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8 out of 10… I’ll try to do better next time.

Thanks for the lesson Rebecca!


    Thanks a lot it was a great lesson!

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      These are only some good guidelines to pronounce nationalities.

      Dutch (Holland) and Togolese (Tongo)-for example- are exceptions that prove the rule.

      Regards and all the best to you Rebecca.

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    An Algerian

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thank you ma’am rebecca for the lesson about pronouncing nationalities. may i ask something? what do i call to the person who lives in thailand?

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    i think you should call as Thai.@imkrizelmitra


      hi adrian. thank you for your answer. :)

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      Yes, that’s right: Thai.

      Thanks for your help,Adnan.

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        Hi,.Maam rebecca…


        thank you ma’am rebecca. I know now what do I call to the person who lives in Thailand.

        krizel mitra

        thank you ma’am rebecca

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        I’m Burmese. Guess my country teacher. :D

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        Hello Rebecca
        which sentence is correct, plz?
        1-they are American?
        2- they are Americans?

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    If you know how to say people from Myanmar, you are awesome! :)

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thank you so much .

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    you are welcome


    you are awesome

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Dear Mrs.Rebecca,
It’s very sad that none of the teachers respond/answers to our questions. I have been writing to all the teachers including you, but none of you have replied. It’s quite discouraging and disappointing when teachers like you don’t respond.
Best Regards,

Profile photo of dayanandaraok dayanandaraok

    We do appreciate your taking the time to write. All the teachers work full-time in addition to engvid. If you look back through other lessons, you will see that we do answer questions whenever we can. All the best with your English.

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Dear Teacher,
i am Ramu thank you for your good lession. i like it.

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9 out of 10…


Hello Rebeca. Thank you for this lesson. I think you are a great English teacher. I need a favor. Could you do a lesson about indirect questions. I don´t understand them. Thank you for everything.

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I am glad to here this.

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9 out of ten, I am glad….

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I just want to say thank u lovely Rebecca. one more thing would you do a lesson about ‘off’. so long n’ good bye.


i satisfied with my results.

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Thanks for the lesson Rebecca!

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great.thanks your wonderful style.don’t forget your advanced students.


I like the question a bout Kuwait, because I know many people who write kuwaity instead of Kuwaiti.
Good luck, with your English lessons chosen.

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it would be quite helpfull for me in future.:) thanks indeed sweet teacher


thank you so much .


Thank you so mauch fot this lesson just i want to know if there any rules to this

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    There are patterns, rather than rules.

    All the best to you.

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yeah 7 out 10..

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    hi friend

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Do you teach in B.School,or in college, or in university…Rebeca you r awesome..!!!best wishes


Is there a nationality that ends in o?

pls. give an example



    Yes, i think there is philipino


      it’s Filipino.

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Thanks so much Rebecca


THANKS REBECCA this is my my first time here
and I really like your explanation will keeptrying to learn more thanks.


8 out 10, many thanks Mrs. Rebecca


i will do more better…


hundred percent , i did great.!! nice topic.

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thank you

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9 correct out of 10, lol thanks for the lesson


u didnt said about _ese.. like chinese, lebanese, vietnamese??? actually, what things that make them different??

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    You are absolutely right – that is another pattern, ending with “ese”, as in Japanese & Portuguese. There are historic and linguistic reasons for the various suffixes (endings) used.

    In this lesson, I only covered a few of the endings. Another one includes er, as in Icelander.

    All the best with your English.

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Hi Rebecca..I REALLY hope that you could make a video about diffrentiate between American,British and Australian English because in my country we’re using British English…By the way,thanks a lot for this very helpful video..

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Gracias Rebeca le agradezco la lección es muy interesante, bendiciones!!

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Thank for exposing this lesson. I feel it so excited!

Phan Hong

thank you

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Thank you for your lesson. How can I download it? I want to see your lesson on place without internet.

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Thanks for taking this English quiz! Your score: 100.00 You got 10 correct out of 10. Check your answers below.’GOD BLESS


10 out of 10.Thanks for your lesson.


Hi, this is my first lesson with you, I am very happy and thanks a lot.

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Is there a rule for all nationalities?

Profile photo of samdjam samdjam

7 out 10, not too bad

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Thanks much,Rebecca.

uthai sattayarak

I’ve noticed, that ending -an is pronounced like /-in/. Anyway just in that very case I hear it so. Am I right?


    Yes, it does sound like that, you are right, Vova. All the best with your English.

