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thank you Emma
now i got 10/10
i think with this website and this more tutorials will help me to improve
my english

Ange benie

    Hi Ange benie,
    How’ve you been doing?
    I wish you all the best in learning English.
    We must to be patient and learn consistently every day. Fluency will come after that. At least i hope so.
    Take care.


      Hi Marcin !!
      I am doing well !!
      thank you for welcoming me to this website!
      yes we have to be patient for achieving our goals.
      see you next time !!

      Ange benie

      what is the methodology you were used for improving english language in speaking in front of many people?
      i just want to know!!

      Ange benie

        It’s my wrinkle. I find it difficult to get my opinion across. I’m not good at getting my thoughts across even in my native language. I’m used to being a shy and inconspicuous person.
        Maybe you have some advice for me?


          me too I just need an advice but i am going to find other people who know english to talk with them using voice call ,i think it will help me

          Ange benie

          We have own discord server. You can join to us as well.


      Hi Professor I am more interested in watching English news and movies Help me in this regard.


I got caught on the ninth question. Freaky automatism


    You take a long time to check my comment


Hello Emma,
thanks for this lesson.
Unfortunately i can’t relate to you. I was completely different than you in my childhood.
I used to play video games all the time. It was my whole life. I remember the day when i got my computer. I was so jubilant. Now I do like video games too but i play only on weekends. I don’t have too much free time :(. When i was a kid I used to have more leisure time.
Nowadays video game are suitable learning English.
I used to make many friends by playing video games.
Almost all of the come from different countries. I can talk to them and learn English while I’m playing video games.
I do what i like and I learn English at the same time. It’s both win.
One more time many thanks for another extremely useful lesson.
I’m looking forward for next lesson from you.
Take care and stay out of troubles.


thanks from algeria


I used to give a shiny ball-ring necklace to my girlfriend when I was high school.
I think I’ve just found her again.
Hi Emma :)

SeongJae Kim

I got 9/10 but i think at number 5: used to have more correct used to be. We’re usually talk: have married, I haven’t seen: be married. Thank Emma

nguyen van long

    Hi nguyen van long,
    i don’t understand you. Could you rewrite it?


      at 5th question: the correctly answer: used to be married but I think the answer: used to have married that more correct. Could you explain more detail for me? Thank you

      nguyen van long

        1. “You used to be married” -> it means You had a wife/husband in the past but not now.
        2. “You used to have married” -> in this case “married” would mean a wedding.
        For example:
        “They had married in London.”

        At least it’s what i think.


Hello Emma,
Actually I am reviewing this material, but this time I know I can understand better.
I remember some things that happened, like..
I used to rent martial art movies. Between the oldest were the best.
I used to lift kites in my grandmother’s house during vacation.
I used to go to church on sunday. I remember there was a delicious hot dog on the sidewalk in the front door.
So, that’s it.
Thank you for sharing.


I used to play video games a lot, now i watch movies and read books. Also I use free time for physical exercises.


    I was the same when i was a child. Only video games. My whole World.
    Have you seen “Witcher” from “Netflix” already?


thank you Emma, i got 9


    Irina,hi! How are you? I am Marina. I”m from Russia.Would you like to have English buddy ?We”ll practice English together.

    marina zaretskaya

thank you emmA FOR THIS LESSON

anwar abdiwi

Hello Emma,
I wasn’t paying attention. Sentence 9 was present. But all ‘used to’ was good.
Thank you for showing your former clothes. Very recognizable.


Thank yo Emma


Perfect result! 100. Thank you Emma. You are very special and clearly teacher. I’m improving my English thanks to you!!


Hi Emma! I really love this lesson! In the past I used to read a huge lot of comics for fun. Today I don’t do it anymore. Thanks for sharing.

John B

many thanks Emma, i got 8


Thanks a million, i got 10 of 10


I got 10
Thanks Emma


Love this course! Thank you Emma.. I used to write only in Spanish. Now I am improving my English.

Dahi Costa

Thanks very much


I have started taking beginner lessons, and i am already enjoying some the videos already. Its a great privillege to discover this website.I believe I will be given the needed support throughout my study on this platform. Thank you


No. 4 and 5 were confusing, but at the end of the result I got 9/10. Thank you so much, Emma!


Hi, Emma i think i have tried a little, despite to this is my first lesson. Thanks


Thanks Emma! I’m a beginner and I hope your classes help me improve in English. Greetings from Chile!!


Thanks Emma!
Your lesson was very helpful.
I got 10/10

Fabio Malakian

Thank Emma! It is very useful for me.


