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I felt difficult when i leant idioms before. But now i think by the way you teach idiom, i’m sure i can remember them by heart. Thank you so much.

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    look for them in the music that you like, it is a good way to learn

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      Thanks for your advise. I also use music to improve speed of speaking English and for shadowing method. Good day!

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        I feel you very good english. Can you make friend with me and help me learn english.
        skype: Tuannhacsy.

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    Hi, Vietnamese!
    Let learn English.

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    You should developed by leaps and bounds after this very very helpful video. Thanks to Engvid.com!

    Profile photo of at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me" at-LightSpeed "don't disturb me"

      Sorry. I appreciated just for engvid.com by mistake. I also Thank you all of the teacher who teach us English very well here. <3

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Thank you kindly Mrs\ Rebecca

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Yeeyy!!! 10/10. I’m on the cloud nine right now. The lesson was exactly what i needed to learn. & I Truly appreciated your work here on Engvid Rebecca. You made English way easier than before. Keep it up. ♥ God bless you.

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Great teacher…..very clear and usefull kind of teaching…..my own favorite teacher after mr.Alex…or maybe you’re tied for my personal list

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great thanks

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Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you Rebecca

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I like to knit by hand. Thank you, Rebecca. Useful :)

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Thank u mam

Profile photo of Mohammed shafeeq Mohammed shafeeq

Thank you very much Rebecca

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you are wonderful Rebecca! We need lots practice to be these words or expressions are much familiar in speaking.

Profile photo of Abdulateef Abdulateef

Thank you

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca. This lesson is very useful and your lessons are always interesting and also, you speak without accent, it’s easier for me.

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Thx for this lesson… It’s very interesting and i will be able to understand this things in the future…

Profile photo of pitypintada pitypintada

Thanks a lot !

Profile photo of Ibrahimkalil25 Ibrahimkalil25

Thanks!!!! It was a great lesson…!!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

first of all, I want to thank you very much you are a great teacher
secondly, I wondered could be used these idioms in the IELTS EXAM.


I got 100% Marks you teach well I like u.

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Wow! I try to answer before watch video and earn 100 score! :-)

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you are very very nice and I appreciate your helping the students you are very good and so so beautiful thank you

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Oh! 8/10 again (^^;).

I have a question. I think I’m going by the book. But I’m not so strict. In that case, how can I say?

Would you please teach me?

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Thank you Rebecca.

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Thank you for your informative lesson:-)

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Thanks a lot Rebecca!!We all improve our English by leaps and bounds watching your videos.
By the way, nice new profile photo ;)

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Very good as usual ! Thank you Rebecca.

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Thanks Rebecca. I’ll try to use these expressions.

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hello .that’s first class with you thank you

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why i cant try this lesson? it’s error on engvid? please help me

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obrigado rebeca

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excellent that ı dıd))) 10 of 10. thanks my teacher))

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I found this website by chance and I appreciate by leaps and bounds your teaching method. I promise to share it, by and large, word of mouth

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Very good video

Profile photo of SalehaIqbal SalehaIqbal

Thank you Rebecca.
About N 4. – “I must have hit the send button by mistake.”
Will it be true to say “I must have hit the send button by chance” ?

Profile photo of TBezu TBezu

    Hi,TBezu! I think the idiom “by chance” means a sort of unexpective good luck.

    Profile photo of Alikmalikk70 Alikmalikk70

This type of practice is really good ,it also improve our new sentence making capacity.

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WoW! I Got 10 out of 10. This is incredible!

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These are all super useful. It’s definitely worth it for students to know them all by heart!

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    Hi, Alex. Are You here by mistake ??? ) It’s Eric

    Profile photo of Valery teacher Valery teacher

      It’s not a mistake! :) I support my colleagues as well and like reading the students’ comments.

      Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you

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Got 10% ☺ What a lovely quiz it was! After watching this video i feel like my english has improved by leaps and bounds. Great thank you ,Rebacaa! You are my best!

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Thank You, Rebecca. You are such an amazing teacher. You make us understand the concepts, rules with such an ease. I really appreciate your style of teaching. Kudos to you.

Profile photo of Abhishek Jena Abhishek Jena

Thank you so much, Rebecca! I’ve learned a lot about idioms within 10 minutes!

Profile photo of Ms.P Ms.P

Thx for this lesson… It’s very interesting and i will be able to understand

Profile photo of Abbas Nayyar Abbas Nayyar

you are supremely wonderful>> Rebecca… thanks a lot.
with you and Alex, I believe that my English will improve by leaps and bounds.