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9 out of 10

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very interactive your teaching skill




thank you

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yeah… 10 out of 10…


8 out of 10 , thank you miss Rebecca you are the great teacher, i will try my best to improve it.

abdul sattar

thank you very much


Thank u so much.Could you please tell me when to use wrote and have written.

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Thanks to all for your comments and feedback. We always appreciate hearing from you. It makes this huge Internet-connected world a little cozier and friendlier. Thank you.

Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

watch out for your capitals in Lebanese. lol, that one got me real bad :/ I appreciate this site very much.


got 9 out of 10 . Thanx mum

Mr. jano

Thank you very much


excuse me, i have a question! what is rule for this? I’m beginner and i have a lof of troubles, hix

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why dont you teach all the Pronouncing Nationalities.
You only taught a few of the endings


Thank you. It’s very useful.


thanks for the lesson !
you’re really a good teacher , thanks again !

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hi drear best teacher!!!!
please approve this

gulaqa jan

we have to be accurate


thanks a lot it was a great lesson

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Hi Rebecca!
First of all, I want you to know that I love your name.
Secondly, I am enjoying your lessons. Thanks for all!
P.S. Please correct my messages. I need to take every opportunity to continue learning. Thank you!

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thanks lot. god bless u


it is good and like ur pronunciation


i scored 90 yeah :) thnx mam love u

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Thank you

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Oh yeah! GOT 10 ON 10!

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hi Rebecca . This is my fist time ever who has watched one of ur lectures presented here in this web! . Well Rebecca i guess don have questions to interrogate but rather for one and that has to do something with natonalities . Rebecca plz be honest ! and tell me if u belongs to india or indian subcontinent as u seems so !! plzplzplz i plead . Awaits for ur comment soon ! bye .

Justin Bieber

Thank now I can know more knowledge how to say about national , but this lesson not too much country I think next time you will more national than this time I hope You can do it in the next time.


thanks. but i think u should do one lesson on counteries pronouciation.. all counteries..


thanks alto because of your nice teaching


Thank you to give me opportunity to learn pronunciation I am not too bad.But what best thing to learn so quick.many thanks heman


I got 90 thanks Rebecca.


10 out of 10


6 of 10

Hassan Al Eid

Hello Rebecca!
I’m from southern Somalia (Afmadow)
Actually you are the best teacher in the world. Thanks alto.


I don’t now how to thank you.

iqbal khan


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9/10..i got

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Whu i cannot enter the quiz? Who can tell me ?


    Why i cannot enter the quiz? Who can tell me ? Thanks a lot.


Thank you very much.

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Dear, Rebecca! I like so much your lessons, but I can’t use the quizz. Maybee it doesn’t work in my country?

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10 out of 10, nice try…

anabel ignacio

Rebecca your are awesome

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Thankx Rebecca

You r a somber governess

Abdul Qayum

Thanks Rebecca!!!


Thank you Rebecca. I am iranian.


Hello.What do you call the person who lives in Afghanistan .
You mentioned Israeli . How do you pronounce it as well.
Middle east . My pleasure .


hi mrs rebecca i have a question
how can i improve my accent and how can i get a fluent speaker in english?
i’d be pleased if u answer


9 out 10
thanks for great lesson!!!


Hello Rebecca!
Thanks for the lesson.
My name is Olga. Iam from Russia from Moscow. I want to speak English very well. . I learn English itself and You very helpping me. Thank you very much. Sorry for mistakes.


someone knows about France? How to tell about men and women? Thank you in advance

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thank you so much, but i got 7 out of 10, I’ll try next time, good luck to you

Profile photo of trezarthuzar trezarthuzar

Thanks,it’s great .


What do We call the people from Hongkong? Hongkongese,hongkongist,hongkongan,hongkongian.thank you 4 your answer.

Cuong ta

    It’s Hongkongers

    Profile photo of markjovilee markjovilee

H. which correct a


    i think b Lebanese

    Profile photo of Samtawi Samtawi

Which correct answer? And why?


Hi how are you every body I am new student , i herd about the website from my friends , i hope to get useful .

Profile photo of salim2013 salim2013

    Welcome! Hope you have fun and learn a lot :)

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Vietnamese & Lebanese – only these two are wrong. 8/10. Thanks, Rebecca!

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I got 10/10.Thank you very much fo the quiz.


    Thank you very much for the quiz and the mark 10/10.


ma’am i wanna learn more about phonemes, therefore i really needed your help.