Nice Job.


Very nice lesson Thanks Emma


I’m the newer, i saw Miss Emma’s lessons form youtube,thanks alot!


thank you Emma


Thanks Emma. This tutorial was great!


Thank you for the lesson, Emma. I got 10!

Regarding the homework, I can say that I used to go out with my friends. Now, I prefer to spend my free time at home.


Now, I play a soccer but in the past I used to play video games.


in the past i used to get an excellent degree but now i get a very good degree.


This class was perfect, thanks for teaching me how to use ”used to” correctly.

Israel Lucas

thank you very much for the lesson


Oh No my English is. So bad….only got 7/10. Keep going!


Hi Emma! Thank you for the easy way to talk about the past. I used to listen the ROCK music but now I listen a RAP.


I used to play computer games, now I play mobile games.


    I used to have overbite.


I got 100/100thank you for this lesson.


Emma! Hi!How are you? I got 10/10/ You is really the best teacher. Your lessons are usefull. I used to make brown shadow but now I don”t make up

marina zaretskaya

Thanks a lot Emma!


Thank you Emma


Thank you for this amazing and useful video. Finally, I got the meaning of USED TO, because I need to see the things, I’m a kind of visual student. By the way, how about making another video on GET USED TO using examples and thing to explain its usage?


Thanks for this nice video!!
I got 60/100 score.
I gonna study English more.

In the past, I used to play softtennis everyday,
Now I lift weights every day


Ready :)


Thanks , am enjoying your teachings

Kasarachi Duruzo

Thank you Emma you are one of the best, you’re a good teacher.

Little bear

hi engvid, I don’t know where to put my feedback. There is no direct email id. well, I want you to add our quiz scores in our profile so we can track down our activities and you can categorize your students and give them badges or something, just to differentiate them. Thnaks


Thanks Emma


Hi Emma. I’d like to see a picture of this short skirts that you used to wear. Even though this getup that you are wearing in this video, fits you too.About me, I used to ride horses when younger and I’m still doing pretty much the same.


thanks a lot for your efforts


Thanks Emma for lovely lecture. I bacame fan of you thanks, i understood your clases very easily and comfortly thank you…..


I used to play cricket but now I am watching movies regularly can you make video about
‘Look to’ thank please


Thank you


thanks Emma


I got 10 out of 10


80% Thanks!

Sidi Mohamed Tar

I used to wear skirts and dresses. Now, I’ve loved to wear pants and t-shirts.

Carina Mae D. Martillos

Thank you Emma. God bless you.

Cafer Yalin

Alot thanks fro yuo but ihave aquestion in one answer isaid
Emma used to has acrush leonardo,now she likes ….
Iused has because i think Emma=she
explain to me why is it false ?

abomuslim alaa

I got 100%, Thanks Emma for your lesson. I really understood all.


Thanks for you

abomuslim alaa

Why my comments not approved ?
Ihave aproblem or what

abomuslim alaa

    If you are commenting for the first time, I need to manually approve your comment first. Your comments should show up right away from now on.

    engVid Moderator

      Thanks Emma for your precious lessons . Iam learning every single day with you thank you very much for helping us improve our English .
      You’re the best .

      Sabine 18

Hi Emma.
I’m your student on YouTube.com.
I want to talk to you. How do I that?


i used to be student but now i am a worker.
i used to go by foot now i go by car

ali faraht

Hi Emma.
I am so happy! At last I got 10/10

Paola Sili

thank you Emma you are wonderful teacher.

Mobarak Romeo

Thanks for Everything! This website is awsome!!


Hi, Emma
I used to listen music when I was at university, but now I have fun learning english during my free time.
Just tell you that you are the best teacher I’ve ever Had.
Even though, I consider myself as a beginner, it’s easy for me to catch what you say.
Thanks a lot
Keep going.


Thank you Emma. I used to work as an electrical engineer. Now, I am a software engineer.


Who can explain to me about “Used to be”?


In the past, I Was really bad at English. Now I’m used to watching Emma’s videos to be better.


Hello Emma,, Thank u for the lesson. I used to not put on any make up in my face but now I always put on make up every day

Selpiana Sembiring

Thanks Emma I am a new follower. In the present is it possible to use “usually” in opposition to “used to “for the past ?


thanks a lot! Emma

Shaik Mohammed

I used to hate reading but now I am loving it.

