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Got 09/10 ☺😊. Amazing lesson. Thanks Benjamin.

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Not very easy for my first lesson, but very interesting.
Tha,ks Benjamin

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Thanks .

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Thanks Benjamin. Amazing lesson. And poor me, never noticed how simple my statements were.

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I got only 9 out of 10 , thanks Benjamin

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Perfect thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒοΈπŸ’•

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An exciting, curious lesson. Thanks Benjamin. Now I will be a writer ;)

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Interesting lesson, thanks a lot Benjamin!!

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cheers mate

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I’m new here
How can I ask my questions??

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    Welcome, Mehri! Just put your question in a comment! :)

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amazing, i got 8 out of 10. It is a good realization and wake up call for me to be more serious and not assume that i have great command over this language

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OMG 10/10!
Every sentences are quite similar to each other to picked up which answer suit the best to the questions. Particularly Quiz No 2 and 4 are indeed hard to find the correct one.
i never expected to achieve the score at the time i started taking the quiz.
Thanks Teacher Benjamin for your simple and clear explanation.

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this has been one of my favorite lessons ever. :)

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Thank you Benjamin

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thanks a lat Benjamin. This lesson mad me strode how to learn English faster

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one correct out of ten.bad day for me…

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sentences looked similar

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Very, very, very good lesson.Thanks!

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very interesting and also useful

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Ben! this test was difficult!I flunked it twice.

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When it comes to excitement , it makes me dancing in my mind.10 on 10

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9/10, thank you

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9/10 not bad thank u Benjamin :-)

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6/10 without watching the video video

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Thank you Sir.

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how do i watch the video? i am chinese in china.

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Thank you for this great lesson! I think I’m going to become an exctited writer!!

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Nice lesson. Thank you sir.

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9/10, thank you

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It was nice lessson! What a such boring statement :D

Thank you your advices to improving writing skills. I had written so boring sentences before. From now, I already got some experiments to become a better writer!

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The answer is not exact.

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Got 10/10 very usefull lesson, thanks Benjamin!!

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I got 9/10..It’s a fun quiz..Thanks Benj

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wow got 10/10. A plus to my writing skill. Hurray.

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thanks Benjamin,

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it was great lesson to improve writting .. thanks sir

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i got 10 out of 10..in quez

Profile photo of iram hanif iram hanif

I felt like I’m Shakespeare or another great linguist when I saw that yellow box and a brown one hundred inside it at the end of the quiz. ;)
Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of momen.dahab@yahoo.com momen.dahab@yahoo.com

i used to read a novel, and this is what they do to make reader kept read until the end of the story because the way authors write it’s not something simple.

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Very useful advices. Thank you so much, Benjamin.

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Nice lesson

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10/10!!! Thanks Benjamin!

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dear Benjamin
the methods your teaching it is amazing
thank you very …..so much
best regards

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8/10 Nice lesson..!!

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I also got 9/10, amazing

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Thank you very much for the video, Benjamin. It made me realise I have a limited vocabulary that I need to expand.

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Great lesson! I have a better grasp on providing the details when describing specific scenarios.

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Very difficult for me(((

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Really thanks~

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What an instructive class.
I liked #9 best! Excellent vocabulary. Thank you
very much.

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The questions is so very hard for me πŸ˜” but it is very helpful i have learned ..

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i got 10 out of 10…. full marks

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    very helpful

    Profile photo of HAK 7 HAK 7

Thanks so much Ben.. With you, it’s so easy to learn.

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7/10 I have to try hard :D
this is very cool way ~ THanks Benjamin

Profile photo of Indah Fitriyany Indah Fitriyany

i couldn’t enjoined more :)

thank you

Profile photo of Amani Eldaw Amani Eldaw

    i couldn’t enjoy more, it is so interesting video

    Profile photo of Amani Eldaw Amani Eldaw

Thank you!

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Very helpful and I will remember to PICTURE it and add drama.


Profile photo of aneckg aneckg

10/10 yeah~ Just pick the longest sentence and that’s a secret. ;)

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I got 10/10!

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Thank you !Hard lesson , but I learned something thank you so muchπŸ˜‰

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I got 10/10. :D

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it hard lesson

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I scored 10 on 10. I appreciate your help.

Gokul Gomez

Profile photo of Gokul Gomez Gokul Gomez

Thank you so much. I think you are best teacher in this program. You are so helpful for me.

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This video made life live. Thank you for sharing.

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And she got 100, how excited could she get.
Thank you Benjamin..

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The highest score is always stirring one’s ambition.
Thank you Mr. Benjamin.

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I have just learned that a good writer is one who draws a picture using words than telling a boring history. Thank you

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

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