Profile photo of Ammar Elgazzar Ammar Elgazzar

    We’ll do our best! Thanks for your feedback, Ammar.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Merry Christmas Rebecca and the best New Year ever!!!!
Thanks for everything!!!!!!

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Love it love it this will help me a lot thank,,,,,

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I got 8 out of 10 ,

Profile photo of Denn@-4R Denn@-4R

thank you miss rebecca and Merry Christmas

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Yes! Igot 100,Now I understang the meaning of idiom that can not translated words by words so it contains one meaning.

Profile photo of Bibin Sudrajat Bibin Sudrajat

Youtube was blocked, 😂😂
who can help me?

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Thank you man useful it

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Thank you man merry Christmas

Profile photo of Rameshwar Panwar Rameshwar Panwar

Ok thanks

Profile photo of Rameshwar Panwar Rameshwar Panwar

got 10/10 . but still confuse on the meaning of by the large

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every learner have not forget make sentences about this idioms… its necessary to remember for each us…

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Hi my classemates
im new user in your groups

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i learned new idioms right now. thank you miss rebecca .. god bless you. :)

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Hi Rebecca

first of all, Merry Christmas. I hope you had a good time and got lots of presents.
second, this might sound weird, but I wanted to thank you for your lessons. I got a different and better job because of my English skills. Of course, I got it because the great service the teachers at Engvid.com provide. Some people have asked me where I learned English, and I just tell them to go to Engvid and capitalize on the page while it is for free. Haha, I truly appreciate these kinds of services where we can democratize education.

bye for now.

Profile photo of Albeiro Ruiz Albeiro Ruiz

Hello Rebecca. Your lesson about idioms was excellent. To me was almost like by hard learn your lesson.I hope used well what you just taught a few minutes ago with your video.

Profile photo of omarvidicom47 omarvidicom47

thank you Rebeca you are brilliant. your way of teaching is beautiful.

Profile photo of tracejazz tracejazz

Thank you Rebeca. Unfortunaly my English does not improve by leaps and boundes. I got 9/10.

Profile photo of Trien Trien

Thank you Rebeca. My first lesson with engvid was with you about the idioms. I enjoyed very much. First lesson and already “addict” ! :-)

Profile photo of Jean-Marie Barret Jean-Marie Barret

Thank you, Rebecca!

Profile photo of JJJR JJJR

Hello Rebecca nice to meet you here. I want to give the FCE and I need help with the excercises, etc., Can you prepare me to do it. Of course I know I have to pay you. If you are able to teach me, let me it know.
Greetings from Uruguay.

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Rebecca, simply: excellent!

Profile photo of andres1castilla andres1castilla

Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Netstark Netstark

That can easy thanks Mrs rebec

Profile photo of Mohamedalrafay Mohamedalrafay

Thanks a lot it’s so helpful.

Profile photo of Mohamedkondo Mohamedkondo

Today Only I started listening to video. I got 70% in the quiz. But it is little bit difficult. I think i need to take more test like this. Thank you very much Mrs. rebecca.

Profile photo of ssenth ssenth

Happy New Year and all the best!

Profile photo of Emmolina Emmolina

Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Atreyo Atreyo

Happy New Year :)
It’s really a great lesson.
Thank you~

Profile photo of wendy200261 wendy200261

Thank you Rebecca for this lesson. I’ll try to learn these idioms by heart and by and large, include all of it in my every day practice conversations. Like always, helpful, clear and practical teaching.

Profile photo of elybeth elybeth

Hi, Rebecca
Thank you for this amazing lesson
It was on my list of things to do and eventually I got round to watching it
From my point of view, the bad point is that there weren’t examples on your board (how to use idioms)
May I ask you next time write down how to use phrasal verbs, idioms etc.
Anyway, I look forward next lesson with you, Rebecca

Profile photo of Denis7 Denis7

I got 10 out fo 10, Thank you Rebecca!! Great Lesson!

Profile photo of lichifunky lichifunky

It is really useful for me to learn idioms by leaps and bounds.

Profile photo of Alice Cao Alice Cao

I’m happy to watch you videos madam..

Profile photo of Ananth k Ananth k

Thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

Thank you for teaching us.By and large, you people are doing great job..

Profile photo of Bitu Bitu

Hi, my score was 10. I hope remeber all of them

Profile photo of springo springo

thanks Rebecca.

Profile photo of springo springo

I got 10 out of 10 thanks Rebecca for the wonderful lesson. 😊😊

Profile photo of Sofia Grace Sofia Grace

I am very happy to fellow your courses which help me a lot according to this results.Again thank you

Profile photo of fsiserir fsiserir

thank you Rebecca now i can see that i am improuving by Leaps and bounds…

Profile photo of justino monvctalvo justino monvctalvo

thank you for helping us to up grade our english lessons please we need more english idioms

Profile photo of abdoudakar abdoudakar

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of zorro007 zorro007

I met Bintang this afternoon by coincidence for the second time.

