Ali S.Alsaymari

Thank you so much Emma. Your lectures are very useful for me.

Profile photo of steventn steventn

Thanx Emma

Profile photo of tomcsilva tomcsilva

I want to learn some important tips to improve my IELTS skills and get good module in IELTS test..

Profile photo of Naeem Abbas Naeem Abbas

thanks sis

Profile photo of Mohammed Qudaih Mohammed Qudaih

Thank you so much Emma

Profile photo of Alisalehali7127833462033 Alisalehali7127833462033


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

thank you Emma ,you’re awesome .

Profile photo of saraabdullahh saraabdullahh

Hello Emma, I sincerely appreciate your time & energy to deliver this listening section. I got 9/10 but i disagreed with you that section 4 is more difficult among the sections, instead section 3. The conversations that involve more than 2persons are more difficult, because it has different conversations. Thanks

Profile photo of fooresight@gmail.com fooresight@gmail.com

Thank you Ms. Emma.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

9/10! Listening test was the difficult section when I studied at university. If I have Emma’s lesson at that time, I’d learn better than before.

Profile photo of Jerry Gu Jerry Gu

Thank you Emma for your lesson!

Profile photo of Anvarrr17 Anvarrr17
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