Thank You


thanku emma for your valuable teaching


Thanks for this lesson

Philipe philipe

i used to be lasy in stadying english . but with engvid i’m completly in :)


Hi madam Emma thank you for your lesson i got 9/10 thank you

Revocatus A Magongo

i have a question i want to say that i used to shave the hair i was removing the all hair in my head but now i don’t remove all hair so in a good sentence how can i say?

Revocatus A Magongo

very helpful


well, thanks Emma


Thank you Emma I understand very well in your class, have a good day!!!! I got 10/10

Gerardo Ulloa

Is there a way to export the questions and answers in pdf format? I want to download the sheet with my score for progress tracking.


Thanks Emma very much! This video is very helpful


thank you. I think this video not covering all usage of used to. Plz expain with is/am/are or with has/have/had or get or with will for future.


Lana used to have a partner. Now, she does not have any relationship.


Hey good evening
My name Hakeem
I work as security now.
In past I used to work PC teacher
I love wear sport but I used to wear jeans
I have short hear and before I used to long hear

Abdeljaleel 2022

Thanks Emma!
Now I work as a teacher and Psichologist /but in the past I used to work as a model.
Now I love read /I used to read only for my exams.
I cook delicious desert / But in the past I used to cook only salad.


Hai Ema, my name is Martin, I’m Indoensian.

Now I like online game, in the past I used play PSP.

martinus rikiwi setiaji

    in the past I used to play PSP

    Shirin Akter

Thank you madam.


Hi Emma,
I used to wear only skirts, nowadays I wear shorts, dresses, leggings, etc.
Also I used to have straight hair, now I leave my hair natural (wavy hair).
Nowadays I drink much more water and eat healthy food, but few years ago I used to eat fast food, a lot of sugar and soda.

Thank you very much for this lesson, it was fantastic!


I used to love rock music and now Jazz.

Greeting from Serbia


8/10! I used to smoke and drink every day. Now I running and reading day in and day out. I also used to play a video game, but now I study English with Emma every day. Thanks, Emma!

Jerry Gu

Thank you very much, Emma.


I got 8 correct out of 10.

thanks Emma


Emma, you are the most beautiful teacher in the whole world.

Hasan Soledad

When I was teenager, I used to play soccer but now, I watch it, only
thank you por this lesson

vilson fileti

Thanks a lot, Emma.


Hi Emma.in this lesson is very helpful for me.I learn something new.thank you so much.

Shirin Akter

Thank you Emma

clartje silvia

10/10 thanks for this lesson.

bunkeo Reth

thank you Emma I got 8/10 for this lesson.

BOTOVIA Ornella Bernard

I used to go to bed late when I was in business but I go to bed early in the evening after retirement .I get up early in the morning ,I start the day at 5o’clock
Thanks for all your efforts!
Greetings from Turkey


Hi Emma, Have a good Valentine Day


Been watched with the score of 10 correct out of 10.


I watched this video one more time on June 13, 2021.


now, i like Emma


I used to go out every month, now I’m used to staying at home by coronavurus and I’m getting used to work at home.


Thanks ?, very useful video and you are very positive ?


Hi Emma, in the past I used to hate english, now I love it. Thank you very much.


Thank you Emma, I got 9 correct out of 10.

Abdul Salam Qaderi

when I was a boy I used to watch a Naruto


Emma, amazing girl. (Azores Islands, 26Aug2021);


thanks for your lesson.


OMG!this is awesome. I really love it.

Wilson Onio

Thanks for sharing your past habits with us. one thing I can share with you guys is, I used to have long curly hair but now I have straight short hair.


Thanks a lot Emma.hugs (Kazakhstan,11 Oct 2021)
Usefull lesson


It’s very useful lesson, catchy examples?


Thanks from Turkey


thank you so much teacher for show your past hobbies


50/100 thanks Emma


No way! Emma, how dare you broke up with Leo, Hugh is so boring person, I can’t believe that you doesn’t like Leo anymore :)))))))))))

Actually, I used to watch action movies with Nick Cage in 90s, but now I can’t stand his latest works.


Emma great teacher. Learn a lot from your lectures.


Yes 9/10

Ilyass Ft

Thank you Emma for the lesson! It’s very useful for me!
I used to play the piano but now I don’t play anymore.
I used to wear high hill shoes but now I prefer sport style.


100/100 thanks


Geeting for all lovely of EngVid hope are doing well and happy
your Student
Sher M Akbar


Thank you for the good lesson.
I’m glad to hear that Emma used to playing Pokemon on Game Boy.
I also used to play it and had a good time .

Kazuto S
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