Profile photo of Astri Astri

hello… your way of explanation is awesome. :-)

Profile photo of qamreen qamreen

hello my teacher.
can i have your mail because i have written an essay and i want to share with you and i want to check it by you.
waiting for a favorable response.

Profile photo of qamreen qamreen

Distinctly and clear. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of alarkon alarkon

Thank you Rebecca!

Profile photo of santanuc71 santanuc71

You got 10 correct out of 10.


Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

I found your video by chance when I was seeking for something else on youtube. However I watched it all and you are an excellent english teacher. I learned a very priceless information today. Thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of MDLEON MDLEON

Thanks a lot! Very useful quiz. My score is 100

Profile photo of HelgaOK HelgaOK

Thank you for this excellent lesson with a Canadian accent that is more enjoyable than an English snob accent.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Thankyou !!!!!



Profile photo of Rodrigo Ribeiro Rodrigo Ribeiro

Thanks for the great lesson

Profile photo of khalidbaksh khalidbaksh

It was a great learning experience Ms.Rebacca! I’m very happy to be here.

Profile photo of Rajathiraja Rajathiraja

i love british accent too. But i want to get fluent first in english. After that maybe i want to learn british accent. Ya sometimes it’s hard to understand what british people said. BUt idk why i love this accent, just sound lovely to me. American accent is more easy to understand for me

Profile photo of IMFitrahAmalia IMFitrahAmalia

absorbing movie!
thanks a bunch sweetie,now I am more interested in learning new idioms and expressions.

Profile photo of Mahyaw Mahyaw

Thanks alot

Profile photo of Dina321 Dina321

Thanks a lot! So nice !

Profile photo of Snjezana Snjezana

90 marks

Profile photo of sant maha sant maha

Hi Rebecca, I have watched 4-5 videos and gone through quiz. I get more than 80% mark but still I don’t feel comfortable while speaking. I take pen and papers and write words and try to memorize by speaking but still feel problem. Hope you can help me more to come out from this situation. Thank you.

Profile photo of ajeet2002 ajeet2002

Thanks Rebecca!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

first of all i want t thanhk you mam for all your intresting videos iam really glad to be a member of of this team sharing ideas and also give us an opportinity to improuve our english …many thanks

Profile photo of moussaoui katia moussaoui katia

Thang you so much for the lesson Teacher Rebecca.
I got 9/10 by accident because I read the word’incident’ as accident

Profile photo of parnid nps parnid nps

It’s very simple to learn those idioms. thank you rebecca

Profile photo of Cittadian Cittadian

Thank you by and large Rebecca

Profile photo of sureshbabutg sureshbabutg

thanks for everything this my second lesson and quiz, lam going to learn more, because your teachers are very profesional.

Profile photo of Angel Rubio Angel Rubio

REBECA thanks for your help

Profile photo of Angel Rubio Angel Rubio

Thank you Rebecca, you are a wonderful teacher!

Profile photo of ktjami ktjami

thank you Rebecca, you are the best teacher

Profile photo of superyorick superyorick

thank you Rebecca.by and large i like your Canadian accent.

Profile photo of mido@1981 mido@1981

Thanks alot team.Learning English through engvid.com has made my understanding knowledge by leaps and bounds

Profile photo of Revathi Narayanan Revathi Narayanan

Hello, many thanks for your helping of learning English, it’s very useful.

Profile photo of Lehad Lehad

Outstanding teaching techniques she applied. (10/10)


Thing you very much

Profile photo of Lameche Abdelkader Lameche Abdelkader

10/10, Rebecca, thank you very much! You know after each your lesson i start to use new idioms every time it possible for practice. You give so simple and clear rules of communication!
By and large people live with breaking up the rules. I think, when someone knows the rules by heart, for ex.”7 Habits of effective people” by S. Covi, he goes by leap and bounds and taking opportunities every time by chance. Your lessons for many students are the great possibility to change themselves lifes. Thank a lot!

Profile photo of Alenasimple Alenasimple

Thank you for the lesson! My result is 10/10!!! I take your lessons every day!

Profile photo of Raschida Raschida

Love ya, Rebecca! You’re so cute! Your method of teaching is very intersting’n atracttive for people.

Profile photo of Steisha CG Steisha CG

Thank you! It was a great lesson!

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Thank you for the lesson! It was really useful.

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