Affixes have three types: 1.prefix 2.infix 3.suffix. ma’am i politely request you to explain these three Affixes ‘cos’ i wanna learn the differences. thanks alots.


thank you very much


10 out of 10 Good job ^^


Hi everyone.im new member of this site and i totally have no idea how to use it.someone helps please coze it seems it’s really good site to improve my English.pleas reply.thanks!


Mrs Rebecca,

There are inside videos for practice idioms and proverbs?


Nihal TÜRK

Really sorry

Nihal TÜRK

Mrs Rebecca,
Are there inside videos for practice idioms and proverbs?

Nihal TÜRK

Dear Sarah,
I Like this web page and it’s usefull.
Mr. Vedat GÜVEN adviced at me, thank you Mr. GÜVEN…

There is a small advice for you.
You can follow topic.
Example: Everyday pronunciation 5 videos or tips as.

Good Luck With You

Nihal TÜRK

Hi, I am from Croatia.
I supose, I am Croatian?
Is that right?


I’m Iranian, I love your teaching .


omg.. i got 10 out of 10 I’m so happy

Profile photo of matet matet

Teacher Rebeca ;
Cecilia is from Peru.She is …..?
answer please and make me sure


    I think it’s Peruanian

    Profile photo of markjovilee markjovilee

I god D but depended on dictionary because I lack of vocabularies. How poor I am.

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Thanks for the lesson Rebecca!

Profile photo of ahmed12356 ahmed12356

Thank you very much.

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thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of thiruselvi thiruselvi

Very interesting lesson!!

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TO engvid:
could you please make us lessons in “how to stress words in English” I am a new American..I appreciate your response. thanks

Profile photo of Samtawi Samtawi

thank you

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tks so much, it’s useful. i got 7/10

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I got 10 out of 10. I’ll try all my best.

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    I’m sorry, I confused to write wrong answer. I got 8 out of 10.

    Profile photo of Phana Hem Phana Hem

thank u madam.

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Thank you for this lesson.I got 8 correct out of 10.

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Thanks Rebecca! i got 80%

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Many thanks!

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Very good lesson iam from Angola then iam “Angolan” :)


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Very good thank you!

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thanks for the lesson .

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Thanks, Rebecca, your lessons are very useful! You are a very good teacher!

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5. Which of the following sets of nationalities are correct?
The answer to this question is only one. So , shouldn’t it be formulated using the third person? : Which of the following sets of nationalities IS correct?

Profile photo of Perlamar Perlamar

    Hey Perlamar, good catch! We have corrected the question with a slight variation, to make it very clear. Thanks for letting us know. I wish you all the best!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

not bado… but, i can improve!

Profile photo of passabao passabao

    Not bad, but, i cam improve!

    Profile photo of passabao passabao

      Not bad, but, i can to improve!

      Profile photo of passabao passabao

        Aside from the typo in “bad”, you were right the first time…

        Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Dear Rebecca,
Thank, pronounce correctly the Nationalities is cosier and friendlier.
Best regards.

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I got 100%, Thank u Rebecca

Profile photo of salmane400 salmane400

Thanks you so much.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

Thank you Rebecca, it was usefull.

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i got 10 out of 10! oh great! thanks for the lesson Ms. Rebecca! :)

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Quiz not show my mistakes?

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Thanks for the lesson Rebecca

Profile photo of monzirfoxrfox monzirfoxrfox

I am from Japan and a Japanese. There are no examples of -ese. Rebecca

Profile photo of Hyottoko64 Hyottoko64

Great lesson. Thanks a lot Rebecca.

Profile photo of Fabio Skywalker Fabio Skywalker

Good as always

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I got 9/10! Thanks for the lesson!

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

10 of 10
Thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of Nohn Nohn

Very Good!

Profile photo of wsantos23 wsantos23

Thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of anhvnsg anhvnsg

I had to repeat three time in order to correct all the answers.This lesson was very hard for me to get done once.:D
Thank you dear Rebecca :)
Have a wonderful Day or Evening:):):)

Profile photo of Tammyjang1 Tammyjang1

Bonjour.. Pourquoi deux réponses idem Exemple,
libanais, et libanais.??

ainsi..nous sommes sensé être evalués in english and not in french.

Profile photo of bimarava bimarava

Filipinos are people from the Philippines.

Profile photo of markjovilee markjovilee

thanks Rebecca!I am learning a lot from your lesson..

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